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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Azazel: TAKING STOCK OF 2009.

If you guys notice I rarely ever share anything private or personal about myself. It is not that I don't want to and it's not like am trying to be totally 'Anonymous'. A whole lot of people know who I am. But after the whole 'Controversy' situation happened where controversy was forced to leave the blog, I have found it extremely hard to ehn share anything personal/private about me. With all that said, I shall proceed with taking stock of 2009 with your permission. I give this whole year in my life a Solid A.

*sigh* On this issue I am a disappointment to myself, my family, my friends etc. Began 2009 as a 'christian', I am going to end 2009 as a non-christian/religious individual. Why I say I am a disappointment to myself is because I just do not have faith in anything. I honestly believe that a human who does not have faith even in one thing is extremely flawed, no be small. I think my problem with faith ever since I was a kid was that I never had faith in anything/anybody. That is why till this day I have been unable to muster up even a single bit of 'faith' to brighten my day with. I've always looked at things in terms of reasaonable/rationale. In 2009, I matured a lot in my humble opinion.I have learned to tame my ego and keep it in check lest it lead me to commit great folly. I also learned to speak my truth quietly and clearly and then listen to what people have to say. Give people the respect of listening to what they have to say, even if the whole thing is foolish/ignorant in my opinion.

Family bizness, I really don't have anything to say about this. I love my dad, I love my mom, I love my siblings. Lost enough cousins this year sha because of my ehn 'change of faith'. But it's all good sha, if they love me they will see reason one day. Idk how me not being a christian should affect our relationship as cousins but it's all good sha.

Lol I give myself a solid A- in this category. Even though, lately I've been slacking big time in the financial department but I began this year on a solid solid note.

Education wise I have excelled greatly. I am proud of my achievements and I've even won some things in regards to the good grades/gpa I have in school.

Beginning of this year I was 'talking' to this one girl, but apparently by mid may or so I had changed for the worse in her opinion.I and this girl had been talking for about a year or so and I cannot lie, azazel was madly in love with this babe. But in 2008, the babe had a car accident and became paralyzed, she now uses a wheelchair. A lot of things changed after that accident, my mindset about life changed abruptly, my priorities in life changed big time. I vowed to live the life I wanted, not the life that other people around me wanted for me. Afterall, man pikin has only one life to live in this world abi? Well because of the 'vow' I took I had to renounce christianity nah, I mean all my life I had been pretending to be a christian when I was nothing close to that. Well the babe I was talking to was a 'fervent christian' so me not being christian anymore put a serious serious damp on our relationship.I've asked myself many times, if I say that I am madly in love with her, why can't I just pretend to be a christian just to satisfy her? I mean it's not as if it's hard pretending to be a christian, plenty of 'lukewarm' christians out there. I've done it all my life, surely I can continue for a while longer?Well mehn, I can't pretend anymore in this stage of my life. For wetin?So I can make another person happy? Why? Shey me to no deserve to be happy in this life?Have you guys seen that 'geico comercial' where the cavemen are in the bowling alley and that song by '3 doors down' comes on? The cavemen sing the 'Let me by myself song'? Am sure those of you living in yankee know what I am talking about. And that song just exemplifies how I felt. Lemme even post the lyrics to the song so una fit understand :
"Lately i'm so tired of waiting for you

To say that it's ok, but tell me
Please, would you one time
Just let me be myself
So i can shine with my own light
Let me be myself

Would you let me be myself 

As in can azazel be himself?just for once, no need to pretend anymore. Look at me , I pursue happiness with her and clutched desperation. I wanted to solve the problem between I and her but I slowly found myself as an integral part of the problem. I started to wonder maybe I could be 'myself' in the next world not in this world. But I then realised that there comes a time in a man's life when he has to draw the line between 'free will' and destiny.
But anywayz, somepeople had the effontery to imply that the reason the relationship I and the babe had soured was because I couldn't handle the fact that she was 'paralyzed'. Hmm to that I say - Bullshit. Anywayz, so in 2009 in the relationship department sha has been dulling. Because I am only into naija girls and it seems naija babes this days are either on that 'christian/God' steez and if the guy they are talking to isn't on that same 'steez' they start to wonder if Azazel is the antichrist. And to another point, honestly I can't stand dumb babes. Like that just turns me off a babe, the babe might be perfect in terms of body and looks but if her 'brain' is dulling me, I get turned off big time. And some men don't realise this. If you associate yourself with a dumb babe, slowly but surely your brain will start to come down to her level and two of you go become dullards. 'Men's minds are raised to the level of the women with whom they associate with'. If your woman is smart, you to you will be smart, if your woman is as dumb as a broom(no offence to brooms) you yourself will be as dumb as a broom. And well I've dated on and off after that whole incident but honestly guys, I've not been feeling the babes and usually I would pretend to feel them but I just can't anymore @ this stage of my life. I don tire, because I know death is chasing me so I really do not have time to waste 'pretending to like somebody I don't. *sigh* You always see smart men with dumb women but you never see smart women with dumb men.

Thanks blogsville fam for accepting me, started in September and you all have treated me right. Shoutout to Chari and Buttercup for helping me start the blog. I am their 'protege/apprentice', and I am grateful to Ms O as well for also showing me what blogging could be about. Love all the new friends I've made on here, juiceegaal, Bubbles, Lady X, Enoch etc. (See one thing about giving shoutouts is that sooner or later, you neglect to mention someppl's names and if you forget to apologse to the people you forgot to mention, na so person go enter 2010 with new enemies lol.) See yall in 2010.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Never thought I would live to see the day when a Nigerian would delve into suicide bombing. But I guess if you live long enough you can see everything.
So basically, instead of typing one long post, I decided to just post the Fb statuses that I culled from a certain Fb profile.I want us to discuss any of them you guys find interesting. Trust me, if I had written a post, the ish would have been to long jare. I decided to pity you guys as well as pity my fingers.It would be an understatement to say that there was a certain 'tone' CNN was carrying while delivering the news about this whole terrorist situation. There was something very 'sinister' in the way they referred to Nigeria etc. So on facebook there is this one group on there about this whole terrorist situation that thoroughly proves to me that, when the mob of people agree on a cause, then something is wrong with the entire cause. A mob has enough heads, but no brains.

So e be like say this Umar guy was an arsenal fan, going trophyless for 5 seasons can definitely lead one to go into suicide bombing. Shey una no grree?? Btw I posted this particular statement on my status on fb o, only to see one person like that steal the status 20 mins later without even citing? Rude much..We can like to be citing o, it's common courtesy. Hiss lol. *looks sideways @ ex-schoolnerd*

Status 1 - Is first time Al-Qaeda decides to embrace affirmative action and give a black man a chance @ matyrdom, the guy goes and blows up his penis. This is the last time they trust a black guy to do the job right.

Status 2 - The Difference between a Nigerian Terrorist and an Arab terrorist is?Consideration.An arab terrorist wud have blown dat plane yle it was in the sky nd it wud fallen into atlantic ocean.The 9ja guy had the decency 2 wait until dat plane was on land 2 blow it.Bearin in mind dat it wud be easier 4 the family of the victim...s 2 recover D bodies of their loved ones on land 4 burial rather dan in the atlantic ocean.

Status 3 - U see hypocrisy in high places? It is because Umar wanted to blow up a plane in the U.S that is why everybody they vex. If Umar had entered a plane headed to 'Burkina Faso/Equitorial Guinea/Mozambique' how many of us would give a hoot? Again slowly by our actions,we again prove that the life/security of America is m...ore important than the life/security of our fellow African Nations.*SMH*

Status 4 - Question 2 all my muslim/Christian friends.If Jesus/Mohammed were alive 2day,wud dey condemn or forgive Umar?Bcus I c a lot of condemnin goin around,but not enuf 4giveness.Wat happened 2 'turnin the other cheek'?If ur enemy slap u,u turn the other cheek.Same tin 2 applies 2 terrorism.If ur enemy blows up a plane,giv...e him anoda plane 2 blow.But it's ok sha,we Nigerians are famous 4 preachn wat we can neva practice.

Status 5 - Wow. So it seems like if ur nigerian u can't go to the toilet on an Airplane again with peace of mind?Ahn Ahn look @ how they surrounded dis one plane,just becus a Nigerian simply went inside toilet becus he was sick.E be like say we Nigerians shud start stockin up on diapers and pampers as we might have 2 start goi...n 2 'toilet' like babies.So dat we don't raise suspicion.

Status 6 - Internet Scam emails from next year will now begin to read: "Dear Sir, My name is Omar Abdulmutallab, the twin brother of Umar who was captured in the US last year. He left in my account $400,000,000... etc." (Kola Tobusun

Status 7 - U kno how afta the 9/11 attacks,somppl started beatin/killn Arabs?Well we 9ja peeps dey black so nobody can tell the diff abi?The only prob bein dat we 9ja ppl love 2 'rep' our country wit our shirts nd wit our license plate numbers.As i speak,I myself have gon 2 erase the 'ia'out of Nigeria so wen ppl see my shirt ...dey will see 'Irep Niger'insted of 'Irep Nigeria'.As u c me so,I am now a citizen of Niger Republic.

Status 8 - #OperationcleanupNigeriabytribe- Edo ppl promote all the prostitution,Igbo ppl are the scammers/fraudsters/419,Hausa ppl are either terrorists/sharia law activists,Niger Deltan ppl are either militants/terrorists.Lol Yoruba ppl are really not known 4 any "evil" thing nd the only thing dey love to do is 'Party/Owamb...e'.Pls we Nigerians can strive 2 be more like the Yoruba tribe.Such a peaceful tribe.

In conclusion, when there is a major crisis, and a large group of people gather. There is usually a mob, people start to say things that do not make sense, they utter things out of anger and hate. If you are ever find yourself in a situation where the mob has gone 'mad'? Just remember that when people are angry, they tend to give the responsibility of 'thinking' over to their anus.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Lol my people I have a problem. For the first time in a long time, I have been unable to reach a conclusion on an issue. Let me explain, so everyday of my life things happen to me, I experience things, I watch things, I feel things.I always like to think about all those things that have happened to me and draw "conclusions". These conclusions help me a lot. These conclusions do not necessarily become convictions, because I am the kind of person who continually refines and criticises "my beliefs".

Anywayz, I watched the Avatar movie and as Enoch said on his personal blog that movie had overtones that most people who were intellectual should be able to get. Basically, everything that happened in that movie made me think about the Native Americans in America. If you have not watched the movie, I suggest that you go watch it. Well that movie just got me to thinking about whether genocide/mass murder in some cases is justified. The native americans were primitive, they did not believe in the owning of land, their own culture was severely different from that of Westerners who sought to take over America. My point is this, if the Native Americans had been allowed to do what they were doing undisturbed it is very safe to say that I would not be typing on a keyboard right now and neither would I be overseas right now. I mean I feel like it's time we face facts, the white man back then was smarter, more curious, more inquisitive and certainly more knowledgeable than other "races" at that time. That is why they were able to go through the industrial revolution and hence we came to have factories, economies began to boom and small by small all those things led up to where we are in the world right now in terms of technology, science etc. Anywayz, incase I've lost you guys, all I am trying to ask is whether the abuses suffered by the Native Americans at the hands of the Europeans was worth it in order for us to get what we all enjoy today? Was the sacrifice worth it? Would we have been better off if the Native Americans had been allowed to do what they do without interference? For some reason I also thought about where Jesus said in the bible "Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for a fellow man". So I then replaced that quote with this "Greater love hath no ethnicity than this, that they lay down their lives for mankind".Lol the ethnicity in this case being the Native Americans.The only thing wrong with my line of reasoning is that the Native Americans never laid down their lives willingly, they were murdered, killed and almost exterminated. They suffered all this so that the Europeans could own lands, do explorations, build roads,hospitals, etc. And am asking, at the end of the day. Were their deaths worth it? This is the question that was bothering me and it's making me think to hard this late night. Normally, in other cases of genocide I am like "Genocide is completely wrong and unjustifiable". But I find myself justifying or at least trying to justify the genocide that happened to the Native Americans. If they weren't killed, there would certainly have remained primitive, they would have worshipped whatever they worshipped then, stupid superstitions and taboos would have existed.

I always laugh when Africans always say stuff like "Oh the white man is not smarter than us". Yet we as a continent let the white man come into our continent and convert us to their own religion?Christianity? Islam?etc are all foreign religions. It just makes me wonder how "fickle" the african man must have been that they were not willing to die for their convictions/beliefs. We were paganists and from being pagans we've gone to being christian, muslims etc. And the funny thing is,we've even become more religious than the people who brought the religion to us.Ain't that a bitch? Biggest church in the world with a capacity to sit 50k people is in Naija. Africans take their adopted religions seriously and it amazes me how we sound so convicted with our "newfound beliefs".Am very sure if the asians had colonized us we would be buddhists by now or Hindus. Hiss. Anywayz sha I came across this quote by Stendhal "“All religions are founded on the fear of the many and the cleverness of the few.” Back up this quote with Desmond Tutu's quote which says"When the missionaries came they had the bible and we had the land, they said let us close our eyes. When we opened it, we had the bible and they had the land". As Africans we can like to recognise when we are being "FUCKING MANIPULATED". Now am not advocating that we abandon all religion, but try to always make certain that your religion is 100% about love. Your religion should never bring harm/sorrow/misery to a large portion of people. EVER!!Once your religion, starts preaching hate and division then switch over to "reason" and get back on track.

Lastly,  have you ever heard people say that the bible is not a book that should be taken literal? Well I am here to ask, who decides what parts of the bible should be taken literal and what parts should not be taken literal? Our Pastors?Bishops?Popes?All these supposed "men of God" are one or two steps away from a Tiger Wood scandal waiting to happen. And where am from books which are not supposed to be taken literally are called FICTION. Maybe the bible should have been divided into Fiction and Non-Fiction. Instead of Old testament and New Testament. Una no gree??

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I am tired of typing in so so english every tme...i just typed a 7000 word seminar paper so so grammer full make we relate on my own personal level now. My warri friends don spoil me so so pidgin we dey blow every so i go for one interview like that last week...the guy con ask me say.... "Hello, how are you"..... i no even think b4 i respond say....."I dey jare bros....body dey inside cloth"....hahaha...then i con sodji say omo i don fuck up....ahaha...u know me now i am never stuck....i just laugh turn am into joke say i thought he was going to interview me in my native the reason why i talk am to remind am....haha....u know oyinbo now...always trying to seem interested in everything...lmao....he was like yea.....i would if u teach me.....una no go believe say the whole interview i just dey teach pidgin....hahaha....oh well...i sha got what i wanted from the

Anyways back to the main issue....girls are promiscuous....Na wa for u girls o...walahi!!.ok wait first... how many of una agree with me?....anyways, i really no need una opinion....una fit keep am to una sef...i don yarn my own and na so e go dey......cuz wetin my eyes don mouth no fit talk am finish...... ok start with....i go tell una this small 'tory....There was this girl i been dey talk to before i commot go naija last summer....we were really cool and i don get to a stage in my life wey be say i no too dey serious with i just dey day i go dey serious na the day i discover say i don impregnate the woman i marry and she born pikin and the pikin con resemble me....ah!...i go submit yea the babe is very fine the same church we dey go.....i don dey scope this girl for some time......u kno na, i just decided to try my luck sha and everything just Jell like that sha....i swear e just be like say i hit i dey throw am to her side...she too just dey grab am sharp sharp......ah!...ok ooo....very one day she con talk say the play play wey we don do don reach make we start to dey date i con think say...hmmm....fine girl....and me i be free agent......Nothing do me so e start sha...

so around Mid May...i had to travel to naija for about 4 me i reach naija now....i don dey i think it was around late June na so this other girl from my church call me say....hmmm...guy...when last u hear from ur i was like i think last week con talk say....hmmm..if u sabi wetin ur girl dey do....say..the girl dey Swansea(wales) at the moment and wetin she dey do i no go dey proud of i no still believe....i con ask am say....madam how u take sabi all these.....she tell me say she get cousin for swansea....say her cousin post one picture on facebook wey my girl dey inside she con call am say where she sabi the so her cousin gist i still no believe...i just talk for my mind say...hmmm bad belle commot for about a week later Jay(not his real name) con call me...Jay na my OOOOLD friend.....very very good friend oo..... we went to the same primary we don sabi each other since we were Jay call me say AH!....ol boy i don step on ur toes o....the guy just dey apologize say he no sabi.....say shebi i sabi say e no fit do anything wey go vex me intentionally......Ah! i was like guy calm down....wetin happen....he talk say abeg just forgive me.....i was like ol boy wetin so he drop am say dem just yarn am now say the girl wey he don dey nyash for the past two weeks na my woman.....

hahaha......if u see the way i laugh.....the guy sef first confuse.....i con tell am say ol boy enjoy urself jare nothing do u......e talk say e make videos sef..different days with different positions...he con send am to me.....if u see how this boy handle my babe...chai....Throwey one leg towards Afghanistan.....con hang the second one for him shoulder like turkey wey dem wan i tell am say make he no tell the girl say he sabi me i try to call the girl....Me i save the videos con edit am well...make am into something like a movie...put am on top DVD i con keep am....her phone no dey go through again....she don also commot me from her facebook,....hahaha....i was like ah!...ok ooo so me i no call again.....the grove for naija sef no dey make me remember say i get one girl about two months ago when i got back to england.....chai!....see how this girl vex for me...say me i abandon am.....hahaha.....she vex ooo.....con dey cry on top...say shey na because me i sabi say she love me na why i dey treat am like that.....hahaha...for my mind i don dey summarsault with i beg am say make she no vex.....on top oo...she use me do shakara again ooo...hahaha....Now for her mind Na me be the dumbest Mugu in the entire universe....hahaha......and i actually enjoy playing the dumb mugu.

So wetin i wan do now???.....i have invited a couple of our friends over for movies on Christmas day...i tell them say make them con join me and my girlfriend make we watch movies on christmas day oo....she go cook...after we chop finish...we go con watch movie...i swear we go watch movie that day ooo.....hahahahaha.......anyways....This is just the first part...More stories are coming.....WOMAN ARE VERY PROMISCUOUS

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Omo yall know that I am easily annoyed lmao. And I will admit, i swear if not for chari and buttercup I would not be able to be following the good blogs I follow today. Like chari helped me follow most of the blogs I follow now, so since Chari retire I have had to follow blogs by myself. See me see wahala, yesterday I clicked on somebody's profile so I can see their blog so I can follow it. Only for me to see that the person has 5 blogs, I come dey vex. I can understand people having 2 blogs or even 3 blogs. But 5 blogs is pushing it. What exactly are u writing that you need 5 blogs in other to pen your thought process. Na wa o.  Anywayz I decided to follow only one, what else could I do? *sigh*.
Anywayz to a more important Marra.
Was watching a Rerun  of Oprah yesterday and there was this woman who won a million dollar lottery and they asked her what she did with the money, she said she spent some and then gave  a significant amount to her church. Omo I almost choked, it would be a very cold day in hell if I ever won the lottery and then decided to give the money to a church. Not that what she did was bad o, but for me myself I would not do it.

Omo I can't lie anymore I miss Enoch o, was so bored yday that I went to start reading some of his previous posts. That guy makes/made a lot of sense. Especially his first post about how "religions" are created. It still wows me.  I then began to think, all of us know that there is nobody like SANTA CLAUS but every year we talk about him like he really exists. Our kids think that he exists, a lot of money is spent every christmas time because of the myth surrounding Santa Claus.  And if you really think about it, we lie to our kids everytime we tell them that Santa Claus is coming. What happens the day that a kid claims to have seen Santa Claus forreal? Will we believe such a child? It just got me thinking and I had to go read Enoch's post on how religions are made. I swear small by small if we let this Santa Claus story simmer, one day Santa will become a deity that people avidly believe in. If yall have time, check out Enoch's post on Religion.When one person suffers from delusion, it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion, it is called religion.

So guys mehn, I did not know that the word "akata" meant "Wild animal" in Yoruba.... I always thought it meant African Americans. My friend told me it meant Wild Animal.. I was so pissed when I found out that was what it meant. I would get annoyed if an oyinbo person called me a "nigger" but all the while I was calling Black Americans "Wild Animals"... Please for those of you who use that "akata" word, abeg stop using it. It's not right and it's not even funny.
Anywayz to a more funny matter, why does it seem like every church in Naija has offering for building fund? No matter how big their current church building is, the church will still have building fund? After awhile man pikin will start to wonder what manner of "building"  this people are trying to build? Tower of Babel? Or abi na Noah's ark? Lmfao. But forreal though, you guys should check to see if what am saying is true.. They always have building fund in all them churches lolmao.

Lastly, l was watching tv on and I watched all the live show of AY's live show. Damn, that ish had me rolling on the floor laughing my ass off.

Friday, December 11, 2009

THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT i am back once know i was away for too long, 24 hours doesnt just seem enough for me these is as if i am the only one in grad school in this whole world...hahaha..dont mind me. Anyways... so i was chilling with a couple of my friends yesterday and we were just jamming and talking about girls and their promiscuous ways then an issue came up that caused a very big argument.
My cousin Adex said women have always been like that right from time even from the days of Adam. He went further to say that the bible coded a lot of things and it takes really smart people to get it. He said the Forbidden fruit talked about in the book of Genesis was not meant the way it was written. According to the bible. The forbidden fruit was a real fruit and for some reasons Apple always comes to mind whenever you hear The forbidden fruit. Well we all know the story in Genesis chapter 3. for those who dont i will

There Eve was just playing around in the Garden as usual and Then Mr Devil came along. He came in form of a serpent. The Bible refered to the serpent as very crafty. meaning he also has a way with words. So he asked Eve. Hey Eve sweetie how come you eat from all the trees in this garden apart from just one. Eve was like ah!...God said we could eat from every other fruit in the garden apart from this one ooo...... because if we do, we go just die like that. The serpent then said "Na Lie, You no fit die. God knows if you eat from this fruit, you will be like him. Your eyes will be opened and you will be able to differentiate good from evil. Well at the end of the day Eve ate the fruit and took it to Adam and Adam too ate.

So this was where the argument started. My cousins interpretation to that chapter was that. The forbidden fruit really was Sex and what the devil meant by their eyes being opened and they being like God as... if they have sex, they can procreate and only God had the power to create and he wants that power to himself alone that was why he told them that if they Had sex, they would die.

I was angry and i pointed out a verse to him Genesis 3:6 "So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise, [2] she took of its fruit and ate, and she also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate."
I told him that Eve ate the fruit first and that if forbidden fruit meant sex, Eve wouldn't have had sex with herself or was it the Devil he had sex with?... Then i got the shocker of my life. He was like why am i acting Naive. He said do i think women started using their hands very recently? He said the serpent being very crafty must have told her to try her hands and see how good it felt before going to seduce Adam to stick in his John thomas in her pum pum.

Well I this caused a lot of heated argument but then i still think what he said was absolutely wrong. I totally disagree. So i decided to post it here to see what you people think. Its so wrong to give the Bible our own meaning. I am a strong believer and i dont like seeing people dilute the word of God. So lets hear what you think about this


Lmao I was studying for finals yesterday with my friends and we were just Wilding out with Jokes mehn.
So my friend J really brought up something interesting sha. As an African, when oyinbo people ask you if you want to go camping tell them NO! Because Oyinbo people have this tendency to experiement with suffering. Like if they've not suffered before they will want to suffer small by seeing how it is to live in the outdoors. My Friend J said that in Africa  people don't go camping because we love living in our houses. Ahn ahn, after living in Huts for all these years, you wan make person go dey pitch tent for outside. The only time you see africans pitching tents is when we land for refugee camps lmao.We don't pitch tents for FUN we pitch tents for SURVIVAL... (As per all the refugee tents in somalia, sudan, uganda) etc? Shey una get?
P.S - I added the survival part in that her statement o. Oyinbo people are to busybody sha, always going camping, hiking, skydiving. That is how most of them get lost, and now everybody starts to worry about where they are. Na who send this people to go hike? Or go camping? Can't u just sit in your house, and figure out how to finish paying off your mortgage. CHai

To my main topic, my friend H who is African American has a girl friend who is Eritrean. Seeing as he is akata, her family is adamantly opposed to them getting married. I think Scribbles did something about this earlier, but I sorta did not pay it tomuch attention. But now am FIRED UP and ready to tackle this issue to it's full extent. This dude and the girl are in love o, but they had to break up because of family pressure. Forget West African cultural pressure our own na small thing, trust me them East Africans do not play when it comes to marriages, you must marry from the clan or from the country.
My Friend H asked me this question @ like 3am in the morning saying "Azazel are we really that different? You and I? I mean africans and afro americans. im looking past the obvious"
I told him that apart from our cultures we were not really that different, and then his pain became my pain o. And that is how I role, once I feel an injustice is being done I own that injustice and make it my own. I remember Scribbles writing about this very same thing, and I laughed at it because I felt that Africans marrying Oyinbo was a serious NO NO.. But now that I know that I was wrong for having such a belief, and to be plain about the whole matter. I was RACIST and PREJUDICIAL!! And from now on, if you ever come across anybody who tells you that marrying an Oyinbo person or an akata person or a person from a different tribe or ethnic group is wrong. Feel Free to label such a baggar, be it your mother, your father, your Gpupsy, Gmomsy, feel free to label such a person a RACIST!! End of Matter. What Fuckerey? Black people be walking around complaining about Racism, yet we practice racism in our very homes everyday? Our parents instill prejudicial thoughts into our heads daily, and please nobody should come here and say that what I am saying is not true. Each one of us has had a prejudicial thought before and if we are being honest, God knows that prejudice usually leads to racism.
Ask yourselves this, when your parents or grandparents tell you not to marry from a certain country, tribe or ethnic group or religious group. What are they implying? Aren't they implying that the caliber of men and women from your area are far better than those in those other places? Aren't those the same ideals that Hitler had? He believed his Aryan race was the best, hence he sought to exterminate all others. That is how small by small, the views of your culture become very racial.

In conclusion, my people I hope I have succeeded in showing you the folly of our ways. We must seek to eradicate racisma and prejudice from our world, in order for it to be a better place. And before we can point fingers at other cultures for being racist and prejudicial, we must first remove racism/prejudice from our own culture. Thereby, people like my friend H and his Eritrean Boo can be in love and even get married without worrying about family tearing them apart.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Mehn where do I start? Yesterday, I had a final paper due in one of my classes and I did not know. Only for me to walk into class, and see all these papers stacked up. I asked if any paper was due today, they said yes the final paper. Omo mehn my heart almost stopped beating, I literally begged the teacher to let me turn it in today and I stayed up all night writing the paper lol. It's all good sha. Then I was walking to go hand in the paper today and I was listening to Badman by Mode 9. Only for me to here this Dog bark, I think say Dog they chase me. I almost pick serious race, only for me to realise that the bark came from inside the song. I was now looking around to make sure that nobody had seen me almost pick race. Chai.

So the other day, a friend of mine who happens to be a christian quoted Mohatma Ghandi the Indian. And I sarcastically asked her why she a christian would be quoting a Hindi man who was obviously in hell? Since Ghandi did not obviously go to heaven seeing as he did not confess Jesus as being his lord and savior, why would a christian then be quoting "sayings" from a man who is in hell? You might as well quote Hitler or Stalin etc? Moreover, protestants who are not catholics are not catholics for a reason, obviously protestants do not subscribe to the same beliefs as catholics do. So why would a protestant be quoting "sayings" from a catholic like Mother Theresa? Hmm I wonder. Then to a more interesting note, catholics who are not protestants are obviously not protestants for a good reason, because they also do not subscribe to protestant beliefs. So why would a protestant be quoting "sayings" from a protestant like Martin Luther King. Catholics would not be surprised if protestants end up in hell, and protestants would not be surprised if catholics end up in hell. Anywayz, I was just wondering Lol.

To my last point, I was wondering what you guys would do if it was possible for you to be God for a day? What would you do? I know some of you typically lack the ability to imagine, but just imagine the possibility of being God for a day. What would you be able to do?

Hope Finals are going well for you guys? Hope the GPA's keep on rising lol.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


My people how una dey? Hope the sermon in church was not to long today? Mark Twain said this about sermons lol. "A good sermon should be like a woman's skirt: short enough to arouse interest but long enough to cover the essentials.”

A lot of people accuse me of disrespecting their beliefs lol. When I criticise or make a sarcastic remark about ther faith, religion or belief they immediately berate me by saying that I should learn to "respect people's beliefs and faith". Omo I am LMAO everytime I hear that, can you imagine what kind of world we would have if everybody went around respecting each other's views? What if everybody had decided to respect "Hitler's beliefs" concerning the extermination of the Jews? There wuld be no Jews left. Or maybe if the slave abolitionists had respected the slave owners "beliefs" in owning slaves? There would surely be so many slaves around today. My point is this, everybody and everyone is entitled to his/her beliefs, but not every belief is entitled to my "respect". Capiche? You have a right to your beliefs, but your beliefs do not have a right to my respect. Respect the believer not the belief. I encourage all of you to always ask questions, "he/she who asks questions is a fool for five minutes, but he/she who never asks questions is a fool for eternity". I honestly do not get how people can get by in this world perfectly fine without knowing anything. People are scared to have opinions, they are scared to think, talkless of search for the truth no matter what it is. Only barbarians are not curious about where they come from, how they came to be, where they are, where they appear to be going, whether they wish to go there, and if so, why,a nd if not,why not. Ask yourselves these questions daily.

Mehn I remember asking one time why the world was the way it is, and somebody told me that it's because there is not enough love in the world. I laughed at that comment then but this days It really has gotten me thinking. Jesus preached love, and his life was all about compassion and love. Why can't people just follow his common sense teaching? Love might indeed change the world, but look around your environment and you'll notice people making wicked jokes at other people's expense, people being mean for no other reason than beause they want to. Where s the LOVE??? Even you religious people self, where is the love that yall are suppose to be exhibiting? Bubbles have you listened to Hero by Nickelback? That song just explains this love subject to me in clarity.

Anywayz, I prayed and asked God the other day to strike me dead in my sleep if my criticisms of christianity were offmark and deeply wrong. I am pleased to say that I am alive and well and hope to remain in my current condition for the foreseeable future. E be like say the almighty don give me serious "Seal of Approval". So I put this up on my facebook status and everybody was like "Wow" and even the christians couldn't even say anything because as far as they were concerned, God had not struck me dead hence, I must be right in my criticisms of the religion. Honestly, I was disappointed in the reaction of people. When I say that most religious people do not know how to reason, they will say that I am insulting their intelligence. Logic dictates that just because I did not die in my sleep does not necessarily mean that God approves of my criticism. If any of you have taken a logic class, you would have come across "informal fallacies", my statement would fall under Appeal to Ignorance. Trust me alot of religious people commit this sort of fallacy time and time again, it's becoming ridiculous.

Ask the average born again christian or muslim about how they came to trust somuch in their faith, they'll probably start by saying "If you know what God/Allah/Jesus has done for me ehn you would understand why I believe in him somuch", now this is all fair and all but try getting them to share what God did for them and they will narrate a story of how they were in desperate strides and a miracle happened and something good now happened to them, the something good that happened is now translated as coming from "God". First, this style of argument is an informal fallacy and it falls under False Cause Fallacy. Christians "illegitimately assume that one possible cause of a phenomenon is the cause although reasons are lacking for excluding other possible causes" and they do this time and time again, you get a new promotion at work, you get an A in your class, you get a new car you attribute all this good things to God when it could possibly be other things or even other "supernatural beings" like the devil doing all this good things to you. No christian was able to disagree with my status because they themselves always make the very same kind of argument. *sigh*. I hope you guys are getting my point? A whole lot of us commit informal fallacies almost everytime when trying to prove why something good has happened to us, we immediately assume that it must be God who's done the good thing for us, because we beliee that our God is such a "good God". But funny enough, we never attribute the bad things to God, we always dash the bad things to the devil, or we even go as far as blaming ourselves for the bad things. But God never gets any blame.
Now to be fair to both sides, when you meet an atheist who tries to say "God does not exist because he cannot be seen", then that also is a fallacy. Just because you cannot see God, does not mean that he does not exist. So for the christians or religious people, use this picture as a  reference next time an atheist tries to argue that way lol.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


So yesterday was World Aids Day and am guessing yall knew about it. Anywayz, I was having a discussion with this professor yesterday concerning "Human Nature". I was letting him know that I had no faith in the compassion of Human Beings. It can't be trusted, but he disagreed with me and said that he really had faith in Human Beings, and as long as they were educated and made aware of issues, people will act to prevent "Fuckerey". I "rolled my eyes" at his statement, his optimism was making me have headache, I kept trying to prove to him that just because you make people aware of a crisis or disaster does not mean that people are "obligated" to give a crap about the issue.

For example, a whole lot of people know that women are getting raped in Congo, but do they do anything about it? Nope. Why? Because they are indifferent to the situation, if you ain't talking about money you ain't talking about SHIT!! But seriously though, take the "Aids Day" thing,just because you've educated people about aids and made them aware of the current statistics does not mean they are going to take the solutions you offer to prevent aids all over the world. People will do what people want to do, and they'll keep doing it as long as it profits them. Capiche? 

Anywayz, do you guys think that Adam and Eve are in Hell? Like i was thinking about it, those two baggars better be in hell. Because it would be serious serious fuckerey if the two main people who put all of us in this mess end up being in heaven.. Water go get serious enemy that day, if I end up in hell and I ask for adam and eve and devil tells me that they are in heaven chilling with the almighty. Me to I will ask for amnesty o.  Please can yall let me know if you think that those two are in hell? What does your gut tell you about where they are? I have a sneaking suspicion that there are in heaven, and it would be a serious serious shame if God let that be so lol.

Yall should check out this joke I got lol. It's hella funny.
                               The HERETIC

The heretic

I was walking across a bridge one day, and I saw a man standing on the edge, about to jump off. So I ran over and said, "Stop! Don't do it!" "Why shouldn't I?" he said. I said, "Well, there's so much to live for!" He said, "Like what?" I said, "Well, are you religious or atheist?" He said, "Religious." I said, "Me too! Are your Christian or Buddhist?" He said, "Christian." I said, "Me too! Are you Catholic or Protestant?" He said, "Protestant." I said, Me too! Are your Episcopalian or Baptist? He said, "Baptist!" I said, "Wow! Me too! Are your Baptist Church of God or Baptist Church of the Lord? He said, Baptist Church of God!" I said, "Me too! Are your Original Baptist Church of God or are you Reformed Baptist Church of God?" He said, "Reformed Baptist Church of God!" I said, "Me too! Are you Reformed Baptist Church of God, Reformation of 1879, or Reformed Baptist Church of God, Reformation of 1915?" He said, "Reformed Baptist Church of God, Reformation of 1915!" I said, "Die, heretic scum!" and pushed him off.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Leggy, i told you this picture would be a better one. See, I can balance out the pictures I use.
So guys, yall know my personality on this blog. I say stuff that sometimes provokes thought or in more cases it draws the ire of some people. My point is this, I challenge everything even my own beliefs, I contradict myself daily and I damn sure would not die for none of my beliefs because I might be wrong. Simple and short, I keep an extremely OPEN MIND. And most people usually say that they have "open minds" but why is it when you criticise those very people's beliefs, they now start to vex? Like forreal, if anybody criticised anything I believed in, I would honestly listen to what they had to say. There is no belief that I hold that close to heart, that I would not be willing to listen to it being criticised. But with most of you religious people, it's like yall cannot bear to have your beliefs questioned. Why is that?
Anywayz sha, back to my main point. Yesterday, after watching the soul awards on BET, Pastor Joel Osteen came on and he was preaching and stuff. So anywayz, i went on facebook and my friend put this on her status "Joel Osteen is a true man of God and he is a blessing", now I have no problem with her status, but then somebody else now came on her status and said that Joel Osteen was not a true man of God because he refused to condemn homosexuality hence, Joel Osteen was a false prophet.
The statement made by this person had me laughing my head off, so please yall remember the story of Ted Haggard, he was the evangelist who was disgraced after he was discovered sleeping with a male prostitute. My point is, if nobody had discovered that this man had been sleeping with a male prostitute, he would have continued to be seen as a "TRUE MAN OF GOD"? Mind you, this very same evangelist had been the same one who had blasted homosexuals and homosexuality, he was the very same evangelist who said said homosexuals were headed to hell. Now, that it was discovered that he was ehn a homosexual leaning individual himself, suddenly he had become a false prophet in the minds of all his congregation. Can you imagine, from being a TRUE MAN OF GOD he had gone to being a FALSE PROPHET. Chai, how the mighty have fallen, see how easy it is for a "True man of God" to fall down to the level of a "False Prophet"? Anywayz, am sure yall now see my point.
Now unto another thing I was thinking about earlier today, when a human being claims to be three people in one, the doctors diagnose such a person as suffering from "Multiple-Personality Disorder" but when a God claims to be a father, son and Holy Spirit basically three people in one, it is diagnosed as a "HOLY TRINITY", and when an individual like myself questions such a line of reasoning, people call me an atheist lmao. But please can you guys follow my train of thought, if God can be three people in one, why can't some of the human beings who he "created in his own image" also be three people in one? I mean, if anybody is suffering from a disorder it should be the "Creator" not the "Creation". But now, I say something like this and people will say "I cannot believe you would say such a thing", but why not? I have made a fairly reasonable and logical argument against something but most of you will still disagree with my logic. And everyone is definitely entitled to disagree with my logic, but I would implore all of to prove to me that your disagreement with my argument makes logical sense. If your going to disagree with me, don't tell me that the ways of God are not the ways of Man. . I saw this quote on Blasphemy's facebook page and thought I would share "

Sunday, November 29, 2009



Nobody should vex over the picture o, I thought it was funny so I thought I would share.
I was just thinking about this yesterday, but seriously can you imagine if one of the children of Nigerian Pastors like Adeboye of Redeemed, Chris Okotie, Oyedepo of Canaanland etc turned out to be gay? Lmao, water go get enemy that day. I can seriously envision them pastors holding deliverance sessions to deliver their children from the demon of homosexuality. Moreover, if the deliverance no work, then they will pata pata kill the child and send the child to his/her maker, because those pastors would rather salvage their reputation than to have one of their kids be homosexual. What do you guys think? I swear, if God had a sense of humor he would strike one of their children gay just to see what they would do. Lol my God is a comedian, playin too an audience to afraid to laugh.
For those of you living in yankee, do you remember the story of the evangelist in Yankee who was discovered with a gay male prostitute in bed? Mind you, this is the same hypocritical evangelist who had railed against homosexuals from his pulpit daily. Anywayz, when they found out his own ass was gay to, they kicked him out and now he lives in an apartment with his family. From Grace to serious Grass.

I finally watched 2012 and I watched New Moon on the same day, New Moon wasn't all that, but 2012 was off tha chain. Human Compassion again is a joke, it was @ the last minute that all of them suddenly developed a conscience and decided to take those people on board? After they had let all the other people on earth die, their consciences finally kicked into action. Double Hiss...Mind you, more than half of the people on board where people who had paid a billion euros to be able to live after everyone had died. Those people did not deserve any compassion whatsoever, but anywayz the movie sha was great. As i said, I thank God that they waited until I graduated in 2012 before the world would end. U never know, having a bachelor's degree might make the difference in whether I am a choir member in the heavenly choir or whether I am one of the boys who cleans drums in heaven. So for those of you who have not gotten your degree, go and get it now. Taynement sent me this link of an atheist guy who gets paid $5 by people, to go and comfort/preach to their relatives and friends about Jesus after rapture has taken the christians away. You know how christians preach to friends and family and they don't listen until it is to late, this guy is then paid to go tell those family members, "I told you so" on behalf of their ascended christian friends and relatives. Pretty cool huh? Well seeing as I myself will be staying here after rapture, you guys can contact me to be your contact for relatives and friends who might be left behind. :)

Guys I have a problem, I SUCK @ comforting people. Like I seriously suck, I am so infatuated with truth that I take it as far as possible. Lets say the father of a good friend of mine died, count on me to not be the person who would lie and say "Oh your dad is in a better place, or he is in heaven". I will be the person saying "Idk where your papa went to o, all I know is that he is dead and that is the end of the matter"And you know I am the type of person who thinks twice before puttin "God" in any statement of mine. Like today on facebook, one of my friends said God spoke to her on her status and revealed something to her. And me, being the pessimist that I am, I wanted to know if our almighty had a baritone voice or a high tenor voice, but then she disappointed me by telling me that God spoke to her through people. And the funny thing is, when people say they heard a voice in their head and it was God who spoke to them concerning a matter, how do they know that it is God speaking to them? I mean it could very well be the devil himself speaking to you, how does one know without a shadow of a doubt that it is God speaking to them? *Btw, wat in God's name is a "shadow" of a doubt? Why would "doubt" have a shadow? Sigh, the people that come up with these sayings self, need Jesus in their lives.*

Now to a more personal matter, I am definitely one of those people who tends to not "send" people. If you threaten to live my life, I will show you the door myself. Given the nature of my character and personality I happen to say or do stuff that makes my friends question the kind of person I am. And I don't blame them, sometimes I forgive people who say hurtful stuff to me based on my opinions or joke, it comes with the territory. Lotsa people want to hurt me, that is the price I pay for being a loud mouth. So I do not feel pity for myself, neither do I blame people who can't take the kind of person I am and decide to walk out of my life. it is better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for what you are not. That is my motto in life, and I stick to it. I have very good real friends, and sometimes I might do something that'll make them threaten to cut off our friendship, and I always find it funny when people do that. Like for example, one of my friends who might prolly read this, texted me the other day and said "Our friendship is over", me to I texted back "Ok". What I should have texted is, "Ok, and so what? Wetin come happen? I should go and die now because our friendship is over? My point is this, if people you call your close friends do not know the type of person you are and act surprised when you do/say something crazy, then please do not bother trying to hold unto them. If they do not know you by now, they will never know you.

I think I am suppose to end this post on a lighter note, and I will leave you guys with a quote my friend Rebecca told me. "There are a lot of fake people in this life and when you find somebody that is real and not fake, hold unto them as strong as you can and never let them go".

Friday, November 27, 2009


So before I start, yall should forgive me for what I am about to type in the next few sentences.

I am thankful that God ignored the cries of all the poor starving people across the world who could not eat due to lack of food because by ignoring their cries God has made them able to stay trim and they would not need to exercise to lose any excess calories from all the food over thanksgiving. Damn my sense of humor is CRUDE!!. Lmao!!!  Yall should follow me and laugh o, cus it's funny. (Ok maybe it was not that funny, sheesh)
Anywayz, mehn this thanksgiving was fun, I have vowed not to use pepper to eat anything again. Come and see the pepper my aunt put in this her stew, like OMG my whole mouth was on fire like I could not eat it. Tears were streaming down my face, I had to drink a whole lot of water filled with Ice. I refused to die this thanksgiving.

Yesterday, I had to mediate between two of my female friends who had started hating on each other over this one guy and again it really does amaze me how females always find it easier to fight over a guy, when the guy is ultimately the one @ fault. The guy was playing both of them, and instead of them to focus on showing the guy pepper they are @ each other's throats. I weep for the female species, like sometimes the daftness which some females exhibit makes me wonder if yall really descended from a smart woman like Eve.

So, I resolved not to inform the partner of my friend that my friend is cheating on her, because @ the end of the day I am a coward, lol and I really do not have time for wahala right now. As you all know, when two or three Nigerians are gathered, there must be DRAMA in their midst.

Yall should gist me about the good black friday deals you got? What did those of you living in Yankee buy?

So on my ipod, I have a playlist for christian songs. Please can someone let me know if that makes me a hypocrite? Lol because some of them christian songs be slamming lol, just the other day at the club they were playing "STOMP" by Kirk Franklin. See people grinding to the music lol, might I add that they were grinding in the "lord".

Lol I saw this quote on Otunba's facebook status, what do you guys think "Behind every successful man is a surprised woman, a gold digger and a nymphomaniac"

Btw, I am grateful to all of you readers for the support all of you have given to me. I am a relative newbie to blogsville and I must say I've really felt welcomed here. Yall ROCK!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Before I go on, last night I was overcome by serious panic attacks concerning death. Personally, I am not scared of death neither am I scared of dying but I realised yesterday that I am deathly afraid of people close to me dying. So I and my brother have a sort of "love-hate" relationship. We find it mad hard to be affectionate with each other, if my brother is nice to me I get suspicious and if am nice to him he gets suspicious. But yesterday, I realised that I would not know what to do with myself if my brother was to die before I did. I would be so crushed, because God knows I've taken that fool for granted so many many times. So yesterday, I texted this fool right and after I was done texting I debated hard about whether I should let him know that I love him. At the end of the debate sha, I decided that ti was to early to start all this lovey-dovey stuff with him because I knew he would text back asking if I was "Ok".  And he would want to know, when we started becoming "lovey dovey" siblings lol. Btw, people around me have been doing nice things for me, like they give me stuffs for free and they do favors for me and it's freaking me out. When did people start being so "NICE"? Like am mad suspicious right now, like people around me this days just say nice things, do nice things and give me gifts also. You know in Naija, dem go talk say maybe they have planned to kill me for ritual that is why they are buttering me up lwkm.

Ok guys so you know am the guy that claims to like truth and blah blah blah blah.Lately sha, I have hit upon a lil tinsy bitsy snag.

What would you guys do, if you had a male or female friend who was scheduled to get married to their respectice fiance/fiancee's but who was a cheater. As in, your friend is the one who is doing the cheating, not their partner.  Normally, it's the partner of your friend doing the cheating but in this case it's your own friend doing the cheating.
Basically, your friend has cheated on his/her partner but you've not told the partner that your friend did such a thing. My question is: Would you go and tell the fiance/fiancee of your friend that their partner has cheated on them? This question also applies to Relationships, not only marriages.
Because I know of somebody who is suppose to marry a female but the guy is cheating on his partner and they are about to get married. I was just watching this show in which the friend had to tell the other fiance that his fiancee was cheating on him. And I asked myself, whether I would have the liver to do the same, and I realised that I would not. I mean, can you imagine planning all those stuffs for the wedding and on the day of the wedding a baggar individual decides to let the cat out of the bag? I would kill the person who did that if it was my own wedding. If your going to tell me something like that, tell me a week before the wedding not on the day of the wedding itself. Shey you guys feel me?
Oya I want to hear yall's thoughts on this issue. Would you or would you not let the partner of your friend know that your friend was cheating on him/her. Cus me I would feel guilty knowing that I had just doomed an innocent person to be married for life with a cheat when I could have prevented that.

Moreover, why is it females who know their male friends are cheating on their female partners never ever go inform the female partner that her man is cheating? What happened to sisterhood? Women do not stick up for themselves anymore. I feel that if you know your male friend is cheating on his girl, you should go let his girl know. Afterall, if you where in her shoes you would want somebody to tell you would you not? Some girls wouldn't want to know sha, lol I know a babe who knows that her boo is cheating on her but she has adopted a strategy of living in denial. "See no Evil, Hear no Evil" kinda babe. What do you guys think?

Sunday, November 22, 2009


This post is going to be about my thoughts lol, so I'll basically be rambling and ranting also.

1.So I was watching "Bridge to Terabitha" and if you've not watched the movie before, go and google it. I am to lazy to explain what the movie was about. But for those of us who have been privileged to watch the movie, I honestly felt that everybody wishes there was a magical world in which they could live in, in which everything would be AWESOME!!  And I honestly really really do miss my childhood, like everytime I see kids I hope and wish that they never grow up to experience this bad bad world. Why did that little girl die in this movie? Are they mad? I spend my saturday night watching this movie and this is what it amounts to? I thank God I never believed in happy endings anyway. Even when i read novels, I get thoroughly disgusted when they have happy endings. What fuckerey? Lmao.. Life is not about happy endings, it's definitely about sad endings.. (Pictures some people wondering what kind of bitter childhood I must have gone through.. Lmao). I had a perfect childhood btw.

2. I've come to the realisation that nobody judges me harder than myself, like I judge myself and critique myself everyday it's ridiculous.I try very hard to live by the saying 'To thine own self be true' and to live life for myself because, ultimately, no one else is going to get anything out of it but me.  And I think that because I am able to critique myself at every given moment, I feel entitled to judge others completely and totally without feeling bad with myself. So guys, if you ever feel that I have a mean-streak now you know why. I am entitled to be MEAN!

3. So I was reading parts of the Quran the other day, and I was just struck by the account of Genesis as recorded in the Quran and there was this one part of a chapter that struck me. It basically talks about people who have known much yet at the end have known nothing. I just felt that that particular quote was referring to me, I know that I am smart but at the same time I realise that I do not know everything. What disturbed me about that quote was the fact that after everything we learn, the numerous PHDs, or Bachelor degrees that we earn do not matter at the end of the day when we finally die. Death will not spare anybody just because one person has a PHD and because the other has a high school diploma because death is definitely no respecter of persons.

4. I am highly amused with the concept of "lying", why do people lie? What motivates people to lie. On the news channels, they bring people in to analyse stuff and people blatantly lie on T.V. Most of the people on T.V get paid to lie to people and they do it without remorse. Most of the time, the people doing the lying actually start to see the lie as truth. People lie, it is as simple as that. Some like to lie for the effect it has; others lie without knowing it, in other to protect themselves from scruitiny; still others lie to themselves.Personally, I lie a lot and am not ashamed to admit it. A lot of people are in the same boat, and I've actually taken to forgiving people who lie to me, seeing as I take almost everything people tell me as lies anyway. There is a reason why this blog is aptly named "Truth don die", because I honestly do believe that Truth is Dead in almost every aspect of our society. Females want you to lie to them, Males want you to stroke their ego, life is basically about stroking egos and lying to people so as to make people feel important with their useless selfs. Moreover, this days when I watch the news and listen to people talk I try to decipher the lies from the fragments of truth lying within their stories. If one person believes a story, it becomes a truth for him. It’s difficult to determine what happened as opposed to what people thought happened, wanted to happen, felt should have happened. And this is how truth is lost.

5. I am not trying to rag on females, but honestly a relationship based totally on "Truth" is doomed to failure. As a guy, if you are honest 100% of the time with your female partner the lifespan of your relationship is give or take 9 months. I already reached the conclusion a long time ago that females are allergic to truth, so I just lie and keep on lying most of the time. At the end of the day, I avoid wahala for myself and the babe in question remains happy innit? So nobody loses.

6. I laugh at these silly animal rights commercials on T.V. They play corny songs and expect people to feel compassion for the poor cats and dogs and proceed to donate money to such a cause. I for one feel that people who donate to animal rights organisations are STUPID!!. Person never finish donating to humans, na animals person wan donate to? So stupid. Did yall know that that whole animal rights ish is close to 1 billion dollars in donation? Can you imagine?

7. Anywayz, but I urge all of you readers never to misplace the trust people place in you. Value your good friends and value their friendship. And please please please, learn to forgive your friends no matter what they do to you. People die everyday mehn, trust me you do not want to be the loser who neglected to forgive a friend just because over some money, or some guy or some girl. Remember the good times you had with people and cherish them. No matter how good a friend is, they are going to hurt you once in a while so please FORGIVE O.

8. In this life, you are going to get misunderstood, people will say spiteful and mean things to you but never ever let those things get to you. Sometimes, the criticism made about you might actually be true, and if it is true try to work towards changing it. I found this quote about criticism "Don't mind criticism. If it is untrue, disregard it; if unfair, keep from irritation; if it is ignorant, smile; if it is justified it is not criticism, learn from it."

9. On the subject of crying, I use to consider crying a big PUSSY move, like a very very big PUSSY move. Infact, if you were a guy and you cried something was automatically wrong with you in my opinion. But this days, I've come to see that it takes a strong man and woman to cry. Crying is not weakness, rather it is strength. Even though I have not been able to bring myself to cry for anything,  I no longer judge people for crying. I just hope nobody or no baggar babe ever calls my fone again wanting to cry over something. I hate when babes do that, like seriously come on.... Who wants to spend a significant portion of their night allotted sleep time comforting your sorry ass. You should have had the wisdom to pick a better boyfriend, and if the dude is the reason that you are bugging me from enjoying my sleep then he is DEFINITELY not worth it.

Oya, am done Ranting lmao. Gosh, I need to improve on this ranting thing. Bubbles what letter grade would you give this rant of mine?

Friday, November 20, 2009



So I have honestly come to the conclusion that "Black People" are (Idk the word to use) but I will settle for "DENSE". Honestly, like black people find it so easy to HATE, and other people use our HATE for each other to manipulate us.
Anywayz, in my school the other day this Black pastor came for this educational seminar thing and after he finished talking I asked him whether he would marry a "gay couple" and this man said. "No, I would not marry a gay couple, because my "personal beliefs" will not allow me to marry them.
I swear to Allah I almost flipped, like I thought he would say something like "his religion" stops him from giving them marriage and then maybe we could discuss on that front, but this dude had the audacity to say his "personal beliefs" stop him from marrying gays. So, after the whole thing me and a group of students where now discussing about what he had said and we pointed out that it was the same "PERSONAL BELIEFS" that the justice of peace in lousiana had for not wanting to marry "interracial couples", it was also that very same "personal beliefs" that made it illegal for interracial couples to get married in this country. It was also those same "personal beliefs" that made it possible for the blacks in these country to be enslaved for close to 100 years.
Please I am here to remind you all, that just because you have a "personal belief" does not mean you have to act on it, because your personal belief might be stopping a group of people from being happy. In the 2008 elections in California, a proposition called Prop 8 was put on the ballot. This proposition would ban gay marriage from the state entirely. The proposition passed with a vote percentage of 51% to 49%. The vote was so close, and it passed because BLACKS in the state voted overwhelmingly to ban gay marriage. OVERWHELMINGLY!! Lmao blacks make me laugh, so the very same people who for years fought for equality and rights now turned around and denied equality and rights to another minority. Such Irony, my yoruba friend would say IRO NI!! So they asked one of those baggar black voters why he voted to ban gay marriage, this baggar said the exact same thing that black pastor said. ""I think it's mainly because of the way we were brought up in the church; we don't agree with it," said Jasmine Jones, 25, who is black. "I'm not really the type that I wanted to stop people's rights. But I still have my beliefs, and if I can vote my beliefs that's what I'm going to do." another black voter said this  " "God doesn't approve it, so I don't approve it. And I approve of Him." 

So the first commenter said he voted on his beliefs, and I've already tackled that line of reasoning, the second comment is what riled me up. "God does not approve of it"??? U have got to be shitting me, again I repeat blacks are dense. Wasn't it the same bible that "whites" used to justify slavery? Didn't whites also claim that God approved of slavery? NEWSFLASH!!! People have always declared human judgements as divine commandments. Even the same bible put down women in the old testament, but do we follow it? No. What is the obsession with "CHURCH" among the black community? I am not saying that we as "blacks" should not go to church or be christians etc, but we should have common sense nah. We should know by now that it is so easy to use the bible to deny people rights, so we as a people should never EVER use the bible to deny anybody rights, because we have seen firsthand where that leads to. Moreover, gay couples being married does not AFFECT anybody one bit. So I don't understand why this thing is taking so long? Are people really that hateful and spiteful?

In Nigeria, the gay church that was created in Lagos was BURNT down. Why? Can't gay people be christians as well? Am telling you, when it comes to religion, nigerians and africans in general like to OVERDO it. Blasphemy gave me this quote about "Religion" in Nigeria.
"In Nigeria, religion is an event for many persons, not a way of life even when they pretend that it is. There is a yawning gap between private and public morality that explains individual and group attitudes. It is a contradiction that outsiders may find puzzling but which means nothing to us at home."
You can't have every baggar out there acting upon their "PERSONAL BELIEFS". Ok, I have a personal belief that I myself am the best thing since slice bread, it's a BELIEF!!! and that's what it will always remain, a BELIEF!!..
In conclusion, if your "Personal Belief" brings misery and suffering and pain to anybody or any group, then your belief is not RIGHT! CAPICHE...

P.S: I wrote this in such a hurry, because my ass has to watch this show of mine. Forgive any mistakes o.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Make una come see me see trouble lol, so yesterday I put this up on my facebook status:
"I feel that nowadays it's becomin really hard 4 young men 2 be faithful while in a relationship.It just makes me wonder how our fore-fathers and fathers managed to stay faithful. Wat is the secret to staying faithful?.On the other hand,our fore-fathers/fathers might have been cheatin also.I mean dat "business trip" might not really have been a "business trip".If u catch my drift??Hehehe"

So well it caused wahala small, and one of the commenters asked "Whether cheating was good or bad"?
I replied by saying that in some cases cheating is a good thing, afterall Mary cheated on Joseph with the Holy Spirit in other for Jesus to come.
 Omo come and see the can of worms I opened up, and people were telling me that I was so wrong for saying that, but they agreed I had a point sha. It always amuses me how people are able to get so easily riled up when you make fun of their religion. What exactly does it matter if Mary cheated? It's not as if anybody is going to stop believing in Jesus because his mom was a cheat.
And please, before anybody gets it twisted lol. Mary the Mother of Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords cheated on her husband with the Holy Spirit. But seriously, I can't believe that I waited this long before I realised that Mary cheated on her husband, it really doesn't matter who she cheated on him with, all na CHEATING!!... Cheat with Dog o, cheat with cat, cheat with cow, cheat with horse, cheat with devil himself at the end of the whole palava, the label is still cheating.
My fellow christians, admit that Mary was a cheat and we will end the matter there.
The picture above shows the termination letter Joseph gave to Mary, before God threatened him to take her back lmao..

Yall should check out my homeboy's blog Harry..
U might find it very intriguing..

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pale Velvet!!!

A September wind howled and ripped apart our aging pine trees on the night I awakened in my dead wife’s garden. Titian leaves and clumps of black earth covered my neck and hands, and as I raised myself from my recumbent position, I realized that, despite my large frame, I was miniscule, one man sandwiched between the roaring thunder of an angry, charcoal sky and dark rain falling in corrugated sheets on sparse grass. One quick eruption of light tore the clouds asunder and I saw that my cobblestone house stood behind me, completely aloof.

For some reason, that night I hadn’t dreamt of my late wife, Evelyn. Instead, I had dreamed of Marie, a young nurse at the hospital with yellow ringlets that curled for days. In an ugly and terrible dream, my head lay on her shoulder and I closed my hands around her chest. But after I had positioned myself on top of her, noting in the dream that she smelled nothing like my late wife, she had sprang out from underneath me and thrown herself onto the wooden floor, screaming like a banshee and pulling at her hair, which fell around her in golden clumps, and I had watched in horror as her nude, pink body turned grey and shriveled into a heap of ash. The pile of grey powder had solidified and crawled toward me, laid a thin hand on my thigh and pointed its small, perfect teeth in my direction. And at that point I had awakened in damp soil amidst a storm, wondering at myself.

However, I did find our cream sheets to be occupied when I crept back, sopping wet, into our bedroom. A petite figure lay curled like a full-grown foetus in our sturdy mahogany bed, and I watched it breathe in shock. Then I recollected that Marie had quickly agreed to accompany me home from the hospital, her high cheekbones reddening under her hopeful eyes, strong eyes like the sienna crags of Ireland. But for all the ambition that her wantonness implied, she couldn’t dust, scrub, or clean dishes. The needles and bandages that she sterilized always had to be sterilized again, and the veteran nurses followed after her when she cleaned the operating rooms. Nevertheless, that night marked six months exactly of leaden grief and guilt, and I had tired of sleeping in our bed alone.

I moved towards Marie and grabbed a thin shoulder, but nothing happened. I shook her but her mouth fell open and she began to snore. “Marie, get up,” I said, firmly, and her eyelids parted. She stretched and flashed me a heavy smile that I did not return.

“Good morning, Dr. Pennamon,” she yawned smugly, and she giggled. “I could call you ‘Robert’ now, right? Or maybe even ‘Robbie?’ Maybe today we—”

“What happened yesterday?”

“Nothing, sir,” she pouted, and her smile faded. “You drank a lot of port and, well, so did I, and we lay down here but then you fell asleep. I woke up some time later but you were gone.”

“I didn’t touch you?”

“No,” she said, and she looked up at me expectantly. For a moment, the room was silent except for the scraping of sharp branches against a window and the pounding of soaked birds falling on the rooftop. Evelyn’s terrier, Raven, howled from somewhere in the household, and the hollow sound reverberated as I crossed my arms.



“Gather your things. When the storm settles, I will have you driven to wherever you need to be.”

“Sir, you want me to… leave, sir?”

“Yes,” I said.

“But, sir,” Marie said, leaning forward. “It’s only a quarter past six. Surely we—”

“Gather your things and one of my stable hands will take you home in a covered carriage.” I said, but before I left I saw a dark spot on the pillowcase stitched by Evelyn for our first anniversary. I looked at Marie and imagined her poor, filthy saliva, and my throat tightened.

“But, Robbie, won’t you—”

“Get out!” I roared, and she scurried from the bed in her undergarments, wringing her podgy hands.

After she left I straightened our scattered sheets, and a choking weight released me. I washed my face with icy water from a steel pitcher and donned a heavy black suit with a stiff, white cravat—the uniform of a respected professional. In a nearby mirror I put my watch and chain into my coat pocket, and adjusted gold spectacles over my crooked nose. Through the one window in our bedroom, I could see the maples outside bending under the wrath of the sullen rain. I didn’t have to work until eight, but since I was awake I couldn’t go back to sleep. So I, Dr. Robert Pennamon, opened my leather notebook of surgeries and appointments and looked over my schedule for the day.

When I went downstairs and into the kitchen, a maid named Rebecca set me a plate of hot veal and potatoes on the table, and I nodded for her to leave. But she paused, like the servants always did, to see if I would say grace, and I thought of Evelyn bending her frail neck and folding her lovely hands.

“Go,” I said, frowning. And at the wave of my hand, she went, looking over her shoulder as she did so.

My servants hated me. Some of them were devout Catholics, and would talk of me as a tyrannous infidel, muttering insolent prayers behind me when they thought I couldn’t hear. Other servants loathed me as for my heritage, for the fact that I was wealthy in spite of my hungry past in Ireland. But their trembling supplications and curses were only like pebbles to me: useless and amusing. When a man has endured days and weeks without food, first in his own homeland and then on the way to another—when he has seen grown men shed tears and women and children alike suffer beyond reason, he is not easily offended. I was twelve when we left our blighted farm for London in 1840, and after the death of my mother and one of my sisters, I watched my solemn father and began to value his rationality. I ignored the taunts of my British peers and excelled at a charity school by chasing intellect and stability. Eventually, my hard work took me to medical school, from which I graduated despite my red hair and crooked speech. But after marrying Evelyn, I softened. However, it was her unfair death that would leave me bereaved and return me to my senses; I could not see the truth in a spirit that would take my wife away.

In an hour came a knock at the front door that would have been Dr. Williams. Sure enough, when I turned the brass knob and pulled the door open, a stench of rotten strawberries pinched my nose. I staggered back into the foyer and almost tripped on Raven, who had galloped over at the sound of the door to show me her affections.

“Well, good morning!” laughed Horace. “Come, come; why the long face? There are patients to heal, women to see; it is a new day in 1854, my man—look alive!”

Horace slapped my back, and bragged as we stepped out of the house about the appendectomy that he’d performed and the new equipment from Switzerland that he’d used to do it. We stepped into my Berlin carriage and rode off into the orange countryside, and the earth was still masked in a wet sheet of grey. Despite the cold, I would have preferred to ride bareback. But Horace had told me years ago that that was unprofessional, and many years before that I had learned that Horace knew everything. My corpulent friend had the bulbous nose and jellied chin of a wealthy Englishman—a son of a wealthy lawyer, to be exact. Yet Horace lived undaunted by his grotesque appearance, and he spent his earnings and his inheritance without reserve, knowing that he would always have plenty. Naturally, one might expect that I would resent Horace. But in the years since our meeting at London University, no pure hatred had manifested itself, so I allowed that I would foster the relationship until it came. For despite our differing backgrounds, Horace Williams and I were quite the same. We were both loners, distant from society because of our voracious appetites for success.

“…and so Lord Buckingham invited me to perform—Robert? Robert, are you listening to me?” Horace leaned over and exhaled meaty fumes as the padded seats of the black carriage squealed under his weight. “What is the matter with you?”

I felt my breakfast fall like sunken rocks to the bottom of my stomach. “I did not sleep well yesterday.”


“I walked in my sleep, again.”

Horace frowned. “But—did you not sleep with her?” I shook my head. “But I told you to— it has been six months, and I thought if you—”


“What are you so afraid of? God—”

“I’m not afraid. And I don’t believe in God.”

“So you say. But the reason for your somnambulism is stress, and as I have told you many times, God has given mankind a cure for stress that never fails. Do you know how many angry men I have ‘cured’ simply by giving them twenty shillings and sending them to a brothel?”

“I’m not angry,” I said.

“Yes you are. But like so many others, she is gone and for your own sake you need to move on and, if necessary, marry another.”

My skin prickled. How could I possibly explain myself to a man who had no shame? I had not wanted to invite the nurse home, but I also had not wanted to spend another night alone. Sleeping unaccompanied meant feverish dreams and visions that left me cold and shaking at various hours in the morning. Yet a small part of me relished those nightmares, because only through them did I still have Evelyn.

Horace paused his lecture and threw up his hands. “Robert, listen to me—for God’s sakes, my man, she was only a woman—worth nothing more than a coin!”

Suddenly my hands flew at his gelatinous neck and squeezed until pale folds of flesh poked out of my fingers. I couldn’t see Horace choking in front of me, for whatever light there was in the dim carriage had evaporated with the rise of my fury.

But then the carriage stopped, and a knock sounded from the outside. I let go of Horace and straightened my coat while he gasped for air, and the door opened. According to my driver, we had arrived at Mrs. Canterbury’s.

Mrs. Canterbury was an old widow who lived with her daughter, Keri, on a crowded plot of brambles, briar, and brush. She was known for the great murder of crows that lived among the Judas trees crouching around her home, and also for the number of Sundays that she was absent from Mass. I knew her delinquencies from service and other social functions were due to her arthritis and chronic bronchitis and not from any lingering doubts or traces of paganism, but I appreciated her mutterings nonetheless. One of the crows screeched as me and Horace, both red-faced and feeling foolish, made our way up a rocky dirt path and into her home.

Upon our entrance, the floorboards creaked and Mrs. Canterbury stilled her rocking chair.

“Hello, gentlemen,” she said, and we nodded. “What a lovely Sunday morning in September!”

“It’s Monday, mother,” whimpered a shapely, peach-skinned lady standing in the room. She adjusted the knitting in Mrs. Canterbury’s wobbling hands.

“Keri?” said Mrs. Canterbury, and she smiled into the distance.

I opened my black medical kit and set aside my various instruments on a nearby wooden table: a stethoscope and thermometer, a hypodermic syringe, and a box of surgical horsehair. I wrapped the black band of a sphygmomanometer around Mrs. Canterbury’s spotted, wrinkled arm and checked her blood pressure, while Horace stood behind me and recorded the measured values.

Keri floated to me from her mother’s side. “Is there anything I can do?” she asked. “Would you like some water? Or some tea?”

“A tipple of sherry, please,” said Horace, and he opened his medicine bag absently.

I shook my head. “No, nothing,” I said.

“How are you?” Keri asked. Her sea-green eyes were heavy on my face.

“I’m fine,” I said. I felt Mrs. Canterbury’s forehead and dictated notes for Horace to take on her appearance (she was thinner, her breath was short, her hands and wrists were bluish). Keri hovered over every move I made, gasping along with her mother’s groans of discomfort and sighing when I counted out for her some pills. Horace would always comment on Keri’s devotion as unnecessary, because we all knew that her mother was going to die.

Evelyn’s death had surprised me because I had refused to believe it was coming. When the February consumption ravaging the city streets had spread to our quiet countryside, I restricted her movements and mainly confined her to the household to prevent her from contracting the disease. Soon after March began, she complained of stabbing headaches and bothersome coughs. But I dismissed her grievances as effects of house arrest and honed in on my profession. As neighboring women forgave Evelyn her childlessness and brought dishes and mended sheets, I researched a rare disease named cancer. I prescribed aspirins and tonics for the light seeping from my wife’s eyes, so that I could make my discoveries in peace. Even as her clothes began to hang, and the maids said she wouldn’t eat, I convinced myself that there was nothing wrong. I was too selfish to believe my wife would leave me before I’d proven myself to her father.

Despite my arrogance, Evelyn had coughed and smiled and loved me still, bringing me asters and freesias and mint from her garden when she was strong enough to work outside, and listening happily to my pompous findings. I was a doctor. If I had looked after her properly, things should have been different. But early that year, a lot of people had died of tuberculosis, and at the end of March, Evelyn was one of them.

“Well then,” I said. Keri took some of the pills and administered them to Mrs. Canterbury. I stood back and watched her long fingers overlap on a glass of water that she held to her mother’s lips. Her hands looked soft, and I wanted to feel them. She should be a schoolteacher, I thought, so that she could teach younger versions of myself to become gentle.

Horace crossed his arms over his great belly and turned on his heel while saying goodbye; it was time to go. But before I could follow him out of the front door, I heard the slight whistle of Mrs. Canterbury taking a breath.

“A loss is a loss, and a treasure is a treasure,” the old woman said. And when I turned around, she had a twinkle in her eyes.

“Excuse me?”

to be continued......