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Friday, December 11, 2009

THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT i am back once know i was away for too long, 24 hours doesnt just seem enough for me these is as if i am the only one in grad school in this whole world...hahaha..dont mind me. Anyways... so i was chilling with a couple of my friends yesterday and we were just jamming and talking about girls and their promiscuous ways then an issue came up that caused a very big argument.
My cousin Adex said women have always been like that right from time even from the days of Adam. He went further to say that the bible coded a lot of things and it takes really smart people to get it. He said the Forbidden fruit talked about in the book of Genesis was not meant the way it was written. According to the bible. The forbidden fruit was a real fruit and for some reasons Apple always comes to mind whenever you hear The forbidden fruit. Well we all know the story in Genesis chapter 3. for those who dont i will

There Eve was just playing around in the Garden as usual and Then Mr Devil came along. He came in form of a serpent. The Bible refered to the serpent as very crafty. meaning he also has a way with words. So he asked Eve. Hey Eve sweetie how come you eat from all the trees in this garden apart from just one. Eve was like ah!...God said we could eat from every other fruit in the garden apart from this one ooo...... because if we do, we go just die like that. The serpent then said "Na Lie, You no fit die. God knows if you eat from this fruit, you will be like him. Your eyes will be opened and you will be able to differentiate good from evil. Well at the end of the day Eve ate the fruit and took it to Adam and Adam too ate.

So this was where the argument started. My cousins interpretation to that chapter was that. The forbidden fruit really was Sex and what the devil meant by their eyes being opened and they being like God as... if they have sex, they can procreate and only God had the power to create and he wants that power to himself alone that was why he told them that if they Had sex, they would die.

I was angry and i pointed out a verse to him Genesis 3:6 "So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise, [2] she took of its fruit and ate, and she also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate."
I told him that Eve ate the fruit first and that if forbidden fruit meant sex, Eve wouldn't have had sex with herself or was it the Devil he had sex with?... Then i got the shocker of my life. He was like why am i acting Naive. He said do i think women started using their hands very recently? He said the serpent being very crafty must have told her to try her hands and see how good it felt before going to seduce Adam to stick in his John thomas in her pum pum.

Well I this caused a lot of heated argument but then i still think what he said was absolutely wrong. I totally disagree. So i decided to post it here to see what you people think. Its so wrong to give the Bible our own meaning. I am a strong believer and i dont like seeing people dilute the word of God. So lets hear what you think about this


Gee said...

alll this is a lie oooo----
kai, im not even gonna bother defending it--
but all na lie!

Azazel said...

@ There Eve was just playing around in the Garden as usual and Then Mr Devil came along. He came in form of a serpent

Please Baba Otunba where does it say in the bible that the devil came in the form of the serpent? Are u interpretin it to be so, or does ur bible explicitly say the devil came as the serpent? Please read your bible again, it makes no reference to the devil watsoever.
I can see the point of your cousin actually, the fruit could very well be the fruit of sex. It sorta makes sense to me.

Azazel said...

Lol ur cousin's point is really something. Because it really does not say that God had any plans for them to ever procreate.
He only wanted them to rule the animals and then tend to the earth.

Kemi said...

I like this post, all i can say is that like like ur cousins view abt the forbiden fruit cause he sees it in his own way and his interpretaion. Why can the fruit be sex, we all think that when its mention that the fruit mentioned is an apple. Kiddo you might think ur cousin's view is wrong but he is just testing and question other peoples views and opinion. Isnt that what you set out to do. Anyway sha nice post.

Azazel said...

Lol kems it's not my own cousin..
It's akin's cousin who's talking o.

Ego said...
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EDJ said...
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EDJ said...
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EDJ said...

As far as what the forbidden fruit is, like Kemi said, that is the interpretation that Otunba's cousin came up with.

However, I do not think it is right AT ALL. The connection between the term "forbidden fruit" and "sex" is only there because lots of humans through time have a love of repressing their natural urges.

If Otunba's cousin thinks that the forbidden fruit was sex, then I can only infer that he is one of those sexually repressed beings that inhabit Nigeria and bring the whole country down with their fake "moral code".

Where in the bible does God have sex? Think carefully, this cousin is trying to say that in the bible, "being like God" means "having sex"! I would love to see some teenagers use that as an explanation to their religious parents for sexual activity.

There are some bibles that insinuate that Eve actually "seduced" Adam to get him to eat the fruit. If she was using sex as an inducer then how can sex be the fruit?

Abeg oh, let us leave all this 1800's mentality at the door. Its 2009.

(sorry for reposting so many times, somn is wrong with my browser today)

Otunba 'JesusFreak' Jb-M said...

@Gee i share that opinion too....

@ Azazel.....If u understand the bible well you will know that it is only the Devil that tempts....and he does not have to appear in person...he can use anything...including a Serpent.

@ Kemi....My cousin is totally wrong...he misundertood the whole chapter

@ EDJ...u misunderstood what my cousin meant..wat he meant was that only God has the power to create....The bible said God made Adam from Dust....And when Adam started complaining that he was too lonely, God saw he needed a companion so he made EVe...he said God probably had no plan to make EVe if Adam had not complained and then God saw that it was dangerous...That if both of them had sex procreation takes place...Bringing a new human into Life. that was why he scared them that they would die if they had sex....

Azazel said...

Lol Otunba i still disagree with u bro..
The bible could have said the devil if it wanted to..
I mean why say serpent? U are doing the same thing ur cousin just did. Takin the whole thing out of serious context..
If it was the devil who tempted them, it would have said teh devil tempted them.. Why leave room for error? Come on now. In the bible u have seen the word devil, satan etc.. But u've never seen them use a word to substitute for the other.

leggy said...

i dont agree with your was bored...what did God now create the woman for?for the talks?yeah right.when God cursed eve he said that the act of birth for her is now going to be difficult...which means he initially intended birth to be easy..just popping them out like if he intended them to have kids then he sure knew they'd have to have sex.
and isnt it God in the bible who said 'go into the world and procreate?'.your bible should stop reading genesis half and half.he should try reading the whole chapter for a change.

Azazel said...

Lol leggy God only said that to abraham i think..
or did it say it in genesis also? lemme check

EDJ said...

@Otunba your cousin needs prayer and counseling. The forbidden fruit of the bible is clearly something that was to be eaten. There is mention of the words tree, food, eat, etc.

How does the act of procreation make a person able to differentiate good from evil? Isn't arguable that sex takes away wisdom (lol, in some people?). Your cousin needs to read those few verses again.

My second beef with this cousin of yours and even you Otunba...

"jamming and talking about girls and their promiscuous ways"

"My cousin Adex said women have always been like that right from time even from the days of Adam."

What promiscuous ways would that be?

Is your cousin trying to justify his misogny with the bible? Y'all think women are "promiscuous"? Apparently in your cousin's mind, Eve was such a sex fiend she couldn't control herself from masturbating when God told her not to--and that is why now women are "promiscuous" because we have always been like that?

Amazingly bad logic.

Don't make me send the Woman Brigade after both of you.

Azazel said...

Lol @ woman brigade ..
Hahaha feminists on the march

Anonymous said...

You all shuld read ur bible or meet with a pastor to explain it all to u cos 4rm wat ave seen none of u actually study ur bible...

Azazel said...

Lol anonymous..
And a pastor would be able to explain it better why? Because he has one on one discussions with the almighty..

rayo said...

i dont bliv a word of that but its funny sha

EDJ said...

@Anonymous, reading the bible is overrated. Especially since there is really no place in the bible that asks you to read it. Which is bad marketing on the part of the authors. I bet if they had an NY Times Bestseller list back then there would be more verses in the bible requiring us to read it.

Otunba 'JesusFreak' Jb-M said...

@ Leggy...i agree with u...the useless boy needs prayers and deliverance

@ Azazel....Phew....the bible stated it several times that it is only the devil that tempts....that is his Job... no one needs to spell it out...that is what the devil does

@ EDJ...girls are very promiscuous.. I am still going to create a topic on that....u just wait for it....dont get worked up yet...its not yet time my dear...hahaha @ women Brigade...that reminds me of connection...lmao...hahahaha....omdz.....why do u women like threatening gentle men like wa oo

"reading the bible is overrated. Especially since there is really no place in the bible that asks you to read it. Which is bad marketing on the part of the authors."

You are very wrong....there re several places in the bible that asks us to study the word of God...i will list few of them

2 Tim 2:15
2 Tim 3:15-16
Mark 12:24
John 5:39
Romans 15:4
1 Thess 4:11
Deut 17:19
Deut 31:11
Is 34:16
1 Thess 5:27
1 Tim 4:13
Rev 1:3

I can give u up to 100 different places where Jesus asked if they dont read the scriptures....Stop saying what you dont know

@ Anonymous...i dont need a pastor to understand the bible

Azazel said...

Wow so because one of the characteristics of the devil is temptation does not mean that everything that tempts u is from the devil..
Bro this is a logical fallacy..
It said serpent not devil, if it wanted to say Devil it would have said it.

EDj lol @ maybe if it was on NY best sellers list lol

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LucidLilith said...

Thank goodness for my dark skin. I am able to hide my blushing. Seez Azazel...what an interpretation!

Enoch said...

kaiii,I dun die.

My ppl, I dey greet all of una oh. Compliments of the season.

I say make I take a short hiatus from my hiatus and see how things are going down yonder. It seems like I am missing too much!!!! I'll be back full time very soon.

@Mr. Otunba. No b only u dey grad sch o. I'll be out of its shackles in a couple of days.

I like this your post well well. It's very funny on multiple levels. "John Thomas in pum pum" just threw me on the floor like I was the possessed in a deliverance session.

The 'forbidden fruit sex' theory never gets old. The length pastors will go to emphasize 'the sex is bad' theme na real wa. Next we will hear that the "tower of Babel " story is about man overcompensating for a small penis by building a huge phallic structure, or even better, man's failed attempt to give God an exaggerated version of the finger.

The one that kills me every time is the insane rush, by even freshly minted Christians, to take liberties in telling us what the omnipotent God meant to say in his own book. Thereby, in one fell swoop, proving God's fallibility with blind ignorance of the irony. very Funny.

Anyways, there is no need to argue about this issue. I know the truth. The forbidden fruit story is not about sex. It is about a fruit. How do I know this? God told me so. Just like she spoke to Moses but without the cheap fireworks. She stressed that it is not an onyibo fruit like apple though. She said it's the fruit we call 'oji' aka Kolanut. Case closed.

Otunba please tell us more about promiscuous women. Methinks that post will be a window in2ur soul. :)

@Azazel. Will be back very soon. My head is burgeoning with ideas.

@EDJ. Accusing a Christian of misogyny is like accusing a child of having parents. The bible demands that Christians be misogynistic. It's doubly alarming when the accuser is a christian. Triply so, when she's female.

@Leggy. You are right. God told me the story is about the powers of Kolanut.

@Anonymous1. Studying the bible is an abject waste of brain time or , at least, no more beneficial than studying a poor work of fiction with incoherent plot lines.

@Anonymous2. Send me the details at

Azazel said...

Yayyyy Enoch..
Phew bro ur back @ least.. Chai so good lol.
Lmao @ Freshly minted christians..
Hahahaahahhahha I done die today.. Like I am seriously dead from laughter..
Lol @ it's doubly alarming when the christian is the accuser.. Life forreal bro..
Mehn Enoch don't worry bro, abeg u can blog anytime ur ready.. No need 2 wait till saturday.. Do ur thing.

Lady X said...

LMAO Chei Mr. Enoch you are truly truly funny.

Nita said...

Lol! Eve was playing around in the garden..kai! Your cousin don corrupt but either way sha I think he's got a good point, it may or may not be some kinda codex..though ehem I don't want any Jehovah witness stalking me for erm I don gooo :)

Azazel said...

Lol Nita..
Jehovah Witness dey stalk u? I bind and cast all of them in the name of Christ

Anonymous said...

hmmmn good argument. I see you generated a bit of controversy on this post. and its time to make a new post! go on.

Fabulo-la said...

A bible believer? One of the authors of this blog?
Wonders shall never cease...

Dith said...

LMAO! That's d funniest thing Ive heard all day. I guess pple interpret things differently.

Azazel said...

@ Fetish

@ Fabuola
We aim to hear all points of view on this blog..
Lmao @ a bible believer on this blog

@ Dith
People sure interpret things diferntly

The Messiah said...

Hahahahaha.....Unfortunately, it couldn't be sex and if it was it would be just another contradiction in the Bible. The first commandment God gave mankind was to multiply and fill the earths Gen 1:28. So if sex was the forbidden fruit, how would Adam and Eve fulfill that first commandment? Just a thot