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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Omo yall know that I am easily annoyed lmao. And I will admit, i swear if not for chari and buttercup I would not be able to be following the good blogs I follow today. Like chari helped me follow most of the blogs I follow now, so since Chari retire I have had to follow blogs by myself. See me see wahala, yesterday I clicked on somebody's profile so I can see their blog so I can follow it. Only for me to see that the person has 5 blogs, I come dey vex. I can understand people having 2 blogs or even 3 blogs. But 5 blogs is pushing it. What exactly are u writing that you need 5 blogs in other to pen your thought process. Na wa o.  Anywayz I decided to follow only one, what else could I do? *sigh*.
Anywayz to a more important Marra.
Was watching a Rerun  of Oprah yesterday and there was this woman who won a million dollar lottery and they asked her what she did with the money, she said she spent some and then gave  a significant amount to her church. Omo I almost choked, it would be a very cold day in hell if I ever won the lottery and then decided to give the money to a church. Not that what she did was bad o, but for me myself I would not do it.

Omo I can't lie anymore I miss Enoch o, was so bored yday that I went to start reading some of his previous posts. That guy makes/made a lot of sense. Especially his first post about how "religions" are created. It still wows me.  I then began to think, all of us know that there is nobody like SANTA CLAUS but every year we talk about him like he really exists. Our kids think that he exists, a lot of money is spent every christmas time because of the myth surrounding Santa Claus.  And if you really think about it, we lie to our kids everytime we tell them that Santa Claus is coming. What happens the day that a kid claims to have seen Santa Claus forreal? Will we believe such a child? It just got me thinking and I had to go read Enoch's post on how religions are made. I swear small by small if we let this Santa Claus story simmer, one day Santa will become a deity that people avidly believe in. If yall have time, check out Enoch's post on Religion.When one person suffers from delusion, it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion, it is called religion.

So guys mehn, I did not know that the word "akata" meant "Wild animal" in Yoruba.... I always thought it meant African Americans. My friend told me it meant Wild Animal.. I was so pissed when I found out that was what it meant. I would get annoyed if an oyinbo person called me a "nigger" but all the while I was calling Black Americans "Wild Animals"... Please for those of you who use that "akata" word, abeg stop using it. It's not right and it's not even funny.
Anywayz to a more funny matter, why does it seem like every church in Naija has offering for building fund? No matter how big their current church building is, the church will still have building fund? After awhile man pikin will start to wonder what manner of "building"  this people are trying to build? Tower of Babel? Or abi na Noah's ark? Lmfao. But forreal though, you guys should check to see if what am saying is true.. They always have building fund in all them churches lolmao.

Lastly, l was watching tv on and I watched all the live show of AY's live show. Damn, that ish had me rolling on the floor laughing my ass off.


Gee said...

Lol @ the building fund--see ur life, it may not necessarily mean for that biulding o--most of the times is to build a new branch oooooooo!

Nd about that akata meaning wild animals--im not buying it!
becuz alot of things mean different things in diff languages---so u have to know the origin of that word to know what it truly means that taking only yoruba and analysing that word.


Azazel said...

Mehn Gee u best believe it o..
I asked all my yoruba friends and they said that that is what it means..
Honestly though, if u don't believe me.. Ask ur yoruba friends.

leggy said...

my parents never told me anything about santa claus. they let me know that they were the ones buying the christmas gifts.
and i never use the word akata, it just sounds so razz, i didnt know it meant wild animals, i dont think it does sha...cos when i first heard it the peole who i asked said it meant african american so im just going to take it at face value.

Azazel said...

Yeah I thought it meant african american as well..
But it's literal meaning is Wild Animals..
I know ppl might say,oh they don't intend to call african americans wild animals..
But it really is the principle of the whole thing..
The history of the word is real bad, same way we wouldn't appreciate oyinbo ppl calling us nigger even in jest, is the same way we shoud respect AA's

TayneMent said...

Ofcourse you won't give it to a church because you don't go to church!

I personally never use the word akata because regardless of what it means, when most nigerians use it, there is a whiff of disdain attached to it and I have just always seen it as derogatory so I don't use it.

Azazel said...

Lol yep there has definitely always been a whiff of disdain to it..
And am really ashamed of myself,I have done the same thing time and time again. Wat a hypocrite lol

Bubbles said...

the hell?!
Santa Claus!
the day I believe in santa clause, i will have a million orgies!

as for the word 'akata'
i have never used it before
I always thought it was a razz word!
now if White people start calling us 'monkeys' and 'poor folks' we will now start vexxing

Azazel said...

Lol bubbles am telling u mehn, that is how it will start..
Durin Jesu time most ppl did not believe in his 'divinity"..
That is how small by small, after christianity was made the official religion, that ppl now started acceptin the divinity story as true

Otunba 'JesusFreak' Jb-M said...

Hmmmm....sorry to bust ur bubbles....Akata does not mean wild Aninal in Yoruba....That ur yoruba friend that told u that does not really understand Yoruba or s/he just gave it his/her own meaning

about church church aint taking church fund since we built our 10 thousand seater church.....

Azazel said...

Lol 10 thousand is small compared to canaanland..
What does Akata then mean Otunba?

honey91 said...

akata doesnt even sound like a nice name to call nyone!

Azazel said...

@ honey 91
Like forreal, the whole connotation of the whole word sounds wrong.

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said... are crazy!!!
lol, i'm sure you know that already
anyway, i didn't know akata
meant wild animal...i just thought
it was a nickname, just like oyinbo

Azazel said...

Lol David I thought the same thing to mehn..
Lol trust me i know I crazy

Omosi T said...

The word Akata does not mean wild animal, I hadn't heard about it before I went to the US and when I heard it, some kids said it meant bush animal in Igbo and some said it meant the same in Yoruba. I called my mother that speaks both back and front and she said you cannot call someone bush animal in either language and have it be one word. When I visited over the years, I asked Yorubas that had never been to the states and they had never heard of the word.

Point is that it really doesn't mean 'wild animal', it's a friggin made up word that people later attributed to the Yoruba language or Igbo language depending on who you talk to.

I don't say akata any more, not because I believe it's a derogatory word but because few people in Naija actually know the meaning of akata. All of them na oyinbo.

Azazel said...

Hmm ok Omosi..
But u need to do more research lol, i love ur momsy and all but she's not the "encyclopedia" for the yoruba language..
Why would 8 different yoruba people tell me that is what it means?

Omosi T said...

Did you miss the part where I said, I have been asking other Yoruba people (that have not been to Yankee) not only Lagosians about the word 'akata'?

Azazel said...

Lol hmm ok o. So wat doeS the word mean?

LucidLilith said...

according to urban dictionary, (yes a questionable source) it means 'not living in the motherland' or something like is attributed to any black person in american not born in Africa. Somehow it has kinda become derogatory especially when someone says, 'look at that akata girl sef.'

btw - isnt it similar to oyinbo?

Azazel said...

Lol lily
Urban Dictionary u should google my real name on there and u'll see what comes up..
So trust me, definitely a highly questionable source

N.I.M.M.O said...

Aza: The rapidity of your updates can make one dizzy.

'Akata' is a Yoruba word for the FOX and I first heard it used in relation to AAs when an Uncle of mine came to the US in 1981 - (ancient history, I know).

And you're right, the connotation is rather derogatory thus I won't go into it here. Suffice to say that:

Kii s'eru akata; b'akata pa ediye ko tun pa el'ediye ...

.. for those who can decode it.

Azazel said...

@ Nimmo.
Sorry o, but if u check the updates u would notice that my fellow contributor Otunba was the last person to contribute lol. My last contribution was on ehn last friday or saturday I believe..

Lol i no sabi decode wetin u yarn my broda

Myne Whitman said...

I don't think Akata means wild animals, people I asked said it meant people that like eating chicken or something like that. However I don't use it and would refer to them as AA when necessary. Not because I think it's derogatory or because they don't like it (the few I've met don't even know what it means) but cos I'm not used to it. AA is shorter and simpler.

Azazel said...

Myneeeeeeeee lol sall good..

Otunba 'JesusFreak' Jb-M said...

Well...10 thousand is big enough for my church

Enoch said...

Since I'm a razz guy, I'm very comfy with razz terms like Akata. I'm indifferent to the possibility that it's a racial slur except, of course, if it's a widely held belief.

U c Methinks intent is everything. And the 1st amendment is important. That's why I would take a Caucasian calling me the N word to my face over another playing smiley with the N word in his heart.

Being insulted doesn't drive me nuts in itself.

But that's me and I know we would all agree my threshold for being offended is miles above the blogsville average :)

@azazel Just got2put some things in order b4 moving bck in2blogsville.

juiceegal said...

Din't know Akata meant wild animal o..really?? i'm going to look into it.
As for churches and building funds...its no hidden fact that nowadays church business is now money making business in Nigeria

StandTall-The Activist said...

Gave the rest to church? Can't she invest and pay tithe?

Midun said...

Enoch's post is deeeep! Wow!
Akata means wild animal, really?? So why is it used to refer to African-American's?
Azazel i want to attempt to understand u, is it that u dont believe in anything or you're trying to challenge religion or both?

Anonymous said...

'Akata' sounds razz, derogatory and discriminatory. Why not call somebody by his or her name instead of 'akata'? It is an expression I have never used and the people I mingle with don't use such either.

Azazel said...

Lol enoch i definitely feel u on that..I do not have a massive ego so I do not get angry over words or slurs used against me. They are all words. Don't worry bro,we shall be waiting.

@ Juicegal
Forreal hun, na money makin business

@ Activist
Lmao exactly o... exactly

Azazel said...

@ Midun
I have beliefs but I do not think tht I am the kind of person who is capable of being "convicted" in my beliefs..
The only strong conviction I have deals with "Questioning" I question everything and any belief..
I will do a post on my beliefs later.

@ Beauty..
That is defintely how it should be...

Nita said...

I think she gave the money to the church to silence the pastor about the hmmm hmm they had in the confessions box, he threatened to blackmail her..He told me lol!
True the church is always having a bloody fund to always build branches (so they say).. Damn! Didnt know what akata I do...

Azazel said...

lol Nita..
am tellin u mehn, some of those priests can so easily blacmail.Nobe small.

The Messiah said...

haha...if I believed in God I woulda told Him to bless you Azazel. You don't know how many Nigerians I've argue over this. Chai black ppl don suffer, first it's white ppl calling them niggers, now it's their own ppl calling them akata? wetin be dis?

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