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Thursday, September 29, 2011

If God is Your Father Why Did He Make Hell??

*Dusts cobwebs*

*Sweeps dust*

Opens front door: People of blogsville, We have come back from the dead. For now. If you ask us why we havent updated since June, I will tell you that we went to search for 'Truth' in the land of the dead. That may or may not be true. Hell, its Not. We've been busy #NuffSaid

Anyway, Azazel/Eche/Philosopher-Promoter alias @echecrates decided to bring up a question about God on twitter. This was nothing new, just Eche being his regular theophobic self. But at the same time Accounting was knacking me without my permission so I deferred our argument for later. But the main thrust of his issue was "what exactly does God gain when we praise him?" and I replied that being essentially the father of creation, just like our earthly fathers, he likes it when his creation acknowledge him. But then Eche refuted that analogy on the grounds that it makes no sense for a father to prepare hell for their offspring and so as far as paternity goes, God does not qualify noni. So Eche, lemme tell you why it makes perfect sense for God to make us, love us, and still sit idly by sipping on Angel Gin as we march of to hell. First the argument for why hell EVEN exists:

First, examine the Universe. God made it with Immutable laws. One of those laws is duality,something that manifests itself in the ying yang and both Einstein's and Newtons physical theory. Nothing happens, or exists without a negative or inverse of it. Its a law, laid down and impossible to break. Any force has an opposite, any action has a reaction, there is material and immaterial, physical and metaphysical, what goes around comes back, karma, all that stuff. We observe it and believe it everyday. So think, why would it get to the case of heaven, why would that law suddenly be negated?? If God made a heaven that is the epitome of pleasure, light, order, justice, and harmony, there has to exist also a place that is filled with darkness, chaos, suffering, disharmony, and pain. Its what our observation has told us, its not a personal matter, its not an arbitrary construct, its what it is. Hell has to exist to balance out heaven or both of them don't exist altogether.

So now, how is it decided who goes where? Who goes to heaven and who doesnt? The same universal laws still hold the answer. (Notice am using logical inference instead of quoting Bible verses)If heaven and hell are different poles of existence, they attract and keep different kinds of beings. The beings whose orientation is predisposed to heaven will naturally find their home there. Their very nature, like electrical charges, draws them to one end and they exist harmoniously with it. On the other hand, people who have the opposite disposition, like the opposite electric charges, gravitate towards the opposite end. It may not be where they WANT to go, but that is their place and thats where they will. God has made it so, its like trying to push together repelling ends of a magnet, it will not stick. We recognize this law everywhere we go, from mundane issues like a son being forced to take engineering when he is an artist at heart, or a lion being raised to act and think like a pet dog. It never lasts.

This is one place I will quote scripture: When Jesus said "Unless a man is born of the water and Spirit of God, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God." (with nicodemus) He was not saying that God judges ur actions, its your spirit, your inner nature, that part of us that was a part of God that enables us enter heaven.

When God created all beings with free will what he essentially gave us was akin to creating a neutral charge but saying, you reserve the right to gain or lose an electron to make yourself either positive or negative (idk if the physics is right but u get the point), but know that which one you chose determines whether u live, or die. Now when God said this(referring to the tree of knowing good and evil) , death was inexistent in the universe. But he told Adam you will die, spiritually and eventually physically. The reason is because God knows what he made and as soon as he created life, at the other end of the spectrum, death came into existence. As soon as he made all things and called them Good, evil existed. As soon as he made perfection, imperfection came into being. So dont ask me if God is good, why did he make evil, it comes with the package. Anything that disrupts the Good and perfect moves towards the other end. So when Lucifer rebelled, he fell from the standard of good and tilted the other way. And when Adam sinned, he disrupted the good and tilted the other way. Based on the laws of the universe, once u are not of one, you are of the other. So hell became the natural destination of all men born under Adam, because the change was spiritual, the death was spiritual. No matter how much God loved us, he could do NOTHING about where we are going unless he could do something about who we are.

And he did.

See, it makes sense for Christ to die. Because if he didn't his human life would not have come to a logical end. He would not have been the ONE human being who died perfect. If Adam had had a son before he sinned, Christ would have been unnecessary because the spiritual descendants of ADAM'S son would have an intact perfect nature. But he didnt. So there was need for ONE human soul to die perfect so that spiritually all men would have a source of a new spirit. And that new spirit, not ANY action you take, is what takes you to heaven. (If you do not become born of the spirit of God, you cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven) Everyother person who sticks with the old human nature, naturally stays going to hell no matter how much God loves them. Thats why I laugh at Christians who say what you DO or DONT do takes you to heaven cos they misunderstand. And when people say if God is good, why did he allow evil. He didnt. We all did. Its free will baby, its either a big responsibility, or a big bitch. But don't tell me nothing about how God loves us so he cant make hell. He already tried to keep us out of it. Its time we grew up and accept the fact that he made heaven and hell, and says essentially, Chose one.

(Don't consider this a sermon, cos believe me I do not intend to influence ur views. Believe what you will, but know what you believe.)

El Divine is out. Lemme hear what you think.