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Monday, June 27, 2011


Before I go on with my theory I want to lay down some ground rules..
1. If while reading this, you find yourself seeking to justify 'evil', pause and ask yourself why it is so important to you to justify evil than believe that men like you and I committed evil acts under the guise of 'God told us to do it'.


Lately I have been refining my spiritual belief systems, I used to flat out reject both God and the bible. I never for once considered that both the bible and God could be mutually exclusive. The reason for this is because like most of us who suffer from 'intellectual cowardice/mental lying', we are unable to distinguish between the two because that is what we have been raised up to believe and accept. When some of us think of God, we think of the bible, when we think of the bible we think of God. A critique of one is considered a critique of the other and vice versa. Well today, I intend to separate the two of them from each other and critically examine two of them separately. Sometimes, when debating religion with some people, I sometimes make a statement about the bible and my opponent says something like, the bible cannot be wrong because God does not lie or God is perfect or something in that nature. Well, the bible was not written by God sadly. Thomas Paine states that, "That God cannot lie is no advantage to your argument, because it is no proof that priests can not, or that the bible does not." So you see, I believe that God is not capable of lying, but that does not mean that the men who wrote the bible are not incapable of doing so.

I will first of all state my own belief system and then proceed from there.
I believe in One God, and no more. I also hope for happiness beyond this life.
I believe that my religious duties include loving my own neighbor as myself, doing justice, showing mercy, being kind etc.

The bible blasphemes against God, some of you say how? There are things in that book, said to be done by the express command of God, that are as shocking to humanity, and to every idea we have of moral justice, When we read in the books of the Old testament where the Israelites came by stealth upon whole nations of people, and how they killed all inhabitants of those nations; that they did not consider either age or infants; that they utterly destroyed men, women and children; that they left not a soul to breathe; these examples  are repeated over and over again in the bible, are we sure these things are facts? are we sure that the God sanctioned those evil acts? Are we sure that the books that tell us so were written by his authority? To believe such things to be true is to believe that God is not a God of moral justice, what type of God would sanction the killing of infants/children? What offence could they have possibly committed? 

In 1 Samuel 15. God supposedly tells Samuel to go tell Saul that he wants him to destroy all the Amalekites, God supposedly states, "Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy[a] all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys."

Now what manner of God would support the outright genocide of a people he himself created? And further more, what type of God would support the slaughter of children and infants? And everyday christians read these parts of the bible and gloss over it like it's nothing, never pausing to ask ourselves which seems more likely? That God would support such wickedness? or that men like you and I would attribute the wickedness of men as divine commandments from God? 

A lot of us take it for granted that the bible is true and we permit ourselves never to doubt it. I know I once thought like that myself, once you permit yourself to believe that the bible in all of its entirety is true, you will find it hard to critically assess it. When most of us think about God, we don't think about a God that would sanction the murder of children and infants but yet we permit ourselves to believe that the same benevolent God we believe in is the same one who sanctioned those same actions in 1 Samuel 15?  Na wa o.
Any book that would describe God sanctioning such evil is not a Word of God, it is the Word of a Demon.

There are a lot more of these examples in the bible, but for the sake of time and because it is not my intention to write a book I will ask that you all do your research, or ask me to provide more and I will.

Instances such as Judges 21 which is so bizarre yet included in the bible, make no sense to me. And this is a book that we are supposed to believe is the Word of God? Why is it that whenever we read these obscene stories in the bible that describe God as approving such evil as murder/rape why are we not led to condemn such a book as the word of a demon than as the word of God? What exactly leads us to believe that any God would approve of such evil?  The bible is a book that brings great dishonor to God's name, and the fact that 2 billion people take it as his 'word' is nothing short of amazing.

I believe "mental lying" leads us to believe such stories without giving them any thought. Thomas Paine states,   " It is impossible to calculate the moral mischief, if I may so express it, that mental lying has produced in society. When a man has so far corrupted and prostituted the chastity of his mind, as to subscribe his professional belief to things he does not believe, he has prepared himself for the commission of every other crime." 
And to think that all this while, I have been called a blasphemer for the things I professed religiously. HA, the irony here is tomuch for me to bear. And they say that the bible is a book "inspired" by God? Hahaha please what about that book is inspired by God? Most of the things in the book point to it being inspired by the devil himself. It truly is a shame and this doctrine is what 2 billion people in the world hold to be true?

Moving On...

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Thursday, June 23, 2011


So two individuals, man and woman meet, hook up, exchange numbers and all that. They start talking on the phone, every night, every day, texting and getting to know each other. Now mind you, these two individuals have pretty much experienced everything they can when it comes to "male-female" relationships, they know the tricks, they've heard the broken promises, they've been heart broken, cheated on, blah blah blah.

Now these two individuals are obviously wary people when it comes to love, so the topic of love is never discussed or brought up in their conversations. These two people gradually begin to really enjoy each other's companies, their "relationship" stretches into three months and all the while their "interest" in each other grows and grows. At what point then is it acceptable for the guy to drop the "love" bomb? Those three little words that'll change their relationship forever. At what point can he drop it without fear that the girl might take it the wrong way or not accept it? I'm speaking from the guys perspective because I am a guy, the woman will obviously have her own perspective but since she is not here to state hers, we shall ignore her perspective LOL.

My question again is this, when in a relationship between a guy and girl can the guy finally drop the words "I LOVE YOU" or "I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU". Is there a time limit? Should he wait 3 months before dropping those words? Even though he probably felt love for her after the first week? Should he wait a year? 6 months? Because the thing with babes who've been fucked up emotionally by other guys is that their cynicism/skepticism is off the charts, so when they finally come to you they are really skeptical about the words "I love you" unless of cause they are one of those babes who can't wait to hear those words then that one is a different marra.

I really need help or advice answering this question, and NO I am not in love, just inquiring just incase I ever get to this point.. (Lies bloggers typeeee) lmao.

Moving On...

So I've been thinking, maybe there are different types of love. Maybe there is the love that empowers you and the love that weakens the fuck out of you emotionally/mentally. I mean how else do you explain how a babe who's been played and out played by her boyfriend keeps going back to him even though she knows of his transgressions? And she can't for the life of her come up with an answer as to why she keeps on going back.
Most of us have friends like that, who exhibit that type of emotional weakness when it comes to somebody they really "feel". What advice do you give to such friends? Because it seems like no matter what you say, they keep FALLING, FALLING, FALLING as Alicia Keys says.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The probem with Islam is.....

What would you think if your professor, or your employer said to you: "Please be completely honest with me, but don't you dare disagree!" ?

Many Islamic scholars vow that Islam is a religion of logic, wisdom, moderation and peace. They vow that Islam invites people towards insight and knowledge and uplifts the position of women in society. This is far from the truth. Islam cannot stand what is logical and it does not invite people towards insight, but entraps humans.

Islam is about forcing women to wear the "hejab" the symbol of subjugation. Women are second class citizens in the Muslim world. The prophet Muhammad takes his 9 year old wife to bed. What kind of man, not to mention a prophet of God, would commit such horrible act of pedophilia? The Quran says women are to be beaten by their husbands, yet Muslim women apparently are fine with this violence, or they could not wait to divorce Islam and run away. Quran says four wives are allowed but Muhammad had at least 20 or even more. They say, in paradise, women are chained in different areas for men's pleasure.

Islam definitely is not compatible with logic and democracy. As a matter of fact, Islam is against liberty and freedom and peace.

On the slightest provocation - a journalist making a comment about Muhammad during the Miss Universe pageant – angry Muslims erupt into a campaign of arson, brutality and murder. Meanwhile, Western governments, journalism organizations and themselves continue to refer to Islam as a "religion of peace," virtually all terrorist acts worldwide – over 5,000 instances since 9-11 – have been committed by Muslims, against Jews, against Christians, against other non-Muslims, even against other types of Muslims. And then you tell me that a religion that considers changing your mind about what you believe in as reason to \kill you is a peaceful religion?

I almost didn't write this article because I was so scared that someone would find me and kill me as radicals are known to do and I'm supposed to believe that this is a peaceful religion? 
There's a saying among Islamic apologists that "Islam means peace." As nice as that sounds, "Islam" does not mean "peace." It means "submission." Submission to Allah, and all his laws.
I mean really, yes they are Muslims who are amazing, peaceful people with beautiful hearts and who just want to worship their God and I respect these people with all my heart and I say, preach to your Muslim brothers and sisters, show them abuse and murder is not the way of peace.

There was a time when if anyone ever said something sideways about my mother, I would fight and what not and one day my mum said "I love that you want to defend my honor but when people talk about me it does not reduce or increase my honor, fighting because of your pride is what reduces my honor." I f my mum, a mere mortal can be that reasonable, why do you believe your God isnt? Why do you believe you have to constantly prove and defend yourselves with acts of violence? And why is evolution such a bad thing for you? Sure don't let your women wear short skirts and bustiers but give them some sort of  respect.Give people the right to change their mind about your religion, give people the right to not be Muslims. You come into America, a christian country for the most part and you can wear your hejabs and whatever else you please but when we come into your country we have to wear what you want us to wear? Where is the freedom you talk about?

I have no problems with Muslims practicing their faith and I feel no great need to ban their religion.
But I do have problems with the expression of aspects of their faith as it infringes on others.
  • The requirement of two male Muslim witnesses to obtain a conviction of rape because a woman's word is not enough.
  • A Muslim man's word is given twice legal standing than a Muslim woman's -- and non-Muslims may be excluded entirely.
  • The complete and utter subjugation of women.
  • The death penalty for homosexuals.
  • The penalties -- up to and including death -- for things like apostasy and heresy and "insulting Islam."
"The fundamental problem with Islam -- in its purest form, it simply will not tolerate any challenges to its authority. It must be held above all other considerations, systems, authorities, governing bodies, institutions, or belief systems.To deny that supremacy is to insult Islam -- and that is a capital offense under Islam.
I consider myself an absolutist -- whatever one wishes to practice, fine, as long as it doesn't intrude on the rights of others. I believe that the First Amendment, which explicitly guarantees the freedom OF religion, also implies a freedom FROM religion."

a) Qur’an verse 9:29.
“Those who do not believe in Allah and the Last Day – even though they were given the scriptures, and who do not hold as unlawful that which Allah and His Messenger have declared to be unlawful, and who do not follow the true religion (Deen Al-Haque) – fight against them until they pay tribute (Al-Jizyah, protection tax or exemption tax) out of their hands and are utterly subdued.”  

b) Qur’an 2:256 There is no coercion or compulsion in the Deen (religion, way of life). The right way now stands clearly distinguished from the wrong. Hence he who rejects the evil ones (Taghut, non-god power acting as god) and believes in Allah has indeed taken hold of the firm, unbreakable handle, and Allah (Whom he has held for support) is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.

To argue that any religion is better than the other is just overreaching. Both religions subjugate women, both religions have had their rules almost disfigured by Teachers and students alike, and both religions have contradictions in their religious books but that is expected as it was written by humans and humans make mistakes.

I've been writing here long enough for people to know that I'm not Ra-Ra-Christianity. This article isnt a slam Islam and promote christianity, it's simply how I feel and I was just about to scrap this when I saw this video:

Vanity xx

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Yo wat up blogsville? Long time no speak yo! Don’t worry, daddy’s back and he has something important to say to you. Yes daddy is about to have “the talk” with you, so sit down, relax and read because shit’s about to get real. Before we get into preventive measures and contraceptives, we gonna talk about abortion first. Of course this is assbackwards as fuck, but that’s just how daddy rolls so listen up kids.

I’m pro-life. And because of my stance on abortion, most of my liberal colleagues heavily criticize and argue against my philosophy, but most of their logic is flawed. One of my friends that I always meet at Starbucks once asked “Well I know you’re irreligious, so what moral ground do you have for being pro-life?” The question kinda made me smile. I guess we all need a religious authority/institution to give us a moral compass on life; we can’t just use common sense and logic to work that out for us. Anyways, where are some of the arguments I hear quite often from the pro-choosers.

• It’s not a human, yet: The argument is that after conception the baby becomes “human” and is now entitled to universal humanitarian rights but a fetus inside the womb of its mother isn’t simply because it hasn’t “developed.” So in other words, outside the womb = human, inside the womb = sub-human (simply because it has passed a certain “stage” in life), and somehow this is supposed to make sense. In order to show the absurdity of the argument, let’s apply the same logic to a different example: Killing a 24 year old should be considered as murder, whereas, killing a 24 week old shouldn’t, because the 24 year old has a personality, independent , has a state ID, and college degree and the 24 week old doesn’t even have pubes nor can he/she walk on his/her own so therefore, killing the baby shouldn’t be seen as murder for the baby isn’t much of a human anyway. You see how that sounds, well that’s how it sounds like when pro-choosers say shit like “the fetus isn’t fully developed yet to be considered a human.” For fuck sake, life is evolutionary, it goes through stages of development, reaches a prime, and from there goes through stages of decay. This is how the human evolutionary life chart looks like

Fetus- Baby- Toddler- Kid- Teen - Young Adult- Adult- Mid-Lifer- Senior

Every stage has its big moment before progress; Fetus become babies after they’re conceived, babies become toddlers after they gain limb strength and can walk, toddlers become kids after they pass the potty-training, kids become teens after puberty, teens become young adults after adolescence, young adults become adults after independence, adults become mid-lifers after a mid-life crisis (menopause etc.), mid-lifers become seniors when they go back to the stage of dependency. The abrupt end of the evolutionary process of life is death, and if the end is caused by another human being, it’s murder. Whether it’s stopping the kid from reaching the teenage, or a fetus from reaching the baby stage, it is all murder, plain and simple.

• If you’re pro-life, then you must be against capital punishment: Both are mutually exclusive. Are you really comparing killing innocent babies to killing guilty criminals? One deserves it and the other doesn’t. If you still can’t comprehend that then I can’t argue any further with you.

• A woman should be able to do what she wants with her body: True, but not so much when another life is at stake. Again, one only needs to apply the same logic to a different scenario to see how much sense it makes. If a woman is holding a baby and gently it with her arms and suddenly she decides to fling her arms upward, propelling the baby to be airborne and without an effort to catch the baby, allows the baby to fall on the hard concrete, shattering it’s fragile skull and causing it to die in mere seconds. Can this woman’s excuse for that heinous act be “a woman should be able to do what she wants with her body?” Think about that every time you hear that argument.

• Rape and Incest pregnancy: To be honest, this is a pretty tough one. When dealing with rape, instead of killing the baby, kill the rapist. Make rapist die the most horrid deaths imaginable, like crucifying them upside-down while unleashing a dozen ruthless, South-American bullet-ants on their scrotum. The baby is just as much of a victim as the raped woman; they both didn’t ask for what happened to them. Don’t make the baby more of a victim by killing it. If the baby is that much of a reminder of the wrong that was done to you, then send it to an adoption center. At least give the poor thing life, who knows, that rape baby may be future president of your country.

• If conceiving the baby can kill mother: This is where I’m 100% pro-choice. We are instinctual creatures, and we want to survive, so if another is trying to kill you, you have the right to self-defense at the cost the attempting murderer.

Most of all, I’m against abortion because it’s an irresponsible way of reacting to irresponsible sex. I mean we’ve all heard the phrase “Drink responsibly,” how bout “Fuck responsibly?” kids don’t hear that enough. It’s funny how parents don’t talk much about sex with their children, when that’s exactly how they got their children. Their kids ask them, “Where/how are babies made?” and instead of their parents to be responsible intellectuals, they tell their kids some bullshit fairy tale stories and then get disappointed when that kid at age 15 tells them she’s pregnant. And the sex ed in school is a fucking joke; all they do is put a condom on a cucumber and then tell you abstinence is the key. How enlightening! And this is where I come, to educate you poor young minds and prevent the dangers of irresponsible sex while giving you the best sex tips. So let’s begin Sex Ed 101 with Messiah.

First of all, sex is like driving; the one thing they’ll tell you in driving school is that driving is a privilege not a right, same rule applies for sex. But you are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of pussy. Sex, just like driving, is a skill which can be improved. Just like driving, sex is mainly about controlling the vehicle until reaching destination (cloud 9), however, unlike driving, sex is very physical (think of it as a sport) and requires a lot of muscular endurance/strength in the glutes, abs, lower back, and PC muscles (this is for both male and female btw). So when you’re at the gym, don’t be like those guys who work on their biceps and chest all day and forget the muscles that really count. Also just like driving, sex is a dangerous act that risks life-altering events. This is where protection and safe fucking come to play. In today’s world, there are so many ways to ensure safe fucking; birth patches, birth control pills, condoms, diaphragms, and if want extremes, there are vasectomies, penectomies, hysterectomies etc. You’re young, the point of sex is fun not to have kids, and using these methods of contraceptives will ensure just that. However, my favorite of all of them is a condom. Condoms do something other contraceptives don’t; kill two birds with one stone. Condoms not only prevent unwanted pregnancies, they prevent you from catching STDs as well. Of course, you might have heard some idiot rant about how condoms aren’t effective or that his shit busted and blah blah blah. When shit like that happens, there are three explanations; 1, he didn’t put in on correctly (this is why Sex Ed classes fail, cucumber and penises don’t have the same surface texture), 2, he bought a condom from 99cents store called Fantasy, and 3, all the above. If you wanna buy a condom, make sure you see a Trojan label on it or else go to a different store and buy it. Trojan condoms are lifesavers wrapped around your penis. I know this by personal experience, and because I know a couple who’ve been going out for 5 years and fuck like rabbits. He (the boyfriend) tells me he never fucks her unless he puts on his Mag (sounds almost like “swag” doesn’t it?) and till today they’ve been practicing fun, safe sex. Another thing to note is that, having a condom is mandatory for both sexes, don’t be that bitch who thinks it’s the man’s responsibility to have a condom, lemme tell you this kids, that’s how you get AIDS. Check this story out:

Chidinma, a beautiful Nigerian babe was at a club chillin’ at the bar trying to get a drink, when a handsome Hispanic man about 246 pounds, 6’ 2” dark masculine eyes, approaches with a warm and charming smile and asks “Can I buy you a drink?” Chidinma replied with a welcoming smile, “Sure.” “My name is Marco” he said “ what’s yours?” She told him, and then he said “Oh, you must be Nigerian, Ibo?” She replied enthusiastically surprised “Yes!” “Kedu” he said, “Odinma” she replied, almost smiling from ear-to-ear. And just like that a convo struck up, and Nigeria/Naija culture seemed to be the main topic. Then as the ice was completely broken, humor began to show up. They began interacting culturally and forming a new dialect/language called “Espanigbo” where phrases like “Nne, como estas?” were greetings. They danced, they laughed, they talked and one convo led to another and the topic of palmwine came up. Marco said “I’d love to go to your country and drink some of the palmwine, but since you’re in my territory why not taste my own version of palmwine?” He turned to the bartender and said “Two Jose Cuervos.” Little did Chidinma know she was falling right into his Mexican trap, although they ordered the same amount she ended up drinking more than twice of what Marco consumed and was getting a lil’ drunk. It was then Marco went for the kill “You’re too drunk to drive home, why don’t I drop you off?” at this point she didn’t care, she was head-over-heels for this Mexican guy, so off they went. Marco, being a seasoned veteran in the game, had everything planned out on how to get into a female’s panties, even how the ride home should be. Marco is the type of guy who listens to sombrero amigo type of music, but tonight he has Rihanna playing in high volume and a drunk chic singing to the lyrics. He picked the music in perfect order: What’s My Name, Rude boy, So Hard. So first it was “Oh na na what’s my name?” then “come here rude boy boy can you get it up?” then “I’m so hard!” This guy was sending more subliminal messages than the Illuminati and Disney Movies combined. The subliminal messages worked, cuz now they’re home and she’s horny. To the bedroom they go, and moments later Marco is hitting it from the back as she screams “Querido papi, harder. Mi culo es su culo!” Holy shit, since when did she start speaking Spanish? Since she started drinking Jose Cuervos, it’s been proving by science by a research lab of randomshitology that the more Jose Cuervos you drink the better your Spanish. Anyways, long story short, they fucked the night away, Marco was gone the next morning and Chidinma started feeling pain when urinating. She saw a doctor and found out she has both gonorrhea and full blown AIDS. Chidinma always thought it was the man’s responsibility to have a condom and not hers.
Well kids, the moral of the story is: Fuck responsibly. Sorry for the extra long post, but a long departure deserves a long return. Enlighten friends, kids, your kids about this post so together we can have an abortion-free world where people fuck responsibly. I’m Messiah and thanks for reading. Goodnight

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Still looking for a Role Model?

So People who know me and and know something about football(soccer) know that my favorite player of all time is the Great Ryan Giggs. So I have been getting calls and twitter comments asking about how I feel about the recent news reports of him not being the model citizen everyone thought he was. Apparently the dude was not only cheating on his wife but he was also messing with his younger brother's wife for over 8 years. The guy was cheating on the person he was cheating with #BADGUY!!! People can get over the infidelity but the extra cheating with the brother's wife just made people turn the once role model into the scum of the earth.

My response to it, so??? I long since stopped looking up to people I have not ever met as role models. Just because they are famous or sucessful does not mean they are anything but human. If we look at ourselves we fail daily so why do we expect these stars to be superhuman. Have no faith in man because man will fail you. So if you are looking up to athletes or musicians or actors to show you how to live your life then be sure to be disappointed, again and again and again. Everyone has skeletons, the difference is how good we hide them. All have fallen and come short of the glory of God, not just normal people or poor people but ALL.

As a through and through Manchester United and Ryan Giggs fan: I say well if that was what he needed to do to be schooling guys half his age on the field, then go on Ryan do what you do. So my response to all those calls and tweets, is I did not become a fanatic for Ryan Giggs the individual, but for Ryan Giggs the football player. I can care less if he is married, I dont even care if he exists outside of those 90 minutes I am cheering him on. Even Ryan Giggs can not stop me from liking Ryan Giggs. He can go on a mass killing spree but nothing can take away that moment in the 99 FA cup semifinal replay, when Patrick Viera decided to pass the ball to him and he raped the Arsenal midfield and defense and scored that wonderful game winning goal and removed his shirt and showed his hairy chest while running around the field lol. That moment will always be burned in my mind.

No matter what he will retire a LEGEND, no matter what he will be labeled as one of the best club players EVER!!! The world is lucky that England had the stupid "Grandparent rule" (now changed) that barred him from playing for England. If not, 98 or 02 world cup might have been lifted by English hands.

Moral of the story: Do not put your faith in famous people because like you, they are human.