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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Still looking for a Role Model?

So People who know me and and know something about football(soccer) know that my favorite player of all time is the Great Ryan Giggs. So I have been getting calls and twitter comments asking about how I feel about the recent news reports of him not being the model citizen everyone thought he was. Apparently the dude was not only cheating on his wife but he was also messing with his younger brother's wife for over 8 years. The guy was cheating on the person he was cheating with #BADGUY!!! People can get over the infidelity but the extra cheating with the brother's wife just made people turn the once role model into the scum of the earth.

My response to it, so??? I long since stopped looking up to people I have not ever met as role models. Just because they are famous or sucessful does not mean they are anything but human. If we look at ourselves we fail daily so why do we expect these stars to be superhuman. Have no faith in man because man will fail you. So if you are looking up to athletes or musicians or actors to show you how to live your life then be sure to be disappointed, again and again and again. Everyone has skeletons, the difference is how good we hide them. All have fallen and come short of the glory of God, not just normal people or poor people but ALL.

As a through and through Manchester United and Ryan Giggs fan: I say well if that was what he needed to do to be schooling guys half his age on the field, then go on Ryan do what you do. So my response to all those calls and tweets, is I did not become a fanatic for Ryan Giggs the individual, but for Ryan Giggs the football player. I can care less if he is married, I dont even care if he exists outside of those 90 minutes I am cheering him on. Even Ryan Giggs can not stop me from liking Ryan Giggs. He can go on a mass killing spree but nothing can take away that moment in the 99 FA cup semifinal replay, when Patrick Viera decided to pass the ball to him and he raped the Arsenal midfield and defense and scored that wonderful game winning goal and removed his shirt and showed his hairy chest while running around the field lol. That moment will always be burned in my mind.

No matter what he will retire a LEGEND, no matter what he will be labeled as one of the best club players EVER!!! The world is lucky that England had the stupid "Grandparent rule" (now changed) that barred him from playing for England. If not, 98 or 02 world cup might have been lifted by English hands.

Moral of the story: Do not put your faith in famous people because like you, they are human.


leggy said...

exactly.i totally agree. people tend to put stars in some really ridiculous pedestal. they are human. men cheat all the time but when stars do it people are so outraged even women whose husbands and boyfriends are cheating on them in real life will be calling for the wife to leave them.
i just think we place too much on stars, they are still human.

Realist said...

exactly! i just think ots our hypocritical nature taking over. We like to feel better than other people and anytime we can feel better than a "star" we grab the opportunity with both hands

Myne Whitman said...

We're on the same side on this. They're all human and make the same mistakes as us. The rest of us are just lucky we don't have paparazzi following us around.

kitkat said...

yea i agree with u to an extent. I dnt feel that jst cos they are celebs, they have to be role models, but at the same time..they know their private life is not so private anymore so it's only right that they try to get their act together to avoid bad publicity.

Realist said...

@Myne Whitman
Exactly, i dont know what i would do if there were papparazi always around me. I would have broken someone's camera by now.

Yea true, i guess its the price of being famous.

Tisha said...

What is the 'all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, ish'
I thought you did not believe in God.

By the way i do

After i met Jesus, no one else could beat my standard for a role model, that is not to say i don't admire people for various reasons but i don't want to be them.

Realist said...

LOL Tisha we got several contributors to this blog. And i am pretty sure most if not all of us believe in a God. I as Realist, believe in God but its the bible that i got questions about and i am in the process of trying/not trying to find the answers.

What about Jesus made him a good model. Do you also want to die a virgin at 32? Or is it the resurrection part you want to follow?

Vera Ezimora said...

LOL @ cheating on the person he was cheating with. Serious bad guys!

Mehn ... it's been a minute since I came here. I lost my blog roll. Now rebuilding *sigh*