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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Since we're all on that Peace and Faith ish...

Lemme make a post that outlines my personal article of faith. God knows its long overdue, people have been demanding that I come open on what my religious views really are. Somehow, they can't reconcile my philosophies with my claims of being a practicing Christian. Which is what I am anyway. I believe in God the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. I do. (4give me in advance if this post reads like a sermon.)
The Christianity that we question, that we can't reconcile with that part of us that believes in a higher truth is the Christianity that the world has fashioned unto itself. This is not what Christ left behind. Its not condemnation, and judgment and rules of behavior and fire and brimstone. All these things have their place, but men have given it the wrong place in the scheme of things. It is not what my faith hinges on.I am as much a questioner and rationalist as the next person. But in my heart of hearts, there is always peace. And that peace comes from my daily walk trying to understand the mind of Christ. To feel the power he felt, to see as he saw and live the life he lived. I cant always hold on to that place, but once in a while, momentarily I have held it in my consciousness. And that is the only reason I am a christian, because beyond church, beyond pastor said, beyond dogma and even the Bible, I have felt the true life of Christ. And believe me when I say that if you feel that even ONCE, everything about this world makes sense. The first thing I realised is that NO ONE can ever get it right, because none of us have the capacity to. So looking for that one man, that one sage who is actually living life as it should be is futile. Its not going to happen. Even the Bible is imperfect, it is God's mind expressed through human hands and tainted with human imperfection. Didn't the Israelites have scriptures all their lives and yet when Christ explained it they couldnt understand? When Christ left, he said I will send my spirit who will guide you into all truth. He didnt say the Bible will guide us into truth, or that anyone should even write the New testament. so quit listening to people say NT is better than Old, and ish. All of them make One scripture and all of them are imperfect. Only God's spirit can guide u into all truth. And I remember when I was full of inner turmoil, trying to reconcile the questions with the answers the Bible gave. And i found that scripture that said ..I will send my spirit who will guide u into all truth. He will explain my words that I have spoken and you will know the truth and it will set you free. Funny, but I prayed constantly for that spirit until I felt it in me. And I laugh when I realise, I have been at peace since then. I still question of course, because God made me that way. but I never have lost inner peace. For instance, many people cannot figure out why a loving God will condemn his own creation to eternal death while saving only a few. I wondered the same thing. Do you know the truth I was guided to? It was another question: if u were a musical composer, and you have made several different notes that you are hoping to assemble into one harmonious piece, what would you do to the errant notes? Humanity is one great harmonious piece that God composed for himself. His OWN enjoyment. No matter how much those musical notes may not like it, if they dont blend, they will get cut out of the piece. In our own self-centered thoughts, it may not be fair that we will suffer a fate like that. But the musicians doesnt compose notes to please those notes themselves. It is ultimately for his pleasure. And the Bible keeps saying this, that the earth and all creation were made for His pleasure. Its not about us.
I may have made sense, or I may not have. My religious views will fill a million bibles if i went on. Because you can never explain it all. Church can never explain it all. The Bible, or the Korna (which I also own), or any other holy book out there can never explain it all. Our understanding can never grasp it all. Only God can. And only Christ has felt the fullness of the mind of God. All the rest of us can do is hope that we stay connected to Christ like branches to trunk and accept the real peace he brings. If you want of course. Its always a choice.
So now no one can send me comments about how I refuse to come clear on my own religious views. I trust I was clear enough.