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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Parable of Santa's Believers

Isn't it funny how we never grow up? Growing up is only a transitional phase where we do, like, and want more complicated and "mature" things. Lemme give you an example; as kids we often craved for toys, whether it was an action figure or a dolly baby, then we grow up and crave for more complex toys like the new iPad, or an Xbox 360. Or as babies when we needed a pacifier to stop crying, and then we replaced it with a cigarette to calm our nerves. But perhaps the most relevant replacement to this topic is the Santa/God replacement; as kids we often looked up to Santa for something we wanted on Xmas day, and then adults we replaced him with God, and maybe that's why God's Son's Bday is celebrated with Santa's day. But seriously, Santa and God have so much in common you'd think they're family members. Look at all they have in common:

Gender: They're both men.

Age: God, as we all heard is eternal, and has been there since the beginning of time. Santa is also pretty old, as a matter of he was been old for centuries and doesn't seem to have any indications of dying soon. So I think it's fair to say Santa Claus is eternal.

Mysterious Location: God is said to be somewhere in the clouds and sky, but yet no satellite, telescope, astronaut, or even sky-diver has ever seen him there. Santa Claus is said to be in North Pole, yet no one has ever discovered him there. Even the British natural documentary narrator, David Attemborough, has documentaries about animals in the North Pole and Antarctica but has never captured this mythical man.

Omnipresent/Omniscient: God is said to be everywhere, and that you can't hide from Him because He sees all and knows all. Santa who lives in North Pole somehow knows who all the "good kids" in the world are, the only explanation for that is that he must be omnipresent and/or omniscient.

Giving: As long as you're good and join the right religion, God will give you anything you pray for, even eternal enjoyment. As long as you're good, Santa will give you anything, you request for on your X-mas list.

Arch Nemesis: God has Satan. Santa has the Grinch.

As much as they have in common, perhaps the biggest difference is their believers and how they believe. Kids just believe in Santa for gifts, they aren't willing to kill, die, donate money, start organizations or movements, or even claim to talk to and hear him, but we adults (and some kids in Jesus Camp) do. So I thought it would be interesting to create a satirical story where kids believe Santa the same way adults believe God. I called it "The Parable of Santa's Believers." Enjoy.

The Parable of Santa's Believers
In a remote land where kids remain kids and never grow up, a strange religious belief system is held. The children believe Santa Claus is God, and follow him in a spiritual way. T
hey also have a set of commandments which they believe Santa gave to one of his subjects in the Himalayan Mountains that read as follows:
1. Thou shall not eat too much candy, except on the 25th of December.
2. Thou shall not believe in any other Claus but Santa.
3. Thou shall donate 10% of pocket money to the nearest Santa temple as offering.
4. Thou shall love Santa with all your heart, mind, and soul.
5. Thou shall not take what is not yours without asking.
6. Thou shall be respectful at all time, especially to higher authority.
7. Thou shall not do any kind of labor on the 25th of December.
8. Thou shall go to bed before 9PM.
9. Thou shall not cheat.
10. Thou shall drink eggnog and make merry on the 25th of December.
11. Thou shall be asleep by 7pm on the 24th of December.
12. Thou shall do whatever I tell you to without questioning.

There are many types of denominations of Santa Believers, among which are the two most powerful, the Santanians and the Palmers. The Santanians believe in the conventional Santa Claus that fulfills the requests of those who were good, made great X-mas trees, and wrote their request on a piece of paper called the X-mas list. So the real test of who has been good is simply a matter of checking the list of the commandments you've kept and if you've kept them well, Santa will reward you. However, the Palmers believe in an unorthodox Santa; they believe Santa Claus is a tree-hugger and doesn't appreciate the X-mas tree or writing the X-mas list on a piece of paper, instead they write their list on the palm of their hands, hence explaining their name. There are also minor denominations like the Sitters who request to Santa by sitting on the lap of a carved image of Santa and whispering in the image's ear what they want; then there are the Elvants who request to the elves to interceed for them. Although there are many denominations, they all seem to have many similiarities in their belief in Santa; the 12 commandments, the power of the X-mas list etc, but the little differences in their mode of worship is what makes them hate each other to the point of killing and dying for their beliefs. Each denomination believes that they're Santa's chosen and their oppositions are of the devilish Grinch. They even share a Christmas apocalyptic story, wherein they believe that on December 25th, 2012, Santa will descend upon Earth riding his magical reindeers, but not to give gift, instead to judge. On this day he will punish those who didn't follow the right worship technique by sending them to the Grinch's chimney (a Santa believing version of hell), while his chosen will merry and that epic Christmas day will last forever.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


First of all, blogsville peeps how long have we known each other now? *counts on fingers* Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan. 5 whole months? So tell me why it is possible that I would go to people's blogs here on blogsville and the frigging people are not 'Following' my blog? Seriously though? Somepeople just do not know what they are missing out on. Spread the word to thy peoples. We preach gospel according to Saint Logic on here lol.

I do not know if am vexing with Damsel's post or if it's just irritation brought about by her post. I think her post was the straw that finally broke the camel's back for me. And before I go on, this post is in no way meant to disparage Damsel lol.

Normally I would not be writing a blogpost today as I feel like we have really tested blogsville patience lol. We've had four blogposts in just this one week this current blogpost will make it five. Is that even allowed under the laws of postage on blogsville??

So first of all I want to let all of you know that I am a sinner, yes a sinner. I take pride in that, and I do not deny it ever. Now some other people will say 'yes am a sinner but'. Nope, no buts for me. I am a first class sinner and I wear it like a badge. And not only am I a sinner, I have also been a slut in my time. See me I am the kind of person that I do not shy away from 'sins' people attach to me. I honestly welcome more, because it is better to be a sinner who judges other sinners than to be holy judging other sinners no be so? So please yes I am a sinner, and I want to sit at the right hand side of the devil when I go to hell.

Now in the little time I've spent in this world I have come across females who have opened their precious luscious mouths and accused other females as being SLUTS!!
In an Idealistic world every female would be a virgin when they got married abi? And the same would go for the men abi? Now how many men must a woman have slept with in order to be known/called as a slut?? Somepeople will say 30, others will say 50, some say 20. I am here to say that a woman should be known as a slut if she has slept with 'one man' before being married. Yep I said it, because I mean most of you women on this blogsville ish are religious abi? You all know what the right thing is to do and it says so in your little religious booklet. Now if some of you have failed to follow those instructions set forth by our heavenly father God almighty, Jehovah Shireh and Nissi then who is to blame?? But then some of you still have the audacity nay the effontery to open your mouths and call somebody else a slut? What kind of frigging fuckerey is that?? I was going to say 'excuse my language' but why should you excuse my language? Did i fart? Hiss Please keep your yeye excuses to yourself.

I am here to also say that the word 'slut' should only be used by only VIRGINS!! Both male and female virgins, because it is obvious that such people have withstood all the temptations and fought it off with every fiber of their beings abi? So they should be rewarded not cast aside. Shoutout to bubbles and Lady X. U are fine specimens o and as far as I know they are the only virgins on blogsville..And for now they are the only ones allowed to use the word 'Slut'. If any virgins are on blogsville and I do not know of them, please kindly create a 'Virgins Anonymous' group so your fellow virginians can join and get support. E no easy at all. *nods in approval as he pictures the non-virgins wincing seriously* Haha, am I wicked or am I wicked? Damn am good.
If I ever see a woman I know who has had pre-marital sex before marriage open her mouth and call another woman a slut I will text her and let her know she's a slut as well. Ashewo na Ashewo no matter if she sleeps with one man o or sleeps with 100 men. Shey una no gree??

So for some of you who have just found out that your sluts, you should not be ashamed of it. Not at all, wear it with pride and do not lie to yourself. The difference between Honesty and Maturity is this. Honesty is the unwillingness to lie to others, Maturity is the unwillingness to lie to oneself. Do not lie to yourselves if you know what you are lol, 'SAY IT LOUD I AM A SLUT AND AM PROUD!. Have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Quick Edit - We have a new contributor again lol, his name is Realist. Please welcome our two new members 'Realist and Messiah' to blogsville.
All throughout history, the one thing most religions have in common is the eternal story of good vs evil. Sometimes the words aren't even far apart from spelling like "God" and "good," the "Devil" an "evil," and sometimes colours/tones of light are representatives for each party; white is a symbol for purity, holiness, and goodness, whereas black/darkness is portrayed as evil. But the story always ends with good defeating evil, until one starts to scratch past the surface and see an entirely different story. Unclear truths, plain ol' bullshit and twisted logic in the mix like good doing evil. For example, the Judeo-Christian God waging probably the biggest genocide of all time by wiping almost all humanity in a massive flood saving only Noah, just because they didn't obey him (not because they were good or bad). The same "good" God in Exodus 21:20-21 said it's ok to beat up your slaves as long as they don't die because they are your property? I'm more than sure this verse came up a lot in the debate of slave ownership in the U.S., yet I bet many of you object to this right now. Why? Because your intelligent or you can test your obedience by following that rule (it will be a real test especially if you're the slave). 

 The epic "good vs evil" tale of being on God's side or the Devil's is really a smoke-screen for either being obedient or intelligent. It's exactly the reason God kicked Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. He warned them, saying "if you eat out of the tree of shall surely die," they disobeyed him, and the fruit of knowledge opened up their eyes and they became smart. When God found out they had disobeyed Him, He punished them BUT He kept them in the Garden until He thought it over. Gen 3:22 "The Lord said to Himself, "People have become as we are, knowing everything, both good and evil. What if they eat of the tree of life? Then they will live forever!" Then He banishes them for the garden, but do you read between the lines on that verse? "People have become as we are, knowing everything good and evil....," so it wasn't God's plan for humanity to be smart, just obedient, we're where supposed to be nothing but His obedient little robots. And why didn't God want humanity to know what's good and evil? Maybe God was scared that we will use that knowledge to find out that He is not 100% good. Which is why the "good vs evil" notion is bullshit, because pastors everywhere say that there are good people in hell right now. Now ask yourself this question, why would a good God punish good people? One word; obedience (or the lack thereof). 

 But don't get me wrong, obedience is a good thing, unless it's without helpful and logical meaning, like suicide bombing because that's what your "God" said. OK, enough with obedience, let's focus on the dark side; intelligence. In the smart world of science, no theory or claim is definite unless it has passed the scientific methodical test without any flaws. For instance, some of Sir Isaac Newton proposed theories were single-handedly out-ruled by Albert Einstein's theory of relativity. That's what makes smart people smart, they constantly find the truth rather than blind follow pseudo-truths. Imagine if the scientific world operated like the religious world, Einstein would be seen as a heretic for questioning Sir Isaac Newton's theories instead of seen as a hero who made the world smarter by fixing another man's errors. 

 Intelligence doubts, and isn't satisfied unless a definite truth has been found. Intelligence investigates rather than accept in a gullible manner, which is why it is harder to do 419 on an intelligent person, because intelligent people don't walk by faith, but by sight. Intelligence opens minds; when you're intelligent you see things from different and unconventional perspectives instead of always thinking the unusual is blasphemy. And most importantly, intelligence makes you human: Just like speed makes cheetahs what they are, or keen sight makes hawks hawks, our intellect makes us a unique species, and throwing that uniqueness away is a slap in nature's face. An unintelligent human is an oxymoron just like a slow cheetah, a short-sighted hawk, or an anorexic elephant. So my dear friends, whether you call it the religious "good vs evil," or obedience vs intelligence, the choice between being robot or human, Pinocchio or a real boy, lies on your two shoulders. Choose intelligently :-)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Quick Edit - We have a new contributor on this blog, his name is Messiah. Chai, the things I learnt from this dude had me laughing my ass off. He is going to be 'anonymous' so nobody should be SNOOPY!
I have been talking to this boy called Chuks on my Facebook and this boy has been trying to convince me of the err of my 'religious views'. Now because of this boy I have decided to do this post, because it is going to explain once and forever what I think about 'Faith'. Sogbo? Ok lets move on.
First of all I am going to teach you all one phrase called 'False Dilemma'.
False Dilemma - is is based on the assumption that the choices offered are the only choices. By focusing on the choice, the decision to be made, the other person is distracted from the fact that there may be other alternatives.

This is usually presented as two choices.
Usually, a lot of things happen to us in this life that are strange or mysterious and maybe we have some good luck and we attribute what has happened in our lives at that point as being a 'MIRACLE' from God".
Now I do not know about how many of you have watched 'Crash' but I will give you all a breakdown of what happened towards the end of the move.

'An Arabian Father had beef with a Mexican dude who had a daugher. The Arabian dude went over to the Mexican dude's house to shoot him dead, as he accosted the Mexican dude he pulled out his gun. But the little daughter of the Mexican ran into her father's arms just as the bullet was shot at her 'Dad'. The Mexican thought that he was dead and the Arabian dude thought he had killed the daugher of the Mexican. Now prior to the shooting, the Mexican dude had told his daughter that he had given her an 'invisible cloak' which would make her bulletproof so when she was now shot. There was no blood and she had not been hit, the Arabian dude thought it was a miracle, and the Mexican dude also though it was a Miracle. Now the Arabian dude went to his house and unbeknownst to the Arabian guy, his daughter had replaced the bullets in his gun with 'blanks' meaning that there were no live bullets in the gun. But she never told her dad what she had done. The Arabian dude now told his daughter that he had met an angel from 'God' and that the daughter of the Mexican dude is his angel, now that arabian dude will now start being a 'good' man and he will probably give testimony/offering in his church/mosque and his faith has been thoroughly throughly strengthened. The same goes for the Mexican dude who's daughter was shot, he would now view what happened as a miracle and he will go and say God saved his daughter and given testimony in church and his faith will also be strengthened.'
What is my point?My point is this, both the Mexican and Arabian dude have had their faith strengthened abi? But what is that their faith based on? A lie. Because they both do not know that the bullets in the gun was a blank. And this is the case in so many so many cases. A lot of people get their 'Faith' reinforced daily by little things in their day and they'll say stuff like 'God' helped me today, yet they never know what actually caused the things that made them happy. I mean think about it? For all they know it could be the devil who did them a favor? I mean if we are going to thank God for good things, we should thank him for bad things as well nah. I mean take the 'Haitian Earthquake' for example, we should thank God for that afterall only 100 thousand people died but it could have been worse abi? It could have been 200k, 500k, 1million but it was only a measly 100k? Hiss.  And tomany times, a lot of religious people commit this false dilemma fallacy, take for example the crisis in Haiti where a 65 year old woman was pulled out from the rubble after 7 days, a guy on my facebook was saying that it was a 'miracle'. He did not seek other 'alternatives' to explain what had happened, until somebody on his friend's list explained to him why it would be possible for somebody to still be alive after 7 days inside the rubble'. Now if nobody had told that guy why it was possible, his faith would have been 'strenghtened' and when he meets people like me he'll say stuff like 'You do not understand/know what I've seen and been through in this life to make me put all my faith/trust in God.' Don't lie, most of you have heard people say this and you have probably been the ones who've said this.
My point to people like Chuks is this, your faith might make you be a 'good' person and Enoch I am    
putting quotation marks around the word 'good' because of the discussion you and I had about it.But seeing as these good people are not privy to the discussion I will use the word 'good' for now. So as I was saying jare, Chuks and people like Chuks, your faith might make you be a good person and you might be charitable,kind, generous etc. But ask yourself what your faith is really based on? Is it based on 'Truth'? What is the foundational bases of your faith? 
And does it matter to you whether your faith is based on a Truth or a lie? Because in the Dark Knight at the end of the movie when Batman took the blame for the 'two-faced' dude and told the cop to let the people of Gotham think that it was Batman who had been the bad guy because it was important for the people of Gotham not to lose faith. This is what Batman said "Sometimes, truth isn't good enough, sometimes people deserve more. Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded." 
My question then to you all would be, do you want your faith to be based on Truth or do you want it to be based on lies? Personally I want mine to be based on Truth, not just on a lie. Even if the lie brings about goody goody stuff, but the foundation is still a lie. As I was telling Chuks, I would rather be 'mad' with the truth than to be 'sane' with lies. I hope I have succeeded in teaching you all something lol.
This is not to say that I believe all 'Faith' is based on lies, am sure that there might be some 'Faith' how there there can be based on 'Truth'. And how do you discover the 'Truth' by asking questions. And how do you know when a belief is not based on 'Truth' when people 'cringe' or try to shut you up when you sincerely ask them for the basis of their faith. Formerly Stealth Reader and Chuks/people like them I honestly ask you to check/verify that your faith is based on 'Truth' not on a 'lie'. Or maybe it might not matter to you all what your faith is based on, as long as it promotes 'good' etc. 
Chuks has been trying to get me to 'open my heart' and welcome the Lord Jesus into my heart and I've consistently told him that it really is not easy being a christian. To be a good Christian, one must have the ability to delegate the responsibility of thinking from their brain to the anus. No offence lol.

Monday, January 25, 2010


I did my bloggers I hate with a passion blogpost the other day, and I forgot to mention VERA EZIMORA.. Let's just say that that was a major ehn fuckup lol, and there are a whole other bloggers I admire that I have not mentioned. When I do I shall remind you of them.

Lol I am pissed no be small. So two of my female friends told me that I am a very 'CYNICAL HUMAN BEING', that me Azazel do not believe in happy endings and that I always see stuff in it's negative light. So I've been thinking about what they said and well I came to the conclusion that I am honestly the sort of person that cannot stand delusions of any kind. And lets be honest and I mean completely honest, a lot of these things we humans do if we dig through each layer and go to it's core we will discover it's really ehm not as great as we make it out to seem. For example take 'Love' it is an awesome feeling and we get happy thinking about the other person and what they represent to us. We appreciate the beauty of our partner, and we love the sex, we love the conversation, we love all those things and they make us happy. But if we were honestly to analyse it, our partner is no different than any man/woman out there. It's just that we just like the qualities that person has more than the other people Idk if am making sense, all am saying is that we human beings really live a cold and painful existence and we need these 'delusions' in other to be happy. Am the kind of person who would rather be mad with 'truth' than sane with 'lies' and somepeople do not get that. It's a shame I guess, and that's the thing about philosophy lol. It teaches one to be unhappy more intelligently. And well back to my problem lol.  I am going to steal with Saucekid said about himself because it represents me also. A lot of people seem to think/assume that I am a 'free bird' or that I am somebody who gives my opinion about a lot of things but the problem about that is that, there are honestly certaain things I can never give my opinion about and I cannot mention them. (Ok this was going to be a blogpost, but I think I just entered into rant mode lol, so bear with me). 'I make friends with people who think that they like me. Then they find out that they can't change me. Then they change and this happens to many many times. And you honestly do not know how weary this makes me of people, because somepeople hear me talk and they love the way my brain works and out of curiosity they choose to 'pick' my brain right. Now some of these people probably agree with me on a certain issue, and they'll say things like 'I love how your able to question people's beliefs and you do not care if you differ with others'. Now everytime people say that to me, I always want to ask them, do you love me as long as I question the beliefs of other people? Or would you still love me if I questioned your own beliefs? See personally I will be honest with yall, there is no belief which I hold close to my heart that I am willing to die for. if you prove to me with logic/reason that my belief is stupid, I will swallow it hook, line and sinker. There is a quote that says ' If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything'. Now that quote is very stupid, the white slave owners who stood for their right to have slaves were wrong, the Hitlers of the world who stood for their right to have a master 'Aryan' race were wrong, so it is sometimes good to stand for somethings and it is also good sometimes to fall for other things.

Every great dictator/tyrant in the world has always had something that have kept people in line. They have always been able to dangle a threat/fear over their subjects that made their subjects obey them out of fear. Machiavelli asked 'Is it better to be feared or loved'? And the answer is, it is better to be feared and Machiavelli was one smart dude. Hitler had his concentration camps, Stalin had his 'gulags' and God has hell. Lets be honest, if there was no hell a lot of us lmao would not give a crap about the almighty. The only reason most of us go to church and do all this stupid religious stuff is because we no wan go hell. Remove hell from the equation and a lot of us have lost the incentive/motivation to be religious. Abi I dey lie?

When some of this yeye preachers go on and on about Jesus died for sins, and sacrificed for us and brought salvation to us so we should worship him and be grateful. Well I am here to say that Jesus hardly made the greatest sacrifice. He knew he would be resurrected anyway'.Anybody would die for the sins of the world if they knew they were goin 2 be resurrected three days later. I mean lets think about it, people like Ghandi/MLK made greater sacrifices than Jesus. They knew that there was a possibility that they could be killed and maimed with no oppurtunity of being resurrected yet they went ahead with it. Jesus knew he would be resurrected yet he cried like a baby to his daddy(GOD) in the garden of Gethsamane praying for God to take away the burden of dying for our sins from him. Honestly I don't get it, what was he crying for? He was going to be resurrected three days later, he was well aware of that. In another day, in another place, with more 'vulgar' people someone could accuse Jesus of being a 'p*ssy*. Just saying. 

Sunday, January 24, 2010


How r u people? Please, lets be clear first, if I dont make much sense or make a lot of mistakes, forgive me bcos am at that point when you want to scream out at someone so you just ramble on and on without checking to see how coherent you are.

However, let it be known to you all that I dont scream. Never. I admire those who can let their emotions fly, mine is so cold it just sticks to my chest. When I really need to let anger out I go extra hard on the "!" button. Thats it. And it does work. Like urrrgghh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay, that was a lil too much, who can blame me for being pissed outta my mind? I dont know, but I guess a lot of people have been keeping up with developments in Haiti. I guess the law that makes lightning not strike twice in the same place doesn't apply to earthquakes cos why else should another major quake hit the country just a week after the first?!!!

And why in conscience's sake should some insurance company threaten to pull the insurance on your plane if ur airline flies to haiti for relief, because according to them its not safe?? what kinda morons care about millions of cash than millions of lives, like what is the humanity left in those folks. urrgh!!

wheew!!...i feel slightly better now...but if u know how anger feels u should guess that my veins are still trembling, my legs still tapping on the floor and my fingers straining to type faster than my brain can think, as if that was possible. my mind turns angrily to dwell on Nigeria..the mother of all farces. While we bask in the dysphoria of our new terrorist status and the presidential joke in aso rock, some donkeys xtian n muslim alike are throwing oil into the fire...and roasting themselves in the process. Like they can't say they don't know what is going on, even if they are illiterate, who doesnt know muslims are the best at listening to the radio and xtians best at talking? like, doesn't word get around that we're hitting the lowest of lows as a nation and so even if they have issues they should at least pretend to like each other instead of fighting like barbarians in the name of religion. urrgh!!!..darn, its stuff like this that makes me sympathise with the atheist!!

then, the clowns at the national assembly. Im still smarting at the humiliating search I had to go thtough on my way back too school after the holz courtsey of mr. muta-muta. so what could be more incensing than hearing that someone is pushing a bill to give the mini-terror's father a medal of honor for good parenting because he told the authorities about his son's intent. like, really? what happened to raising a child responsibly so he won't even mess up in thr first place. i believe this dude was busy banking and attending ego-enlarging functions without giving his family priroity. like, muta-muta has a family with many siblings and he grew up lonely. and for that his dad deserves a medal? seriuosly?!!! come on, how much ass-kissing do our legislators wanna give before they realise they've gone beyond foolery, or "fuckery" as azazel terms it and have become national, no international monuments to imbecility. How soon can they keep it up before a whole lot of shit blows into their faces.

Finally, my most angering issue yet. Why, how, when did Nigerians become comfortable with being messed with, being denied their rights and privileges, being stolen from, being lied to, being disgraced by idiotic leaders, when?!!!!! People open their mouths and say shit like "rome was not built in a day and America was once underdeveloped. We will be okay in time" RUBBISH!!!! time is neutral, if u dont do something with it, someone will! They don't wanna do nothing, expecting to wake up one morning to see a whole new nation. I hope the new nation they will see will not look like somalia or sudan. I seriously hope so, because with the way things are now, hope is the only thing left. Hope, and of course anger!

NB: abeg, peeps dont mind me if I wrote a lil too haphazardly. d first thing an angry man kills is finesse. all the same, have a great time y'all.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Yesso, you definitely read the title of this post right. It says 'Hate' lol and seeing as everybody on here was doing the 'bloggers i like/admire' I decided to ehn change it up a lil bit. But seriously though, I just realised that everytime a blogger does one of these things, they have to go get the link of the person they admire. So if i admire 20 bloggers I have to go to their blog and get the link to their blog? Mehn especially in this cold, my fingers go freeze. Anywayz, let me give you guys my list lol. First up is:

Ludilith - Lmao this is a serious plug in because I love lily with a passion, but honestly hun with a name like yours.. It's so easy to forget it lol.. Pele
Myne Whitman - Honestly though with her yeye stories? Lol jk o. A heart to mend was on point and Myne really reminds me of a matron and she is the matron of blogsville. She honestly visits as many blogs as she can and it really is not easy lol. Gotta love her.

Sugarbelly - Lol the controversial queen of blosgsville. The babe is honestly allergic to 'fact-checking'. But she's a good sombori lol.

Bubbles- That one is a bully from head to toe. But she aight lol, she was one of the first people to follow this lil blog of mine. And for that she is appreciated.

Wait before I go on, I just forgot the remaining people I wanted to mention. Chai, wahala dey o. I really do not want to forget anybody. Ok Ok I will try and continue but please if I forget anybody, do not hold it against me.

Miss B - Ha, I remember the first time I stumbled on her blog lol, come and see this huge ass story this thing was like 5 pages.But I managed to finish it sha, because the post was that interesting.She's a cool sombori.

Solomonsydelle - Grandmama of blogsville hands down, she's a cool person in my opinion.

Sugarking - Funny dude lol, extremely funny.

Sir Scribbles - Anybody that supports Manchester United is funny in my opinion.

Talkaholic - I and this guy go way way back. Good blogger.

Enoch - Ha if i tell una the awe I hold this guy in, it will span 4 more blogposts. To say that this homie is smart is an understatement. But there are a few people like Enoch in our world, but most of them never enter leadership positions.. So sad lol.

Miss Fab - Lol she's to funny and I love her stories.. 

fabuola - She writes good stories as well.. Awesome stories lol

EDJ - Ha funny babe, and her blog is really nicely laid out. She has her strong opinions.

Reine - my non nigerian friend she really loves her politics lol.

Lady X - Lol I never understood why a person can have all the other letters in the alphabet and settle on X? So cliche lol, why not settle on Lady W or something lol. jk. She's a good blogger and she was one of the first people who supported a brova.

David  - I stumbled on this guy's blog, late in the game but this homie is funnyyyy.. Gotta love his blog.

Ha fuckup I almost forgot about these two lol.

Nice Anon and Original Mgbeke - These two I honestly feel should be sisters or best buddies. They are really that funny lol.

Bob-Ij - she got class lol. Loved her latest blog post..

Miss O- My big sis lol, she's always had my back.

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So yeah guys that brings us to the conclusion of all the bloggers I hate. Now to the blogger I love with a passion, this guy's blog is awe-inspiring. To say that blogsville would be dead without this dude is an understatement.
Here is his blog - Unknown Blogger

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hey all. How school dey go for una? Anyways enough of the pleasantries lol and on to what has been bothering me.This Haitian thing has been on my mind especially the other night when Mr Larry King had all them celebrities like Jlo, diddy, Ben stiller etc on his show. They were all there raising money for the Haitian victims. That's all good and all but it got me thinking sha, the
Monday before the Tuesday of the earthquake everybody and their mama knew that Haiti was an improverished nation abi? Did many people donate as they are donatin now? There were 10000 humanitarian aid agencies in Haiti before the earthquake. So what should the people living in Darfur and Congo etc do? They should all start praying for their own natural disaster. Because that is the formula now abi?The world will only come to your rescue if a natural disaster nearly wipes out every thing in your city. Why did it exactly have to take the death of 100k ppl before most ppl paid attention? Please anybody from Congo and darfur should start praying for natural disaster. I know somepeople will die from the natural disaster but sacrifices have to be made abi? The situation is not getting any better.

On to another point, I was glad to see my fellow Nigerians donating to the Haiti people. But I did not fail to realise that we were all willing to donate to Haiti but when it comes to donating to our humanitarian crisis in the North or any other part of Nigeria. Some of us will start to enquire whether we are donating to the Hausas? Or to the Igbos? To the christians? or to the Muslims? Why is that? Please as we are donating to Haiti let us remember the forgotten people in our own country as well.

I was watching south park last night and mehn those baggars are hella funny. They had an episode talking about whether handicapped people go to hell. Because the bible says that before one goes to heaven one
must confess their sins lol. Eric cartman a character in the show asked how ppl who can't will go to heaven if they can't confess their sins? Lwkmd when I heard that. On the issue of Holy Communion lol they
made jokes about that also, so it reminded me when I was in Faith Academy in Canaanland in Naija. Lol they gave us biscuit as the body of Christ and they gave us Apple La Casera as the blood of Christ. Thinking about it now I wonder why I never questioned it, seeing as anything can be used to represent the body/blood of Christ. Maybe I can eat dodo/chicken and have that represent the body of Christ and have my sweet orange juice represent the blood of Christ, is that not possible?

Sometimes ppl accuse other ppl of seekin Attention?And me I come dey wonder,na who no like attention?We all seek attention in some form or the other.Wen women do their hair they seek attention in the form of compliments.Wen u perform well @ work u seek attention in the form of promotion.Wen u buy a Lexus insted of a tokunbo u seek attention/ recognition 4rm ur friends no be so?

Mlk quote"A man who won't die for something is not fit 2 live".I struggled with this quote because I was wondering what if the something that is worth dying for is also worth killin for?Are there no good causes that
are worth killin for as well as dying for? Consider the Islamic extremists/terrorists, most of them are willing to die for whatever cause they are fighting for, but they also feel that that cause is worth killing for as well. And there have been times in history where killing innocent people was seen as worthy enough because the cause was that important.

Saturday, January 16, 2010



I was watching CNN while writing this post, and they were showing how the Haitian people were fighting for the food/aid/water that had been 'air-dropped' to them. And the whole scene really affected me, it completely showed me the animalistic/brute nature of man. Please we should be grateful for civilization/government everyday of our lives, because without civilization it would definitely be 'survival of the fittest'/Anarchy 24/7. Those Haitian people have gone without food for four days, some of them even longer. E go remain small and most of them will start eating the meat of the dead people around them. It's so saddening. I watched the 'Book of Eli' last night, that movie was WACK. If not because of Mr Denzel Washington and the respect I have for the homie, I would give that movie a solid F.

Anyhoo, there is something that some 'girls' do that really really ANNOYS THE FUCK outta me. So there's this babe who said that she would go 'crazy' if her boyfriend was ever to be away for 3 weeks. Saying that she would be 'crazy' simply because her boyfriend was no longer around was the height of stupidity for me. How can you honestly say that you'll go mad because a man is no longer around for a couple of weeks? So wetin go come happen if your boyfriend were to die then? Would she commit suicide?? Honestly, it's not healthy when some babes talk like that, it really is not.

Anyhoo unto the main topic sha lol, isn't it funny how with almost every post I write. I talk about two or three different things first before I go to the main 'TOPIC'?? I do not know why I do that. But anywayz what I wanted to talk about was the fact that God almighty has honestly been scorned somany times by his 'chosen/favorite' people the 'Jews'.. Am sure most of you who have read the bible can recall how many times God was scorned/disrespected by the 'Jews'... Everytime, they would stop worshipping him and go and start worshipping Idols, this happened like upto 18 times in the bible. It just got me wondering sha, what kind of God is unable to garner even a single morsel  of 'consistent respect' from the people he deemed as his 'chosen ones'?? Like seriously, if you think about this really well, God is almost like a woman who has been scorned countless times by her adulterous/cheating husband yet she still takes him back everytime he runs crying back to her. What advice would most of us give to such a woman? Would we not ask that such a woman dump the man? And if the woman rebuffed our advice would we not lose serious respect for such a woman? I mean lets think about this constructively, the other 'tribes' of people on earth represent other possible 'men' the woman could have picked. Yet she picked the 'Jewish tribe' to be her main man, yet time and time again she has been respected by this 'man/jews'. Even after God supposedly sent his 'Son of God' to the Jewish people they disrespected him again by killing his Son? Na wa for this kind of fuckerey in high places. Do you know that till today, most Jewish people are still waiting for the Messiah? Anywayz, my point is this, it really worries me that a people who have been closer to God more than any other 'people' on earth have never given him the respect he 'supposedly deserves'. I mean, if the Jewish people never deemed God worthy of their consistent respect, why should we? If God were a woman who continually welcomed back her cheating husband everytime he came back, wuld such a woman not be suffering from mugurity/mumurity of the highest order? Some serious self-esteem issues lol.
Lol, this last segment for the post was written because I was 'musing' about the whole thing, but I would appreciate if some creative//imaginative minds could appreciate where I was coming from. If you still do not get the point of the whole ish, then amma 'shrug' and ask you to seek Jesus fervently.
So am talking to my aunty right, and she believes that gay people are 'immoral/demonic' and she'll keep praying for them until they come out from the influence of that demon in them. Lol all I can do is sigh, I tried to convince her of the folly of her ways but to no avail. It's all good sha, afterall the bible says 'Love thy neighbor as yourself... but if your neighbor happens to be gay...Shoot dat MOFO!'
Fanatic Atheists annoy the heck out of me... I and blasphemy where just talking about this yesterday.. There are some atheists you'll meet who really detest everything and everyone religious. They consider religious people to be fools and ignorant. But honestly what sort of stupid approach is so daft. We are all human beings, no matter what our religious affliation is. If both religious and non-religious people cannot see/appreciate that, this our world is never going to be a better place. I forget who said this quote but it goes like this, "I've met good people who believed in God and I've met good people who did not belive in God.. But I've never met good people who did not believe in 'people'.. And that is what it is right there, I honestly do not care if people are religious or non-religious as long as they appreciate the humanity of every single human being on earth.

Friday, January 15, 2010


I believe I was in my third year and it had been about a fortnight since I had convinced my then brand new chic to spread her legs on demand. On one of those unassuming fateful days of mint fresh sex, I had run out of condoms during a midnight session and she suggested I go skinny dipping. I chuckled and chucked it up to her finally finding her sense of caustic humor. However, when she persisted stubbornly, I thoroughly exorcised the thought from her head but that didn't stop the needle in my paranoid meter from going off the scales.

The following day. After swearing my rommie; Mr. Photographic memory, to secrecy, I told him about the babe's insistence on going rubber-free, and developed several possible reasons and frightful scenarios. In his signature 'you paranoid little tot' manner, he gave the entire episode a gut wrenching laugh and offered no input but an anecdote about his friend Chukwudi.

Chukwudi was in a somewhat similar predicament. He had tried everything imaginable to get into Ms Uju's panties and had been unsuccessful. Out of the blue, on an unassuming fateful day much like mine. Ms. Uju shows up all eager and ready for some good old pelvic thrust.

You guessed it, Chukwudi had no condoms. He searched in all the suspect places but couldn't find any. Ms Uju, perhaps from the same ignoramus-clan as my chic, signaled that she was ok with a naked penis. But like me, Chukwudi wasn't cool with that. He asked Ms Uju to give him a minute while he ran to the pharmacy to purchase a pack but Uju was having none of that. She motions to leave. In that moment -where opportunity met desperation- Chukwudi did what he has always done in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. In this case, a sexual conquest afoot about to go awry. He buckles his knees and though I can't remember his exact words as they were related to me, but if memory serves me right, the gist of the prayer went something along these lines.

Lord Jesus your are the alpha and the Omega
The begining and the end
Jehovah Jireh, Rafa, Nissi
Please lord hear my prayer
I know that I am but a fragile sinner
And deserve no favors
I know fornication is a sin
But we both know that I am fragile
And forbid the devil from exploiting it to do me harm

Chukwudi then proceeded to have some unprotected sezzual action.

Coming from anyone else I would have called BS on this story. Mr Photographic memory, however, very much like Abraham Lincoln, is famous for telling no fibs (except, of course, to females). Add that to the mind bending experience of actually meeting quite a few of his 'profoundly odd' friends.

I know some of you might scream "Holy Fuck!" (lol) at the prospect of divine contraception/vaccination especially for fornication. But when you think about it, how is it any different from a foot soldier in an empire expansion war praying for God to sanction his evil and preserve his life? Or a mother praying that her raped daughter's abortion go smoothly? Or a father praying for death to befall a stranger with the right profile so that his kid can have an organ donor for his desperately needed heart transplant. Since I got acquainted with Chukwudi's story, I like to think of such prayers that have a similar motive of seeking divine blessing for sumrin sinful as 'latex prayers.'

So I guess my question today is... 'Latex prayers', Are they any good? Are they sinful? Or are they an effective substitute for a 'condom?' More interestingly, what would it take for you to offer a 'Latex prayer?' (dying loved ones are usually a good visual aid in such exercises)

PS: For the visually challenged, the pic is a rendition of Michelangelo's "Creation of Adam" painting. Only that in this case, God is handing over a condom. Sombori scream 'how very apt!'

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Lol I had to write this blogpost really fast, before I forgot what was on my mind. But first of all, blogsville peeps all of you must congratulate me today lol. This blogpost is the first non-religion, non-God post of the new year. WOOHOO...Now back to business lol...Oya first of all let me correct yall about something that I learnt just the other day. It is almightily wrong to ask gay people whether they are 'gay'. A lot of you have probably seen a guy or a girl who you thought was gay and you asked them 'Are you gay'? Why would you ask anybody that kind of question? Like being gay is a disease or something. it's almost like asking somebody 'Are you HIV positive?' or 'Are you Bi-polar'? It would be very awkward if somebody walked up to you and asked you 'Are you straight'? Nobody does that, so stop asking people 'Are you gay' because it's stupid and dumb. Moreover, because I know some of you will want to argue stupidly lol, all gay people are not promiscuous, neither do they think about everything in sexual terms. So please think about that very well.

Now to the topic I wanted to address, words such as nigger, queer, dyke, spick, honky, etc are words used for certain communities of people in society. Nigger refers to black people, queer/dyke refers to gay people, i've forgotten what refers to Mexicans/Asians but anywayz sha you all get my point. I have always deemed it very hypocritical when black people get offended that other races use the word 'nigger' when we still use it within our own community. It doesn't make sense, how are you going to tell white/latinos/asians etc not to use the word 'nigger' but then turn around and use it within our own community? If we don't want the word to be used, we ourselves should not use it as well. And I've heard people say shit like it's only black people that can use the word, we are taking back the 'word' from the white man who gave it to us and we are making a new identity from it. Or people in the LGBT(Lesbian,Gay, Bisexual, Transexual) community say that they are against people using the word 'queer' to refer to them but within their own gay community most of them use the word 'queer' to refer to themselves. And all this while am getting frustrated lol, because I don't understand why a certain community of people will say 'Do not use this word to refer to us' but then turn around and use the same word to refer to themselves. What kind of Holy fuckerey is that? My point is this, words like queer/nigger/ etc where given to both the gay community and black community by their oppressors who happened to be 'straight white men/women'. Now why would daft people now turn around and use the same word given to them by their oppressors and now take pride in it? Technically, what they are implying is that they are to daft/stupid/unintellectual to come up with a 'new' word to refer to themselves. Take for example a word like 'queer' given to the LGBT community by their oppressors, why would the LGBT now turn around and use that word among themselves? I mean if it is really that hard for these people to come up with a new word for themselves why not open the Merriam-Webster/Oxford dictionary and then flip over to the word 'queer' and then look for the synonym of the word 'queer' and they would come up with beautiful words like - remarkable, odd, surprising, curious, perplexing etc. My point is this, are blacks/gays that 'stupid' that we have to keep on using the same words given to us by our caucasian oppressors to refer to ourselves?  Are we really unable to think of an appropraite word with which we can identify with? As in I thought about this thing for so long, my brain begin they pain me. Seriously though, guys do you see my point? PICK UP A DICTIONARY AND FIND THE SYNONYM FOR THE WORD....

Anywayz to another more important matter, what is up with all these rich people who have a false sense of humility/modesty? If you are rich you are rich, there are no two ways about it. How can your parents be making 1 million or 500k dollars a year and you have the audacity nay the effontery to say that you are 'middle class'? What dirty middle class. Please if you are rich you are rich, you should never be ashamed of it. Afterall, everybody's goal is to try to get rich innit? So why would you then get embarrased after chasing something that you have finally accomplished? Makes no damn sense. Lol...

I was going to leave this blogpost @ this and not write anything about God, but seriously I could not pass up talking about this Pat Robertson issue. That fool gives a bad name to good christian people all over the world. Incase somepeople do not know what he said, he said that 'Haiti has been cursed since the old days after they signed a pact with the devil to set them free from their French Colonial masters"... And to that I say that maybe they would not have needed to make a pact with the devil if God had bothered to answer their prayers/cries in the first frigging place.  Now I know  to go to the devil if I want somethng badly he responds faster abi?? But to honestly suggest that the Haitian nation is cursed simply because they made a pact with the devil and imply that God was repaying them back through the earthquake is the height of stupidity. And what pains me most is that there are really people out there who listen to that fool.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


People of Blogsville, blog-nation, blogosphere ...I am El-Divine. Because "truth don die", onsider what we do here then as forensic science...emphasis on 'science'. I emphasise science because observation and proof are what we live by. Anything I say here will be the truth as I see it, so help me God!

First issue I want to raise is exactly how secular is American society, or more specifically, American politics. I single the US out for two reasons. I have studied their system so what ever claim I make will be from direct observation, not hearsay. Second is that when it comes to excluding religion from public service, America makes the most issue of it. So are they really true to their words and ideals? They are, right? Wrong!!!

All that talk of equality, and fairness and judging people only by merit is just that. Talk! In truth, American public service is controlled by two main groups. Democrats n Republicans? Nope! Christian fundamentalists and Jews! Yep, go out there and quote me...i said so. The xtian fundamentalists are the power behind republican party and fox news while the Jews are the engine of the democratic party and hollywood. Doesn't look that way right? I mean, on the surface, America is arguably the most secular nation anyone can think of. But thats just it, at the surface. The actual truth is that the only people whose experience with politics and policy is most devoid of religious sentiment are atheists, minorities and immigrants. And that is why there are so few of them in power, wether corporate or political. They are the pawns of the power game. The true power in the US is being competed for by these two Abrahamic religions. Not shared, competed for.

Recently, Cecil Bothwell, member of the city council in North Carolina faced court action to remove him from office because he "expressed doubt in the existence of God." Now, I believe and know that God is real. But why won't these uppity God-champions even allow their yes to be yes, just as Christ asked us to. They say religion is not an issue, but their actions betray their hypocrisy. Mr. Bothwell is not alone. The easiest way to see yourself out of public office is to declare your atheism. Even people who sympathise with you will melt away becuase atheism is not "politically correct". That is immoral, unjust and truly unacceptable. Before America sneers at muslim nations for their "politics of religion", let them remove the beam in their own eyes. "He without a sin should cast the stone." El-Divine has spoken.

P.S - Sorry I had to make an Edit on El-Divine's post. But please I just had to post this.
Here is a link to the Plan USA website. You can help them rush relief to the children of Haiti.
Please just donate any amount you have. Do your part abeg. Here is the link:

Monday, January 11, 2010



My people how una dey? Mehn I've been MIA for a min now, my apologies. A lot of things have happened in this lil life of mine and honestly it sucks that I cannot share it with yall because I am a paranoid sombori lol. But I will say that after what has happened to me over the past two weeks, I have a new respect for 'religions' and people who have faith. Usually when I ask questions, I usually group all christian people and try to make them look stupid but this is not true. There are a lot of good christian people of faith out there, who do not agree with the anti-gay stance of the church and of other matters. It is important that I separate the good enlightened ones from the deluded ones. Very important.

Tell me why I've been listening to 'Everything is Everything' by Lauryn Hill. The song just dey ginger me o, I am just on that 'patience' tip. Before I use to do gra gra and try to get people to change through my arguments but now I feel that with patience, love, and gentle persuasion people will eventually change. Shey una no gree? If people no wan change after all this, the next best thing to do is to send them to their maker on express train.
Anyhoo, just because I have a new-found respect for religions/faiths does not mean I will stop asking questions o and with that we come to our topic for the day lol.
'As a leader, sometimes you are faced with tough choices and you have to weigh the consequences of the choice you have to make and if you decide that the choice is indeed worth it, you go along with your decision abi? Ok so in the bible, after the Magi had found out about the birth of Jesus and Herod was incensed at the thought of a new king. Herod sent his soldiers to Bethlehem and they killed every baby 2 years and under in the city, but God was able to save Jesus because he warned Joseph. So for Jesus to bring us salvation, all those babies had to die? Was it worth it? I say that God is guilty of serious negligence, seeing as he could have prevented such a massacre if he had:
1. Postponed the birth of Jesus Christ.
2. Allowed Jesus to be born in the desert somewhere, so the Magi would never have to cross paths with Herod.
3.Warn every parent in Bethlehem the same way he warned Joseph, why choose to save only Joseph and his family? What fuckerey is that? All those babies dead so the 'Son of God' could live?
And what about the 'salvation' that Jesus brought? Was it worth it? What status quo exactly was changed? There are 2.5 billion christians in the world today, the religion consists of the majority of human beings living on this earth but was is their effect? There was evil before Jesus came, there's still evil after he has left. What exactly changed? People say that he came to offer salvation for eternity and to that I say, how many people exactly in this world will ever taste this eternity? Ask a lot of christians whether they are going to heaven, most of them will tell you that they are 'working at being better people'. Ha.
So my point is this, God as a leader weighed his options right and he decided that it was worth letting all the babies in Bethlehem die, so that his son could bring us salvation. Now my question to blogsville peeps is this, would you have made the same decision??? Be Honest with Thyselfs in this New Year o. Let's say you were a human leader like Obama etc, would you have made that decision?

P.S - Bear in mind that I never ever said that God's decision was either a good or bad one.
Btw did anybody see what happened with Angola and Mali in yesterdays african nation's match? How can a team be leading 4-1 on 83rd minute and with 7 minutes to go concede 3 goals? Say wetin happen? Hmm Enoch don't you think this is enough grounds to believe in 'Juju'? Am just saying o.
Btw I am in full support of the legislation to 'charge' peopl like hikers,mountaineers, etc who get lost/injured while hiking in some faraway place for the cost of 'search/rescue'.Why should tax-payers have to foot the bill everytime some random person gets a serious case of 'manifest destiny fever'/hikin fever'?The Ppl who get lost deserve to be charged for the costs of all the search/rescue operation. Even if they die while up there, their property should be seized and used to pay for the cure.
Btw again lol, we have a new contributor. Homie goes by the name 'El-Divine'.

Friday, January 8, 2010


So I was having a conversation with my very erudite bros who says every nonbeliever is "poor upstairs."In the course of the conversation, I was reminded of the extent to which religious faith trains the mind to accept things without reason. In this case, proof-free belief in supernatural/spiritual phenomena.

On a side note, he offered me an answer to a question I've asked others concerning what I consider a paradox in the concept of on omniscient creator, and I must confess that his answer gave me serious pause. I wanted to know how an omniscient being can find purpose in humans when she knows all; our beginning through to our end. If so, why bother creating us? Bros went like "Have you ever watched a movie you've seen already? Where's the purpose in that? Where do we get off trying to imagine the emotional imperatives of an omniscient being with our stunted minds? O PLeeeze sharap!!" I'm still stumped.

Anyways, as our conversation evolved he made references to his 'spirit' and that got me thinking. How did we come to accept absurd ideas like every human has a spirit as fact? No one has ever observed evidence of his/her spirit. I would think progress in science should have arrested that dogma, but Bros isn't convinced that biology would ever explain his consciousness, and as far as he is concerned, his brain is an instrument through which his spirit controls his body. Nothing more. All that complexity. Nothing but a spiritual receiver of sorts.

Most of my episode with Bros reminded me of a convo I had in school with friends regarding witches and wizards. I still don't understand how engineering PhD students believe that humans fly and convene at 2:00am (i dunno if it's pacific time or central African time) to discuss and plot evil. That these witches/wizards can transmute into different animals (For what purpose, I don't know). That a barely dressed man with chalk markings who thinks raffia clothing ain't faux pas , but an appropriate fashion statement, can call your name into a calabash in his shrine and inflict an ailment or death upon you, remotely, for a small nominal fee from your enemy.

Like most Nigerians, my friends have unshakable convictions about these witch doctors, shrines, black magic, voodoo, and stuff like that, and yet the closest they've ever come to witnessing any supernatural phenomenon is a naija movie. That and umptillions of third hand accounts.

This issue shouldn't deserve more than a chuckle but when a relative's nanny loses her mum and her family members do an 'autopsy' in their heads and conclude the cause of death is a spiritual attack and then proceed to beat a confession out of the alleged perpetrator, chuckle turns to wild choke.

So like I usually ask folks, has anyone around blogsville ever witnessed a supernatural phenomenon? If not, why do you believe second hand accounts?

Monday, January 4, 2010


Lol ok please tell me why I was in good spirits and after reading 'juiceegaal's' blog I almost fell into utter depression? Gmomsy can you see how you have ruined my whole day for me? Na wa o, there are just some blogs one should not read when they are 'happy' lol.
Anywayz I put up a blog post yesterday, but am bored today so I decided to put up another one. This blog post is titled 'I tire' because that is just the state of mind I am right now.
I tire - for some friends
I tire - for dreams and expectations. My parents have this expectations for me, that I am not sure whether I want it or not.
I tire - for family issues. I shall not go further on this.
I tire - for school.
Seriously I am just tired lol. The other day my brother told me that I was a 'failure' because I have no dreams. I don't know why that struck me as strange, why am I a failure because I have no dreams? And yes I actually have no dreams, I don't know what I want to do. All I know is that I want to help human beings, like comfort people, bring them happiness etc. And even though my dream might sound all 'good' and 'nice' to all of you, but to the people that pay for my tuition that dream is not going to be happening anytime soon. I do not want to be the next Obama, or the next Bill Gates, or the next Steve Jobs. I want to be the next Ghandi, or MLK, or Mother Theresa, people who suffered in other to make other people smile.  I want to live a life that has a strong purpose and meaning. I've heard people say that they plan to be like Obama or they want to emulate Obama. I see parents urging their kids to try to be like Obama. And I ask myself, which Obama do they want their kids to emulate? Obama the Harvard-grad or Obama the Politician President? Surely, it can't be Obama the Harvard grad because Obama was not the first black person to graduate from harvard, hence I am going to go with Obama the politician. The question now is, who is Obama the Politician? In order to know that, first we must ask ourselves what politicians represent? The hardest choice any politician has to make is whether to be a 'hypocrite' or a 'liar'. As we can see, Obama has chosen his poison and he has resolved to be a 'liar'. Yes Obama is a liar, I said it and you can reread it again if you want. Look at all the campaign promises he made, he has reneged on almost all of them. Just because he's black does not mean he's not as slimy as the rest. Color of skin does not change a politician. Now to be fair, there is also Obama the Community Organizer. Now if people want to aspire to be that Obama then that is a good thing, but please do not aspire to be Obama the Politician unless of cause you enjoy lying and hypocrisy lol.

So the U.S named Nigeria as part of the countries of 'interest'. Nigerians will now be subject to extra scrutiny and checks at international airports. I heard Nigerians complaining and saying that our dignity is being 'impinged, and we are being thoroughly humiliated. And to that I say, which is worse? Loss of dignity or loss of life? It is better to strip naked at the airport and then be humiliated and then know that you will definitely reach your destination in one piece. Than to keep your clothes on and your dignity and know that you might reach your destination in 'pieces'. Shey una no gree??

Lastly, Genesis 2:2 '...and on the 7th day God rested'.Question:Why would a 'supernatural/divine being' be tired in the 1st place?What is the point of being 'supernatural' if your going 2 get 'tired' like we human beings?God created 'man' on the 6th day,by then he was thoroughly exhausted..Little wonder that we humans turned out 2 be such 'failures'?With all dat 'fatigue'in his system God could not produce a masterpiece @ the end.

My school momsy burramint just made me think about something, does anyone know if it's possible to 'will' away your debts? I mean it should be possible. Afterall, if you can will away your money, you should be able to will away your debts as well.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Happy New Year to all of you.

Ok guys basically I do not have a 'coherent' blogpost to write. All I have is questions that I would really appreciate if people could answer them for me. but quick question before I go on guys, what color of 'Font' is better for you guys? Yellow? White? Green? Just wanted to know.
As you all know, am the guy who has or probably has an opinon about any issue/topic. But there's one topic that I cannot seem to form an opinion of and that topic is GLOBAL WARMING... I do not know what to believe when it comes to this issue. The two sides for and against the argument make very good points. One side says global warming is 'man-made' and that we need to cut down our emissions and go greener, the other side says global warming is not man-made and that the people promoting global warming just want to profit from it. Now awhile back, it was discovered that a group of scientists were forging data regarding this global warming ish. Does that mean that global warming isn't happening? Nope. Does the forgery prove that the people saying global warming wasn't man-made were right? Nope. It just proves that a couple of men thought that it would be better to mislead the whole world. If not because human beings have gotten smarter, these men would probably have gotten away with the whole forgery. Anywayz, me I think that global warming might be man-made but @ the same time I''m weary about the motives of those who harp on continually about it, Al gore said that in 2015 or so all the ice caps will melt. Now if there is one thing I've come to learn it is this, when people try to get you to do something by fear-mongering, it would be wise for one to take a 2nd and 3rd look on what the person is trying to 'sell' you. A lot of people profit by selling 'fear' and if there is another thing I've learnt it is this, in any major crisis there will always be people who benefit from it.
Oya back to the questions I have, they are all 'religion' related btw... So I would appreciate it if someone could provide me with some answers.

1. The bible says God is an 'unchanging' God.'
Is God an 'unchanging' God and if so, why is it that he 'changed' frm being a merciless God in the Old Testament to now being a merciful God in the New TestamentT?What happened?On the other hand just because he is an unchanging God does not mean that he does not have 'mood-swings' abi?And if so,why does it seem like God has human characteristics?Makes me wonder bout who created who in who's image.Did God create man in his own image?Or did man create God in his own image?

If you guys really think about it, you guys will realise that God seems to have a whole lot of 'human characteristics', am not saying he's not 'real' or he does not exist but the bible might have been 'cooked' a little. The same way these scientists tried to forge data, is the same way religious men will forge stuff also. Men lie all the time.

2.The bible says that the Jewish ppl are the 'chosen/favorite' ppl of God.If God were a man would he not be considered 'prejudicial' against other races?Did he not create all the humans on earth?Why play favoritism with one race?
Now I understand how prejudice/racism entered the world.At the end of the day,I draw the conclusion that people who are prejudicial/racist are not bad people,they are simply 'stunting like their maker'. Btw, there is a difference between being 'prejudicial' and being 'racist'. Just thought that I should point that out.

3. Why does it seem like the only people inspired to write the bible were either 'caucasian/Jewish men'? Why were no black men inspired? Or no asian men? or latino men? Or even women. Why weren't any women inspired by God to write the bible? Aren't women 'inspirable'?? Chai, women have suffered in this life. Blame Eve o.

4. Is the bible the only 'word' of God? Can the Koran be the word of God as well? Why can't there be two 'word' of God? Moreover, the bible is a holy book abi? Why is it a Holy book? Some say it is because it offers 'moral guidance' on how human beings should live their lives. Am I then to conclude that every book that offers 'moral guidance' is a holy book?
These are the questions I have guys, I would kindly appreciate it if anybody could provide solid answers to them.
P.S: Again I am grateful for all of you who follow this blog and read my 'writings'. Started out in September 2009 with my fellow contributors and it's been wonderful. I've met some very good people on here, and no I was not plannin on giving any shoutouts, before I forget somepeople's names like I did last time lol. But what I wanted to say is this, through blogger/blogging I have come to meet people with interesting ideas and people holla @ me on my facebook because they saw my writings on here. And they then share their own blogs with me, and I honestly enjoy reading other people's blogs and cherishing the fact that they've decided to share a lil part  of themselves with me. It's a good feeling. Please check out my friend's blog, the babe thinks like me in some ways and I was madly impressed lol. RAYO..