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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


People of Blogsville, blog-nation, blogosphere ...I am El-Divine. Because "truth don die", onsider what we do here then as forensic science...emphasis on 'science'. I emphasise science because observation and proof are what we live by. Anything I say here will be the truth as I see it, so help me God!

First issue I want to raise is exactly how secular is American society, or more specifically, American politics. I single the US out for two reasons. I have studied their system so what ever claim I make will be from direct observation, not hearsay. Second is that when it comes to excluding religion from public service, America makes the most issue of it. So are they really true to their words and ideals? They are, right? Wrong!!!

All that talk of equality, and fairness and judging people only by merit is just that. Talk! In truth, American public service is controlled by two main groups. Democrats n Republicans? Nope! Christian fundamentalists and Jews! Yep, go out there and quote me...i said so. The xtian fundamentalists are the power behind republican party and fox news while the Jews are the engine of the democratic party and hollywood. Doesn't look that way right? I mean, on the surface, America is arguably the most secular nation anyone can think of. But thats just it, at the surface. The actual truth is that the only people whose experience with politics and policy is most devoid of religious sentiment are atheists, minorities and immigrants. And that is why there are so few of them in power, wether corporate or political. They are the pawns of the power game. The true power in the US is being competed for by these two Abrahamic religions. Not shared, competed for.

Recently, Cecil Bothwell, member of the city council in North Carolina faced court action to remove him from office because he "expressed doubt in the existence of God." Now, I believe and know that God is real. But why won't these uppity God-champions even allow their yes to be yes, just as Christ asked us to. They say religion is not an issue, but their actions betray their hypocrisy. Mr. Bothwell is not alone. The easiest way to see yourself out of public office is to declare your atheism. Even people who sympathise with you will melt away becuase atheism is not "politically correct". That is immoral, unjust and truly unacceptable. Before America sneers at muslim nations for their "politics of religion", let them remove the beam in their own eyes. "He without a sin should cast the stone." El-Divine has spoken.

P.S - Sorry I had to make an Edit on El-Divine's post. But please I just had to post this.
Here is a link to the Plan USA website. You can help them rush relief to the children of Haiti.
Please just donate any amount you have. Do your part abeg. Here is the link:


Reine D'Afrique said...

Oh honey, you are so late in the observations.
Do you really think they care?

EDJ said...

Reine I totally agree.

Is this meant to be news? It isn't!

Well I guess this MAY be news to people who live outside the U.S. but seriously...

Anonymous said...

i think it'll do you better to highlight the nothern strangle hold on power in naija before you talk about America.

this is not news at all as e are all hypocrites! glee!!!

miss b said...

Everyone knows this, religious affiliations is the most important driving force in america, it controls money, politics and especially the media. the only truely secular state is probably england

Azazel said...

Lol and for those that did not know, now they know..

Anonymous said...

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leggy said...

yeah and its really funny when they try to sell people 'the american dream'.ha ha ha.funny.

Enoch said...

El-Divine. No mind all these itk ppl. If the gospel is still news to some why not this church-state farce?

Reine D'Afrique said... back

The Messiah said...

We have a black president, but I will really believe the American society has advanced the day we have a Muslim presido...hahah