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Monday, January 25, 2010


I did my bloggers I hate with a passion blogpost the other day, and I forgot to mention VERA EZIMORA.. Let's just say that that was a major ehn fuckup lol, and there are a whole other bloggers I admire that I have not mentioned. When I do I shall remind you of them.

Lol I am pissed no be small. So two of my female friends told me that I am a very 'CYNICAL HUMAN BEING', that me Azazel do not believe in happy endings and that I always see stuff in it's negative light. So I've been thinking about what they said and well I came to the conclusion that I am honestly the sort of person that cannot stand delusions of any kind. And lets be honest and I mean completely honest, a lot of these things we humans do if we dig through each layer and go to it's core we will discover it's really ehm not as great as we make it out to seem. For example take 'Love' it is an awesome feeling and we get happy thinking about the other person and what they represent to us. We appreciate the beauty of our partner, and we love the sex, we love the conversation, we love all those things and they make us happy. But if we were honestly to analyse it, our partner is no different than any man/woman out there. It's just that we just like the qualities that person has more than the other people Idk if am making sense, all am saying is that we human beings really live a cold and painful existence and we need these 'delusions' in other to be happy. Am the kind of person who would rather be mad with 'truth' than sane with 'lies' and somepeople do not get that. It's a shame I guess, and that's the thing about philosophy lol. It teaches one to be unhappy more intelligently. And well back to my problem lol.  I am going to steal with Saucekid said about himself because it represents me also. A lot of people seem to think/assume that I am a 'free bird' or that I am somebody who gives my opinion about a lot of things but the problem about that is that, there are honestly certaain things I can never give my opinion about and I cannot mention them. (Ok this was going to be a blogpost, but I think I just entered into rant mode lol, so bear with me). 'I make friends with people who think that they like me. Then they find out that they can't change me. Then they change and this happens to many many times. And you honestly do not know how weary this makes me of people, because somepeople hear me talk and they love the way my brain works and out of curiosity they choose to 'pick' my brain right. Now some of these people probably agree with me on a certain issue, and they'll say things like 'I love how your able to question people's beliefs and you do not care if you differ with others'. Now everytime people say that to me, I always want to ask them, do you love me as long as I question the beliefs of other people? Or would you still love me if I questioned your own beliefs? See personally I will be honest with yall, there is no belief which I hold close to my heart that I am willing to die for. if you prove to me with logic/reason that my belief is stupid, I will swallow it hook, line and sinker. There is a quote that says ' If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything'. Now that quote is very stupid, the white slave owners who stood for their right to have slaves were wrong, the Hitlers of the world who stood for their right to have a master 'Aryan' race were wrong, so it is sometimes good to stand for somethings and it is also good sometimes to fall for other things.

Every great dictator/tyrant in the world has always had something that have kept people in line. They have always been able to dangle a threat/fear over their subjects that made their subjects obey them out of fear. Machiavelli asked 'Is it better to be feared or loved'? And the answer is, it is better to be feared and Machiavelli was one smart dude. Hitler had his concentration camps, Stalin had his 'gulags' and God has hell. Lets be honest, if there was no hell a lot of us lmao would not give a crap about the almighty. The only reason most of us go to church and do all this stupid religious stuff is because we no wan go hell. Remove hell from the equation and a lot of us have lost the incentive/motivation to be religious. Abi I dey lie?

When some of this yeye preachers go on and on about Jesus died for sins, and sacrificed for us and brought salvation to us so we should worship him and be grateful. Well I am here to say that Jesus hardly made the greatest sacrifice. He knew he would be resurrected anyway'.Anybody would die for the sins of the world if they knew they were goin 2 be resurrected three days later. I mean lets think about it, people like Ghandi/MLK made greater sacrifices than Jesus. They knew that there was a possibility that they could be killed and maimed with no oppurtunity of being resurrected yet they went ahead with it. Jesus knew he would be resurrected yet he cried like a baby to his daddy(GOD) in the garden of Gethsamane praying for God to take away the burden of dying for our sins from him. Honestly I don't get it, what was he crying for? He was going to be resurrected three days later, he was well aware of that. In another day, in another place, with more 'vulgar' people someone could accuse Jesus of being a 'p*ssy*. Just saying. 


sweetness said...

are u kidding me!
thank God for twitter updates oh

Lol at we appreciate the beauty of our partner sex and conversation

Nice post, u always have a wonderful way of coming up with something i dont agree with
which is why i keep coming back here

Nice post!

Azazel said...

Lmao sweetness do not worry, one day one day I will come up with something u agree with

Enoch said...

Azazel, the way you bring the hammer to the nail, Classic!

Azazel said...

Lol enoch I learnt from the Jedi Master.. U o

leggy said... comment oh azazel.

Dark Neo said...

LOL... mehn I will cry like a f**kn P***y if I see the future and they are whipping me and driving nails trough my hands... but that's me... I wont sacrifice myself 4 you anyways.

Humans fabricate too much bullshit to help them carry on in this existence... whateva makes them Happy.

Azazel said...

Lol leggy superwoman..
ahn ahn why no comment?
Dark Neo
lol ahn ahn if u knew the nails would eventually not hurt, come on joh that ish is easy lol.

EDJ said...

Azazel I am truly too tired to thoughtfully reply to your post. I do understand about people thinking they can change you, that's kinda what I wrote my "Journal of Life Genetics, Volume 2" post about. Just do you and everyone will be just fine.

Nice Anon said...

So are you saying these is no such thing as "love" just a figment of our imaginations? Are you then also saying that love is just about liking some things in one person as opposed to the other person? Azazel I am ready to go back and forth with you on this. Bring it!

Nice Anon said...


Azazel said...

Nooo Nice Anon I never said there is nothing like Love but am saying that it is sort of a 'delusion' if u really examine it. I've been in love before, most ppl have.. But the 'core' of the whole thing if u dig deep enough is a lie. Am saying that things like 'love' is what we humans need to be happy. Without that, our existence would be extremely painful.

Azazel said...

EDJ I shall check it out hun

Nice Anon said...

We don't need romantic love to be happy Azazel. Are you telling me now that single folks who are in their 50's and 60's and aren't romantically involved are unhappy people because they aren't in love with someone? Life isn't easy but I don't think it is a painful experience.

Azazel said...

Love itself is not only romantic love..
U can have love for your family, for your friends etc..

LucidLilith said...

I tried. I tried really hard to knock your logic apart and come up with a come back but are right. However, like we say...ignorance is bliss...I just like to believe in a higher power. It makes my life so much easier to deal with.

Azazel said...

Lmao lily how many times will I tell u..
I am not a 'female' I am male for chrissakes lol. Btw lol,, am happy that u couldn't knock the logic.. Yayy for me lol.

Neo said...

this made sense on many levels. i am cynical abt some things and i wont apologise for it, i dont believe in the oh-i-cant-live-without-u-love.

Jesus cried because he was human and i'm sure if anyone else, Ghandi/MLK knew they'd die the kinda death he did they would too.

my logic for believing in a God that other logic doesnt support is derived from the basic facts of my everyday life.

EDJ said...

Lillith I dunno if I have mentioned this, but do you know where I can obtain the puppy/kitten that is in your profile pic? I've been eyeing it for a while now. What breed is it?

Azazel said...

Huh Neo Ghandi/MLK knew what they were getting into, and am not saying crying is a weakness..
But Jesus knew from the onset what his purpose was in life..
But Ghandi/MLK did not grow up thinkin they were going to be civil rights leaders..
Hmm Neo thanks 4 agreein with this o
Neo what are the basic facts of your life? Just because good things or awesome things happen to you does not mean that it is attributed to God?

Azazel said...

EDJ u are not serious..
Instead of u to comment on blogpost, u are here getting info on how to buy a puppy lol.

Anonymous said...

Azazel, you are so funny and your views on life sometimes appear warped.
Your analysis, though credible is too simplistic considering how complex human nature is. I doubt very much that we were preconditioned to be cold and miserable souls, only seeking each other to counter that. Come on, you know that's not true. And to be in love with someone is not a delusion. The delusion is created when you make that person the bane of your existence and cannot envisage a life without them. Most of us are more in love with the idea of love than love itself. We seek love selfishly and not selflessely.

I am definetely with you there regarding people who befriend you and then want to change you. It can be a very daunting experience, that's probably why i like to fly solo and keep so called friends at arms length. I like to just be me and nothing beats that.

Regarding the quote, i believe what its trying to say is take a stance whether good or bad as sitting on the fence or hanging in a limbo will yield no results therefore making others make that decision for you

But you are quite pessimistic sha, why do you always use horrible examples to buttress your point lol!

Regarding Jesus crying, i guess He was human afterall (how ironic) and knowing for a fact that you are going to die/crucified is different from believing it to be a possibility. There are a lot of activists who escaped death by the skin of their teeth even where it seemed at the time a certainty.

Azazel said...

Lol anonymous..
Haha @ why do I have to use bad examples to buttress my point.. But they are examples..
If a pessimist is always right does that make him a realist?
I honestly do believe that we live a cold and painful existence..
Hence why we are forced to create a lot of things such as governments, even civilization etc.. Before all that we were all brutes and ghoulish. Take for example what happened in haiti, do you honestly think if aid had not been sent to those ppl that u would not have seen neighbor killing neighbor for food? Or brother killing brother or father killing son etc??
Now I go through my life consistently aware of all these things, and I must say that they usually make me prematurely disappointed in the future lol. Now does this make me cynical? I highly doubt it, it's hard to be happy 24/7 when you know that the people around you would turn into something else in a different environment and in a different situation.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ there; i believe prior to civilization and the creation of government and the like, humanbeings were happier. It is the advent of the above and our quest for materialsm and incessant greed that has made us miserable. We only need the basics to exist of which has already been provided us. But wanting more has made man think up ways to hurt their fellow men - its a dog eat dog world out there courtesy of capitalism - the rich get richer, the poor either remain poor or look for means to crawl out of their poverty and will do any and everything to crawl out of it. There is a mean determination in our approach to trod on others to get what we want (The Iraq war is a perfect example - this has bred more violence internally and externally).
This goes beyond the survival of the fittest where wars were fought as in the medieval and caveman days, for survival and not for gratitous and superficial reasons that can only be linked to greed and self indulgence.
It is obvious that the more we advance technologically, the less we advance humanely.

Azazel said...

Prior to civilization it was a 'survival of the fittest mentality'.
Agree or disagree?

..Moyo said...

I'd love you both ways :P

And gosh. The last paragraph.
You make a Christian wanna turn athiest.

Azazel said...

Lol Moyo..
*takes a bow*

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

A good medicine tastes bitter. .........................................

Dith said...

LMAO U are so crazy and clearly obsessed with religion. U should go be a religious studies professor or something. While u do raise valid points, ur occasional extremism and over generalization can be*insert whatever*

I do admire your courage tho and u may not be a 'cynical person' but u definitely love to raise dust.
Let us live in our delusions of love and whatnot for they make life easier jare....SOMETIMES lol

Neo said...

MLK and Ghandi envisaged being beaten, forced to carry a cross and then being nailed to it??? i beg to differ, the blessings of civilization would not have accomodated such a colourful imagination.

the basic facts of my life, why do i wake up every morning? why does my body remember to breathe? why doesn't the sky fall down one day? how did we get here in the first place? what happens to the ones that die? it's certainly not me nor u and nobody out there can give me any answers so i'm taking the best i got.

Formerly stealth reader said...

uhm ok first i will disagree with anonymous, i dont think humans were happier before civilization (we are not an evolving race)we all had greed, anger, wickedness, lack of contentment hence our attempt at "civilization" i saw natgeo outlining atrocities past leaders like nero, caesar, cleopatra, shengis etc committed and i am sure if you go back to caveman days! you would find villains only difference? they had to be villains and try their damndest not to be eaten by dinosaurs and lions.............(am not saying civilization has done us good or bad)
ok! about your post azazel! i love reading your stuff and i completely disagree with you, only if i could buttress my point as well as you do hmm!. so i will ask you some questions please?

were you ever a christian?
have you ever met people who God speaks to(i dont mean schizophrenic i hear voices in my head...........i mean God speaking to the heart) people who have inexplainable circumstances that its explanation could be attributed only to the hand of the not talking psychic stuff.
have you ever tried to find God? instead of disproving his existence.
You know you raise very strong points but i would ask you to try and FEEL for his presence but i am sure you will come up with some intelligent quote why feelings arent to be trusted

hmmm i hate leaving extra long comments...look what you made me do!

Formerly stealth reader said...

lol and my jaw dropped when someone insinuated that you were a girl..............................................i was like he had me decieved! that is one ballsy girl! (if you really are FEMALE lol thats cool still)

Azazel said...

Thanks Percy..
I can't seem to read your blog.

Ehn Dith
Lol if I over-generalise you should point out which instances I have and I will correct them.
Neo are u seriously comparin the level of suffering?Jesus never spent time in a Missippi prison, Ghandi went through worse.
Come on now, think better than that.

Azazel said...

Ha Formerly stealth reader..
Come back later today because I am going to address 'it's explanation can only be explained as the hand of the maker'.
Please come back later today and a blogpost will be up.
Of cause I'll come up with reasons why feelings cannot be trusted.. A lot of ppl 'feel' things that they have no business feeling in the first place.
I should feel for God? I would rather feel for the devil

Neo said...

Ur saying that the torture methods of over 2000 years ago are nothing compared to a Mississipi prison that is regulated under some kind of law?? I know there are dirty prison wards that mistreat inmates and all but honestly can u compare that to the savagery that existed 2000 years ago? What it'd be like to be nailed to a cross?
Now you need to think better than that.

Azazel said...

Lol he was whipped, and he was hung on a cross..
A lot of ppl had been hung on crosses before Jesus , crying about it was senseless..
Even before Jesus was born, they use to kill ppl in more gruesome ways..
Are u saying that Jesus was scared of 'dying'?

El-Divine said...

zazl, that was one helluva post. theres so many things that hit the right note, and some i wanna crtique but the one dt hit me esp is the "and God has hell" part of it.
I guess from our perspectv it does seem like hell is a threat God waves over us, but if u come to d true understandin of how the Bible puts hell in d picture u'll see its not. Its like this, ur on a raft, speedin down a river and somewhere downstream is a rocky water fall several feet high. God owns the area so he knows where ur headed and tries to get u to take his hand so he cn get u out. now, wether u accept or decline, one thing is that he dint put u there. its a lil oversimplified but its d basic. and in a way, we're both religion fanatics...while I believe the bible whole heartedly, ur wholeheartedly skeptical of it. but i guess whole hearted skepticism is better than d half hearted anything and dts why i feel u.

Vera Ezimora said...

Now this is more like it. **Vera nods her head in approval** Yay!!! My name was mentioned! As for the rest of the post, no comments. LOL. Obviously, the most important part of the post is the first paragraph. Tehehehe.

Neo said...

Dude, of course he was scared of dying, why else did he beg God? what would have been the point of sending a superhuman(for lack of a better word) to die for the world. what would have been the sense in that? the sacrifice is better appreciated in the light that he was human just like us.

yea people had died like that b4 him, i was giving that eg to counter ur argument on MLK and Ghandi. Neither of them could have contemplated a death like his in their worst nightmares.

Azazel said...

Lol I wouldn't be skeptical of the bible if it was actually proved to be accurate El divine. Trust me boss, I didn't just come out spoutin criticism for the bible. U do not know the kind of background i've had with the bible etc. So trust me, I definitely examined myself.

@ Vera
Lol ahn ahn, one must give honor where honor is due lol.Lol @ ur comment.

Lmao Neo so u don't think Jesus was superhuman? do u want me to provide proof of that? Please say no because right now am really tired lol.