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Sunday, January 24, 2010


How r u people? Please, lets be clear first, if I dont make much sense or make a lot of mistakes, forgive me bcos am at that point when you want to scream out at someone so you just ramble on and on without checking to see how coherent you are.

However, let it be known to you all that I dont scream. Never. I admire those who can let their emotions fly, mine is so cold it just sticks to my chest. When I really need to let anger out I go extra hard on the "!" button. Thats it. And it does work. Like urrrgghh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay, that was a lil too much, who can blame me for being pissed outta my mind? I dont know, but I guess a lot of people have been keeping up with developments in Haiti. I guess the law that makes lightning not strike twice in the same place doesn't apply to earthquakes cos why else should another major quake hit the country just a week after the first?!!!

And why in conscience's sake should some insurance company threaten to pull the insurance on your plane if ur airline flies to haiti for relief, because according to them its not safe?? what kinda morons care about millions of cash than millions of lives, like what is the humanity left in those folks. urrgh!!

wheew!!...i feel slightly better now...but if u know how anger feels u should guess that my veins are still trembling, my legs still tapping on the floor and my fingers straining to type faster than my brain can think, as if that was possible. my mind turns angrily to dwell on Nigeria..the mother of all farces. While we bask in the dysphoria of our new terrorist status and the presidential joke in aso rock, some donkeys xtian n muslim alike are throwing oil into the fire...and roasting themselves in the process. Like they can't say they don't know what is going on, even if they are illiterate, who doesnt know muslims are the best at listening to the radio and xtians best at talking? like, doesn't word get around that we're hitting the lowest of lows as a nation and so even if they have issues they should at least pretend to like each other instead of fighting like barbarians in the name of religion. urrgh!!!..darn, its stuff like this that makes me sympathise with the atheist!!

then, the clowns at the national assembly. Im still smarting at the humiliating search I had to go thtough on my way back too school after the holz courtsey of mr. muta-muta. so what could be more incensing than hearing that someone is pushing a bill to give the mini-terror's father a medal of honor for good parenting because he told the authorities about his son's intent. like, really? what happened to raising a child responsibly so he won't even mess up in thr first place. i believe this dude was busy banking and attending ego-enlarging functions without giving his family priroity. like, muta-muta has a family with many siblings and he grew up lonely. and for that his dad deserves a medal? seriuosly?!!! come on, how much ass-kissing do our legislators wanna give before they realise they've gone beyond foolery, or "fuckery" as azazel terms it and have become national, no international monuments to imbecility. How soon can they keep it up before a whole lot of shit blows into their faces.

Finally, my most angering issue yet. Why, how, when did Nigerians become comfortable with being messed with, being denied their rights and privileges, being stolen from, being lied to, being disgraced by idiotic leaders, when?!!!!! People open their mouths and say shit like "rome was not built in a day and America was once underdeveloped. We will be okay in time" RUBBISH!!!! time is neutral, if u dont do something with it, someone will! They don't wanna do nothing, expecting to wake up one morning to see a whole new nation. I hope the new nation they will see will not look like somalia or sudan. I seriously hope so, because with the way things are now, hope is the only thing left. Hope, and of course anger!

NB: abeg, peeps dont mind me if I wrote a lil too haphazardly. d first thing an angry man kills is finesse. all the same, have a great time y'all.


Dark Neo said...

By brotha no be only you dey provoke.
The worst part is that the ones fighting don't ever kill each other, its innocent Christian/Muslims they go and kill. If only they allocate a brawl area for themselves and declare the fight started... that everyone who wants to fight in the name of their "religion" should go there and kill themselves ... it would be better. Those bastard vagabonds. Don't even get me started on the bunch of illiterate politicians we have.

Azazel said...

And the most annoying thing is that nobody ever knows what causes the fight..
Something stinks about the whole thing, u ask ppl what caused the fight and they don't know.

Suru said...

Nigeria is just going down the wrong path. I don't understand the fights at all like what are they killing each other for?

leggy said...

nigeria is a topic that breaks my heart and makes me want to cry.
im tired of how we are continually going down the drain and all within the span of a year.a year oh!!just a year!!nigerians has this 'e go better; attitude that really makes me crazy.mscheww.dont even get me own is nigeria should better start repairing itself oh before i finish college cos id be really pissed if i cant go back home cos its not safe.

leggy said...

nigerians have*

Azazel said...

Leggy as somebody was telling me, Nigerians are a proud people but we have no SHAME!!!..
That E go better attitude is going to ruin us.

Formerly stealth reader said...

lmao "we are proud and we have no shame" i couldnt help loling and then i felt sad with the ebb of the last hehees'
i just wish no one would unsheath their sword in the first place because once that happens, the kill me i kill you rule enters into a two way domino effect!

Vera Ezimora said...

I can't say I don't understand where you're coming from --- especially with the whole Nigerian situation. You'd think they'd be smart enough to calm themselves down, especially at this time. It's more annoying because no one ever knows the cause of the fight, and if you do know, you'll find out it's something so stupid. God help us.

Reine D'Afrique said...

I have to say, I love a good rant.
Because most of the time, well darling...c'est la vie.
1. politics- once you come to terms with the fact that we are being led by crooks, thugs, thieves, and idiots, life becomes much easier.
2. Nigeria....they are not alone in the whole, we are being robbed blind. show me an African country that has citizens who care enough to fight back for their rights. Not many...most Africans are happy enough not to be led by "imperialistic westerners" that they seat and watch their "fellow" Africans rob them. Its actually not robbing them blind, its more like they are being charitable.

Myne Whitman said...

There is absolutely no reason or excuse for these sorts of things. The crises in Jos is just so senseless it makes me mad. But hey, I can't do anything so I better keep shut.

enziga said...

Lol so true @ Vera..
How can 200 people die and nobody can tell what killed them? That is a serious problem.
@ Stealth
Instead of killing them, they can turn the other cheek and actually for once follow the rules set forth in their holy books.
@ Reine
U are so right, there is this passive attitude among many africans living in africa..
As leggy said, this 'E go better' attitude is going to be our death.
Myne I certainly agree.

Repressed One said...

Wooosaahhhh!! Don't pop a vein oh cos the problems will remain long after...

....the naija problem is one i can't even bare to talk about anymore. It weakens me.

El-Divine said...

ppl..honestly e no easy being nigerian. sometimes, i empathize with the "e go better" preachers cos without it, the only option left for a lot of ppl na "kolomental".
but for us dt r really unsatisfied with the state of things, isnt there something we can all do together...mayb form a youth political party or really do something.

Neo said...

its sad the way evrythin seems to be happenin all at once.

i heard the jos riots were fuelled by disputes over where to rebuild structures destroyed in the last riots.

mw i heard that Goodluck doesnt even want to assume power for fear of threats to his life.

whether we believe in armageddon or not its coming and maybe we'll cause it with our own hands.

Azazel said...

Lol wat a shame..

Anonymous said...

Nigeria is teetering at the brink... God help us. The situation saddens beyond words.