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Monday, January 4, 2010


Lol ok please tell me why I was in good spirits and after reading 'juiceegaal's' blog I almost fell into utter depression? Gmomsy can you see how you have ruined my whole day for me? Na wa o, there are just some blogs one should not read when they are 'happy' lol.
Anywayz I put up a blog post yesterday, but am bored today so I decided to put up another one. This blog post is titled 'I tire' because that is just the state of mind I am right now.
I tire - for some friends
I tire - for dreams and expectations. My parents have this expectations for me, that I am not sure whether I want it or not.
I tire - for family issues. I shall not go further on this.
I tire - for school.
Seriously I am just tired lol. The other day my brother told me that I was a 'failure' because I have no dreams. I don't know why that struck me as strange, why am I a failure because I have no dreams? And yes I actually have no dreams, I don't know what I want to do. All I know is that I want to help human beings, like comfort people, bring them happiness etc. And even though my dream might sound all 'good' and 'nice' to all of you, but to the people that pay for my tuition that dream is not going to be happening anytime soon. I do not want to be the next Obama, or the next Bill Gates, or the next Steve Jobs. I want to be the next Ghandi, or MLK, or Mother Theresa, people who suffered in other to make other people smile.  I want to live a life that has a strong purpose and meaning. I've heard people say that they plan to be like Obama or they want to emulate Obama. I see parents urging their kids to try to be like Obama. And I ask myself, which Obama do they want their kids to emulate? Obama the Harvard-grad or Obama the Politician President? Surely, it can't be Obama the Harvard grad because Obama was not the first black person to graduate from harvard, hence I am going to go with Obama the politician. The question now is, who is Obama the Politician? In order to know that, first we must ask ourselves what politicians represent? The hardest choice any politician has to make is whether to be a 'hypocrite' or a 'liar'. As we can see, Obama has chosen his poison and he has resolved to be a 'liar'. Yes Obama is a liar, I said it and you can reread it again if you want. Look at all the campaign promises he made, he has reneged on almost all of them. Just because he's black does not mean he's not as slimy as the rest. Color of skin does not change a politician. Now to be fair, there is also Obama the Community Organizer. Now if people want to aspire to be that Obama then that is a good thing, but please do not aspire to be Obama the Politician unless of cause you enjoy lying and hypocrisy lol.

So the U.S named Nigeria as part of the countries of 'interest'. Nigerians will now be subject to extra scrutiny and checks at international airports. I heard Nigerians complaining and saying that our dignity is being 'impinged, and we are being thoroughly humiliated. And to that I say, which is worse? Loss of dignity or loss of life? It is better to strip naked at the airport and then be humiliated and then know that you will definitely reach your destination in one piece. Than to keep your clothes on and your dignity and know that you might reach your destination in 'pieces'. Shey una no gree??

Lastly, Genesis 2:2 '...and on the 7th day God rested'.Question:Why would a 'supernatural/divine being' be tired in the 1st place?What is the point of being 'supernatural' if your going 2 get 'tired' like we human beings?God created 'man' on the 6th day,by then he was thoroughly exhausted..Little wonder that we humans turned out 2 be such 'failures'?With all dat 'fatigue'in his system God could not produce a masterpiece @ the end.

My school momsy burramint just made me think about something, does anyone know if it's possible to 'will' away your debts? I mean it should be possible. Afterall, if you can will away your money, you should be able to will away your debts as well.


juiceegal said...

Awwwww G'son i din't mean to make u depressed.
No you're not a failure, i'm surprised you are friends with burramint and you still think you are, for 3 years she din't kno what she wanted too, look at her now, she's enjoying her major and her minor thoroughly and she's so happy. So just take your time, wanting to help people is more than enough, so just take your time okay. (((Hugs)))

Azazel said...

hugs lol.
Hopefully I find something.

Gee said...

hahahha juiceegal's post must hve been pretty depressing--LMAO!
u will b well o!

Original Mgbeke said...

It would be quite funny to will away your debt to some unsuspecting individual. Hahahaha
I feel you jare, make Naija people sharrap...dignity ko, dignity ni.

leggy said...

nigerians need to get off their high horses on dignity..when people talk i laugh, tomorrow im flying home with my green me oh as long as i end up on that flight and fly with the 'pure' people,whats the big deal?

miss.fab said...

Well you know what you want to do... Clearly you have dreams. So they aren't specific enough yet, but at least you have something you're aspiring to be.

Lmao @ willing away your debt. That would be so hilarious. I can just picture a whole family at the will-reading waiting to hear who got what and then being stuck with some ridiculous debt. Hahahaha

Azazel said...

Geee lol u should go read it..
Mgbeks I can see somebody like u doing such a thing lol.
Lol leggy exactly my point o.
Miss fab lol, shey I can will my debt to u? lol

JuaNita said...

I second with miss. fab, you got dreams, infact no mind your enemy-of-progress bro sha. Haha!! Will away your debts..classic

Lady X said...

I don't think the post was depressing o! I think it's just all part of you being tired! You DO have a dream actually. You said "I want to live a life that has a strong purpose and meaning." That's a dream.

HYAW said...

you dont have a dream... that's a bold admission, there are so many people who dont have a dream and who keep prefer lying to themselves about how they want to be the next Einstein, as if i care.

..Moyo said...

I used to be like that. Well I stll am but my 'dreams' have covered a majority of that will to help people, to be the next Ghandi and Mother Teresa. I don't want to disagree or cause a comflict or anything but the world isn't depending on good people anymore. I don't know but let's say like 20% still have good intentions while the other 80, pfft, everyone is fighting for survival.
On the terrorist thing, my mummy said I shouldn't even put my mouth in those discussions. Because uhm, the Americans that are talking about Nigerian terrorists, they had their own share of the game during the 9/11 and that calling them terrorists is quite pointless because it's not terrorism, it's a world led by/with ideology. The people who want to bomb places/planes were taught by someone and terrorism is all they know so all na ideology.
I lost my point and all but yeah ... Gosh.

Suru said...

lol about the willing away debts and u do have dreams it sounds like u just don't know how to make them into reality just yet.

burramint said...

why am i just reading this? i think we are due for a telephone convo soon...
will call u soonest

acoording to islamic willing n all i think your brothers are supposed to pay ur debt... not sure.. dont quote me oh

Enoch said...

very nice post.

I think dreams suffer from the same misunderstanding knowledge does. You know when people say "knowledge is power" when what it should be is "applied knowledge is power" same for dreams.

Even mad men have dreams. The real conflict is striking the balance between what is achievable and what inspires motivation and joy in your heart. Most people find comfort in one of those extremes.

But that na just my view sha.

LucidLilith said...

First of all, YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE. You have not even started out in life yet...what in goodness name is your brother talking about. Wait until you are 57 in a dead end job then decide whether or not you are a failure.

Neo said...

having no dream is better than having a dream that is just that - "a dream" most pple with dreams do nothin to actually see them come to life. so blive me ur better off than most.

technically some ppl will their debts, they die and the debtors come and carry their survivors ppty or in some cases the survivors.

Rene said...

u made sense about d stripping and ariving in on piece
no one is a failure

Azazel said...

Thanks Juanita
Thanks Lady X
Hyaw yep it's definitely hard for me to admit sometimes.

Azazel said...

@ Moyo
U are so right when u say the world isn't depending on good people anymore..
Which is what somewhat frustrates me, but @ the same time these good people do not give up, they keep on striving
Thanks Suru lol

Azazel said...

Thanks Burramint, and yeah pick up ur fone when ur not busy and call a brova..
Baba Enoch mehn, this ur logic as always is on point.
It definitely should be, applied knowledge is power.
Damn so true @ The real conflict is striking the balance between what is achievable and what inspires motivation and joy in your heart. Most people find comfort in one of those extremes.

Dude I think u just hit it on the mad nail for me.

Lol thanks Neo and thank u as well Rene.. Much appreciated

GMAK said...