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Friday, January 22, 2010


Yesso, you definitely read the title of this post right. It says 'Hate' lol and seeing as everybody on here was doing the 'bloggers i like/admire' I decided to ehn change it up a lil bit. But seriously though, I just realised that everytime a blogger does one of these things, they have to go get the link of the person they admire. So if i admire 20 bloggers I have to go to their blog and get the link to their blog? Mehn especially in this cold, my fingers go freeze. Anywayz, let me give you guys my list lol. First up is:

Ludilith - Lmao this is a serious plug in because I love lily with a passion, but honestly hun with a name like yours.. It's so easy to forget it lol.. Pele
Myne Whitman - Honestly though with her yeye stories? Lol jk o. A heart to mend was on point and Myne really reminds me of a matron and she is the matron of blogsville. She honestly visits as many blogs as she can and it really is not easy lol. Gotta love her.

Sugarbelly - Lol the controversial queen of blosgsville. The babe is honestly allergic to 'fact-checking'. But she's a good sombori lol.

Bubbles- That one is a bully from head to toe. But she aight lol, she was one of the first people to follow this lil blog of mine. And for that she is appreciated.

Wait before I go on, I just forgot the remaining people I wanted to mention. Chai, wahala dey o. I really do not want to forget anybody. Ok Ok I will try and continue but please if I forget anybody, do not hold it against me.

Miss B - Ha, I remember the first time I stumbled on her blog lol, come and see this huge ass story this thing was like 5 pages.But I managed to finish it sha, because the post was that interesting.She's a cool sombori.

Solomonsydelle - Grandmama of blogsville hands down, she's a cool person in my opinion.

Sugarking - Funny dude lol, extremely funny.

Sir Scribbles - Anybody that supports Manchester United is funny in my opinion.

Talkaholic - I and this guy go way way back. Good blogger.

Enoch - Ha if i tell una the awe I hold this guy in, it will span 4 more blogposts. To say that this homie is smart is an understatement. But there are a few people like Enoch in our world, but most of them never enter leadership positions.. So sad lol.

Miss Fab - Lol she's to funny and I love her stories.. 

fabuola - She writes good stories as well.. Awesome stories lol

EDJ - Ha funny babe, and her blog is really nicely laid out. She has her strong opinions.

Reine - my non nigerian friend she really loves her politics lol.

Lady X - Lol I never understood why a person can have all the other letters in the alphabet and settle on X? So cliche lol, why not settle on Lady W or something lol. jk. She's a good blogger and she was one of the first people who supported a brova.

David  - I stumbled on this guy's blog, late in the game but this homie is funnyyyy.. Gotta love his blog.

Ha fuckup I almost forgot about these two lol.

Nice Anon and Original Mgbeke - These two I honestly feel should be sisters or best buddies. They are really that funny lol.

Bob-Ij - she got class lol. Loved her latest blog post..

Miss O- My big sis lol, she's always had my back.

Juiceegaal - Lol my god-momsy she's the bestest lol.

 Burramint- My school momsy she's hella cool.

Leggy - hands down one of the best bloggers on blogsville. Nuff said lol, but sometimes sha she can be annoying. Just sometimes lol.

Ms Dufa - gotta love this babe

So yeah guys that brings us to the conclusion of all the bloggers I hate. Now to the blogger I love with a passion, this guy's blog is awe-inspiring. To say that blogsville would be dead without this dude is an understatement.
Here is his blog - Unknown Blogger


Bubbles said...


LucidLilith said...

I feel dissed and dismissed. I did not make the 'hate' list. shiyiiiit!

Azazel said...

Ha lily u need to read this list again..
Bubbles who is loving u???

Enoch said...

Funny guy.

U don come now. Me smart? When I walk with a limp straining under the weight of a brain that's daft.

Nice post though.

EDJ said...

If blogsville is having awards is there a category for Most likely to get shot by an Avid Christian? cos Azazel would win that hands down. 2nd runner up Enoch.

Thanks for the shoutout.

OmoIbadan Tuntun said...

Lol....I hope I can stay blogging and not lapse into a relapse again...nice piece:D

Tayne said...

lol, kolomental boy. funny but apt blog post. I cosign 97%.

leggy said...

lmao...i feel thoroughly hated.

Azazel said...

Lol thanks guys
*eyes tayne*.. Wat are u holding on to the other 3% for? lol

TayneMent said...

the 3% is for the bloggers you mentioned that I don't know, so I can't agree with you because I no know.

..Moyo said...

lol "sometimes sha she can be very annoying. Just sometimes" I like the honesty sha.

But you have issues at the "unknown blogger" bit. And I fell for it. Hmph.

Azazel said...

looooooooooooool oh ok.. U are to wise lol

Original Mgbeke said...

Wait o, Azazel...Nicey m and I are not after thoughts o, imagine. Bigz babes like us ke? LOL.
Aniwoos nice list, I co-sign some and haven't read the others. Good to see that you and Leggy kissed and made up, Hahahaha.

Rene said...

haha....good title!

Lady X said...

Look at your big head. Next time you will look for who will help you pick a new name. Nonsense! In fact I hate you too. LOL!

Azazel said...

Mgbeks u two can never be afterthoughts. Ahn ahn u should know the ppl who come last are the special ones lol. Lady X loool soweee. Thanks Rene

Neo said...

see me rushing here hoping to see some beef boiling over the pot...*hiss*

@Edj, now i wld shoot Enoch first, or if i cld manage to get them with the same bullet, now that'd be smth:)

AlooFar said...

Wow, you have an amazing blog here.
Will keep coming.

EDJ said...

Lol @ Neo, nna this isn't Wanted. You cant get two people with one bullet!

Myne Whitman said...

Azazel! have really entered my hit book. LOL. You and your controversial self, LOL. Have a nice weekend dear.

Azazel said...

Lmao Neo hahahahahah ahn ahn na so the hate reach..
Thanks Myne
Thanks Aloofar
EDJ if u shot the bullet @ close range u probably could

Nice Anon said...

special ko? if that was your point then my dear you didn't get it across at all. na wa o! This kind special shoutout.

I agree though Enoch is one smart dude

JuaNita said...

Ah Azazel, taking an interesting (abi o) topic and twisting it as such. Infact I don comot, lmao!

Neo said...

ahn ahn azazel, i was jokin, u know i kabash on ur behalf everyday, why wld i want to shoot u? :)

Azazel said...

Lol Nice Anon that's how my own speciality works o..
Juanita na so we see am lol..
Neo don't worry i forgiveth u lol

Ms.O said...

hehe! calling you now!

Sugarking said...

Brrrrappp!!!! Gbaski post! and I'm on here too!!! Cheers bruv. U too much!

..Moyo said...

sugarking, hah honestly, who still says brap eh?
Leave it for the forsaken British children jare.


oh yeah? Who you calling a grandmama? Fine, young babe like me, so?

Well I hate you too!!!

*sticks tongue out at you*

Just kidding, you know its nothing but love, Azazel. I love reading your blog because you make me think critically and laugh a lot too!

Anonymous said...

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CerebrallyBusy said...

lol...i like what u said about leggy :)

CerebrallyBusy said...

oh n about the unknown blogger smh cheii lol

Azazel said...

Thanks Solomon
Thanks Sugarking lol..
And Moyo help me ask him who still says brap
Lol thanks Cerebralusy lol I keep it honest most of the time

ktravula said...

I'm guessing that you don't hate my blog with enough passion, then ;) :D

Fabulo-la said...

Awww! I feel loved! ;D

Vera Ezimora said...

Vera exists the building...

.... ANGRY!

Reine D'Afrique said...

wow...okay, so I made the cut YAY.
To be hated is always a sign of making in, if no one hates you, then you are not doing your job.

I feel I should mention two things here
1....I am you only non-nigerian friend, you might need to expand that horizon babe

2. You have really overemphasized on Enoch there....he is a little bit of contradiction...but promising intellectual, with a bit of class, and a bit of bite to him

The Psychologist said...

Am jealous!!!

Azazel said...

Lmao Reine ahn ahn @ ur comment about Enoch.
Lol Vera o..
Have mercy on me.. sigh
Lol psychologist ur jealous because I did not hate u?

Sugabelly said...

omg lol!!! Don't worry, I hate you too!!



Azazel said...

Lol sugabelly u finally grace my blog with your presence lol. Awesome.

The Messiah said...

I know the talkaholic