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Saturday, January 16, 2010



I was watching CNN while writing this post, and they were showing how the Haitian people were fighting for the food/aid/water that had been 'air-dropped' to them. And the whole scene really affected me, it completely showed me the animalistic/brute nature of man. Please we should be grateful for civilization/government everyday of our lives, because without civilization it would definitely be 'survival of the fittest'/Anarchy 24/7. Those Haitian people have gone without food for four days, some of them even longer. E go remain small and most of them will start eating the meat of the dead people around them. It's so saddening. I watched the 'Book of Eli' last night, that movie was WACK. If not because of Mr Denzel Washington and the respect I have for the homie, I would give that movie a solid F.

Anyhoo, there is something that some 'girls' do that really really ANNOYS THE FUCK outta me. So there's this babe who said that she would go 'crazy' if her boyfriend was ever to be away for 3 weeks. Saying that she would be 'crazy' simply because her boyfriend was no longer around was the height of stupidity for me. How can you honestly say that you'll go mad because a man is no longer around for a couple of weeks? So wetin go come happen if your boyfriend were to die then? Would she commit suicide?? Honestly, it's not healthy when some babes talk like that, it really is not.

Anyhoo unto the main topic sha lol, isn't it funny how with almost every post I write. I talk about two or three different things first before I go to the main 'TOPIC'?? I do not know why I do that. But anywayz what I wanted to talk about was the fact that God almighty has honestly been scorned somany times by his 'chosen/favorite' people the 'Jews'.. Am sure most of you who have read the bible can recall how many times God was scorned/disrespected by the 'Jews'... Everytime, they would stop worshipping him and go and start worshipping Idols, this happened like upto 18 times in the bible. It just got me wondering sha, what kind of God is unable to garner even a single morsel  of 'consistent respect' from the people he deemed as his 'chosen ones'?? Like seriously, if you think about this really well, God is almost like a woman who has been scorned countless times by her adulterous/cheating husband yet she still takes him back everytime he runs crying back to her. What advice would most of us give to such a woman? Would we not ask that such a woman dump the man? And if the woman rebuffed our advice would we not lose serious respect for such a woman? I mean lets think about this constructively, the other 'tribes' of people on earth represent other possible 'men' the woman could have picked. Yet she picked the 'Jewish tribe' to be her main man, yet time and time again she has been respected by this 'man/jews'. Even after God supposedly sent his 'Son of God' to the Jewish people they disrespected him again by killing his Son? Na wa for this kind of fuckerey in high places. Do you know that till today, most Jewish people are still waiting for the Messiah? Anywayz, my point is this, it really worries me that a people who have been closer to God more than any other 'people' on earth have never given him the respect he 'supposedly deserves'. I mean, if the Jewish people never deemed God worthy of their consistent respect, why should we? If God were a woman who continually welcomed back her cheating husband everytime he came back, wuld such a woman not be suffering from mugurity/mumurity of the highest order? Some serious self-esteem issues lol.
Lol, this last segment for the post was written because I was 'musing' about the whole thing, but I would appreciate if some creative//imaginative minds could appreciate where I was coming from. If you still do not get the point of the whole ish, then amma 'shrug' and ask you to seek Jesus fervently.
So am talking to my aunty right, and she believes that gay people are 'immoral/demonic' and she'll keep praying for them until they come out from the influence of that demon in them. Lol all I can do is sigh, I tried to convince her of the folly of her ways but to no avail. It's all good sha, afterall the bible says 'Love thy neighbor as yourself... but if your neighbor happens to be gay...Shoot dat MOFO!'
Fanatic Atheists annoy the heck out of me... I and blasphemy where just talking about this yesterday.. There are some atheists you'll meet who really detest everything and everyone religious. They consider religious people to be fools and ignorant. But honestly what sort of stupid approach is so daft. We are all human beings, no matter what our religious affliation is. If both religious and non-religious people cannot see/appreciate that, this our world is never going to be a better place. I forget who said this quote but it goes like this, "I've met good people who believed in God and I've met good people who did not belive in God.. But I've never met good people who did not believe in 'people'.. And that is what it is right there, I honestly do not care if people are religious or non-religious as long as they appreciate the humanity of every single human being on earth.


Nice Anon said...

Is it safe for me to assume that when girls say they'd go "Crazy" they mean that not literally but in a iwillmisshimawholelot sort of way? I don't think anyone would literally go nuts before their partner isn't around.

It is like saying to someone you are in love with" I cannot live without you" it isn't literal.


Nice Anon said...


Azazel said...

Lol nice anon are u on twitter/????
Nice Anon haven't u heard of casses where ppl commit suicide because their partner died??
Lol but I get thy point lol

Nice Anon said...

@Azazel noiamnotontwitterwhydoyouask? lol

whatever happened to controversy?

Azazel said...

Lol controversy is dead and gone.. sniff sniff..

Enoch said...

If you use the word uncritical now, they bring the pain.

Azazel said...

Lmao hahahaha ENoch..
Seriously they bring the pain.

leggy said...

lol...about the jew ish...that is why God is a merciful God.
and about the girls who said they will go crazy, they never jam.
the atheist i know are really nice people and i seriously hope i never meet the fanatics.

Azazel said...

Lol the fanatics suck leggy. Lol mmhm @ God being a merciful God. Only to those he ehn favors


hmmm...I have to mention your comments on Haitians fighting for food. Please do not forget that that is a sight you would see anywhere, in fact, we saw it in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. "Civilization/government" has nothing to do with it, you know. I just think about what would happen if a disaster of that magnitude hit Naija - what would be the response from authorities? Anyway, I just didn't want to pass by without noting that Haitians might be poorer than others but they don't display any characteristics that most wouldn't display under similar circumstances.

And, Azazel, God is indeed merciful to those he favors. Quite ironic isn't it? But, I still dey pray for mercy sha, ironic or not. =)

Azazel said...

Yep Solomon I agree ...
I did not think that I implied that only Haitians would respond in that way.. I was just talking about the depths humans would slip to in a situation such as that..

Neo said...

the girl prolly didnt mean it literally tho but then again...

d haiti ish is just so sad, saw some dude abt to stab someone on the front page of the Metro today. such devastating tragedy can bring out the beast in pple.

Myne Whitman said...

I also saw those Haiti videos and I grieved for humanity. I hope they pull out of it with time. I was the same after the Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina.

As for God, he is a forgiving God, abi?

Azazel said...

Lol Myne He only forgives those he favors. Neo lol it really does being out the beast in people.

Anonymous said...

Azazel as much as i struggle with my faith and i sometimes mock the ardently religious, i would advise that it is important you don't mock God directly or peoples idea of him. It shows a lack of respect and a sign of ill breeding. Were you ill bred? i doubt it, so please apply the manners that your parents taught you.

Now you talk as though forgiveness is such a bad thing. I mean even for us mere mortals, it is still the most noble of things to ever do. Ask Mandela, he forgave what the average man and even the most fervent of xtians will find difficult to forgive. How many times have you wronged your parents? did they disown you as a result? or did they love you less? you think a wife who forgives her adulterous husband is a mumu?how naive of you! i suppose your mum (if she's still with ur dad) is one as well.
Do you end relationships because of multiple wrongs? if you do, then perhaps,you exist on earth as an island. I urge you with all my loving caring heart to let not your naivete be your very own undoing.
Again as far as i know, the Jews are the ones who wrote their story and called themselves the favoured one. God never said so(at least i did not hear him say so), not even Jesus.
As far as i know, as long as you believe as Jesus did (and the jews) in your own divinity, then you will be more than conquerous. It has a lot to do with self belief, and once you believe that nothing is impossible and you apply yourself accordingly, you will move mountains and travel to space and do what would otherwise have been thought of as impossible.And bythe way, this has nothing to do with your religion but everything to do with self belief...
The Jews like every other race have had their own fair share of problems and are not excluded from trials, tribulations and adversity.
You forget how according to the old testament they suffered for their unbelief and sinful ways. But you are quick to speak as though somehow God let them get away with murder. Oh no! He gave as good as He got and much more, hence the reason why they kept running back, and of course like we humans pardon those who show remorse, so will the good Lord pardon them. Now that does not make Him a mugu, does it? Please next time don't be such a twit, making yourself look stupid in order to discredit other people's belief.

I advised you in your last post to stop harrassing God, but you won't listen... soon He will make you eat your words (lol). It is better you remain in disbelieving bliss. Although, as i suspect you actually do believe (but like myself is struggling), then it will do you a whole lot of good to be quiet as your utterances reveals your true state of mind.

More importantly deal with those issues that has made you turnaway from God/xtianity and stop blaming Him for them by understanding that we exist in a less than perfect world, and both good and bad, rich and poor will always be amongst us. As much as you believe in the goodness of man, don't forget that man possesses a depth of wickedness that will horrify even our creator.

@Enoch, i sent you a message. Perhaps you sent me a faux addy.

Azazel said...

Huh @ the Jews were the ones who wrote their story so it should not be believed? Really? U have got to be kidding me. smh @ u tellin me to respect God. U are assuming that he is worthy of my respect. U also assume that I actually believe in a God to begin with. This was a satirical piece and I shall not apologise for my statements. moreover please read the bible again about u saying the Jews claimed that they were the favored ones. Really?

Anonymous said...

@Azazel, you misunderstand me.It is irrelevant whether you respect God or believe in Him. It doesn't matter if you feel He is unworthy of your respect. But what matters is that you respect the position those who believe and worship him.

What you are doing is akin to me insulting your earthly father before you just because i don't respect him or regard him as worthy of my my respect. How will you react in that situation. The same goes for those who are verbally abusive towards gay people just because they find their lifestyle abhorrent.

My point being that you are displaying the same sort of ignorance you accuse the xtians of displaying. The fact you don't believe in a God does not is not evidence that he does not exist. It is okay to make your choice but when you start mocking him so boldly before His followers, that is provocation. It is important you guard your tongue or rather fingers in this case. Perhaps if xtians displayed the sort of extremism that some muslims display, there will be a fatuwa on your life right now lol! Just be careful.

Azazel said...

Lol @ fatwa. Hmm I do not think I mocked God in this post. The difference between my earthly father and God is That u can actually see my earthly father. I cannot go around respecting the figments of people's imaginations. I give credibility to their delusions

EDJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
EDJ said...

"Perhaps if xtians displayed the sort of extremism that some muslims display, there will be a fatuwa on your life right now lol! Just be careful."

Anonymous must be living in a parallel universe far far away from the Pat Robertson's of this world. I'll have you know Christian extremists are alive and well.

"It shows a lack of respect and a sign of ill breeding."
Is this you NOT insulting Azazel's parents? I must have missed something.

Anyway, as far as the Jews. Many of these christian extremists (the ones that Anonymous doesn't believe exist) have claimed that the holocaust was payment to the Jews for all their "bad behavior".

IMHO, that is utter bullshit, but I'm just offering information that I have heard from "christians".

God is merciful and forgiving, and I will venture far enough as to say that the same reason why God does not strike down every person with a moral failure, is the same reason why God does not punish everyone that disrespects him.

"Do you know that today, most Jewish people are still waiting for the Messiah?"
Yes, I believe that is what makes them JEWS as opposed to CHRISTians.

"it really worries me that a people who have been closer to God more than any other 'people' on earth have never given him the respect he 'supposedly deserves."

Why? Are you considering Judaism?

"if the Jewish people never deemed God worthy of their consistent respect, why should we?"

There is no "we". You don't believe in God. Jewish people deem God worthy of their respect, and throughout their history there have been times when they were not on their "best behavior" because they are HUMAN.

Azazel your analogy with a woman in abusive relationship is actually not the correct one. The analogy should be that of a mother and child. Parents take a lot of abuse from their children, whether on purpose or not, but that doesn't stop them from being parents.

Azazel said...

Lol I hear u EDJ

Anonymous said...

@ EDJ, i am yet to hear of a situation where a christian declared a 'fatwa' on a person's life just because he disrespected God or Jesus. I never said extremists christians did not exist. Please lets keep things in context.

And yes, you were definitely missing something in your second quote as you failed to quote the whole comment. I wrote and i quote below:

"It shows a lack of respect and a sign of ill breeding. Were you ill bred? i doubt it, so please apply the manners that your parents taught you".

Now i hope you figured out what you missed. As i am not sure how the above constitutes an insult to Azazel's parents. Next time, read properly before you start defending the seemingly 'defenceless'. Thanks

EDJ said...

"i am yet to hear of a situation where a christian declared a 'fatwa' on a person's life just because he disrespected God or Jesus."

What about a Christian declaring "fatwa" on a person's life for no reason? Does that help? Case in point, Reverend Wiley Drake who prayed/prays for the death of Obama, and said that the murder of Dr. George Tiller was an answer to his prayers. Is that not the sort of "extremism that some muslims display?" Unless you would like to attempt to justify such madness.

"It shows a lack of respect and a sign of ill breeding. Were you ill bred? i doubt it, so please apply the manners that your parents taught you"

I didn't miss anything. You insulted his parents by bringing his "breeding" into question. Was THAT necessary?
How is it a sign of "ill breeding" to have a different opinion? I don't even understand how he was mocking God in the first place. You could have gone the entire length of your comment without dragging anyone's upbringing into this.

I am not trying to defend Azazel from you, even though this statement you made:
"you think a wife who forgives her adulterous husband is a mumu?how naive of you! i suppose your mum (if she's still with ur dad) is one as well."
was another completely unnecessary addition.

I am simply defending common sense from your attempt to murder it with your comments.


El-Divine said...

I've listened to you all and I've realised how difficult it is for two people to see one reality in the same way.
heres my two cents: God is not partial. Never has been, never will be. So he forgave the Jews when they mess up? He said, if anyone confessed their sin I will forgive them. its like 2+2=4. Jew or gentile, confess, I will forgive. What is the flip side? Hold on to ur sin and i will punish, same law, wether u r jew or gentile. You rememeber all the times he forgave them, dont u also know when he punished them? the snakes in the wilderness, exile, destruction of jerusalem, subservience to ruler after ruler from philistines and assyrians to romans. and what about the times he forgave gentiles...jonah and nineveh, nebuchadnezzer, and others. the underlying rule is confess ur sin and repent and i will forgive. God is actually consistent that way...and if u think its low self esteem, then i wonder what u consider as love.

LucidLilith said...

@Anonymous: I don't agree with Azazel 100 percent but I support her right to muse/ponder life and spirituality and voice opinions. I don't see it as Harassing God. God's a big boy/girl and can take care of him/herself.

Who knows...maybe this is her way of finding a path to her truth which may or may not be in Christianity.

Who knows whether God exists or not. I believe so...I have my reasons. I have a relationship with God but it is personal and non-combative. I don't roll my eyes when people have different ideas.

Next time you feel like defending God, volunteer at a soup kitchen where people really need help...SHOW real Christianity don't TELL us about it.

Azazel said...

Lol thanks EDJ
I did not really take offence to what anonymous said, maybe it's because i've gotten so used to adversity I do not even realise when people insult me as much as I use to. But thanks o..
Lily lol, thank u also. But I am 'male' not female lol

Anonymous said...

@ EDJ, i will gladly murder commonsense if this is your best attempt to defend it. If you insist that i insulted his parents, perhaps you have to agree that in the same way Azazel feels that God is not worthy of his respect, is the same way i feel his parents are not worthy of mine. I suppose that's fair enough, right?

Now don't go telling me what you feel is necessary and unecessary as it is not your place to dictate my comments.

@ lucid lilith, perhaps you failed to have a lucid moment and your head is now filled with a lot of air. I mean what hole did you crawl out from? Who is defending christianity? did i tell you i was a christian? and even if i were one, do you know me well enough to understand whether or not i demonstrate christian values through my personal actions?

What do you mean by your r/ship with God is non combative? Do people have combative r/ships with God? I really don't understand what you are talking about. I think you've taking my comments too literally because in reality can anyone really harass God?

Please stop trying to defend Azazel as from his comments and controversial posts, he can fight his own corner well well.

Azazel said...

Lol exactly how I felt anonymous..
Really didn't think anyone is obligated to show me respect hence why I did not throw a tantrum when u did.
Someppl may say it's classless but that's their own opinion.