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Monday, January 11, 2010



My people how una dey? Mehn I've been MIA for a min now, my apologies. A lot of things have happened in this lil life of mine and honestly it sucks that I cannot share it with yall because I am a paranoid sombori lol. But I will say that after what has happened to me over the past two weeks, I have a new respect for 'religions' and people who have faith. Usually when I ask questions, I usually group all christian people and try to make them look stupid but this is not true. There are a lot of good christian people of faith out there, who do not agree with the anti-gay stance of the church and of other matters. It is important that I separate the good enlightened ones from the deluded ones. Very important.

Tell me why I've been listening to 'Everything is Everything' by Lauryn Hill. The song just dey ginger me o, I am just on that 'patience' tip. Before I use to do gra gra and try to get people to change through my arguments but now I feel that with patience, love, and gentle persuasion people will eventually change. Shey una no gree? If people no wan change after all this, the next best thing to do is to send them to their maker on express train.
Anyhoo, just because I have a new-found respect for religions/faiths does not mean I will stop asking questions o and with that we come to our topic for the day lol.
'As a leader, sometimes you are faced with tough choices and you have to weigh the consequences of the choice you have to make and if you decide that the choice is indeed worth it, you go along with your decision abi? Ok so in the bible, after the Magi had found out about the birth of Jesus and Herod was incensed at the thought of a new king. Herod sent his soldiers to Bethlehem and they killed every baby 2 years and under in the city, but God was able to save Jesus because he warned Joseph. So for Jesus to bring us salvation, all those babies had to die? Was it worth it? I say that God is guilty of serious negligence, seeing as he could have prevented such a massacre if he had:
1. Postponed the birth of Jesus Christ.
2. Allowed Jesus to be born in the desert somewhere, so the Magi would never have to cross paths with Herod.
3.Warn every parent in Bethlehem the same way he warned Joseph, why choose to save only Joseph and his family? What fuckerey is that? All those babies dead so the 'Son of God' could live?
And what about the 'salvation' that Jesus brought? Was it worth it? What status quo exactly was changed? There are 2.5 billion christians in the world today, the religion consists of the majority of human beings living on this earth but was is their effect? There was evil before Jesus came, there's still evil after he has left. What exactly changed? People say that he came to offer salvation for eternity and to that I say, how many people exactly in this world will ever taste this eternity? Ask a lot of christians whether they are going to heaven, most of them will tell you that they are 'working at being better people'. Ha.
So my point is this, God as a leader weighed his options right and he decided that it was worth letting all the babies in Bethlehem die, so that his son could bring us salvation. Now my question to blogsville peeps is this, would you have made the same decision??? Be Honest with Thyselfs in this New Year o. Let's say you were a human leader like Obama etc, would you have made that decision?

P.S - Bear in mind that I never ever said that God's decision was either a good or bad one.
Btw did anybody see what happened with Angola and Mali in yesterdays african nation's match? How can a team be leading 4-1 on 83rd minute and with 7 minutes to go concede 3 goals? Say wetin happen? Hmm Enoch don't you think this is enough grounds to believe in 'Juju'? Am just saying o.
Btw I am in full support of the legislation to 'charge' peopl like hikers,mountaineers, etc who get lost/injured while hiking in some faraway place for the cost of 'search/rescue'.Why should tax-payers have to foot the bill everytime some random person gets a serious case of 'manifest destiny fever'/hikin fever'?The Ppl who get lost deserve to be charged for the costs of all the search/rescue operation. Even if they die while up there, their property should be seized and used to pay for the cure.
Btw again lol, we have a new contributor. Homie goes by the name 'El-Divine'.


Enoch said...

There are no less than an infinite number of ways the Alpha and Omega could have avoided mass death of infants but it's pretty obvious he likes to go for the kill.

God didn't even need Theotokos. He could have just willed Jesus into existence.

Of course Salvation was worth it. If by 'worth it' you mean a global industry worth Trillions in US dollars every year. Salvaging pastors from a life of penury to a life spent on private jets.

Azazel said...

Lmao haha Enoch u are tomch. But forreal tho he could def have willed Jesus into existence. But thn again Enoch when u are that powerful u can do whatever u want lol

..Moyo said...

One door closes, another opens I guess. Maybe those babies had no purpose in life but to give the most important baby a chance to live. Jesus had a purpose as well so, yes I'd make that decision.

El-Divine said...

the adamic death sentence was placed on adams seed. meanin only adams seed was going to atone for it. if he willed christ into xistence, he would of course not b a part of that adamic race and so cannt pay for its sin.
by placin him into the adamic race, jesus became part of that death sentence in order that his sinless death might pay for all of us.
as for the rest of my views, Ive gone over them with azazel on fb so i dont wanna sound repetitious to myself. Even I realise its not easy defending God. His ways sometimes, are just baffling. But He is God, and ultimately wise. One thing I kno is Herod wanted to kill those kids and his freewill made him accountable, and God is already requirin those kids blood from him. What if God had warned those parents? What would stop Herod from killing not just the kids but their defenseless parents too if they had a mass flight?He had the power of the roman establshment behind him. And dont forget, Jesus and his parent "hid" in egypt. that is, under the radar so no roman authority would know and single them out. u think all those parents would hv had as much luck hiding away from sight in large numbers? I dont think so.

Azazel said...

Lol Moyo @ least ur honest lol.
I disagree with u though, but as I said as leaders, we often make tough choices lol.
El Divine once again u place limits on God's power. The same God that looked over Joseph could have looked over all the parents in that city..
Just imagine how many kids were killed that night? In a major city as bethlehem? Am going to go with a number like 1000 babies. For what?

Vera Ezimora said...

"1. Postponed the birth of Jesus Christ.
2. Allowed Jesus to be born in the desert somewhere, so the Magi would never have to cross paths with Herod.
3.Warn every parent in Bethlehem the same way he warned Joseph, why choose to save only Joseph and his family? What fuckerey is that? All those babies dead so the 'Son of God' could live?"

If you really believe that God has the power to do certain things (and I believe you do believe; it's obvious in the options above), then you'd know that God didn't even have to do any of those things. A being of His caliber could have just taken Herod's life. That would have saved everybody, no?

But He didn't.

Because He darn well pleased not to. And there ain't a darn thing anyone could have done about it.

Na God Him be na.


Seriously, He did it so that scriptures (prophecies) may be fulfilled, so that Glory may be given unto Him.

God is God is God.

Azazel said...

Lol so God would rather prefer all glory be given to him than to let babies live? Really nice to know where the priorities of the almighty lie. Lol Vera as u said he is a God who is unanswerable to anybody. Hence he has no obligation to xplain anything to us

Rene said...

Azazel, u're just twisted...see me thinking u wanted to say somethingelse.....i like d u put things into perspective

Enoch said...

Omo. I forgot to add. Angola&Mali, definitive case for Juju. lol!

You've got to make up your mind. Is the omnipotent God all powerful or not? He can't snap his fingers(or whatever appendage suits him) and do away with the sin of any race be it homosapiens or Na'vi?

Where do u get all these rules? And why do you take them as true? I'm referring to the Adamic race stuff.

The Ancient OF Days should have inspired scriptures that conformed with the Geneva conventions in the first place. That way he can still fulfill them without bloodshed. Just saying.

Azazel said...

Lol Rene pele. Hahaha Enoch @ inspired scriptures that conformed with geneva conventions. So true


can't even comment as i am trying to read through the very interesting comments. But wanted to at least greet you before I forgot. Shey you dey kampe?


Neo said...

i'll sit this one out o!

@ Enoch, i told u juju was real! now u see. too bad super eagles didnt take a trip down south

Azazel said...

Solomon thank u Hun. I dey kampe big time. Neo lol so u are speechless on this one ehn? Yay

LucidLilith said...

Does God play favorites? Yes. Look at the Jews. Right from when the Israelites left Egypt the world has not been the same ;D

Myne Whitman said...

Me I no sabi book. Vera said it best. God is God is God. Azazel why not ask Him? Oh I forget, you don't believe. Tsk

Azazel said...

Is it right for him to play favorite though lily? Lol Myne I have asked God o but he does not reply. He probably just laughs @ my questions because he is certainly not obligated to answer them.

Anonymous said...

You are to funny Azazel. Yourself and Enoch's 'wiseness' is what has made you unwise. I will ask both of you a simple question, of all the shirts you possess, do you have favourites and why? do you have the ones you discard and throw away without care or regard? do you treat some with the utmost care and why?

Unfortunately you are in so much doubt of your disbelief in the existence of a God that you have chosen to obsess over it in the most vocal and tortuous way you can imagine in order to conceal this doubt. Is your aim to disprove His existence? Why can't you live your life in disbelieiving bliss and let the believers carry on believing.? Are you trying to convert them into a non God worshipping people? or are you this little tortured soul who feels lost and needs answers to questions that he can't find answers to. You want to blame God for every evil perpetuated by man? Do we blame our parents for every wrong we commit, especially as adults. Come on, man should learn to take responsibility for their actions, a lot of people use God as a means to perpetuate wickedness, but have any of us really heard His voice?

The fact that we have not is not proof that he does not exist, but adds to His mysterious(ness). Why do you demand evidence that he exists when no man can replicate the splendour that is earth, no man can create another without going through the mysterious route of conception. Do you understand the formation of sperm? Can you create it? or the womb? can you like you do a car create it? or can you explain the formation of the baby in the womb and the concept behind sperm fertilising egg to form life - yes we know the process by which all these happens, but how did it come about? A BIG BANG? is there anything man has created that just happened with a big bang? do you understand that someone, something , God or whatever we want to call Him must have made all these perfect. Have you ever wondered or even marveled at the gift of life, the survival skills we are born with. That a baby is born and knows to suckle his mums breasts without being taught...the fact theat the breast exists at all with mammary glands to nourish the baby is a wonder or did that new born just aquire that skill?
Not everything needs to be spelled out to you. Look around you and see the beauty of the earth, the complexity of man - our racial differences and the sameness of our characteristics - eyes to see, nose to breathe, mouth to fee etc. We are all created individually with unique DNA's - science can only identify and explain these things, but cannot explain How it was done, they have no fucking clue about existence aside from what they deem to be the process of existence. But how did it happen. That perfect plate of food doesn't just appear on your plate, it was cooked by somebody, Man did not make man, God, supreme being etc did!

Don't be so unwise as to denounce the existence of a superior being just because you have no faith in the religion you were born in. I don't care too much about people who brandish the Bible and Koran to promote ignorance. But religion when practised right is good. You go on about the ancient of days so much that you seem to forget that that was the way they lived back then. The same way those men in the Bible claim that God instructed all the evil acts carried out is the same way George Bush and Osama believe their God have told them to fight wars. Does that mean He really did? Hell No!

Stop asking God silly questions, unless you can tell your shirts why some of them are treated better than the other. I am sure your answer will be because i fucking own/bought you and i will do whatever i damn well please, it doesn't matter if you are a brand new 'innocent' shirt or some old time favourite that makes you look good all the time.

My point being (lol) leave God the Hell Alone as you don't care too much for him, right? why all this unecessary harrasment then. Jeez!!!

Azazel said...

Anonymous lol.
Seriously? That was the best analogy u could come up with? Shirts? Really?
So now we compare shirts to humans? We have all seen what happens when humans play favorites, prejudice/discrimination/racism abound.
Lol When have i ever demanded that God prove he exists? Or are u just jumping to the conclusion that because I ask questions, I must not believe in a 'god'?
U've made so many untrue assumptions/statements in ur commetn that I find it hard to respond to u sensibly. Like forreal though? Shirts?

Original Mgbeke said...

Happy new year Azazel, I just wan greet you.

Enoch said...

@Anonymous, Defender of the omnipotent.

Catch the irony in that title?

Leave long tori for tortoise. God didn't create man. Man created God. And that's even more ironic than your attempt to standup for God.

Your argument essentially boils down to "Hey, unwise guys, the universe is full of inexplicable mysteries therefore it must have been created by an all knowing and all capable God."

To that I say read about "God of the Gaps" and give it a fraction of the brain-time you give bible study.

As for the 'wiseness' remark, please note that I am proudly very average. Claiming otherwise, sarcastically or not, wouldn't change that.

LMFAO. Would never look@my shirts the same again. Trips to the washing machine now provokes thoughts of Noah's ark. Damn anonymous.

Azazel said...

Mgbeks Happy New Year o. Hope everything dey alright.
Enoch lmao help me tell him, and btw bro I actually just learn about that God of the gaps ish 2 weeks ago..
It further opened my mind to what was happening and I actually succeeded in persuadin someppl to see what I was tryin to say..
But seriously @ anonymous's comment about our shirts.. ROFL

Suru said...

I don't even know what to say on this one. I think my brain has done enough college readings tonight and can't handle anymore. Anyways as always, I enjoy reading this blog!

Azazel said...

Thanks Suru..
Hope classes are going well for thee

Anonymous said...

@Enoch, of course i catch the irony in ur 'defender of the omnipotent' comment. But what do you expect? do you expect God to stoop so low as to defend/explain himself to a common man like you? Please have some respect lol! Why do you think so called BIG MEN, politicians and powerful celebs have spokepersons? abi you don't know levels again? These people are always more powerful than their 'defenders'. Apart from that, he fucking created you and knows that you are as fragile as that irritating fly that buzzes about and so vulnerable that he keeps you alive long enough for you to appreciate him even more.

But one day he will make you realise how cheap man's life is, it means nothing to him. So please get over your self importance and live life humbly. Even our brains will detoriorate into a non functioning mess, the heart will fail, the vital organs will fail... then what? can man extend life eternally? Man did not create God. Man created the ideology behind his existence as they were 'brainy' enough to understand that nothing just happens. Even if evolution is true, who created the homosapiens in the first place, and the earth and water and air, who? nobody? well that will be foolish of us to say abi?

@Azazel, i used the shirt comparison because i wanted to be as elementary as possible. I have since realised that both you and Enoch only understand complex/complicated stuff and it will be too difficult for you guys to understand the simple - so i used that simple comparison because i suspected you won't get it -just because it is too simple. I guess that is why you had no words to respond properly to my comments

but please tell me the untrue statements contained in my earlier comment as i need to clarify...

By the way, i think i am in love with Enoch. something to do with that blog picture or perhaps his brain which he claims is 'average'. but i suspect he does not care toO much about love? It is too noble, too godly a thing to believe in i suppose. I am a woman!

Azazel said...

Lol I know human life is cheap.. If u followed this blog really well, u would know my views on that subject.
Again u've come with ur assumptions, didn't u ever learn that u should never draw assumptions of the ppl ur tryin 2 argue with?
@ I have since realised that both you and Enoch only understand complex/complicated stuff and it will be too difficult for you guys to understand the simple - so i used that simple comparison because i suspected you won't get it -just because it is too simple. I guess that is why you had no words to respond properly to my comments

I had nothing to say to u because we were talking about 'human life' and u came with a 'shirt' comparison..
Having a favorite human race is favorite different than havin a favorite shirt.. It doesn't make sense.
Anonymous unless u know either Enoch and I personally, kindly refrain from making assumptions because that's what they are.. Assumptions... Just because u say it does not make it true lol.

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

I saw the title and immediately knew
it's author...YOU ARE CRAZY!!!

like you said, patience, peace and
love...that's why i don't argue as
much any more...LOL!

like myne said, ASK GOD!!!

leggy said...

well, i guess we cant question Him sha. salvation gave us a shot at forgiveness...i dont know why babies had to die sha but He alone has His reasons.

Enoch said...

@Anonymous; Propaganda ministress of bibledom.

Propaganda ministress because just like Joseph Goebbels of Nazi Germany fame, you're more interested in reinforcing your preferred narrative than seeking the truth.

You've got the creation story backwards. We created this imaginary God and now he has run amok in uncritical minds and I don't mean that as an insult. Uncritical, perhaps by choice, because they insist on purposeful and self important explanations to existence, caring little for veracity. Even a reasoning child, spared the misfortune of religious programming, can tell that God deserves as much belief as the 'White Queen' of Alice's 'Looking glass'

One more time. Why must everything have a divine cause?

Widen your gaze.

What if the 'many worlds' theory, of quantum mechanics, is true and our universe is but one in an infinite sea of universes? A multi-verse. Why can't that be an eternal system? No beginning and no end. Much like a circle. Subject to laws that permit it to be causeless. That's infinitely more plausible than God and his 'Agnus Dei."

You insist God created this and God created that because you can't explain them. You did not do your homework. You did not read about the God of the Gaps as I suggested. Well, I'll give you a crash course.

Humans, like you&me, have a habit of fervently pointing at ignorance and labeling it God. In the past it was the mystery of rainfall. "o! it must be the tears of the Gods!" they screamed. "And thunder, his anger!" Thankfully, they fell over themselves to anthropormorphize while creating their creator. A key clue to the birth canal that birthed God.

Now, in defiance of this history, you point at contemporary mysteries like the 'origins of life.' When these new questions get answered, your kids would move on to the unanswered mysteries of their day, perhaps, the mechanics of sentience. Much like an incompetent plumber frantically plugging leaky plumbing in his understanding with the all purpose 'God putty'.

Rest assured the answers to these mysteries would come. Akin to your ancestors before you, science would trample on the heads of the ignorant. One discovery at a time. Till it decapitates this 'Deus Abscunditus'. That's the power of the scientific method. It has began the good work of 'Deicide' and it is faithful to complete it.

BTW. In Love? Noble? How noble is your love? Do its legs buckle if Enoch is hunchbacked? Does it run a fever if Enoch is cross-eyed or quadriplegic? Does it go from noble to ignoble if Enoch can't afford to get you comfortable? Does it SHINE resplendent only for a make belief Enoch? How noble is your love?

This Enoch is a lover. Guard your heart. Enoch is a skilled robber.

Enoch said...

Excess fun. Perfect way to start the day. Back to code now.

EDJ said...

I just came to say that I have no idea what y'all are talking about...useless input I know. Did no1 read Chapter 1 of the partially romantic story that I posted under EDJ's short stories? I expect feedback.

Anonymous said...

@Enoch, hahaha 'ministress of bibledom'??? that is a good one, i like.
But i have to confess to you that i am not really a religious person, infact i am not religious. Like Azazel and unlike you, i struggle with my 'faith' on a daily basis. But saying that i do honestly believe that there is a God. The name God is symbolic as that is what human beings of various faith has chosen to call this supreme being.

'uncritical minds'? having faith does not mean your mind is uncritical, does it? Its just the belief in something without evidence. I bet you go to sleep with the belief and hope that you will wake up in the morning, and is the same way you believe you will reach your intended destination safe and sound once you leave ur house. Do you have to seek evidence or proof of the above? does that mean ur mind is uncritical?

There is a possibility that this God thing can be a hoax and that's probably why we will all have to die first before we know the truth. Personally i don't think there is hell or anything of such, but i cannot agree that somehow we just arrived here on earth from nowhere without attributing our make up to a higher being.

I hope as you say that science will eventually trample on our ignorant heads o! Perhaps once they can create life without stealing ideas from God, then they can speak, once thay can replicate the beauty of the earth,the skies, and cause the sun to shine in the day and the moon at night in a differen planet then perhaps i will take them seriously.
With all their knowledge, they cannot even eradicate death or prohibit it. But their arrogance will make them believe that somehow, they are the ones who created themselves, or is it, they evolved from 'monkeys'(homosapiens) - i wonder why monkeys still exist and procreate amongst us, did evolution take a breather like god did on the sabaath (hehehe,infact the writers of the old testament are almost as bad as the scientists of today) perhaps we will evolve again and transform into dinosaurs and back again... but can someone tell me and with concrete 'evidence' (NOT) , HOW IT ALL BEGAN? With a BIG BANG ur pple will say, and i suppose you heard the bang, eh Enoch?

Still i will love you even if you were brain dead, and that's the truth... now you can contact me on 000... well you are a scientist, quantum physics should do the magic and you will get my number... hehehe Nonsense!!!

Anonymous said...

and its a lie, Enoch is not a robber, he is LOVER because i know, i meant ur type. lol!

Azazel said...

Enoch I believe is an atheist am not sure yet..
I personally I do not have a 'belief', i just ask questions.. and I look for answers..
With that said, I am 100% behind Enoch when he says 'People who have faith have uncritical minds'..
Because I have found this to be extremely true..
Faith is often the boast of the man who is to lazy to investigate..
EDJ shame on u o
Leggy anugom lol

Azazel said...

lol na so we see am o

..Moyo said...

So I'm laughing ... because I scrolled down and saw the long comments and read the first parts of them then scrolled down to the next and followed suit - it's funny. For some reason :/

What did I say that you disagree with anyway .. i'm kinda lost

Azazel said...

I disagreed with u because u said that it was acceptable to sacrifice all those babies just for one special baby called Jesus. I am of the opinion that Jesus was not worth the sacrifice .

..Moyo said...

Ooh, yeah okay.
Well yeah that's why we all have different opinions but I'd still be thinking about it sha.

Azazel said...

Lol good.

miss b said...

I cant believe are people are seriously trying to rationalise Gods actions, lol, me thats why I like Islam oh, dont as questions oh just do as you are told lol
Anyway all these stories in the Bible were written by someone so how sure are you of thier accuracy?
So Azazel do you not belive in God or in organised religon?
meanwhile that match was tooo mad, its safe to say that Angola is finished, first they shoot players and then they disgrace themselves like that with thier president watching, kasala will burst that night ehnn
talking of which did you see naija disgrace ourselves as usual? i tire for us!
And sorry I'm always the last to comment oh, i am slow at catching up with blogs, hw do u always stay on top??

Enoch said...

Oh heavenly father, Lord BAAL, Take this cup away from me. lol

Where to start?

On faith: There's a difference between believing without evidence and inductive reasoning. You sleep and wake up everyday. You don't expect today to be different. The sun rises everyday from the east. You don't expect it to sneak up on you from the west tomorrow. That's inductive reasoning. Taking a probabilistically favored position on a prediction. It's happened many times in the past so you're reasonably confident it will happen again. Yet you know there are no guarantees. Comparing that to faith is not a very smart thing to do.

On the other hand, talking with imaginary papa figures that you have never seen and that have never talked back and that you have no physical experience with, now that's faith. And it is insane. And that's not a metaphor. I mean clinically insane because that's what mad people do.

If you must have faith, abeg, give 2% of your faith to science. In just a couple of millenniums we've gone from brutes to scholars. 3000 years ago, our current technology would have been considered the purview of the Gods. Today, we stop neurodegenerative diseases like adrenoleukodystropy dead in its tracks by altering genes with gene therapy.

on science:If you had told Newton that we would harness the powers of the sun in less than 3 centuries from his lifetime he would have laughed at you. In the same vein, leading scholars can't fathom what we would be capable of hundreds of years from now. I would not discount the possibility of boosting human cognition to the point where every individual can manage 5 years of Einstein quality thought in a second. Perhaps, migrating from neurons to memristors. From flesh to metal. You laugh at the prospect of extending life indefinitely and spawning whole new galaxies to suit our whims. Radical amplification of cognition is you need. It won't be the first time science has been disruptively revolutionary. It strikes you as impossible just as human flight struck your ancestors.

That's not having faith. It's recognizing that science has wowed in the past and grows exponentially.

lol@death comment. You are not going to confirm anything when you're dead. Your sensory stream&your consciousness just abruptly halts.

lol@hear the bigbang. That was supposedly billions of years ago with no sentient lifeform inhabiting the universe. Granted, part of the matter that existed then run around in your head as neural activity constituting the very cognition that denies its own origins.

lol@evolution resting. It takes hundreds of thousands of years for observable bio-evolutionary change. A good deal of the process has been explained. Feel free to plug God in the gaps till someone washes him away. The best argument against evolution is Behe's irreducible complexity. It has been thoroughly disproved.

lol@baiting your love bait. Still a robber, can't change that.

I enjoy this too much and now it bothers me. Like there's a Dopamine rush or something.

&btw, I know who you are. You gave too much away.

Azazel said...

Miss B i usually visit most of the blogs through my Itouch.. So i do it on the go lol..
As for the accuracy of the biblical accounts, well it can't be verified but even the Koran's accuracy can be called into question as well lol.
Miss B I shall not disclose what I believe in lol, I simply love asking questions lol
Lol Enoch u definitely make good arguments for why a person should have more faith in science than in these religions..

Anonymous said...

@ enoch, i can assure you that you know not who i am nor me you. So please that person whom you suspect might be me is so not me.

But kai! what planet are you from? too much book. I have no clue what you are talking about, abeg easy on the science. And you want me to believe in it? My brain does not have the capacity to contain that much 'gibberish'. I am but a simpleton!

But why pretend to be average each time i allude to ur intelligence? I cannot lie, i love ur brain, the science that spews out of it wch i am unable to comprehend, but i still believe God blessed you with it.
I do believe in science, and their findings, research etc... i have never doubted it (well except the big bang thing). But my point is that even science is God's own way of making man question his existence, even tho they try to disprove he exists. But again,why are you happy to believe that the big bang occured? and you cannot believe in a God? Are you serious that man has evolved to this point we are in and will continue to do so for eternity? i mean in another billion years, what creatures will exist? they might even doubt mans existence.
Anyway as i want to remain sane, i choose to believe that which makes more sense to me. Science has built and destroyed you in both a positive and negative way i:e you believe too much in ur own hype...God must be proud of you (his creation).
The truth (lol) is that the world needs brains like yours because i shiver at the thought of everyone being as docile as the average naija xtian or muslim who equate their pastors/imams with God. Ignorance will thrive big time, so your opposite stance is a welcome distraction. I am learning immensely from you, but i cannot be bothered with all these scientific terminology, it will give me a bloody headache.

Now back to the matter at hand, do you have a girlfriend? I don't want to be loving a man that is taking, altho i don't mind snatching sha... any scientific means by wch i can achieve this is welcome.And even though i am unable to match ur intellectual abilities (prowess), i can teach you humility and love... help you get in touch with ur human side as i think your are almost super human. I need you to come back down to earth by first speaking the language of humans as this science stuff is foreign and very alien.
I am truthfully not being sarcastic, and believe me when i say i will still love you even if you were brain dead. Now how do i get in touch with you?

Enoch said...

You really crack me up. Is this supposed to be your idea of an elaborate mind f#@$ or sumfin?

Enoch has told you before and he'll repeat; He is an average sombori. Not too far off from a simpleton, which you claim for yourself.

When you took a look at Enoch's profile, you must have noticed It hints that I blog to goof off. It's my own personal reality freakshow with a one person audience. Moi. Well, what it doesn't mention is that the star character is my anonymity and the costar, Enoch, is just another character.

Surely, it's ok to miss the point that I blog entirely to amuse myself but assuming Enoch, despite his obvious caricature, is a real sombori is pushing it.

If you must, don't take anything Enoch says seriously. Or adjudge them the ravings of a lunatic. I bet some cope that way. So, you wouldn't be the first in the blogosphere to tune Enoch out. Enoch particularly likes those folks that can't handle the caricature or the dissonance Enoch's ideas provoke.

However, Enoch always appreciates anonymous spice. I guess you guys are star guests or cast members with face masks.

And yes, all this your faux luv talk adds to the amusement.

o. I forgot. God no dey :)

Anonymous said...

'faux luv?' so terribly unfair!

i might appear well, eh, dumb, but sorry, not dumb enough to assume that Enoch is real. I seek the creator of this caricature. Somehow i believe he is my cyber soul mate.

Funny how it never occured to me to view your personal profile. Now i know how to contact you... I hope you don't mind. I can assure you that a stalker, i am not.

And i know fully well from your posts and comments that you like to goof around... that is the main reason for my attraction.

..Moyo said...

Is this still going on?

Azazel said...

@ Anonymous..
U say that the world needs more ppl like Enoch..
But it is people like yourself who stop enlightened/knowledgeable men from leadership positions..
If u were truly open minded, you would see the logic/reason in what enoch is saying.

Enoch said...

@Pseudo Anonymous lover
I'm guessing you plan on contacting me with the quantum physics you spoke so lowly about because I've got no contact listed on my profile.

The joys of multitasking

I have a very strong hunch who our anonymous friend is.

Anonymous said...

@Azazel, what sort of silly and false accusation is that? Pray tell, how would my non belief stop him... i believe God gave the scientists the brain, but i don't agree with them that there is no God. I am in awe of the discoveries that science have made, but i will still attribute it to their maker - God.

@Enoch, i repeat, you don't know me and i don't know you. How else can i convince you? I feel bad that you suspect an unsuspecting individual.
By the way, i did send you a message, so you should have received it. Quantum physics did not help at all. i just had to the message i sent you.

Anonymous said...

omo i thought u guy were discussing about terry g.the ginger master

Anonymous said...

my name is tarila. ginger ur swagger no dull urself baba God go forgive una. remis by mallam spicy for ginger ur swagger dey bad man .let go there.small claro dey make ur brain shake fire.

Azazel said...

if religious ppl like urself would be really open minded, science would have made enough strides by now..
Can u imagine fools like G.W Bush stoppin funding for stem cell research because of his stupid religious beliefs..

Anonymous said...

azazel, are you for real? which anon are you referring to? Because as i have stated previously, i am not religious and i struggle with my faith. I am happy for science to create man from scratch, and build another planet and extend life eternally if they can. I am not against science , i just don't agree with those of them that believe God does not exist.

And how dare you compare me to George Bush? Abeg i am not that ignorant. Altho i will respect those who bring up the ethical debate. Perhaps man/science needs to be controlled or else.... i don't even want to imagine the sort of things these scientists get up to in their labs. Just imagine if they were not controlled? by now ethnic/racial cleansing of people that look like me and you will be complete.

Enoch, why are you ignoring me eh? I await your reply to my message xxx lol!

Azazel said...

Huh @ Just imagine if they were not controlled? by now ethnic/racial cleansing of people that look like me and you will be complete.

What does that have to do with science??

Anonymous said...

ask Hitler and his scientists. lol!

Anonymous said...

we would have been guinea pigs and much more...

Enoch said...

You are not a soceress. You can't possible have my email addy. I have no message from you. zzz LOL.

Anonymous said...


I did send you a message. You are right i don't have your email addy but i sent you a message through googlemail. Infact i am too embarrassed now to start telling you the wahala i went thru to send you this message. Check any message from google connect or something like that. I have no clue how all these stuff works. I must confess that i don't have a blog, i just read blogs. Gosh!!! check anything that you feel might be connected to ur blog, i know i sent you a message. Ha!

If we end up together, this will be a very interesting love story sha... see how i am chasing you in cyber space. God help me lol!

Azazel said...

hitler and his scientists?? really that is the best u can do??
if all the bones of the victims of the Catholic church were to be erected.. They wud equal a monument as great as the pyramids..

Enoch said...

You cannot reach me against my will. I'm paranoid abt my anonymity. I can't be reached via blogger. I have done it so on purpose.


miss b said...

i think I'm in love with Enoch! he would be great to have a dinner party with, talk about bringing the controversy!

Anonymous said...

Azazel, i agree with you. I am not saying one is better or worse than the other. i believe in both science and God!

@Enoch, *sigh* i am heart broken. But why are you so paranoid? Its not as if the REAL you will be revealed. Oh well, i take it that you are married then. :(

Azazel, can you help? hook us up that is...
miss B that makes 2 of us but he appears unavailable:(((

Azazel said...

Lol Paranoia is certainly something I feel..

Enoch said...

Married? U don carry come now. U can get my addy from azazel. But I assure you your efforts wouldn't be fruitful.

Abeg give am my addy via email I think she/he just might be fun filled.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just encountered this blog while I was faffing on the web and I 'm loving it. While I think Azazel's writings are a bit extreme, you gotta admit, hes got a point.

I myself have a few questions about the judeo-christian God (please note thatI do beleive in a Supreme Being).

@ Anonynymous: you spoke about the miracle of a sperm fertilizing an egg - how do we reconcile that to Angels impregnating women in the book of Genesis? Where did their sperm come from (not to mention their freakish kids)?

If everything as at creation was good and pure, how did Satan get tainted? A smart Guy like that thinking he can over-throw God! If the future is open, God saw the world would end up like this then.

The Good Book is a compilation of books by various men o God so books by Adeboye, Oyakilome and co should be considered a continuation innit?

Some Pastors think Micheal is Jesus Christ . . .

If Solomon was such a wise dude, how come he still fell to Women? P.S: His wealth came from over-taxing his subjects.

The Bible for centuries was under lock and key by the Catholic church and you never really know what editting went on then. You might wanna google 'The Council of Niceia' and 'Apocrypha'

I am still seeking my own road to salvation but U gotta admit, christainity leaves a lot of gaps.