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Wednesday, September 30, 2009



So am sure you guys have noticed that we have new authors, I just wanted to take time out to explain how things in this blog will/have been run. We have 7 authors. - Controversy, Sacred, Blasphemy, Enoch, Unbiased, Afrikim, Gentian Sage. Gentian Sage is our latest author and she happens to be related to moi lol. Gentian Sage's expertise is in writing stories just like the stories our friend "My New Hitman " writes on her own blog. (Anybody notice, how I just tore up Myne Whitman's name hehe. Anyhoo, Gentian Sage is honestly the shit when it comes to writing stories, read some of her stories yesterday and I was WOWED. So just to give you a breakdown of which days Authors will post, this is how it'll go from now on hopefully.

Sunday - Controversy
Monday - Sacred
Tuesday - Blasphemy
Wednesday - Controversy/Afrikim
Thursday - Unbiased
Friday - Gentian Sage
Saturday - Enoch

This is going to be the schedule on this our little blog lol. Moving on, our friends @ Gemini Duo have decided to leave blogsville. I just do not understand the rationale behind that decision, and I am tres saddened. It was because of them that I decided to start blogging, now they have left. Wat fuckerey? Anywayz, hopefully they will be back someday. Now am sure you guys/gals heard of the disgrace/humiliation I suffered @ the hands of this "Deranged Teenager". She will be fine, I understand that the devil possessed her on that faithful day, it wasn't her fault. Anyhoo, her birthday is today, so you guys should drop her a shout-out or something, I don't know why I am being nice to her but I believe that I am doing the chrisitan thing in this case. Baba Jesus talk say if your neighbor slaps you on one cheek, you should turn the other cheek, if you chop another slap after you turned the other cheek, then you should spread your butt cheeks for her to slap as well. Hehehe.

So expect to see Blasphemy's post later on today as he should have gone yesterday but he was preoccupied, I assure you that the post is  going to be HAWT, HAWT, HAWT..And we apologise in advance if we offend any persons.

Monday, September 28, 2009



Every time I come to this blog, I am intrigued. I learn new things, and in the process, I am amazed of how finite my mind really is. And how truly different human beings are. Which is why I can truly say that if all this can be attributed to chance and the bing bang...then to hell with it.
At times I wonder why Mr. Controversy asked me to participate in this blog. it is definitely not because I agree with him, nor because I am so knowledgeable about theology. It might have something to do with the fact that I have argued with him at every point, (even though he has a point in some of his blogs). Anyways, as I pointed out earlier, my expertise is not really in Theology. I am a christian, Yes, I did a lot of reading and study of world religions...yes...but this is not where I would debate to have any expertise. As I describe in my own blog "I am a self-prescribed boring person who loves to talk and dance.If I was a man, I imagine I would take a liking to the Pipe. Mainly because I would rather seat and have "discussions"on politics, History, and Football, rather than be out on the dance floor or buckling on who is most righteous. I am a contradiction at best." and I might add, as a self-prescribed rebel, I am no respecter of persons.

So at best, I am guilty of a lot of things- and mostly, guilty by association.
In this blog, I am going to look at religion from the standpoint I understand best- History. (later,it might be politics.)

You want the truth...YES RELIGION IS GUILTY. I mean really guilty of a lot of malicious and unspeakable acts. Guilty of a lot of persecutions and mass killings. Ask me, and I will probably be the first one to tell you that I am not proud of Christianity as "religion" now as a faith...thats a whole different matter. For centuries, people of all different religions have been killing mostly each other, over who has the monopoly on God. The crusades, the Holocaust, witch hunting, the inquisition,...just to name a few. Yes, we are guilty. The Christians went for the Muslims, and the Muslims went for the Christians, and the struggle goes on (Exhibit, the middle east- although now, they fight for ideals) So while that is going on, everyone is going after the Jews. So yes, I belong to an old tradition that is guilty of a lot of persecution.
That was a fast forward, so let us rewind and fast ward to history, back to Paul. Who was a persecutor of Christians before he became one. ( I am aware that, this is a bit contradictory, but I am specifically focused on Christians and not the Jews) In truth, Jews became the first persecutors of Christians. It was not until Nero that we have full accounts of this persecution. Some might recall this incident as the Great Fire of Rome. After that, there were records of persecutions in Lyon, and here there under all the different emperors. But only two of the emperors are worth noting, Maximinus, and Diocletian. We can attribute Diocletian and his friends Galerius, Maximian and Constanius, for the great stories we hear about the Christians being eaten by lions. Outside of Rome we have Shapur in Persia and of course the Germanic tribes. all in all to say, Christians had a couple of hundred years where they were the hottest meat on the market. And that saga continues to present. Communist China, USSR, Islamic Countries...lets just say its not cool to be a Christian. I can imagine that sooner than later, these persecutions will spread, and some of our close friends will be the ones driving the dagger through our hearts.
This is not to say that the Church is not guilty of its own demise so to speak. To this day, the Church, specifically, the catholic church remain the most influential and wealthy institution in the world. (you don't believe me, visit the Vatican city). They remain if not true to themselves, true to their history. Their influence is undeniable, their atrocities over the centuries, so being the case undeniable.
Religion and God have been used as a clutch by the worst of murderers, and the same, has been used to do a lot of good. So it is quiet understandable that a lot of people would doubt its credibility. It makes matters worse when we have those adherents who push people away by being "religious". It is a historical fact religion and especially Christianity has not been perfect.
However, this does not discredit its credibility. Because to prove the credibility of something by using philosophical arguments, or by pointing to science, or by talking about the common wisdom that exists due to observing people - all of which has a place and are valid to a point, they are not sufficient. To discredit religion for its atrocities can be justified, to discredit faith, because it doesn't make sense to the human mind, is not sufficient. Or maybe for some that is all they need.

Sunday, September 27, 2009



Before I go on, I want to apologise for the rudeness I displayed in my last blogpost. So there you have it, I am sorry. Now back to the sermon.
Please open your bibles to 1 Timothy 2:9-15.
9I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, 10but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God.

11A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. 12I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent. 13For Adam was formed first, then Eve. 14And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner. 15But women[a] will be saved[b] through childbearing—if they continue in faith, love and holiness with propriety.

This passage right here, was the first ever "question" I had as a kid about the bible lol, I remember grandmomsy taking me to the pastor for him to answer this question. And to the best of my knowledge, that Pastor never answered my question.
My friend EDJ challenged me to come up with something contradictory in the New Testament, seeing as everything I've challenged so far has been from the old testament. So here we have Paul giving us, instructions for worship.
Paul from verse 10 says a woman should learn in "quietness" and "full submission". In verse 12, a woman is not permitted to "teach" or have "authority" over a man; She must be SILENT. Then in verse 13, he gives his reasons for why it should be so.
If you are a woman and you profess to be a christian, you should not be in a position of authority, at least you should not be in a position of authority over a man. One can infer that women can be authorities over other women/children but not over any man.
Now remember on Thursday night I told you guys about the argument I and my friends were having over the bible that stretched into the early hours of the morning. Well we touched on this subject and my friend said that all women Bishops/Pastors/Reverends are "SERVING GOD IN DISOBEDIENCE". I then asked him, are those women going to hell? My friend replied with a "Yes". I now asked again, so the people who attend a female pastor's church are all going to hell then? I mean if they are attending the church and they are being led by a woman, all the men in that church are headed to hell. My friend replied with another "yes". I was excited about that but not fully satisfied. Let us broaden this passage up a little bit, and take it into the corporate world etc, women in any position to hold authority over men are all going to hell. They are not permitted to be over any man, neither are they permitted to teach. So all female lecturers/CEOs/HighSchoolTeachers are all headed to "HELL". The question is, were those instructions to all WOMEN, or where they only to women who had aspirations to serve in positions in the church? If you say that they were only to women who had aspirations to serve in the church, then surely you would agree that the women who disobey the instructions blatantly are headed to hell. If you agree that the instructions were to all women, then again you would agree that every woman right now pursuing a degree in college so they can go "lord" it over any man whatsoever, every woman like that is going to "HELL"
There are those who will challenge this post and say that I should stop cherrypicking passages, I should read the whole biblical passage and understand it. They are correct and I have taken the liberty of reading the whole passage and I would post the passages before verse 9 but they are to long, but I assure you that those passages have nothing/have any bearing on the passages from Timothy I pointed out.You can read the rest of the passages here.1 Timothy 2:1-8

P.S - I have no problem with women serving in position of authority, or lording it over men.I am perfectly fine with that, but I mean the "bible" trumps all.I am honestly ashamed of some of these socalled christian women who blatantly ignore the instructions of the bible and act like that passage in the bible does not exist. I just discovered what "P.S" means today, I always use it but never understood what it meant. It's latin for Postscript or something like that lol.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Stubborn pathogen, unsuspecting host.


My name is Enoch. Most of you know me as that commenter with a peculiar fondness for ludicrously long comments.

Imagine how long this post is going to be now that there are no character limits :)

Anyway, there is nothing controversial in my post. In fact I am assuming a different role today. I'll be your cheerful tour guide.

You see, a crime has been committed and I'll take you on a tour of the crime scene. I'll be as careful as I can because the crime is in progress and the criminal never stops. The criminal has total control over the scene and would kick me out the second I get him too uncomfortable. You are no stranger to the scene and you're familiar with the wrongs, you just don't see them as such. All I can to do is point this out to you and show you the evidence. You will have to decide to either; ignore it, prosecute it or judge yourself to be in too deep. Hate to break it to you but you are the victim and the perpetrator. And your mind, is the scene of the crime.

Imagine an idea as dangerous as a thermonuclear device and more virulent than the seasonal flu/conjunctivitis. An idea so well crafted such that once a person decides to play host to this idea and accepts it, the host can almost never let it go. He is compelled to nuture it and spread it and is blinded to the fact that it imprisons him and intends to keep him locked up forever. Now imagine you are infected with this idea.

How do you design an idea to meet those specifications? Simple, all you need are five components. I'll play the role of the designer. Let the tour begin.

On my left you've got the ultimate THREAT.

1) The THREAT: Why have one? well, fear is the number one motivator. It is so because evolution's critical goal has always been self preservation. For this reason, it was important that your ancestors be filled with fear when they encountered a predator like say, a lion. Fear provided the trigger for the biological precursors that gave them a heightened sense of awareness and the ability to stretch their bodies and minds to the limit. That was evolution's perfect tool to ensure the survival of a species. This is the reason fear is the most compelling emotion. If our dangerous idea is going to be self sustaining, it would need fear to keep our host on his toes. To elicit this emotion, the THREAT has got to come in two parts. The earthly version which is every conceivable wrong that can happen to a person on earth and the otherworldly version which has to be abstract and vague but represent the very essence of pain. That way everyone experiences it in their own personal visceral way. Since evolution has conditioned us to fear death, why don't we take a page from Ivan Pavlov and profit from evolution's million year effort? Our imaginary otherworldly THREAT would be just like death but unimaginably worse. Some sort of an enduring death with copious amounts of suffering. Perpetual pain and death in one package.

Right above the THREAT, in appealing glitter, you've got the PROMISE.

2) The PROMISE: Is this even necessary? Of course it is. We've got to respect the dichotomy of nature. Besides, being rewarded is also part of evolution's toolkit. We should keep borrowing from her. Fear is nothing without a reward. All animals harness fear to escape predators in order to continue living. When they do so, they are rewarded with life. Sounds good enough. We will make our otherworldly PROMISE life without end. On earth, we could throw in all kinds of promises. All imaginable goodies obtainable on earth. But how can you manage this, you ask? Surely , in reality, the idea can't live up to such expectations! Its host would surely smell a rat once the cruelties of life hits him in the face. Have faith my friend, have faith. Faith? what is that? I'll be designing that too in a moment just keep reading and you'll observe how to take care of the problem you've just highlighted.

That right there in the dark is the bad cop.

3) The BAD COP: The boogieman. The evil dude. Remember what you mentioned earlier about the cruelties of life? This is our fall guy. He would take the fall for everything that falls out of favor with our host. He will also be the resident punching bag on demand to take out all your frustrations.

And then we've got the GOOD COP. He is all around you.

4) The GOOD COP: The nice imaginary friend. The antithesis of the evil dude. He takes credit for everything positive that randomly happens to our host. The host has cancer? Bad cop! Narrowly escapes a car crash? Good cop! pretty simple. Naturally, he also takes credit for the PROMISE. His job, essentially, is to be an opportunist in every sense of the word. Limited only by the imagination of the host. If the host can imagine a positive spin on any scenario/circumsttance, he steps in and snatches the credit. No questions asked. Also, we ascribe him the attribute of being infinitely wise. That way if things go inexplicably wrong the host gets to chuck it up to the mystery of infinite wisdom.

And lastly, the HEAD SHOT. I can't show it to you because it is not a thing, rather, it is the absence of something.

5) The HEAD SHOT: This is the most critical of all components of the idea. It is so important because none of the others are real. Essentially, this is where we take out the head of the host. We've got to shut down his ability to reason for himself. We can't have him thinking and seeing through our folly. Since all the aforementioned components are fake there is no evidence for any of them but we need to convince our host somehow. How do we do this? Faith. What is that, you ask? Well, its really nothing new. I'm borrowing again, this time from the insane. You notice how psychiatric cases have strong convictions about imaginary stuff? We'll just rebrand that. We will call it faith and classify it as good. You might think to yourself, don't be silly, no one is going to accommodate subtle bouts of insanity just to host your idea. That's what you think but in reality all I need is to employ the THREAT and offer the PROMISE and its a done deal.

There you have it. The blueprint for lifelong incarceration. Totally self contained. All imaginary but that doesn't matter. The HEAD SHOT takes care of that.

AS long as it is noted that hosts are more welcoming to the idea when their minds are most pliable (young age or following a traumatic experience) and the host is offered the PROMISE as a reward for spreading the idea then everyone is a potential vector for this pathogen of an idea and its virulence can only grow in bounds.

Don't you just love religious beliefs?


So last night, I honestly argued with two of my friends on the subject of christianity/bible until 3 a.m. During the cause of this argument/discussion, I happened on the topic of the tower of babel. The argument so far had definitely been lively and at times heated but it was held with splendid decorum.

Genesis 11:1-9

It is said that the tower of babel was so tall that it was almost reaching heaven, that God felt so threatened by it that he resolved to stop them from reaching heaven by giving them different languages. No yawa, baba God struck all the people there with different languages and they could no longer communicate with each other, hence the construction of the building stopped. Now to my question, HOW TALL COULD THE TOWER OF BABEL HAVE BEEN THAT IT WAS ALMOST REACHING HEAVEN? That would mean that this tower passed earth, entered space, passed pluto, jupiter, venus etc and was almost reaching heaven? Chai, come and see serious architecture, those builders deserve noble prizes. If you go to school, your ass should know that there is no way that building entered space, because obviously there is no gravity in space. Moreover, with a building that tall, how where the workers able to get to the top to keep on constructing? Elevator no dey, escalator no dey, space ship no dey, how where these mere men able to climb up to the top of the tower? They had no space suits, and in space they would be floating. And this is what vexes me with the bible and people who believe somuch in it, the truth is right there staring you in your freaking face but noooo you refuse to accept it because you don't want to deal with the responsiblity. After they will say controversy your to negative, you are to cynical, you are to pessimistic, you mock our religion, you criticize us tomuch. But why won't I mock your useless religion? I grow weary with every passing day because I see people living lies. People just refuse to think, I keep on repeating the same thing. 2 % of people think, 3% of people think that they think, 95% of people would rather die than think. I just do not understand it, why would people see the truth and choose to ignore it. It just does not make sense to me, and this weariness has translated into how I relate to people. Honestly, nothing human beings do can surprise me anymore, people are so scared to embrace the truth and this reality has ultimately affected how i relate to people around me this days. I have showed you guys the absurdity of the whole thing and people will still find a way to try to explain it?
There will be those who will say that maybe the "tower almost reaching heaven" should not be taken literally, to those people I say, if the tower was as tall as the largest sky scraper man has made, why has God not brought down those sky scrapers as well? So that side of the argument is not logical.
Then they wonder, why is it with all the things these guy says against religion/bible has God not struck him down with thunder. I summit to you that the reason God has not struck me down with thunder, is because I am telling the truth. It might not be the whole truth, but I know that I have at least done my part in asking questions. The bible says there was a tower, they say that the tower was almost reaching heaven. You have all seen spaceships enter space, so you all must believe that it is not made up, hence it is real. Now tell me, how is it possible that people wey no get elevators, escalators, spaceships or spacesuits were able to build a tower that was almost reaching heaven? A tower that was so tall, that it got a whole Almighty God worried, that he had to strike them with different languages? Please make una find me answer. if you can not find me answer, it's ok I have already forgiven you in advance. Hiss, Good Night abi na Good Morning jare.

P.S: I am sorry if anybody is offended with my tone in this particular blogpost, but in my defence I am writing this at 4 am, lol I could not sleep so I decided to write this as a draft and save it before I forgot about it tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009



For those of us who have had the privilege of being Robbed in Nigeria. I wanted to share my own experience and then have you all share your experience also.
The year was 2004, the day was sunny, Nepa had not yet taken light lol. We had just gotten back from a family lunch and my parents decided last minute that they wanted to go for exercise, as the gateman was closing the gate, the 6 armed robbers came in through the gate and hustled the gateman, his girlfriend etc into the main house. As this was going on, yours truly was in the House playing PlayStation and I was fully concentrated on the game that when one of the robbers came through the door I actually greeted one of them thinking that he was the carpenter or something.
Controversy - Good Afternoon o
Robber - Good Afternoon (proceeds to go through the rooms and ignores me)
Controversy ( Being the fool that he is, continues to play his video game)
The robbers brought everybody into the living room and proceed to tell everybody to get on the floor, it wasn't until one of them pointed his double barrel gun @ my chest that I knew that shit had hit the fan "literally" I almost had a heart attack, because my heart made several leaps, the two huge holes in that double barrel gun convinced me that I was about to die.I proceeded to lie flat on the floor, but unbeknownst to moi, shit don catch me ever since that idiotic robber pointed the gun at moi. So I proceeded to let him know that I had to use the restroom.
Controversy - Please sir Shit wan catch me, make I go use toilet.
Robber - Hold on, We will soon be done.
Controversy (grimaces, starts to turn and twist in other to displace the shit that is threatening to destroy me asks again) - Oga please I wan go shit.
Robber -(walks over to me and hands me the dirtiest slap I've ever received in my life)
Controversy - (all the shit literally went out of my system, the shit didn't trouble me any longer. Who knew that a simple slap could do so much) - The glasses I was wearing at the time of that slap broke in half.

The Robbers proceeded to cart away all the money we had in that house, and as they were taking money, laptops, cell phones etc, almighty NEPA took light. Lmao, imagine NEPA coming to our rescue, the robbers could not see anything so they decided to hurry up and leave. They honestly left so many stuff behind all thanks to NEPA, (this is where christians would say all thanks to God, like God was the guy working in the NEPA station who turned off the light).

The robbers where now looking for a room to lock us all in that was big enough, because Robbers don't want you calling the police immediately they've left, as if Nigerian Police ever responded fast to anything.  First, they took us into the househelp's room and wanted to lock us in there, they told us to lie on the floor, again my ass was slow in getting down so, that very same robber walked up to me and gave me another dirty slap. At that point, I was basically numb on that face, two dirty slaps in the span of 10 minutes can do that to a brova's face. They eventually locked us in the toilet, seeing as the househelp's room had no key to lock it with, and then they left. We didn't wait 10 minutes before our kind Nigerian Neighbors came to rescue us from the place, they broke down the door and let us out. My parents did not come back until two hours later, and when they heard the news they were extremely shocked. Everyone was truly traumatised, and being the devil that I am, I exploited the trauma card as an excuse to get out from going to church that sunday. (Honestly, never let a good crisis go to waste).

At the end of everything sha, we were all fine and the housemaid had been beaten up a few times but nothing really major. She was fine, and I turned out fine also, even after all those slaps lol. So yeah, my people entertain me with your own stories or stories you yourselves have heard about.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It might come as surprise to all, that well, there is a difference between these two concepts. Are people religious, or are they men/women of faith. At the end, I will go into more details because you find that by observing, you can note the difference between the two.
This post has the potential to be a long one, therefore, I am going to cliff note it as much as I can.
So here is an introduction course to religions. ( To clear up some misunderstandings)
There are, two frame works in religion:
1. Western thought (Islam, Judaism, Christianity). These are also termed as Abrahamic Religions.
2. Eastern thought (eg. Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Confucianism...). Also known as Dharmic Religions.
These two frameworks are coined, partially based on their point of origin, but mostly in their differences. Western religions are monotheistic, and Eastern religions are polytheistic. They consequently follow the differences between Eastern and Western philosophies...that is to say, what we all must know by now...the east and the west have different ways of life.

When I accepted to be a contributor, my main reason was to clear up some misunderstanding, on God/Gods. and how authors in this blog and those who made comments loosely used the word. Western religions believe in ONE God. Therefore, I do not understand why ignorance calls for people to say a Muslim God, a Jewish God, and a Christian God. That is wrong, because all three religions believe in the same God. Allah, is not another God. ( we can discuss this further if people wish) and Yahweh is not different from God...although it is deemed more respectable.

It is also wrong to say, Hindu or Buddhist God....because there are many Gods. For example, there are approximately 330 million gods in Hinduism. Some of them actually can be termed as henotheistic. I dont have to go through all these religions, and the breakdown of their gods because that requires a lifetime of dedication to the study of this. However, it must be noted that Eastern religions are much embedded in their philosophy, and the two are most of the time synonymous.

Now back to faith and religion.
Religion exists to control faith, faith exists to keep religion in check. Religion is man's interpretation of God's will, faith is its acceptance. Or rather, Religion is man's attempt to reach God, and faith, is a lifestyle of total contentment in who you are as Created being, living and breathing in assurance that there is a higher power that is watching over you.
Faith is our fundamental understanding of reality. This is an expression of the way we understand the world, what values we believe are important not only to us, but to others as well, what ideals we hold sacred and what is not, what we believe is right and wrong, what we aspire for not only in this world, but beyond this world. Religion on the other hand, is an outward expression of that belief. This is why I will tell people that I am a woman of faith, but I am not religious. I go to Church when I want to, and I participate in organized religions, when and however I chose to, because my practicing religion does not affirm my faith.


Monday, September 21, 2009


(Basically, this blog now has 5 contributors to it, Controvery and Blasphemy are the deists, Sacred and Unbiased are the "Christians" *rolls eyes* and Afrikim is the neutral one. Sacred btw is/was also known as Africanqueen so yeah ttlolla I took your advice. We want truth, and we believe we can balance out the blog that way if we have differing views/perspectives. - Controversy) Now back to Miss Sacred's Post.

Hi, for the purposes of this blog, I will be known as Sacred.
For those who are familiar with this reference, I am the Jekyll of this blog. When I was asked to do this, well, I reasoned and after out-reasoning myself, I decided that there is a lot of ignorance when it comes to religions, that is held...not only by my fellow authors, but also by those who comment. Therefore, I decided that for the overall balance of the blog, my insight might be just that equilibrium.
Before you read whatever I have to write, let me give you a bit of my background, and maybe it will make understanding my blogs much easier.
I am off course female. I have my own blog that is dedicated to my specialty...politics and policy analysis. However, I have done extensive studies into world religions. Therefore, while I am a Christian, I have read and own most of the religious texts of the major world religions..... I am not going to go into deep details here.There is a blog that is coming up that will do a brief introduction into world religions.
I am a rebel. Plain and simple. I rebel against establishments, and yes, that has included religious establishments, which has led to me being a christian at my own choosing....and not because my parents or my friends are Christians.
I believe that there are Absolute Truth, but there are also grey areas in truth that exist. While truth can be circumstantial, there are un-debatable truths.

I tolerate people who do not agree with me. In fact I love to engage people who do not agree with me. However, I have low tolerance for stupidity, and hotheadedness. What is the difference? One is an intelligent discourse, and the other is plain rubbish and a pursuit of showing off.

One more important thing, I believe in Science, and I believe in Science technology and its advancement...however, I am highly and absolutely critical on the ability for science to explain everything. Anyone who believes that science is the all in all of life needs to get a reality check.


Sunday, September 20, 2009


Since today is Sunday, and I did not go to church. I have decided to deliver my own religious sermon today.But before I continue lol, we are looking for a female blogger who will bring a feminine perspective to our blog. Basically we have two guys here and a friend suggested that we get a female up in here to who has differing views, it would not hurt to get somebody who represents the other side of the argument. Anyone interested, can let me know.
Please my people open your bibles to JOB 1:1-13. The book of Job has always been used by Pastors/Reverends etc as an example of how God tests people who are faithful to him etc. It has been presented in such a view, that even when I was still living in that darkness called christianity I use to accept the story as very reasonable. So today, seeing as a brother has come into the light, I have decided to approach this book of Job from another aspect. I am not going to post the verses here as they are to long, hence I will summarise the verse for you and you can verify to see whether I have distorted facts or not.

1.Job was a father who had ten children. Seven sons and three daughters. He owned seven thousand sheep, three thousand camels.Basically, homeboy was the richest baller in the EAST.Did I mention that he was a righteous man, and a man after God's heart. The bible says that he was blameless, a man who feared God.

2.One day, the angels came to present themselves before God, Satan was taking a stroll that afternoon and decided to stop by to hail baba God. While baba God and Satan were discussing, Satan issued a challenge to God saying that Job would crack if God would let Satan have Job. Basically, Satan was saying that Job would forsake God, if Satan plagued him enough. Anywayz, baba God agreed to the bet and so Satan proceeded to strike all ten of Job's children dead, God sent down fire and it killed the sheep and servants, the camels and the servants again where also killed. At the end of everything sha, everything my homeboy Job had, was taken away from him. All his ten children and numerous servants had died, we shall approximate that all in all @ least 80 people died.(Please if you have a problem accepting that the number was 80 people I urge you to realise that 80 people isn't really that big for our God. He has killed a whole lot of more people than that, so please do not cringe at the thought of 80 people dying.)

Now this is where my sermon starts, so 80 people died that day for what purpose? I will summit to you that 80 people died that day because the lord gambled with their lives with Satan. I thought when people said that a game or bet was "high stakes" they meant in terms of money, now I have seen what our Lord God views as High stakes lmao. As in this one na serious high stakes poker, where you play for people's lives and not for money. Imagine, gambling with peoples lives like that, 80 people died that day just because of a bet? Please what was Job's crime? That he was blameless?That he feared God?That he was righteous?That he loved the lord with all his heart? And pray tell how was homeboy repaid? The lord wiped out his family except his wife, took everything he had simply because he had made a bet with Satan?
Now the question is, if God and Satan are able to gamble over the lives of people like that, what stops them from doing it over and over again? You guys know how gambling can be addictive, who knows maybe our good God might have gotten addicted to gambling. I mean if they were able to do it before, nothing stops them from doing it again and again and this might go to explain why we see so many good people suffering and dying in their prime.. Maybe God has placed a bet on them with the devil again, or maybe this time he's playing Russian Roulette with their lives.
MORAL OF THE STORY: Never ever in your life, be viewed as blameless, righteous, God-fearing, upright and somebody who shuns evil. Because if you become any of these things you immediately qualify to be used as the object of a bet between the Devil and God.


Saturday, September 19, 2009


Have you ever asked yourself these questions?
  1. Why is wealth a racial matter? Colonialism, racism, slavery?
  2. If we are aware of its racial matter, why is it that we are so learned at emotional level but not what has made the other races wealthy?
  3. Why is it that we black people are the entertainers of the world through sport and music but all of the stars are coached and managed by Caucasians?
  4. Why is it that the availability and supply of books to be successful are in abundance but as persons of African origin, we are still hewers of wood in the world economy?
  5. Why is it that African households are full of musical tapes, CDs and DVDs than books?
  6. Why is it that we seek and mourn about how Caucasians are organized but we are not organized if that has made them successful?
  7. Why is it that African societies are inherently anti-capitalism and built around a “strong” leader?
  8. Why are we sophisticated barbarians i.e educated in the Western ways but have not reached the levels of Western capital accumulation and value creation?

Thursday, September 17, 2009


First of all, I have never revealed this to anyone, but this particular passage in the bible was the straw that broke the camel's back. This made me renounce Christianity altogether. I and a friend used to have this bible questions discussions and so from time to time I would bring up a bible question or something that was bugging me in the bible so that she could answer. And truth be told, this my friend who I shall term as "Goddess" was usually on point when it came to answering bible questions. She did her best to answer my questions about the bible, so on a certain day I discovered this passage in 2 Samuel 12. I had read this passage so many times, but never took the time to really meditate on it, so as usual I brought this passage to the notice of "Goddess" and for the first time in our religious discussion history she did not have an answer. She flatout told me that "controversy, I honestly do not have an answer to this" I thank God that "goddess" is one of those sincere christians who say the truth no matter what.And with this introduction I present this blog post to you.

P.S. So as I was about to post this blogpost, I open my email and staring right at me is an email from my aunty. Who I shall call "Aunty O". Aunty "O" is my favorite aunty and apparently she's discovered that I've become a deist. Surprisingly, I am not worried about whether Aunty O will seek to inform my parents that their "First son" has turned into a deist. My parents are btw, firebrand christians. I am quite relieved, I knew that this day would surely come I do not agree with my parents religion, and it's about time that they know about that. I believe that every man/woman must do two things alone in this world, he/she must do their own believing and their own dying. Anywayz BACK TO THE MAIN POST.

The question is "Is God obligated to follow the laws he himself laid down for us to follow? Or can he flout them whenever he chooses? Does he rule arbitrarily and are we forbidden to question his laws even when he himself fails to obey them? Why is it that so many Christians strongly believe that God should be able to get away with anything? If God kills, lies, cheats, discriminates, and otherwise behaves in a manner that puts the Mafia to shame, that's okay, he's God. He can do whatever he wants.But anyone else who adheres to this same philosophy is said to have had his/her sense of morality, decency, justice and humaneness warped beyond recognition by the very book that is supposedly preaching the opposite.

And I ask you, are we truly all equal in God's eyes? Lets be honest, everyone preaches that everybody is equal in the eyes of the Lord, but is that really the case? Take for example, the book of Deuteronomy 24:16. Where God explicitly commands/states that "The fathers shall not be put to death for the children, neither shall the children be put to death for the fathers: every man shall be put to death for his own sin"

Fast-forward to 2 Samuel 12, God apparently does a roundabout when he kills/murders the innocent child of King David after David had Uriah the husband of his current wife Bethsheeba killed.This is what Nathan the prophet told David
2 Samuel 12 - 13
"For thou didst it secretly: but I will do this thing before all Israel, and before the sun.

13And David said unto Nathan, I have sinned against the LORD. And Nathan said unto David, The LORD also hath put away thy sin; thou shalt not die. 14 Howbeit, because by this deed thou hast given great occasion to the enemies of the LORD to blaspheme, the child also that is born unto thee shall surely die.

My fundamental problem with this passage is the very clear and straightforward fact that God cut David some very serious slack and openly flouted his own Law that he himself had created. The child did not deserve to die for the crimes of David. David committed the crime, David deserved to pay for it by himself. Common sense tells we humans, that we do not punish somebody else for the crimes of another, that is totally wrong and if we humans created by God have been able to come to that very same conclusion. Why would God go ahead and break his own law, so that he could protect David? Was David that great a man, that the almighty himself was forced to break a law on his behalf? When Moses disobeyed God by striking the "rock" in exodus God punished him by not letting him into the promised land, when Jonah refused to obey God's orders to go to Ninevah in the book of Jonah, God also punished him by putting him in the belly of a whale for three whole days. When Paul, persecuted Christians in the new testament, God struck him blind for three days. The sins all these people committed ultimately "pale" in comparison to that of King David. Kind David murdered a man, a husband and moreover a God fearing man and King David got to escape scot free. His new born baby had to bear the brunt of his punishment, when God had explicitly stated that the "children will never pay for the sins of the father".

In conclusion, if any one of you can provide me with a clear/succint explanation to this question, I might gradually start to regain faith again.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Honestly, I am sick and tired of all this "Sex" talk. I had some other topics or blog posts I was going to post but all this Sex talk got me thinking jare. But before I go on, I never fully stated what soccer team I am affiliated with. I am a proud and humble supporter of Manchester United Football Club. The team is going for 4 consecutive titles this year. And I am honestly sorry for any arsenal fan out there, your team is seriously allergic to winning trophies. Vmas was cool, Kanye honestly keeps it real but dude over does his shit sometimes. MTV sucks and I do honestly wouldn't hold it past them to plan that stunt by Kanye.

OMG!! Sex is really not that big of a deal. I just don't get it, women complain that all the men want is "pussy". The men complain/label women who give out their pussy tomuch are "whores". Is "Pussy" really that valuable? I mean come on, why such a huge emphasis on it?
Personally, this is how I view life, we are all going to die one day, and yes I am sorry for ruining this post by bringing death into this topic. But I live my life everyday fully aware of "death, my "death awareness" meter is at an all time high. We are all going to die one day, honestly all this dignity and respect ish people be talking is really RUBBISH. Death is no respecter of anybody, if you like be the most respected bagger ever to walk this earth, death will reduce you down to the same level as that beggar down the street. (P.S. I do not believe in afterlife, and I sure as hell do not believe that that respect is going to count even in the socalled afterlife).

Females will argue, that they are keeping their virginity because they want to maintain their dignity, they want to be able to sleep well at night knowing that they did not put out their pussy just for any man? I am pretty sure some women sleep/dream better at night, knowing that nobody has labelled them as a whore, and that nothing long/hard as a rock has entered their "hole". Again I ask, why is "sex" put on such a high pedestal? What is all the fuss about? Indeed, some men are all about pussy, that is an agreed fact, but so what? Pussy is there for a reason is it not? People derive satisfaction/pleasure from sex same way they derive pleasure from movies/Tv/facebook so tell me why something that gives both satisfaction/pleasure is put on such a high pedestal? Honestly, I do not understand why anybody and I repeat anybody would break up with some their partner just because the other person "slept" or had "sex" with another human being. This is how I would view somebody breaking up with somebody else just because they had sex with another person. This is how it plays in my head - (So you are breaking up with him just because he put his dick into a hole?Something that did not even last for upto 20 minutes? Like you could not find a better reason to break up with him? Tut, Tut, Tut)

Sex in my opinion should not be put on such a high pedestal, I mean to what will it profit a woman to gain all the respect/dignity in the world and yet die a virgin? God forbid that any woman dies without having sex, all that dignity/respect points you earned will be for naught. Again, I recommend this Leo Tolstoy's Book, read it and gain insight. Everything in life, is directly/indirectly related to death. When your death awareness is high, you will definitely definitely learn to prioritise your life and decide what is important and what is not important, what does it matter really if you are a virgin? Or if you do not sleep around with other men? How does that count? On your death bed, or when your dying how will that come into your favor? Will your God grant you mercy for being chaste all your life? You will die the same way the prostitute will die, sometimes the prostitutes outlive the virgins self. Am telling you, we can really learn a few things from terminally ill people, go watch them and really see how they begin to change after being informed about their impending death. They become able to put things in CLEAR FRIGGING PERSPECTIVE. If one man won't marry you because you are not a virgin, there are plenty other men out there who will. As the saying goes, there are many sharks in the ocean. Do not limit yourself, live well, so you can die well. Sex should never be that big of a deal, like come on there are more important things in life than "sex". Sure discuss about STD's, make sure you use condoms etc, protext yourself  but please I beg you, can we stop all the arguments about "Trifling Men" and "Whorish Women". It is such a cliche topic, like if the dude is not treating you well BOUNCE. If the girl is not treating you well BOUNCE. Stop complaining and do something about it, again I repeat our asses only have one life to live. If people decide to live their life that way, then your ass should mind your own business. People only have one life to live, and if they decide to spend it on what brings them joy, then I say more grease to their elbow.

P.S Can somebody explain to me how the "more grease to their elbow" saying makes sense? I never got that saying, why should the elbow need grease? And am honest, with this question, why does the damn elbow need more grease? I can understand somebody saying, more lotion/aveeno  cream to your ashy elbow. But why grease? Who uses grease on their elbows?

Btw check out this video that has been circulating around facebook If your not married, you are single.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Before I continue, last night I went to see "Tyler Perry's I can do bad all by myself" movie. It was an awesome movie and I recommend it to everybody. Mary J Blige was on point and all the actors where on point as well. Madea was as funny as ever lol and the bible jokes in that movie had me cracking up.

Anywayz to the main story. I and my friend where just discussing about how in Boarding High Schools in Nigeria, there are a lot of mean spirited human beings living in such schools. They might have arrived there innoncent and sweet, but they left there with a heart of stone lol. I will give you  anectedotes to prove my point. I personally went to a High School in Nigeria that had both male and females. I know some of you probably went to an All boys school, or all girls boarding school. All in all, the sadism is the same in every boarding school so you all will be able to identify with this story. All the day students, who never got the oppurtunity to experience the joy of boarding school. I say to you, SHAME ON THEE!! For my fellow boarders, feel free to share some of your favorite memories. Today, I will start by telling the story of what befell me as a Junior in JSS1 which some people will recognise as form one, JSS1 in yankee terms is known as 7th Grade.

JSS1 - I was a junior, the lowest of the lowest lol, one day a senior who I shall term "Heartless" asked me to hold his sneakers for him while he went to play Basketball with another pair of sneakers. Apparently his stupid ass was to lazy to go back upstairs to drop the other pair of sneakers.Anywayz, I held the damn thing for him, but true to form I soon got distracted and went to join my mates to play soccer. A good 30 mins later, "Heartless" calls me and asks for his sneakers, I point to the bench where I had left them and to my utmost shock they were no longer there. I almost had three heartattacks(I later found out that "Heartless" had taken the sneakers and hidden them but sought to teach me a lesson for leaving them out in the open in the first place). Anywayz, heartless then asked me to match up to my room with him, told me to place my hands on the bunk bed and he proceeded to whip out this beautiful, leather defined belt. He told me he was going to give me 12 lashes on the back, and that if I removed my hand from the bunkbed where my hands were placed, that he would start over. (Being the agbaya that I am, I thought I could chest the whole thing). The first lash landed on my back, and I almost ran out of the room, the other boys caught me and brought me back to the room and true to form "Heartless" started all over again as he had promised. At the end of the day, my back could testify to 48 lashes and my eyes were tired out from crying my life away, all the tears that came out from my eyes that day could fill two buckets. So as I was walking out of the room with "Heartless" by my side, I saw the Housemaster walking towards us and I thought (this would be a perfect time to snitch on this bagger and let Housemaster dish out the same flogging I got to this heartless bagger). Housemaster saw me crying and asked me, what happened to you. I told him about the flogging I had received from Heartless who was still standing next to me and Housemaster asked Heartless what I did, Heartless responded by letting Housemaster know that I had disobeyed his orders. Housemaster right in front of me, "shrugged" and went to his own apartment. I almost had my 4th heart attack of the day, here I was expecting Housemaster to side with me and flog heaven/hell out of "Heartless" and the useless man simply shrugged and went into his apartment. That day was a pivotal moment in my life. Infact, after that day, I took it upon myself never ever to snitch on anybody in authority, because I realised that one day to I would be a senior and yes I would flog another helpless Junior and that Junior also would seek to snitch on me, and I indeed would want the Housemaster to give the same "shrug" after the Junior had reported me. "The strong do what they can, the weak endure what they must" was my motto for life.. On that day, I represented the "weak" and Heartless represented the "strong".

And anybody who was a product of boarding schools in Nigeria, will remember that every Junior, every single Junior always said this exact same thing. "When I become a senior, I am going to take out my revenge on all the juniors. Why should I be the only one to suffer, let them suffer as I did when I was a junior"  With this same mentality, they all go on to be sadistic in their manner of dishing out punishments.  And this my friends, is the "cycle of Sadism" that goes on in Nigerian Boarding Schools all across the nation. TO BE CONTINUED!!! (WATCH OUT FOR - THE CYCLE OF SADISM THAT GOES ON IN BOARDING SCHOOLS IN NIGERIA PART TWO)


Friday, September 11, 2009


Before I go on, I want to take a survey, am I the only weird person when after I "sneeze" instead of saying "Bless You" to other people around me, I say "Bless Me".  I never understood why I should bless anybody after sneezing, na me sneeze so why should I be blessing another bagger? Shouldn't the people around me bless me? U guys feel me shey? Lwkm

Lol anywayz what I meant by "potential campus shooters" are those persons who like the "Virginia Tech Shooter"  always come depressed to class, those persons who walk with that aimless gaze in their eyes. Those persons who seem to always be angry everytime you look at them, those psychos out there who you come in contact with on a daily basis. Those mad beings who go home everyday planning to come to class the next day to dispatch most of us to our maker.

One might ask me, "why controversy do you want us to befriend these potential campus shooters"? Afterall, while would you go and put your hand inside fire when you know it's going to hurt you. I will tell you why, if you befriend such lonely souls you are making a shrewd investment in your life. Who exactly will "Potential shooter No 1" seek to warn first if he is planning to shoot up a class? Me of course. Who will "Potential Shooter No 2" seek to send a text to warning me not to come to class that morning? Or that afternoon? or that evening? ME! ME! ME!

The only drawback is that there might be an instance where "Potential Shooter 1" might decide that since you where the only person on earth to befriend him, he might decide that he wants you to accompany him to heaven/hell and your ass might be the first to get shot. That my friends is the one serious drawback I see in this shrewd and wise investment and as you well know, every investment carries it's risks.

As my good friend "Charizard" will say, "the man wey get head but no give head is not a gbaski individual" So use that head to make shrewd investments to guard your life..
Abi Chari? hehehe Lwkm..

By Controversy.


1) Any time you see an E-Mail that says forward this on to '10' (or however many) of your friends, sign this petition, or you'll get bad luck, good luck, you'll see something funny on your screen after you send it, or whatever, it almost always has an E-Mail tracker program attached that tracks the cookies and E-Mails of those folks you forward to.

The host sender is getting a copy each time it gets forwarded and then is able to get lists of 'active' E-Mail addresses to use in SPAM E-Mails, or sell to other spammers. Even when you get emails that demand you send the email on if you're not ashamed of God/Jesus ....that's E-mail tracking and they're playing on our conscience. These people don't care how they get your email addresses - just as long as they get them. Also, emails that talk about a missing child or a child with an incurable disease - "how would you feel if that was your child"....E-mail Tracking!!!

Ignore them and don't participate!

2) Almost all E-Mails that ask you to add your name and forward on to others are similar to that mass letter years ago that asked people to send business cards to the little kid in Florida who wanted to break the Guinness Book of Records for the most cards. All it was, and all any of this type of E-Mail is, is a way to get names and 'cookie' tracking information for telemarketers and spammers - - to validate active E-Mail accounts for their own profitable purposes.

You can do your friends and family members a GREAT favor by sending this information to them; you will be providing a service to your friends, and will be rewarded by not getting thousands of spam E-Mails in the future!

If you have been sending out (FORWARDING) the above kinds of E-Mail, now you know why you get so much SPAM!

Do yourself a favor and STOP adding your name(s) to those types of listings regardless how inviting they might sound!...or make you feel guilty if you don't!' s all about getting email addresses - nothing more!

You may think you are supporting a GREAT cause, but you are NOT! Instead, you will be getting tons of junk mail later and very possibly a virus attached! Plus, you are helping the spammers get rich! Let's not make it easy for them!

Also: E-Mail petitions are NOT acceptable to White House, Congress or any other organization - i.e. social security, etc. To be acceptable, petitions must have a signed signature and full address of the person signing the petition, so this is a waste of time and you're just helping the Email trackers.

AND:... don't forget... delete other people’s e-mail addresses on your e-mails and when forwarding/sending use BCC:


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


U guys talk say make i free Religion matter, so I come decide to delve into other matters that have been plaguing me recently.

Seriously I think it is my lot in life to have roommates who have one medical issue or the other. Not that I am complaining, but seriously why do I seem to always end up with the semi weird roommates. Let me begin by starting this story from the beginning.

Freshman Year - My roommate, God bless his heart was a cool dude or so I thought. I noticed that he took pills from time to time, when I asked him he told me that they were anti-depressant pills and sleeping pills. He was "oyinbo/white" so when he told me he took such pills I thought nothing of it. Afterall, everybody knows that oyinbo people will take any drug as long as it helps them alleviate that pain all of them seem unable to bear.
Anyhoo, all the roommates went out to Target (store in yankee) one day with the exception of moi, and during this outing my roomie told the other apartment mates that as a kid he had shot and killed his father. Meaning that when he was a lil one, somebody in the house left a gun lying around. My roommate who I shall refer to as Weirdo No 1. apparently  discharged the weapon which killed the dad when the dad came to get the gun out of his hands I assume. So when my roommates, came back from the outing some of them approached me and told me about what Weirdo No 1 had said, me being me I laughed my head off thinking that it was all a joke, I kept on laughing until Weirdo No 1 worked into the room at which point I asked him(while still laughing) if what these roommates had said was true. He totally told me it was true and at which point I still did not believe him and kept on laughing till I realised that none of my other roommates where laughing at me and something went off in my head telling me that *hmm maybe this people might be serious o, and my yansh dey here dey laugh at the guy*. So i ehn stopped laughing and apparently they were all serious, so i apologised to roomie and from that moment on I locked my door when I went to sleep every night. I did not want any *Virginia Tech* shit happenng in my room and me being the only stupid person to have laughed would have definitely been first on the list for elimination Lwkmd.

Sophomore Year - I got roomed in with an Asian roommate and at first sight homie seemed cool, asians are always cool they never stress. They just read their books, play their video games and use their laptops with out stressing about nothing. Anywayz, first week back at school everything was coasting and I was beginning to think that my luck had started to change. Lo and Behold, the weekend arrived and my roommate went home, came back on Sunday with his dad. While helping my roomie unpack some of his stuff, his dad asked to speak to me privately(I thought he was going to tip me for helping his son unpack, seeing as that's what Africans sometimes do lol). But that was not the case, the dad called me aside and was like
 Dad - "Do you know that my son suffers from seizures"
 Controversy - No I was not aware of the fact that your beloved son suffers from seizures.
Dad - (calls his son and asks him) Why did you not tell your roommate that you suffered from seizures.
Controversy - (In my head am thinking, yeah fool why did you not tell me that you suffered from seizures? You would think that that would be the first thing a roommate would tell another roommate instead of waiting a  week after school had started to let me know.)
Roommate - I forgot to tell him
Dad - Please  he had a seizure last year at the movie theaters, and they called the ambulance and the bill came to $2000. Please if he ever has a seizure, do not call the ambulance, just roll him on his side and in an hour or two hours he will regain consciousness.
Controversy - Yes sir, I will roll him on his side.
Roommate - And please no matter what happens, even if am foaming do not put your fingers into my mouth to prop it open because my teeth will be clenched and I can bite your fingers off
Controversy - (In my head am like) If you know say dem born you well, just try first to bite my fingers off when am trying to help you during your seizure shit. Na coma you go find yourself in. Nonsense.  My papa sent me to school to come and study Political Science so I can enter law school and become lawyer. My papa no send me to school to come and be any body's friggin baby sitter abi na nurse. See me see trouble o.

Anywayz the whole thing ended and the honeymoon of having a perfectly normal roommate for one week was over. *sigh*

This past weekend I put 50 dollars in my drawer on friday and come sunday when I was looking for the money I could not find it. I sincerely could not believe that a human being had stolen money from me? A whole me? Can you imagine the audacity? The guts of such a person? The last time person  steal from me na back in boarding school for Lagos, Nigeria. To make matters worse, who was I to suppose to suspect of thievery? My asian roommates? Do Asians steal? Question: How do you accuse your roommate of stealing your money while saying it in a nice manner?


Tuesday, September 8, 2009


In my humble opinion, if you frequent Nigerian/African churches on a regularly basis, your chances of ever entering heaven talk less of "smelling" those pearly gates are very slim. Honestly most of you who attend Nigerian/African churches know what I am saying is true. How many instances has church been dismissed, and immediately people step outside the church door. The gossipping starts, this person talks about the pastor, the other person talks about the pastor's wife, another person talks about the new car Pastor has started driving. When done gossipping about the pastor, most members start gosspping about other members. "OMG, did you see how short  Sister Nneka's skirt was today? And she sings in the choir o, why is she shaking her booty for the pastor to see?" "Did you know I saw Brother Ola at the club yesterday acting a fool, he was grinding and grooving with this prostitute or that prostitute".

And with that same mentality, those same members will thank their God and head to their homes. I have witnessed this same thing time and time again, we africans are notorious for being "gossipers of the highest degree". We will gossip about anything, and am sorry to say most of the gossipping take place in our churches. If you honestly disagree with me, visit any Nigerian/African church and you will see what I am talking about. Pastors to are not even exempt from the gossipping, na their own worse pass. And please can somebody tell me why in most Nigerian Churches you go to, the church must always have an offering for "Building Fund"? They might have a huge ass building for the church, but they'll still want to build a bigger one? Na wa o.

Anywayz I will leave you all with this movie, about the arizona preacher praying for Barack Obama to die.


The Conception of Jesus

The alleged conception of Jesus in his mother's womb occurred in circumstances, which lay outside the laws of nature common to all human beings. The egg produced by the mother's ovary did not need to join with a part which should have come from his father, to form the embryo and hence a foetus. The phenomena of the birth of a normal person without the fertilizing action of the male's part is called 'parthenogenesis'. This form of reproduction occurs in some insects and flowers, in which the unfertilized ovum develops directly into a new life. In trying to present Jesus as a biological exception, Biblical writers and composers defied logic and science. It is shameful and repugnant that the alleged embodiment of God would be conceived like an insect or flower. Jesus did not need to a biological exception only in the way he was conceived in his mother's womb, but then presented as have grown in the same womb, was born and had a childhood that was biological or natural.

If Christ had to come into the world avoiding the impurity of human conception and birth, why did he not descend directly from heaven in person? If he can descend on the clouds at his still awaited alleged second coming, why could he not do the same at his first coming, thereby pre-empting reasons for doubt and saving far more of fallen humanity?

The Babylonian Talmud says that Jesus was a mamzer (literally a bastard or an illegitimate child). It says he was born out of an illegitimate union between his mother and a drunken Roman soldier. Only the offspring of incestuous or forbidden marriages are mamzerim. Children born out of wedlock are not mamzerim in Jewish law and bear no stigma, unless the marriage would have been prohibited. Children of a married man and a woman who is not his wife are not mamzerim (because the marriage between the parents would not have been prohibited), although children of a married woman and a man who is not her husband are mamzerim (because she could not have married him).

There are scattered first century Christian and Talmudic references to a miracle worker named Jesus ben Pantera. Among them is a quote from Origen, saying that his arch-rival Celsus had heard from a Jew in Jerusalem that Jesus Ben Pantera was born of Mary as the result of a rape by a Roman soldier named Pantera, and had borne the baby in secret. There may be something to this assertion, which would account for Mark's obvious embarrassment regarding the origins of Jesus since Gospel of Mark never mentions Joseph as the husband of Mary.

Note also that it was both the Roman custom and the custom of the Jews to include a patrilineal surname as part of a person's full name; yet nowhere in the New Testament does the surname of Jesus, (or Joseph, for that matter) appear. Jesus is often referred to as Jesus of Nazareth, a geographical surname that was usually reserved by Jews for illegitimate children of unknown patrilineage (Romans used the surname of the father, regardless of the legitimacy of the birth). The Talmud refers to Jeshu as being the illegitimate son of an adulteress named Mary Magdala.

The Talmud mentions Jesus' name 20 times and documents that he was born an illegitimate son of a Roman soldier called Panthera, nicknamed "the Panther". In many Jewish references, Jesus is often referred to as "ben Panthera". ‘ben’ means ‘son of".

Religious scholars over the centuries have discussed at length why Jesus was so regularly called ben Panthera. Origen of Alexandria (184-254 CE) is one of the greatest of all early Christian theologians, a historian and clergyman. He was appointed to succeed Clement of Alexandria as head of the catechetical school of Alexandria, where he had been a student. Prior to St. Augustine, he was the most influential theologian of the church.

He recorded the following verses about Mary from the research records of a highly regarded second-century historian and author named Celsus (c. 178): Mary was turned out by her husband, a carpenter by profession, after she had been convicted of unfaithfulness. Cut off by her spouse, she gave birth to Jesus, a bastard; that Jesus, on account of his poverty, was hired out to go to Egypt; that while there he acquired certain (magical) powers which Egyptians pride themselves on possessing - ‘Contra Celsum’ (Against Celsus), 1:28.

Later, in passage 1:32, Origen supports the Jewish records and confirms that the paramour of the mother of Jesus was a Roman soldier called Panthera, a name he repeats in verse 1:69. Some time during the 17th century, those sentences were erased from the oldest Vatican manuscripts and other codices under Church control (Origen 1:28 and 1:32) by Lommatzech in his Origen Contra Celsum, Berlin, 1845.

Contra Celsum (Against Celsus) is a closely reasoned long apologetic work refuting arguments advanced by the philosopher Celsus, an influential 2nd-century Platonist of Alexandria and perhaps the first serious critic of Christianity.

The early Christian church writings of St Epiphanius (315-403 CE), the Bishop of Constantia/Salamis, the metropolis of the Island of Cyprus, again confirm the ben Panthera story, and his information is of a startling nature. This champion of Christian orthodoxy and saint of Catholicism states: Jesus was the son of a certain Julius whose surname was Panthera – ‘Haer’ (Heresies), lxxvii, 7.

While very young, St Epiphanius followed the monastic life in Egypt. On his return to Judea he founded a monastery at Besanduk and was ordained to the priesthood. In 367 his reputation for asceticism and learning brought about his nomination as a bishop.

According to Jonathon D. Michaelis, Commentaries on the Law of Moses, vols. I-IV (1814), the story of Mary's pregnancy by a Roman soldier also appears in the sacred book of the Moslems, the Koran. It states that "a full-grown man" forced his attentions on Mary, and in her fear of the disgrace that would follow she left the area and bore Jesus in secret. This story was supported in the Gospel of Luke, with the description of the departure of Joseph and Mary from their home prior to the birth. Rape was a common event in Palestine during the Roman occupation, and soldiers were notorious for their treatment of young women.

It would be unthinkable for Mary to admit such an event had occurred, for under the Law of Moses a betrothed virgin who had sex with any man during the period of her betrothal was to be stoned to death by the men of the city (Deut. 22:21). Simply put, Mary faced the death penalty unless she could prove her innocence.

There are numerous rabbinical sources from the early Christian period, which refer to the Jesus of Christian fame as Jesus ben Pantera from Nazareth. There are several interesting references to a Jeshu ben Pandera from Nazareth who travelled around and practised as a member of the Essene Movement during the reign of Alexander Janneus, who ruled Palestine from 104 to 78 BCE. He was declared a heretic by a temple court, was stoned to death and hanged on a tree on the eve of Passover in 88 BCE.


Monday, September 7, 2009


(I just realised that I never formally introduced myself to blogger town or blogsville or wetin una dey call am lol. Well here it goes, I go by controversy, I am a Political Science Major and incase you were wondering about the previous blog posts, those posts are previous posts I myself wrote for my friends at NIGERIANMAFIA.COM. Check it out if you will please. )

Recently, I have been suffering a lot of what I call "Death Anxiety". Death Anxiety to me is  fear of death. This recent increase in my fear of death was brought about after I had finished reading "The Death of Ivan IIyich" by Leo Tolstoy. Please I know that not many people love reading books, I have read the bible, read parts of the Koran, read tons of inspirational books but none of those books shook me to the core as this particular book. For those really interested in the book, here is a copy of the book online (

There were a lot of people who adviced me after I told them about this book that I should not worry about death, that I am still young that I have a lot to look forward to. I have come to the conclusion that such advice is really not that true. Death awareness helps you set your priorities straight, anybody who has dealt with anybody who had cancer can testify to the ability of cancer victims to think clearly and set their priorities straight.When death is knocking at your door, you immediately acquire a clarity of mind and you are able to discard trivial things with such ease. I do not want to wait till i catch cancer to have that clarity of mind, I want to acquire it right now so that I can be able to really understand what the important things in life are. I want to indeed live well, so that I can die well.

After reading the book, I sat down and meditated on my life, one of the themes of that book was the fact that the man in the book lived a life of regret. Sure he did the right things society expects from each one of us, he went to school, had good grades, got a good job, married a good wife, had good children but at the end of the day all that meant NOTHING!!. So last night after really thinking about this book i asked myself what is it about death in particular that most frightens me? I realised that I am frightened by two thoughts. One of which is the thought of dying without letting the good people in my life know how much they meant to me and how much I valued them. Two is I did not want to look back maybe 60 years from now when am close to dying and start regretting not having lived life the way I wanted to. So at 2am last night, I literally went on my email, and typed emails to every single person that I had ever wronged and who I had failed to apologise to and I apologised to them and let them know what they meant to me, the influence they had had on my life, and told them all the things I should have told them before our friendships went sour. I have gotten some emails back from some of them and they have all been positive feedbacks, honestly I was really proud of myself after I finished typing those emails and hitting send!. There is no better feeling that knowing that you have let someone you deeply care about know how much they mean to you. I want to live well, so that i can die well. Honestly I will recommend what I did for everybody and please i take God beg una. If you ever have time, read that book by Leo Tolstoy it will change your life. I do have a question thought for anyone who reads this post. What is it in particular that most frightens you about death?