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Wednesday, September 30, 2009



So am sure you guys have noticed that we have new authors, I just wanted to take time out to explain how things in this blog will/have been run. We have 7 authors. - Controversy, Sacred, Blasphemy, Enoch, Unbiased, Afrikim, Gentian Sage. Gentian Sage is our latest author and she happens to be related to moi lol. Gentian Sage's expertise is in writing stories just like the stories our friend "My New Hitman " writes on her own blog. (Anybody notice, how I just tore up Myne Whitman's name hehe. Anyhoo, Gentian Sage is honestly the shit when it comes to writing stories, read some of her stories yesterday and I was WOWED. So just to give you a breakdown of which days Authors will post, this is how it'll go from now on hopefully.

Sunday - Controversy
Monday - Sacred
Tuesday - Blasphemy
Wednesday - Controversy/Afrikim
Thursday - Unbiased
Friday - Gentian Sage
Saturday - Enoch

This is going to be the schedule on this our little blog lol. Moving on, our friends @ Gemini Duo have decided to leave blogsville. I just do not understand the rationale behind that decision, and I am tres saddened. It was because of them that I decided to start blogging, now they have left. Wat fuckerey? Anywayz, hopefully they will be back someday. Now am sure you guys/gals heard of the disgrace/humiliation I suffered @ the hands of this "Deranged Teenager". She will be fine, I understand that the devil possessed her on that faithful day, it wasn't her fault. Anyhoo, her birthday is today, so you guys should drop her a shout-out or something, I don't know why I am being nice to her but I believe that I am doing the chrisitan thing in this case. Baba Jesus talk say if your neighbor slaps you on one cheek, you should turn the other cheek, if you chop another slap after you turned the other cheek, then you should spread your butt cheeks for her to slap as well. Hehehe.

So expect to see Blasphemy's post later on today as he should have gone yesterday but he was preoccupied, I assure you that the post is  going to be HAWT, HAWT, HAWT..And we apologise in advance if we offend any persons.


Fabulo-la said...

Do I sense some sexual tension between u and the 'deranged teenager'?


Sacred said...

Oh my
you and that teen need to get a room

Lady X said...

OMG! Spread your butt cheeks? LOL! Hey are you on twitter? If you're not you need to join o so I can bother you off Blogger. said...

hahahah! I don't know about spreading butt cheeks sha!

Controversy said...

Lol trust me it is possible @ myspiltink lol.
@ Fabuo-la..
Cease with your day dreaming.

@ Sacred..
Why don't u get us a room?

@ Lady X.
Yes o i have twitter but u have to teach me how to communicate on that ish. More of a facebook person lol.

Myne Whitman said...

I think somebody is crushing, what a sweet romance LOL.

As for my name, I need a new letter and I'll call you a sorry convert. LOL.

Look forward to gentian's stories. Why not start her own blog and leave this so religious bashing?

Anonymous said...

LAMO..dude you have issues mehn!! Open butt cheeks?? Free leggy and stop referring to her now, ahan whats your own?? lol

I noticed the Myne Whitman thing..woohoo I'm smart.

Controversy said...

@ Myne
Lol she's not involved in religious bashing @ myne..
She's like hella differnt and she's christian. I told her to start her own blog, but she prefers to do it through my blog.

@ Taymee
Abeg it's after i've noticced it that u now noticed ur own abi? Tryn 2 claim credit lol, why didn't any of u mention it to myne until now ehn ehn ehn?

Me and leggy is cool o.. Am done with her matter.
No victor no vanquished. She has surrendered

Bubbles said...

You need to like hop off Leggy's dick for reals.!

Controversy said...

U need to take a joke for what it is. A joke.
Or abi u want the civil war to be between me and u ni?

This comment has been removed by the author.
TRYBES said...

Be the big brotha and let sleepin dogs lie.Guess she erred and went a lil off the mark but we all do that once in a while..biko paddy mi..Thanks :)

Controversy said...

Lol trybes my broda.
No i was just kidding o, i honestly don't think theres beef between i and her. I mean we spatted but that's that. Lol that's a forgotten issue.

Bubbles said...

I don't think it's a very funny joke
I think it's unnecessary really...

Civil war? really
I'm not one to fight over the internet
I think it's a pussy move

but keep doing what you do

Controversy said...

@ Bubbles.
Well am sorry that ur sense of humor is out of wack.. damn cool down joh. Nobody is tryin 2 fight with anybody, are u really that stuck up dat u are lookin for fight where there is none?
let me restate this again, I am not fightin with anybody, if i make a joke about leggy or poke fun @ her. Dat is perfectly ok in my opinion, I don't know the babe from nowhere, so stop being her mouthpiece. Sheesh

Bubbles said...

My sense of humor is not 'wack'
I'm not being her mouth Piece
I just think you are stretching whatever issue you have with her a bit too far

Look I don't want to start anything
So I'll just let this go.

Controversy said...

Lol yes please let it go.

Anonymous said...

Now am lost!!!!!

7 authors!!!!

Controversy said...

Yes 7 authors miss ttolla..
U want truth abi?
Lol then u would surely appreciate variety

Anonymous said...

Well,too many cooks...

Sacred said...

too many cooks spoil the pot.
I am kinda interested to see how this is gonna go. Bust or success?

Controversy said...

Lol true @ ttolla
To many cooks
We shall see sha
Success or bust

honey91 said...

controversy u can like to free leggy
nd i serzly wanna see wat leggy's gonna say to this!