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Monday, September 21, 2009


(Basically, this blog now has 5 contributors to it, Controvery and Blasphemy are the deists, Sacred and Unbiased are the "Christians" *rolls eyes* and Afrikim is the neutral one. Sacred btw is/was also known as Africanqueen so yeah ttlolla I took your advice. We want truth, and we believe we can balance out the blog that way if we have differing views/perspectives. - Controversy) Now back to Miss Sacred's Post.

Hi, for the purposes of this blog, I will be known as Sacred.
For those who are familiar with this reference, I am the Jekyll of this blog. When I was asked to do this, well, I reasoned and after out-reasoning myself, I decided that there is a lot of ignorance when it comes to religions, that is held...not only by my fellow authors, but also by those who comment. Therefore, I decided that for the overall balance of the blog, my insight might be just that equilibrium.
Before you read whatever I have to write, let me give you a bit of my background, and maybe it will make understanding my blogs much easier.
I am off course female. I have my own blog that is dedicated to my specialty...politics and policy analysis. However, I have done extensive studies into world religions. Therefore, while I am a Christian, I have read and own most of the religious texts of the major world religions..... I am not going to go into deep details here.There is a blog that is coming up that will do a brief introduction into world religions.
I am a rebel. Plain and simple. I rebel against establishments, and yes, that has included religious establishments, which has led to me being a christian at my own choosing....and not because my parents or my friends are Christians.
I believe that there are Absolute Truth, but there are also grey areas in truth that exist. While truth can be circumstantial, there are un-debatable truths.

I tolerate people who do not agree with me. In fact I love to engage people who do not agree with me. However, I have low tolerance for stupidity, and hotheadedness. What is the difference? One is an intelligent discourse, and the other is plain rubbish and a pursuit of showing off.

One more important thing, I believe in Science, and I believe in Science technology and its advancement...however, I am highly and absolutely critical on the ability for science to explain everything. Anyone who believes that science is the all in all of life needs to get a reality check.



Controversy said...

Haha nice introduction Sacred. Btw, Sacred is also known as Africanqueen. So yes ttolla i took your suggestion.
Lmao @ I tolerate people who disagree with me. Well that's a JOKE!!!!

cerberus said...

I like Sacred...
You guys need a muslim on here.

Controversy said...

Lol well if we find a suitable muslim, we shall recruit such an individual

histreasure said...

Now this blog looks like it deserves its title..
welcome on board, girl..
i can see say this blog will rock..
looking forward to it all..

Anonymous said...

This is already my fav blog, imagine the monster blog you guys would create.

Bubbles said...

I like you already

Enoch said...

**screaming, pulling hair & gnashing teeth**

Sacred Africanqueen??

"That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet"

This blog is now horribly unbalanced because that which we call Africanqueen by any other name would still be like the nine crusades and a thousand Inquisitions rolled into one.

Myne Whitman said...

Well I reserve my comment. Let the games begin.

Sacred said...

@ Enoch...well I see you are going to be an interesting opponent...haha
I can't wait.

Now, as for controversy...let the games begin.

Controversy said...

@ Histreasure.
Yes the blog will rock because of the deists in it. Please don't get it twisted. Christians are boring lol.

@ ttlolla
Lol yep yep

@ Enoch
Haha bro @ gnashin of teeth. U gotta save that for hell or u'll have no teeth to gnash out there.

@ Myne Whitman
Lol u are something else

@ Bubbles.
U like her more than me?

Sacred said...

@ now, don't go flaring your head already. haha
Deists are confused...and Christians are interesting, if not entertaining.

and it is very okay if they like me more than they like you. some people can't help it but be likeable...unlike you