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Friday, September 25, 2009


So last night, I honestly argued with two of my friends on the subject of christianity/bible until 3 a.m. During the cause of this argument/discussion, I happened on the topic of the tower of babel. The argument so far had definitely been lively and at times heated but it was held with splendid decorum.

Genesis 11:1-9

It is said that the tower of babel was so tall that it was almost reaching heaven, that God felt so threatened by it that he resolved to stop them from reaching heaven by giving them different languages. No yawa, baba God struck all the people there with different languages and they could no longer communicate with each other, hence the construction of the building stopped. Now to my question, HOW TALL COULD THE TOWER OF BABEL HAVE BEEN THAT IT WAS ALMOST REACHING HEAVEN? That would mean that this tower passed earth, entered space, passed pluto, jupiter, venus etc and was almost reaching heaven? Chai, come and see serious architecture, those builders deserve noble prizes. If you go to school, your ass should know that there is no way that building entered space, because obviously there is no gravity in space. Moreover, with a building that tall, how where the workers able to get to the top to keep on constructing? Elevator no dey, escalator no dey, space ship no dey, how where these mere men able to climb up to the top of the tower? They had no space suits, and in space they would be floating. And this is what vexes me with the bible and people who believe somuch in it, the truth is right there staring you in your freaking face but noooo you refuse to accept it because you don't want to deal with the responsiblity. After they will say controversy your to negative, you are to cynical, you are to pessimistic, you mock our religion, you criticize us tomuch. But why won't I mock your useless religion? I grow weary with every passing day because I see people living lies. People just refuse to think, I keep on repeating the same thing. 2 % of people think, 3% of people think that they think, 95% of people would rather die than think. I just do not understand it, why would people see the truth and choose to ignore it. It just does not make sense to me, and this weariness has translated into how I relate to people. Honestly, nothing human beings do can surprise me anymore, people are so scared to embrace the truth and this reality has ultimately affected how i relate to people around me this days. I have showed you guys the absurdity of the whole thing and people will still find a way to try to explain it?
There will be those who will say that maybe the "tower almost reaching heaven" should not be taken literally, to those people I say, if the tower was as tall as the largest sky scraper man has made, why has God not brought down those sky scrapers as well? So that side of the argument is not logical.
Then they wonder, why is it with all the things these guy says against religion/bible has God not struck him down with thunder. I summit to you that the reason God has not struck me down with thunder, is because I am telling the truth. It might not be the whole truth, but I know that I have at least done my part in asking questions. The bible says there was a tower, they say that the tower was almost reaching heaven. You have all seen spaceships enter space, so you all must believe that it is not made up, hence it is real. Now tell me, how is it possible that people wey no get elevators, escalators, spaceships or spacesuits were able to build a tower that was almost reaching heaven? A tower that was so tall, that it got a whole Almighty God worried, that he had to strike them with different languages? Please make una find me answer. if you can not find me answer, it's ok I have already forgiven you in advance. Hiss, Good Night abi na Good Morning jare.

P.S: I am sorry if anybody is offended with my tone in this particular blogpost, but in my defence I am writing this at 4 am, lol I could not sleep so I decided to write this as a draft and save it before I forgot about it tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

It's interesting how you seem to want to come across as an open-minded and liberal thinker who asks all the hard questions, and yet you resort to the typical affronted mechanism displayed by narrow-minded people - attacking the belief system of those who think/believe differently from you. The fact that you don't think Xtians have the right answers/theories about life does not make the alternatives you think you have right (your alternatives being that there is no God and so on and so forth, I believe). The cold, hard truth is NOBODY knows what the right answers/theories about life are. If you think Xtians have the wrong theories, well, there's a simple solution - find the theories that work for you or shut up about it. Attacking Xtian beliefs simply because they don't work for you is just as ludicrous as believing that hell and the story of the Tower of Babel are literal or thinking that you're such a controversial person for asking the same questions many level-headed Xtians ask themselves about their faith.

Otas (duh!!) said...

OMG! First to comment!
Ok I object to callling anyone's belief stupid. Except from that bravo bravo!!! Do u know d kinda punishment i received wen i asked my bible study teacher that question???

Otas (duh!!) said...

well put anonymous! Tru he did go a lil hard on them but you have to realise that is the same wame some christians address any faith outside of theirs so in his defense yea he has a point.

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine. Which is why I don't blame you, I blame those who have corrupted the simple and basic tenet of the Xtian faith which is simply that man cannot be saved by his/her good deeds but by faith in the redemption that Christ made possible by dying for us. And if it sounds crazy or stupid to believe in a love so great that it was willing to die for me, well, I'd rather that than believe that my life is mere chance with no deeper meaning. I've been through the cycle of actively questioning my Xtian faith due to how it had been misrepresented to me (by clueless Bible teachers, pastors, etc) when I was younger but thankfully (for me, maybe not for you), I've come full circle.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! So i'm assuming you're now part of the 2% of "thinkers"?

Please take time to re-read that passage (Genesis 11:4) and this time when you're reading it, try and read it with the open mind you accuse Christians of not having.

This is simple critical reading.
And you ma use your 2% "thinking" brain.

At that time.. Heavens to people probably meant the skies, the clouds... If it reached there, ehen? I doubt they needed "space suits" or elevators. Clouds no hard to reach now. Don't people FLY in the clouds now? are they wearing space suits?

And as for God scattering it, and you using your 2% "thinking" brain to assume it was because he was afraid, i guess it would be pointless trying to explain to you the idea of God being God, the master architect of life and him realizing the effect of people coagulating in one tall building rather than populating earth.

Controversy said...

@ Anonymous.
Lol i do not want to come across as open-minded. I have my own views, you have your own views. I have never advocated my alternatives as being the right alternative.
Lol anonymous you argue stupidly my friend, you have not even tried to answer my question. Now you tell me that that passage in the bible was a parable. A parable for what?
Well I should not have called the beleif stupid even though I believe it to be so, but honestly I was in a cranky mood so forgive me of that slight.

@ Anonymous.
Lmao @ that time heaven probably meant cloud, which building does your stupid ass know that has been able to reach the clouds? Honestly, do they really raise such stupid people this days? Please if you have no answer, stop talkin shit and simply ponder on the question. Gosh. If they meant to say clouds they would have fucking said CLOUDS!!! Do not be absurd, your same argument could be used to explain anything. Maybe @ that time, "hell" meant ditch or maybe "hell" meant beneath the water. So it should not be taken literally. Oloshi

@ Otas.
Thank u jare, lol but honestly i am hella cranky. People see truth and refuse to acknowledge it.

Controversy said...

@ 2nd Anonymous.
Lol i do not claim to be 2%, me if i am among those 3% i will still be happy. But God forbid that i ever end up in that 95%.
Wow @ u being dumb enough to think that those people were flying to the top of the thing inside the clouds. Like WOW.. Do you go to school?

Penelope said...

I thought u were funny at first but now you're just being plain ridiculous. If you must critisize, do so constructively. I assumed you were just someone trying to voice ur opinion without having to critisize others, but apparently i thought wrong. It's ok that you don't believe in God...those that have believed in him have never critisized ur belief. As a matter of fact, u dont get to decide wat is right or wrong, truth of the matter is YOU DONT KNOW IT. Nobody knows and that is why we all have different beliefs. Please try to be more reasonable.

SkinnyLegs said...

My first time here I think...ur name is not an exaggeration o...kai.
On the real though...when u put it this way a lot of questions are begging to be answered.
I'm not the biggest fan of christianity or the institution that is religion either to be honest.
Anyhow...continue doing wat it is you do and fashi all d random talk.
One day we will all understand.

Anonymous said...

Lol... yes, apparently they still raise such people... you seem to fit well into that category.

Again.. really take time to read the passage (and every other part of the bible) with this "open mind" you claim to have. Think outside of the box and don't look at things so LITERALLY.

Penelope said...

lmao @ Anonymous!!!

Anonymous said...

wow @ u being even DUMBER to read what I wrote as FLYING into the clouds? Are you kidding me? This is how people fail exams o, they won't settle down to read and UNDERSTAND passages, just jump and make meaningless conclusions because they are rushing. I gave the 'flying in clouds' as an example of how it is possible to be in "the heavens" now without a space suit. If it is possible now, it was possible then.

Bubbles said...

First of all
your disclaimer for writing a blogpost THIS rude should not be 'It is was 4am in the morning' that is not an excuse.

"But why won't I mock your useless religion?"
Where the hell do you get off saying out religion is useless. If YOU want to question religion that is fine but criticizing US for believing is an unbelievable douche move.
Check yourself hun

Controversy said...

@ penolope.
I laugh o, maybe u did not read my apology @ the end of the blogpost. Seeing as you have chosen to ignore it, then I will leave you to make your conclusions.

@ Skinny legs.
Thank u o.But when shall we get these answers? When will this day come?

@ Anonymous.
Lol i have taken time to read the passage, now please explain to me succintly, what I have failed to understand.

@ 2nd Anonymous
Please I don't understand, you said the building was so tall that it was able to reach the clouds? Please how is this possible? You do know that @ a certain altitude it is hard to get oxygen if you are not fitted properly with the right equipment. it is save to assume that those people did not have any sort of advanced technology that we currently hold. Your whole argument is baseless and plain wrong, unless of cus ur statin that the people must have been so smart @ that time, then immediately after that they slipped into a serious decline in terms of technology, science etc.
Please again, if there are facts that you can point to to support your argument. Show it to us.

Controversy said...

@ Bubbles.
Again I am sorry o, jeez don't crucify a brova. But as i have told u time and time bubbles I am allowd to criticize the belief, but It is definitely an unforgivable act for me to criticize people directly for having such beliefs.
I already apologised and you are right about the 4am excuse.
Someone once told me to"never ruin an apology with an excuse."

Lady X said...

I wonder why he had to strike the tower down...If he was really all powerful the people would have not been able to build the tower. Maybe that story is a big lie.

innuda said...

Keep asking those questions,at the end of the day...NOBODY has the answer to anything.
Sometimes i sit and wonder if we are all pawns in a game been played by some "beigns" in the spiritual.
Because me??
I tire for this world most times--it just makes no damn sense.
I have been one of those spiri people--tongue speaking et al,YET i felt so empty as if it wasn't all it's cracked up to be.

And listen to this,i asked so many questions while seeking what it was all about,that the PASTOR then got fed up and labelled me PROUD JEZEBEL--and that my PRIDE(ability to look authority in the face and ask questions as opposed to being a dodoyo)would KILL me.

My own strong belief is that most people are trapped in a sort of midway cocoon.Not knowing wether here nor there is the right place to be..wrapped up in the fear of the unknown.AND because we all don't know what the other side holds,we all more often than not,follow what we think is right just because it seems safe,good and well "so many xtians cannot be wrong" kinda movement.And then we know just the right words to say to those who don't believe,know just how to cast aspersions on others etc.
Hey ho..."we are the believers" they are not,and so long as "we" fall into that safety net and belive what we are meant to believe...then it's all good.

I love the gays,I have ALWAYS supported them,partied with them and seen them as people just like myself,only that they choose to have sex with the same gender..end of.YET,someone i know who is as spirit filled as they come believes they should all be MURDERED.
Then when i ask..WHERE IS THE LOVE??
They run into the refuge of the bible and start preaching how God hates the homosexuals.blah di blah blah..
But this same God makes you wish death another man abi?And it's okay because you straight??

Oooops i digress...that happens once i start on religion.

About this tower of babel..
hmmm....i just think like so many other things in the bible that make one go WTF??
This is one of them.

And as for me,no matter how many times i look up to the skies or pop into church once in a while ..or drift in and out of my relationship with searching for that higher plane etc...I will never stop questioning what i do not understand.

Penelope said...

Im positive that "P.S" at the bottom wasnt there wen i read the post...but with all being said, I hear you...Still quite a strange excuse but oh well. :P

Btw u see how u reply with so much decency now? Thats what u should have done.

Lady X- there are so many things that you might have questioned in the quran too and not understood..same as we christians and the bible. So lets just leave things as they are and stick with our beliefs shall we? I would hate for us to make unecesary assumptions and question certain 'stuff' lol.

Controversy said...

@ Lady X.
that story has always puzzled me, honestly if u study that passage, that whole story seems like an insert. It did not have to be there, it was a random passage inserted into genesis. Or it came across as being hella random.

@ Innuda.
I identify with where ur comin from totally and please do not despair of asking questions. one who asks questions is a fool for five minutes, one who does not ask any question is a fool forever. I have literally been thrown out of a church because of my questionin habit. They labelled me names rangin from devil, to anti christ.

@ Penelope.
I swear to you that the P.S was there the whole time. I did not just re-edit it and add it in there. Maybe u just skimmed through the post. I am actually a decent person, it's just that i was passionate about this particular topic.
Btw, ur response to Lady X is really amazing, so we should leave off trying to understand the world and leave people to believe and claim that belief as the truth? I ask u this question, if God could strike ppl with different languages, does it not stand to reason dat that same God or those same ppl would seek to worship God with a different style of religion? I mean if they had different languages, why couldn't they have different religions?

Controversy said...

Honestly Innuda, please never stop questioning, and I was just thinking about the gay issue to. Why do people hate them so much, they do not affect/disturb anybody in anyway, yet they are hated so much. True talk @ where is the love

Lady X said...

Penelope: I'm not saying that becuz I'm not a Christian or agreeing with Controversy cuz I'm a Muslim so please don't think that way. There are actually a lot of things I don't agree with in the Qur'an but Controversy has not addressed any of them so I have not said anything about them. I'm merely expressing my thoughts. And why shouldn't we question things. Blind faith! Like I've said in one of my posts it's not that I don't believe in God. I just don't believe in the God humans have created for themselves. Because of stories in the bible like this one. I mean Cmon! It does sound a bit far fetched. And is this Penny with the blog or someone just using her name.

Controversy: I suspect that passage o! Wella! Sha Muslims believe the Bible has been tampered with greatly and the Qur'an hasn't. I say the both of them have been tampered with jare! Or the people that translated it from Arabic to English are on a long thing!!

Controversy said...

@ Lady X
U are a lady after my own heart. I say the same thing,I believe in God but not in the god we humans have created for ourselves. And then claim that he gave us his word. Outright lies that under scrutiny, seem to fail inspection

Myne Whitman said...

So controversy, you think/believe there is a physical heaven one can get to by flying through space? LWKMD...rolling...

Controversy said...

@ Myne
Lol umm I don't know if you are tryin to be sarcastic lol. I am lost. I never said there was a physical heaven, am going by what the bible said lol. They said the buiding was close to heaven, please since you christians claim heaven is real, that would mean the buildin would have entered space nah? or is space heaven?

nonny said...

@ controversy
some might say in those days, God was ruling earth directly and as such, heaven was closer to earth.....emphasis on some might say.

@ penelope and anonymous 1 n 2
there is no crime in questioning, which is exactly what he is doing. I am a catholic governed by many rules that i myself question. I find it odd that instead of trying to answer his questions, you seem to be getting defensive.

for all the years i have stayed on earth, i have never seen air... but i believe it is there. If someone asked me why i was alive, i would say air.... if i was asked to prove the fact that this invisible gas existed, i might not be able to.... but it would not stop me from believing that it was air i was breathing in. However, me being defensive and attacking the questioner will help no one.

Back to controversy
we do not know why this story is there. there is no scientific proof that it did happen. however, we do believe that at a certain point in time, all humans spoke the same language and something caused us to separate and speak different languages. The Darwinians have their migration theory about humans walking over to the far regions of the earth on foot. I for one find this highly unlikely but hey, let them have their moment. our theory is a very high tower.... let us have our moment.

Anonymous said...

Heyyyyyyyyyyy..............controversial as usuall

The tower of babel story, me i dont know and cannot explain it.the story does not bother me,so frankly , i care less; thats why its down to faith

For all those who think controversy is condescending in his posts and comments, i've told him but as usual he thinks he's always right

@ controver:
i believe ,'heaven' is not literarily after jupiter and mars, but i dnt know where it is sha.

Where did u put enochs post ehn?

Sacred said...

@ Bubbles.
I like you. and since it seems that those of us who believe in this "meaningless" religion are few, we might be crucified.

lol the way I way I see, Mr. Controversy here will be among those top notch leaders who will lead the persecution of Christians.

Myne Whitman said...

Controversy, you need to think deeper. Yeah I was being sarcastic like your post was rude. I am not above religious controversy myself and can respectfully argue on both sides of any debate but you have not really moved me. Your arguments are lame especially this one. Yes heaven is real. Is everything real, tangible/physical? Get with the program boy, have you heard of the word spiritual before?
Enoch and Sacred do a better job, you may need to borrow a leaf.

Where is Enoch's post BTW?

EDJ said...

My theory on the tower of babel is that it is an explanation that the Old Testament writers came up with to explain different languages. I honestly don't believe it REALLY happened. This is my theory.
Imagine say the pyramids. People were beginning to build taller and taller creations to show man's scientific progress and certain "scholars" of the time decided that this was an affront to God because humans were reaching higher than they should. Perhaps they felt it was wrong for man to build something so large to show our scientific/engineering progress. So the "scholars" created this story of Babel to stop people from continuing their construction.

I know, thanks to re-runs on the History Channel, that there IS similarity between the Tower of Babel and a structure called "Etemenanki" which was a huge tower being constructed in Mesopotamia that was never finished due to some random reasons. It is possible that the Hebrews who wrote these stories (and were most likely forced to build that tower by their oppressors) decided to create this story as a way of showing that God was on their side and trying to stop them from building the tower.

Controversy said...

@ Nonny
Umm some might say? is it fact? Did it really happen? U are assuming that heaven was closer to earth, what then shifted heaven away from earth? Thank u for makin mention of those defensive ppl o. It's not as if i expected that this post would make anybody stop believin in christianity. I put em our there for ppl to ponder upon. Lmao @ our theory is a very high tower, let us have our moment. Hahahhaahah i laff tire, even if ur moment is based on a lie?

@ Ttolla lol i always listen to you, what u talking about. But umm u can't explain tower of babel story, why don't u think it could be false?

@ Sacred.
U wish lol, me lead the persecution of christians. I die that day, moreover am honestly not worried about u guys. There is already a lot of hypocrisy among u guys so all of u probably going to end up in the same hell dat am going to be in. (If there is one)

@ Myne whitman
Think deeper where? Lmao i should think outside the box ni? And imagine stuff? Am sorry hun, i deal with facts, reason and logic. I do not think outside and imagine buildings, or roads paved with gold. NOPE! Lol @ my arguments are lame, i gave u an argument and the best u can do is tell me that heaven is not physical. Lmao abeg abeg carry comot, but they said the buildin was almost reaching heaven, was the building physical or should I think deeper on that one to?
Lol @ the word spiritual. Oh please stop tryin 2 convince me that u like to see both sides of the argument. if u honestly can't see the point i've tried to make in the post, it's obvious u've shut ur eye to reason. Faith wins the day.


Controversy said...

Exactly hun, that's what i've been trying to say. That shit never happened, it's as obvious as daylight. It just seemed wrong and made up from the start.
Someone on fb said that they could have built stairs inside space to. Like wow, honestly when ppl get deluded, they really really get deluded

EDJ said...

By the way, Controversy, you are really ripping apart the Old Testament, which is where a lot of people have problems, but you are missing half the picture if you keep fixating on the Old Testament. When are you gonna take issue with Part 2? (the "upgraded" version) and the part that REALLY concerns Christianity? Lol.

Controversy said...

Lol I know huh. But i will touch on the New Testament on Sunday.
I am preparing the sermon for that day.

Myne Whitman said...

Controversy, a little imagination never hurt anyone. You want peeps to have an open mind but you have closed yours? Maybe you don't know, then you can say so. History and archeology support the babel tower, the part that it reached heaven is the myth. Why? Because there is no physical heaven. Do you have a mind? Can you touch it? No? OK, that's a beginning.

For Sundays sermon, you may consider either of these two topics
1. Immaculate conception
2. The Resurrection and Ascension.
For the second, this link might help.

Miss Loré said...

and curiosity killed the cat.

Enoch said...

Oh men. look what I've been missing. I can't even keep up.

The list goes on. I love the way they pick and choose which stories are literal and which ones are metaphors. With much luck the bible is destined to be the Xtian guide to useful life metaphors. Anyways, I dey wait. Fire the next one.

Old Mesopotamia is also known as Sumeria. Their texts provided the bedrock for a lot of the old testament including; Tower of babel, Moses, Garden of Eden, etc. Its almost too ridiculous.

@Miss Lore
"Curiosity killed the cat"?
More like curiosity gave the cat new life and the means to dominate his world.

Jiri nwayo. Don't let running tempers get to you. Its the nature of strongly held convictions to resist reproach.
Catholic huh? Attend Legion of Mary?

@Myne Whitman&ttlolla
We all keep open minds. You have to understand that it takes a lot of restraint to point out these funny stories in the bible with a straight face.

Bill Maher is the new Saul. If there's going to be a persecution of religions, He'll lead the pack revving a chainsaw.

Controversy said...

@ Myne.
No o, this is not a fable story.
This is real and serious, people believe in this things. People have died in the defense of such myths. U cannot just callously explain it away as being nothing. This is serious, if the path about it reachin heaven is a myth. Myth = lie. What stops other stories in the bible from being myths/lies?
Myne i will take your topics into consideration. I already picked one though and i assure u that u might love it.
@ Miss Lore
Haha the cat had nine lives so it resurrected again. Don't get it twisted.

@ Enoch.
Lmao @ its hard to keep a straight face while telling these stories. So trueeeee..
I just don't understand their obsession with cherrypickin which bible verses to believe and which to ignore.

Sacred said...

and I like Bill Maher. Oh well...
I imagine both you and Controversy will be among the cheering squad...if not the ones holding the guns

Controversy said...

Lol no sacred.
My parents are christians. Why would I lead the persecution of people I lvoe simply because of their beliefs?

HYAW said...

controversially blasphemous, you have come again. Maybe they just had a different way of doing things then. Bible claimed that those men lived over hundreds of years, we don't do that now. bible claims a flood destroys the world... can yo conceive a flood destroying the WORLD now... bible claims Jesus died to bring us life, mercy, forgiveness, maybe that's the reason God isn't destroying sky scrappers. again all these are just maybes... a way of saying there might be any other reasons for this phenomenom except the ones you state. once again, i want to ask 'what does being a deist mean!'

Tisha said...

Jesus loves you

Whatever is hurting you
He can handle
trust Him

(read Hebrews 13)
ask the Holy Ghost to help you
Do you want to keep living this empty life?

HYAW said...

And by the way, i was thinking this would get better as you keep blogging but it just get's worse.

at first you said you are two deist, now you are people who believe nothing. it is okay to believe nothing, it is okay to have a blog where you can constructively coach people who want to believe nothing, it is okay to respectfully ask questions... i know it is your right to say anything you want to say on your blog, but what do you gain when you just openly thrash people's believe like this... it is not just okay to say 'we believe nothing because it was written in an old useless book (btw, you quote books: why), why don't you tell us what you believe, or constructively criticize what we believe. you don't want us believing the bible... then write something believable, not all these irritating, confused posts. you have to be sensitive, because unlike you, there are poeple who have seen a much harsher part of the world, and the only thing still keeping them alive is the shaky belief that there is something more. when you take away this belief, do you give them something else or you are just content with just taking away. does this actually give you joy?

you have your shaky belief that nothing is believable, when someone comes out to insult and ridicule this belief, won't you atleast want something... and yes, your belief is shaky cuz the last time i checked, you were deists, now you are 'nothinists'.

btw: maybe it is actually age that is doing this to you, maybe youth or mid life crises. so how old are you, how much of the world have you seen, what credibility or authority do you have to talk about things like these? are you telling us, or you are asking us? are you confused?

Enoch said...

If he really does, he'll stop playing hide and seek.

If he really loves anyone why would he be playing games with eternal life?

Anonymous said...


I do understand ur type and thinking. u keep searching for that "truth" and u dont find it and then u begin to tear it apart. i dont have a problem with u expressing your opinions and views, about what might be real or not real. unfortunately (or fortuantely), i may not even be able to explain to u why the tower of babel (and other stories, myths) are true or not, even though am a xtian. thats bcos u r not particularly trying to find out the truth, u just want to tear up any explanation about that comes up about it, and that dude, na ur own personal issue.

however, i do have a problem with u insulting people for believing these stories. what they have, my friend, is FAITH. and thats what everyone who believes in any diety or religion holds on to. the xtians, muslims, bhuddists, ekankar etc, name them all have one thing in common, FAITH.

faith that their God or supreme being does exists.

and i am sure also that everyone who believes in any God has questions about their belief. but they do not dwell on it, not bcos they are unwilling to bear the responsibility as u put it (what ever that is) but its simple, their belief makes such "stories" and "myths" true. they simply accept it. that of cos u r not willing to do and i wont hang u for that.

u did not just insult xtianity, u insulted every religion. u just havent read up on other myths and stories in religion. but then, i have found how easy it is our aethist folks to attack xtianity first. they just arent as lethal as u r, they usually dont insult. they just say "I disagree with the concept".

but pls pls, in ur opinions, try not to insult people.

and ur excuse for posting it by 4am isnt fanatastic too. in my place, they say when a drunk man says something horrible, he has always wanted to say it, the alcohol just helped him.

thank God its a blog post. this is usually the kind of things that stir up religious crisis in our dear naija land.

lets call me..... ANONYMOUS 3. figure we are many, lol!

Enoch said...


I agree with your take on FAITH. But I disagree it is insulting to point out the truth.

Example; Faith has similarities with insanity. And that is not an insult. I would never insult anyone undeserving. In the same way, I would never ignore the truth because it would hurt someones feelings.

Clinically insane folks believe things they have no evidence for. They constantly see visions, hear sounds and converse with imaginary friends. They just don't have a book that justifies their behavior.

Anyone can believe what they want but pointing out how ridiculous ludicrous beliefs appear is as much a right as the right to believe.

Would you consider that an insult?

Calling all anonymouses!

Controversy said...

Being a deist means that God gave us reason and not religion. It is the belief in reason.I understand what u meant by ppl seein the harsher part of the world and all of them holdin on to their faith/religion. I understand that, but honestly HYAW tehre is not any MORE TO LIFE. This is it, people need to wake up, there is no more to life. Enough ppl have died already because they believed in that.Again if i insulted anybody I am sorry, i already apologised in the original post.Why u guys still harping on it?
@ Tisha.
Hahaha Jesus loves u to hun, but as enoch said he should stop playin hide and seek.
@ Enoch
Bros haha u have killed me with laughter this early morning.

@ Anonymous.
U are sadly mistaken, u do not understand my type. U assume that u do. I criticize beliefs, I do not try to insult them. And i agree with what u said about faith.

innuda said...


"Clinically insane folks believe things they have no evidence for. They constantly see visions, hear sounds and converse with imaginary friends. They just don't have a book that justifies their behavior"

i cannot help been transported to a deliverance session or two i have witnessed and been a part of..**don't judge sef i don waka*
God i cannot keep a straight face...

Chuk said...

to be frank with u. i respect u.i respect u for thinking. for searching. cuz u r right. many dont and are lead astray. especially comig from africa where most are brought up and trained to trust and live in God. the Bible tells us to test all things. there will always be questions about the Bible. if we will answer them all, i cant tell u. but it is good to try and search. i wont lie to u as a Christain myself. God works in awesome ways we cant understnad. the Bible does say that is impossible to serve God without faith but at the same time he doesnt require us to blindly have faith in him. my advice to you is try seek God and u will most surely find him. he will reveal himself. u hav 2 experience him and hav a relationship with him.
there hav been some times where i doubted God's existence but i searched and found and you should do that too.
by the way, it is good you are thinking cuz as u said many don't. and keep up the blogging. i'll stop by to read once in a while. God bless.

Chuk said...

also i must add that the heavens could have meant the sky for the first heavens is the sky, the second is space, and third is where we go when we depart the Earth.

Controversy said...

Hahahahaah @ innuda.
Wow mehn i've been a part of those deliverance sessions as well. Crazy stuffs

@ Chuks
Thanks for ur comments bro, deeply appreciated. I do believe in God bro. I believe in a supreme being, now with the first heaven and second heaven theory. Where is that described though? Even if the buildin was reachin the sky, is dat cause enough to want to bring it down?

Anonymous said...

Jst think about for a second since u're so good at 'thinking'... why would a god be threatened by a skyscraper? seriously.. do you feel threatened when u see a skyscraper? i walked my dog in the streets of Manhattan he didnt feel threatened by the skyscrapers. In other words... u're an idiot!!

Controversy said...

Lol ur contradictin urself but oh well, u just made my point. Since mere humans like u and I do not feel threatened by sky scrapers, why would God feel so threatened that he would want to make the builders stop communicatin with each other by striking them with different languages? Before u call somebody an idiot, u really have to read the bible verse my friend.

Chuk said...
u should read this for an explanation why God stopped their plan and u can read this for an explanation about where the Bible mentions the different heavens.

Rene said...

I said I wuzn't gonna make a comment b4 buh I just had to say this.
Just so u kw, d towel of babel wuz in present day turkey....i dint kw dis until i spoke 2 my friends bout ur blog.

Controversy said...

@ Chuks..
thanks o, will check out the links.

@ Rene.
Really, it was in turkey? That's good to know, I did not know that bit of information.

Anonymous said...

in the bible, at that time heavens meant the clouds, sky wteva u want to call it,
up there sha
not infinity and beyond

well there is a building that is above 800m tall
burj dubai

u cant ever understand God
u want to judge "the judge"
gd luck with that

anyways i dont thnk ur the liberal thinker u r posing to be

ps christianity is not a religion
it is a way of life