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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Honestly, I am sick and tired of all this "Sex" talk. I had some other topics or blog posts I was going to post but all this Sex talk got me thinking jare. But before I go on, I never fully stated what soccer team I am affiliated with. I am a proud and humble supporter of Manchester United Football Club. The team is going for 4 consecutive titles this year. And I am honestly sorry for any arsenal fan out there, your team is seriously allergic to winning trophies. Vmas was cool, Kanye honestly keeps it real but dude over does his shit sometimes. MTV sucks and I do honestly wouldn't hold it past them to plan that stunt by Kanye.

OMG!! Sex is really not that big of a deal. I just don't get it, women complain that all the men want is "pussy". The men complain/label women who give out their pussy tomuch are "whores". Is "Pussy" really that valuable? I mean come on, why such a huge emphasis on it?
Personally, this is how I view life, we are all going to die one day, and yes I am sorry for ruining this post by bringing death into this topic. But I live my life everyday fully aware of "death, my "death awareness" meter is at an all time high. We are all going to die one day, honestly all this dignity and respect ish people be talking is really RUBBISH. Death is no respecter of anybody, if you like be the most respected bagger ever to walk this earth, death will reduce you down to the same level as that beggar down the street. (P.S. I do not believe in afterlife, and I sure as hell do not believe that that respect is going to count even in the socalled afterlife).

Females will argue, that they are keeping their virginity because they want to maintain their dignity, they want to be able to sleep well at night knowing that they did not put out their pussy just for any man? I am pretty sure some women sleep/dream better at night, knowing that nobody has labelled them as a whore, and that nothing long/hard as a rock has entered their "hole". Again I ask, why is "sex" put on such a high pedestal? What is all the fuss about? Indeed, some men are all about pussy, that is an agreed fact, but so what? Pussy is there for a reason is it not? People derive satisfaction/pleasure from sex same way they derive pleasure from movies/Tv/facebook so tell me why something that gives both satisfaction/pleasure is put on such a high pedestal? Honestly, I do not understand why anybody and I repeat anybody would break up with some their partner just because the other person "slept" or had "sex" with another human being. This is how I would view somebody breaking up with somebody else just because they had sex with another person. This is how it plays in my head - (So you are breaking up with him just because he put his dick into a hole?Something that did not even last for upto 20 minutes? Like you could not find a better reason to break up with him? Tut, Tut, Tut)

Sex in my opinion should not be put on such a high pedestal, I mean to what will it profit a woman to gain all the respect/dignity in the world and yet die a virgin? God forbid that any woman dies without having sex, all that dignity/respect points you earned will be for naught. Again, I recommend this Leo Tolstoy's Book, read it and gain insight. Everything in life, is directly/indirectly related to death. When your death awareness is high, you will definitely definitely learn to prioritise your life and decide what is important and what is not important, what does it matter really if you are a virgin? Or if you do not sleep around with other men? How does that count? On your death bed, or when your dying how will that come into your favor? Will your God grant you mercy for being chaste all your life? You will die the same way the prostitute will die, sometimes the prostitutes outlive the virgins self. Am telling you, we can really learn a few things from terminally ill people, go watch them and really see how they begin to change after being informed about their impending death. They become able to put things in CLEAR FRIGGING PERSPECTIVE. If one man won't marry you because you are not a virgin, there are plenty other men out there who will. As the saying goes, there are many sharks in the ocean. Do not limit yourself, live well, so you can die well. Sex should never be that big of a deal, like come on there are more important things in life than "sex". Sure discuss about STD's, make sure you use condoms etc, protext yourself  but please I beg you, can we stop all the arguments about "Trifling Men" and "Whorish Women". It is such a cliche topic, like if the dude is not treating you well BOUNCE. If the girl is not treating you well BOUNCE. Stop complaining and do something about it, again I repeat our asses only have one life to live. If people decide to live their life that way, then your ass should mind your own business. People only have one life to live, and if they decide to spend it on what brings them joy, then I say more grease to their elbow.

P.S Can somebody explain to me how the "more grease to their elbow" saying makes sense? I never got that saying, why should the elbow need grease? And am honest, with this question, why does the damn elbow need more grease? I can understand somebody saying, more lotion/aveeno  cream to your ashy elbow. But why grease? Who uses grease on their elbows?

Btw check out this video that has been circulating around facebook If your not married, you are single.


Anonymous said...

First who wants to put some (posibly)infected stick that has been in another whole in theirs? Second, people who are stuck in on the sex debate are either not getting enough or unsatisfied. If someone wants to be chaste, let them be...if they want to sex it up, let them be. As long as what they're doing is safe and doesn't affect the rest of the population so be it. Hapiness is overrated anyways. It can be temporary or eternal depending on who or what one supports/believes and lives their life.

Lady X said...

I don't get the more grease to your elbow thing. I think more synovial fluid to your elbow would be better but that's too long I guess. C'mon! You can't tell me you wont be hurt if you have a girlfriend and she sleeps with someone else! I find that very hard to believe.

Harry-Rami Itie said...

Sex is shoud be viewed as that and people shoud dtop amking a big deal out of it!

Controversy said...

@ Lady X
Honestly I would not, because I simply do not get what all the hullaboo is about.
Why is sex such a big deal though? people have sex everytime, why should a relationship then be centered around it? Ok so what, u slept with somebody else, should the whole world then end because of that? Should i forget all the fun times we had, simply because u had sex with somebody else. Honestly, Lady X would u tell me if u were dying, u would not find it within ur heart to forgive a former cheatin ex? I would.

@ Harry.
How is sex precious? Why is being a virgin such a big deal? What exactly does it get u? Honestly i think ever since mary gave birth to christ, this being a virgin thing has been blown way out of proportion. And again as i stated in the post, if you honestly believe that an angel/Holy Spirit can come down and impregnate a virgin and she becomes pregnant, then well more kudos to u. Angels have penises? Hmm

Lady X said...

I would definitely forgive them. At the point of Death. LOL! But I guess I'm just old fashioned when it comes to Sex. I think it should be with someone you love and all special. Wow. I guess this is the first thing we're not going to agree on.

Controversy said...

Lol it's ok Lady X.
The next post you might not agree with me also, i understand if ur old fashioned about sex but it should not be put on such a high pedestal. U don't get any extra life points because ur a virgin, even in this day and age it does not count for nothing.

Enoch said...

O boy you funny oh. How many people do you know that actually think through their moral value system? On both sides of the issue, chics and guys either blindly follow an approximate set of religious ideals or they just conform to popular principles no matter how myopic the moral value is. It is uncommon for the average guy/girl to introspect on the fundamentals of their moral values. Most are just wired to conform with what is popular.

Solomon Asch did excellent work on group conformity. I think there are some youtube videos that show his experiments. You should check it out. Very illuminating.

Controversy said...

@ Enoch
Yeah we learnt about asch group conformity videos in my Pol Sci international relations class.
Enoch i think tomorrow I am going to bring up a topic about relgion that u will enjoy.

nonny said...

No fair, i have to comment after Enoch, anything i say now is going to seem amateur. However, I do agree with him.

I think the idea of a man or woman getting upset about sex may actually have little to do with the high pedestal and more to do with the intimacy behind it.
Most people view sex as the highest level of intimacy and as such, get upset when they know someone else has had that level of intimacy with their partner.

As for the grease to your elbow. Let me take a stab at this. Grease is something that reduces friction. Vaseline, cream, lotion all end up reducing friction. so i believe the saying is actually making for allowance for whatever you use to rub your elbow: cream, petroleum jelly, palm oil e.t.c

Controversy said...

@ nonny

Lol but where is the friction in the elbow? Does the elbow have any friction?
But i understand what u mean @ highest level of intimacy nonny. But is it really that serious? So what? U and somebody else got naked or something.

cerberus said...

Ur elbow and knee do the most work in your body. Try stiffening ur elbow & utilising ur arm at the same time.

This sex matter ehnnn... I think the repressed have a controlling say and that sucks.

AfriKim said...

In my almost dangerous liberal nature, I still think sex is not over-rated. People like controversy might convince themselves otherwise. I only await the day you will blog about the stupid bitch who broke ur heart by havin sex with Blasphemy. Some people have extremely photographic minds and allow their imaginations full access to their sanity. Sex might not be a big deal, however, when in a relationship, I believe it should be sacred, unless agreed upon otherwise by both parties..then the grease can be generously applied to the elbows and the lotions to the I caught my girlfriend cheating on me with her ex...her ex is a HE...I dont think forgiveness is anywhere near...hopefully I get a notice b4 death, then I just might think about it.

Anonymous said...

Lol...before I comment oh...have you had sex b4?

Anonymous said...

lol the elbow needs grease cuz it woulda created friction from working so

Lady X said...

I think I've watched those conformity videos in a Psychology Class. They're very hilarious. There was one video that showed this man in a class who kept picking the wrong answer to questions even though he was very sure he was right.

I'd like to know, are you one of those guys that sleeps around or something? Maybe that's why you have a nonchalant attitude to Sex.

nonny said...

@ Controversy

at the risk of sounding x-rated, i think it's more than getting naked. I think it involves the idea of someone else giving you pleasure. Pleasure that you partner can probably not provide to that level. I think it's like someone else using your towel to wipe their ass. Its upsetting.

Lyrics said...

I believe sex is a matter of how you feel about it. If you like to do it like dogs,or you want to do it like nuns(abstain) or you want to do it in marriage, i believe since it involves their bodies,people should do what makes them feel good. As for me,i do the till marriage one,i am not scared of death,whatever lies beyond,im sure it's much better than sex.

Controversy said...

@ Cerberus.
Lol @ the repressed have a controlling say.

@ Chari
Lol yes I have been privileged enough to partake in carnal knowledge with another person.

@ Lady X.
Those conformity videos were off the hook.

@ Nonny
Lol @ somebody usin us towel to wipe their ass. Yep u had to take it to that level didn't u? lol

@ Lyrics.
Wat if nothing lies beyond? What if that is the end of everything? Have u given that any thought?

@ Afrikim.
Lol u get issues. Issues

Enoch said...

@controversy, nonny and Lyrics

Make I design your blog again.

A few more points on this issue. First of all, let me just say that I'm a nihilist. I don't believe ANYTHING is inherently bad. So when it comes to the infidelity issue, the moral perspective does not show up on my radar.

However, I'm also a rationalist so I admit nonny and Lyrics make some fine points. You see, no matter how quirky your morals/belief/value system turn out to be, as long as you have a partner that has overlapping beliefs then you both have expectations of each other. Its different if the guy makes it clear that he is far from monogamous and the babe expects different. It goes without saying the roles could be reversed.

Having said this, the sad truth is there is little tolerance in mainstream society for flaming polygamists. So most people just try to suppress the urge so they can pass off as "normal" enabling them to date and stuff. When the forbidden fruit falls nearby now and then they take a bite and hope for the best.

The obvious issues with infidelity is the loss of a sense of intimacy-ownership, ego, respect and trust.

Of all these, the most important is trust. If he/she is untruthful about the value he/she places on sex, why should I believe any other of his/her moral values? Even if I give him/her the benefit of the doubt, what does it say about his/her restraint capacity? Or even worse, does his/her infidelity betray something deeper like a fundamental lack of knowledge of self? In light of all these, the best case scenario is that he/she is just a lying fucklicant.

While trust is the most important issue, most girls get caught up in the whole intimacy-ownership part of the whole thing. Probably because they are more emotional with their more tightly packed Amygdala brain region and gender based differences in their Limbic system. As strange as it may sound, this simple fact is the basis for the disconnect between guys and girls when it comes to the value of sex as the most supreme glorious sacred act that should not be shared. LOL. We are simply not biologically wired to value sex at the same level.

There's existing research that makes the case for dopamine, oxytocin and vasopressin neurotransmitters dictating the predisposition to be monogamous or polygamous. But from wetin I don see in real life, girls simply value sex differently. And to all you chics out there that think otherwise, let me assure you that more often than not, when you have a guy that seems to value sex at the same sacred level with you, I can bet a lot of green that its a second order sentiment. As in, its indirect like he values your well being/happiness to the point were he has convinced himself to kill the urge to fuck around. Or it could be as a result of a conflicting value, like a morbid fear of disease. Or an ecclesiastic frame of mind but rarely ever that same direct tendency to laden sex with undeserved value that chics have. I suspect this is not inconsistent with research I spoke about above.

This is the rational perspective and I don't hold it against any chic that finds it harder to see it like this. She simply can't help it.

There I go again writing too much.

Ms.O said...

nah wa lil bro has become a blogville celeb!..lmao! you now finally have a place to put all those your rants! yay! and why did you chnage the layout I put!!! I tried to follow you, but i didnt see the button!!..ok i will talk to you later..xx!

Enoch said...


"The obvious issue with infidelity is the loss of a sense of intimacy-ownership, ego, respect and trust."

Controversy said...

@ Enoch
Lol i honestly love how you write, very deep and you think succintly. @ being a nihilist, I honestly identify with u when it comes to that to a very certain extent lol.
So true @ the fundamental issue being the loss of respect, trust and intimacy. Lol u totally dissected this post. Good job.

@ Miss O
Lol i got your message big sis, we need to talk about something. You should be able to follow the blog @ the right hand side.

Sassy Trends said...

First time in...

Depends on what you want.

Nice blog.

Uzezi said...

welcome to bloville. nice layout.

Otas {DUH!} said...

eche for once i disagree. Itz mostly personal choice when it comes down to it. If i choose not to join facebook because it distrats me from other things, its my choice. There are other pple who facebook, go to school, work etc and are able to keep it under control however am not that person and i might not be able to handle it.

Back to sex, if soem one decides not to have sex yet, or to have sex with only one partner at a time. Its thier choice, its what they feel comfortable with.

now i have had guys who i told, look am not gonna be around all the tim so its okay to sleep arnd with another chick as long as you dont get upset if i do the same.

Now there have been two or three guys who i've been serious about. Woe betide the day they sleep with another lady. I will cut of thier penis, fry it and serve it to them like hotdogs with ketchup and mustard.

All am saying is, itz personal preference.

nonny said...

@ Controversy
i take back the part where i said my comment was x-rated. Otas{DUH} beat me hands down

Controversy said...

@ nonny
LOL Otas is that good

@ Otas.
I see your point clearly.

@ sassy trends.
Thanks hun

@ Uzezi.
Thank u thank u


@controversy there is only ONE MAJOR problem i have with you and that is that ur STUPID EGOCENTRIC COLOUR BLIND TEAM CALLED MANCHESTER UNITED!
back to the blog post

Controversy said...

Lol the same MANU way win today abi?

Tisha said...

"God forbid that any woman dies without having sex, all that dignity/respect points you earned will be for naught"

after i got raped when i was in college, i thought so, after it, i just wanted to go out there and have as much sex as i could possibly have.

I can only say God stopped me and it because there is something more important than sex. yes i have felt desire; so it is not that i do not desire to be loved, cherished and of course have sex. There is something bigger and more important, pleasing God.

Sometimes whether you believe in something or not (heaven and hell), it doesn't stop it from being true.

Jesus loves you and His love makes a difference!

Controversy said...

@ Tisha
Sorry about the rape thing.
But i disagree with u, first of all u have no proof to support your faith.
And what can be asserted without proof can surely/definitely be dismissed without proof