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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hey yall... Long time no blogpost from yours truly.
I will be honest with yall, the reason I've stopped writing about "controversial topics" is simply because I started dating someone who is of the christian faith. And as you know, when you care for somebody you sorta stop saying stuff that might potentially hurt them or hurt something they believe in. But as I was in my self imposed exile, this video of  "Nigerian Fake Pastors VIdeo - here" dropped into my lap.. One of the Pastors in the video said "God is a Game". After watching the video I posted this comment beneath it "

The question becomes how does one differentiate between a real pastor and a fake pastor? A real prophet and a false prophet?  As usual, the Bible has an answer for us which eventually turns out not to be an answer but a question inside of an answer inside of another question. I digress. Read on 

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.  You will recognize them by their fruits... So, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit…Thus you will recognize them by their fruits” (Matthew 7:15-20).

How do we determine objectively what a False Prophet is? After all one man's false prophet might be another man's "Man of God". There must be a way to truly truly determine which is a false prophet and which is not.  The verse above says you can recognize them by their fruits? Fruits as in how? Do the Fruits refer to the private jets of their pastors? Does it refer to the spirituality of the members of the church? Does it refer to how many people attend the church? What do these Fruits refer to? Because if it refers to how many members attend the church, then all the pastors mentioned in the above video are bearing good fruit. If Fruits refers to how many members of the church are prosperous, many of the pastors in that church are also bearing good fruit.  If it refers to how many members of the church have given their life to christ and all that good stuff. It also means that some of these pastors in the video are very fertile, very very fruitily fertile. This verse leaves one with more questions than answers and as a result makes no sense. It is open to any number of interpretations and we all know where that leads. 

It should be remembered that Jesus was also considered a False Prophet back in his day by some people. There is no way at the end of the day to determine accurately which "Man of God" is false and which is Real because at the end of the day, God still refuses to come down and tell us with his own mouth which one is real and which is false so until Kingdom come, bad guyzz gots to rely on Faith...

Some of my friends watched the video and some of them commented by saying "Religion in Nigeria is a joke" or "Nigerian pastors are frauds". But what struck me as amusing is that these very same friends attended churches albeit churches not run by Nigerians. If Nigerian Pastors are frauds, American pastors nko? Jamaican pastors nko? Or is religious fraud something limited only to Nigeria? 
For example of white pastors doing the same thing. Please click on this Link 

Personally, I believe that any institution or person or religion that requires you to believe something without evidence is fraudulent. 
The reason that it is particularly hard to determine which pastor is false and which is real is because of  this "Faith" that some of you swear to live by. 
You ask the average Nigerian why do they believe in Jesus as the Son of God or this they reply with "it's because I have Faith". This una Faith go land una in Hell before Heaven if some of you are not careful. 
The problem with Faith is that Faith is not a "Source of Knowledge". Telling me that you believe in Jesus as the Son of God because of "Faith" is not an answer to the question of whether Jesus is the Son of God. You cannot make something to be true by believing it to be truth , the fact that you believe that Jesus is the Son of God does not make Jesus the Son of God. Faith at the end of the day is unquestioned, unjustified belief, and unjustified belief cannot constitute Knowledge. 

These Pastors depicted in the Video know that as long as they have Faith on their side, our criticisms will always fall on deaf ears. You should see how some members of churches like Redeemed and Christ Embassy defend their pastors, you would think they were brainwashed. Men and women who are supposedly educated, defending actions that are evil even to children. 

As one of the Pastors said, God is a Game, Faith is a Game. The game is that there is no such thing as a Man of God because we are all "Children of God". If tomorrow I come out and say I am a pastor, na who go stop me? That is the problem with this religious business, it is absolutely hard to determine who is genuine and who is fake. 
But in my personal opinion, just because you are genuine pastor in your faith does not mean what you preach is not false. But that is a topic for another day. 

There is a church in my area who's pastor always preaches the value of "Sowing seed". The pastor one day asked people with $500 to step out, and then people with $1000 to step out, and it went on like that. So Apparently the prayers he now dished out blessed you in accordance to the money you brought out. And so-called educated people saw such things happening and assumed all of it to be totally appropriate. Sigh.. 

In conclusion, I leave yall with the 5 Richest pastors in Nigeria..

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