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Saturday, August 28, 2010


I was going through some old videos that I favorited on youtube and Obama's videos stuck out to me. I went and re-listened to them and they are still very good, encouraging, uplifting songs. I scrolled down and read some of the latest comments and compared them to the older ones and WOW!

I am not a political person. I know as much about politics as I know about soccer, and all I know about soccer is that Posh's husband plays it and Nigeria sucks at it. So that should tell you something. Anyhow, I was one of the people who cheered for Obama the loudest. I organized rallies encouraging people to vote for him, I wore his face on my chest, ate on his face and if possible would have wiped my ass with his face. I will also admit that I did all this for three reasons: 1) He is black 2) All my friends supported him. 3) They served really good food at the rallies (Yummy barbecue).

Honestly, I have no idea what the Health reform is about or any of that good stuff he promised. So if you read this post expecting some long speech about any of that shit, you will be disappointed. I just want to know one thing;

Why have people given up on Obama? I mean sure I think he was a bit over reaching with his promises but y'all were also over reaching believing that he could really make all the bad and hurt go away just because he can speak eloquently and is black. I mean I understand that an eloquent black person is on it's own a miracle but still.

Remember Bush? Took him over eight years to fuck up America to the point it is now. EIGHT. YEARS. And Obama hasn't even been here for two years yet. Were you guys expecting some kind of Kenyan voodoo to be performed? Do you think a war that has been going on for years, at least 4 that I can count would end in months? Do you know the kind of planning that goes into ending a war and ensuring that when you bring back the soldiers Iraqis won't flood the country with explosives?

I mean seriously people y'all are disparaged so easily? Did you really expect that he would deliver all his promises at once? I hear he fixed the health thing and prop8 was overturned so he's doing something.

Some of you guys have believed in Jesus for like 20 years now and your lives still suck and Jesus is like half human, half spirit or something. He should be able to fix your lives a lot faster and if he still hasn't fixed shit by now, how much more can you expect from a mere mortal?

I saw a recent picture of him and OMG he has aged 10 years in two years. You guys are stressing him with your negativity and your lack of belief. His shine and energy is slowly ebbing away. I am starting to think this guy is like Tinkerbell. Maybe he needs us to start chanting "We believe in Obama" so that his youth can come back. He is slowly fading away.

Newer Comments:

This isn't anyone's America except for the corrupt politicians, gullible people, propaganda by a music artist doesn't mean anything you want will happen. Respect you Obama, but you haven't done shit when it comes to the corruption and bullshit laws in this country. CHANGE WHAT?

That's what many of these liberals can't seem to see; he has changed nothing! He didn't even try to end the wars; he kept the same defense secretary on from the very start! 
America got duped. Plain and simple

Older Comments
Our first president of color has to be an incredible thing for all people of color and minorities, but I think the greatest "fringe benefit" of his presidency will be the racial reality-check that he and his beautiful, strong smart TOGETHER family will provide to all the willfully and inadvertently ignorant people in this country. I am SO profoundly glad, indeed joyful, that our nation awoke to this opportunity and seized it !!!! 
Not only is America gonna change. No the WORLD is gonna change. thank your America, thank you everyone who voted for Obama, and thank you, who is now Mr. President.
 Fun Fact: The person who wrote the first new comment and first old comment are the same.

I mean he's a black guy cut him some slack, he's going to be late with delivering a lot of those promises,
Vanity xx

P.s. this is another great song by Will-I-am

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I have been following this Mosque on Ground Zero debate for awhile now, and the way some of the pundits have been talking about this issue is pretty troublesome. To the point where somepeople have started to wonder aloud whether President Obama is a closet muslim. Funny thing they just found out that the same person that is funding the proposed mosque is also a part owner of Fox News. The same Fox News thats been against the proposed mosque. Anywayz back to the topic.

I then started to wonder, so what if Obama is a Muslim. How does that affect his presidency anymore than him being a Christian could affect his presidency. I asked some christian friends of mine whether Obama being a muslim would stop them from voting for him. They all said No, and I was pleased with their answer but I still pressed on. Why does Obama being a muslim not bother you? He doesn't have Christian values, his moral standards should naturally come into question. They all said that they would still vote for him because his religion should be different from his candidacy. Religion is a private thing according to them, it should be different from public office.

I then upgraded my question to "If Obama was an atheist, would you still vote for him" and that is when it got interesting. A lot of them naturally said NO. Now this begs the obvious question, if religion should not play a part in his candidacy why then would you refuse to vote for him if he's atheist? So you see subconsciously or even cosnsciously religion does play a huge role in the way we decide who to vote for as candidates.

Now lets look at this through another lense, the bible says something about not being unequally yoked with somebody else abi? Now that proves that being together with somebody from another religion/unbeliever etc is frowned upon. Now if God frowns upon you marrying somebody from another religion, why would he approve of voting for somebody from another religion to lead you?

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I’ve been wanting to blog about this topic for a while, but today seems to be the most appropriate day to do so. If you’ve noticed, I blog here quite often mainly because I’m very comfortable interacting with a lot of you, I view most of you as respectful intellectuals, regardless of your beliefs, but lately I’ve been busy and that explains why I’ve been MIA (but don't worry, I'll make up for it with this long ass blogpost). Even with my busy schedule, I always take priority in isolating myself to think, and the idea of marriage is a topic I discuss with myself more frequently these days. This summer seemed to be marriage season, a lot of people I know (or at least recognize) are getting married; at my work place some of my close customers are seeking my advice on their marriage; even as I type right now I’m currently listening to, or as they say in twitter land, #np “Marriage of Figaro” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. So I think it is fair to conclude that marriage is in the air, both figurative and literally. But before I jump into the subject of marriage, I’ll like to re-introduce myself so when I do start discussing this topic, you’ll know where I’m coming from. I am a very typical INTP (Myers-Briggs Personality Test), logical and analytical in my approach. I believe there is always a logical and natural explanation to even the strangest occurrences; that physics is the backbone in every magic trick, that there’s psychology in every psychic’s bullshit, and natural formulas and mathematical equations to what people know as love. I believe even emotions are capable of logic explanations, as logical as 2+2=4. It takes me a while to observe, gather up evidence, experiment with what I’ve got, calculate with the results, and then conclude my theory. But once I’m done concluding my theory, when I’m in my comfort zone I tend to be outspoken about it even if it’s contrary to many societal theories. Unfortunately, this is one of them: Marriage. After the re-introduction of my character and judging by the subject, I would suggest this would be a good time for the closed-minded and the married folks to leave, (because if your marriage hits the rocks after reading this post, I am not responsible). Ok enough of the bullshit, let’s get down to business:

A wise man once said, “The wedding ring is the world’s smallest handcuff.” Although it’s looking at the cup as half-empty, but saying “I do” in a conventional monogamous marriage is like pleading guilty for a life sentence, because that’s exactly what marriage is; a life sentence. You’re metaphorically shackled to your spouse in a “till death do us apart” contract, so you better love your spouse to death because when you decide to marry him/her, that’s exactly what you’re gonna have to do. And honestly, the only thing worse than a “till death do us apart” contract is signing your soul to the devil. The idea of a monogamous marriage is so unnatural and the results prove it. In countries where there is freedom to divorce, divorce rates seem to be pretty high. Here in the US, it’s up to about 50%, which according to the US standard of education is an “F” grade. So therefore, if marriage was a student in the US, marriage would be a serious olodo, or as the yanks say, “dumbass.” Now the question arises; why is marriage such a failure? Is it the culture? Or is it the idea of it? I’d pick both, but I’m more convinced it’s more of the latter. If you look at the main reasons why most marriages split up, the top two are either sexually or financially related.

If you look at the mechanics of the male genitalia, it’s designed for multiple sexual partners. Hundreds of millions of sperm cells gets produced daily, and sperm cells only have a lifetime of 3-5 days. Yet out of these innumerable short-lived cells, only one is allowed to grow in a female’s egg for a period of nine months. This makes the period of time a monogamous couple has productive sex shrink (and that’s not to include the female’s periodic time). All these factors make the other millions of sperm cells that aren’t fertilized to be a thing of waste. Now I am pretty sure most men aren’t raised to waste things, so they “cheat.” Afterall, there are millions of sperm cells in him that are just waiting to get a taste of the outside world, or at least see the walls of a vagina. But yet “cheating” is a taboo in relationships, especially monogamous marriages. And it makes no sense why. If you look at other social animals like lions, wolves, meerkats, even our close cousins, chimps, they build a structure based on polygamy. The strongest and most accomplished of the males of these social creatures tend to get a lot of female companions. If you look at a lion’s den, it’s mostly composed of a few dominant males and plenty lionesses. The dominant male has a polygamous relationship with his females, and I bet you that’s why they have a lower divorce rate than we humans. But rather than learning from other social animals, we tend to view ourselves higher and them as primitives. Too bad the primitives are doing better at marriage than the holier-than-thou humans, ntoo :-p. Instead we follow a code that doesn’t even make sense; only having sex with one partner.

Now that I've given examples of social animals that don't follow such rules, lemme give you the opposite. For instance, there are some worms that when they mate, their genitals adjoin for life. That's a classic case of two becoming one, not marriage. The reason why we can never adapt such methods is because the worms are hermaphrodites and we are social mammals. Another instance is the story of a black widow, the reason these spiders are called so, is because when the males wants it, he puts his life on the line by leaving a part of himself in her after mating. Therefore self-destructing because he wants some spider booty, now that's a classic case of "till death do us 'part," not marriage apparently.

It's about time we humans recognize our nature instead of following an unrealistic code based of "happily ever after" fairy tales. The other day, I was at work, and the TV was on. My boss was watching a soap opera, and the scene I accidentally stumbled across was one where a married man was having sex with some chic, and his wife came in at the right/wrong moment (depends on who's perspective you see it from). She slaps the shit out of the chic and throws her out of the house, then once the chic is out of the scene, the wife starts crying as she looks at her helpless husband still in shock and in the bed. Then she says, "Don't you love me?" The rest was some of crying, and mushy-gushy shit. But her question had me thinking, just like Tina Turner said, "What's love got to do with it?" Seriously though, how do you connect your husband or wife having sex with someone else (unless the person is your enemy) as he/she not loving you? It seems as if marriage is really all about sex. If he (the husband) was hungry, the wife wasn't around, and the neighbor or housegirl cooked for him, that's fine; but if he was horny, and the neighbor or housegirl gave it up, then that's unacceptable. If that's the case, then asking "don't you love me?" would be the wrong question, it should be "aren't you loyal to this pussy?" I love egusi, but when I eat ogbono soup, I don't feel like I cheated or anything, so why is the marriage in love different? Maybe because marriage is an institution not based on love, but on loyalty. The same loyalty cults demand: Till you die.

Anyways, I obviously have a lot to say about this topic, but I'm afraid if I go on, you won't be reading a blog but rather a book. So I'm definitely going to have a series on this, but for right now I just wanted to share the natural/sexual faults in marriage. Next time I'll touch on the financial/social aspects, until then be safe, and let me know what you think. Once again, I'll like to remind you that I'm not responsible for any downturns in your marriages after reading this post, I'm just stating my opinion. Messiah has spoken, now it's your turn. Peace

Friday, August 20, 2010

How the church promotes having children out of wedlock

At first glance at the title, you might think that there is no way the church will knowingly promote such a thing... and you would be right. They are doing it unconsciously. I was at the local christian fellowship on campus around valentine. And of course the topic of the day was relationships. They had people write questions on a piece of paper to ask the panel (consisted of 4 students, a boyfriend/girlfriend and 2 single people of the opposite sex). At first people where asking punk ass questions like, how can i find the person of my dreams and other fairy tale questions. Then they messed up and let me and my friends get in our questions. I wont go through all the questions we asked except for one.

I dont remember how the question came up but it consisted of whether as a christian male we should carry around a condom. We knew what the answer would be but we wanted to spice up the event. Well one of the responses was, you shouldnt because when you buy the condom that means you are intending to use it, intending to sin. One other guy in the crowd said he leaves his own in the car so that he has to go all the way over to the car to get it, and by the time he walks to the car he would have been able to think it through and not do it. And everyone was commenting on his genius. I think to myself, what if the thing is about to happen in the car, what will you do? Or lets say he tell the chick he has to go get the condom and then she says dont worry i got one. Wetin he go do?

I have noticed christian organizations have a problem talking about protection, it is all about abstinence. They wont even fund programs that talk about protection, they say it leads to promiscuity. They forget that we are all human, that we are made in "His" Image not a carbon copy. We will fall, and if we dont know how to fall safely, we will dislocate/fracture/sprain/bruise our lives. Talking to my fellow christian compatroits and i realize a lot of them are ignorant about sexual stuff. I pray that some guy/girl does not use this ignorance and do them bad thing. Because the thing i have found out is that it is harder to remain a virgin/celibate because it says so in the bible than it is when you are doing it because you want to. For me, knowing i am doing it because i choose to made it so much easier.

Back to the title, the church's refusal to talk about protection leads to babies being born out of wedlock. Because they do not want to be a bad christian, they wont buy the condom or learn how to put it on properly or go on the pill. Because they are a good christian after they "fall" they will pray to God to forgive them instead of going to walgreens and buying that plan B. Because they are a good christian they wont have an abortion. Because they are good christians they will have a beautiful bouncing baby out of wedlock. Church- 1 Christian- 0
wetin una think?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Be more like Jesus

I know I look hot. It's a pale pink, flowered, boobed tubed, A line dress that hits just above my knees. My shoes are new dollhouses. Studded and zippered to contrast the ultra girly dress. My hair is a curly bun, and my makeup is as always on point, my signature smoky cat eyes and pale pink lips.

I give myself a once over and walk into the church, it's my friend sister's wedding and I'm like 20 mins late. So as I hurry to my assigned seat, my heels pitter patter on the floor (as heels are known to do) and this causes the whole church's attention to shift to me. Well, being no stranger to attention, I shift my hurried walk into a catwalk. Feeling very cool with myself.

Next thing I know an usher walks up to me. She's 24ish, wearing a pale grey suit two sizes too big and shoes that look like clogs. Brown powder 5 shades too light and ugly plastic ear rings. I beam my best smile at her and whisper "I know where my seat is." Imagine my surprise as she grabs my arm and says rather harshly "Abeg let's go outside, I want to talk to you about something"

I stare in amazement at the crusty nails grabbing my arm. My friend gives me a look like "What is going?" I reply with what is now known as the 'Kanye shrug'. I walk outside with this girl and say "What's up?" Silently hoping she wants me to give her a makeover. As I silently decide what eye shadow would look good on her, out of her too-bright-for-her-complexion-red-lipsticked mouth comes this "We can see your bobbie (breasts), your dress is too short, your shoe too high, you cannot enter this church. You want to come and distract our pastor and brothers?"

I stare in surprise, mouth slightly ajar as she walks away and shuts the door behind her.
As a true naija girl, I walk away head held high and drive to the nearest beer and peppersoup joint awaiting the close of the ceremony and to contemplate the stupidity of this scenario.
As a church, isn't your place to show us the error of our ways as "sinners"? Isn't it your place to take us in and try to make us sin no more? Do you know how empty the bible would be if Jesus had only saved seemingly decent people?

“On hearing this, Jesus said, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. 13But go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’ For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners." Mathew 9: 12-13
"I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me; I was found by those who did not seek me. To a nation that did not call on my name, I said, ‘Here am I, here am I’" Isaiah 65:1

Wouldn't it have been better if after church she walked up to me and tried to preach to me and then explain that if I wanted to come next time, I had to maintain a certain decorum? People like her and whoever invented that rule fail as Christians.

Imagine if I went and bad mouthed the church to all my friends, facebook, twitter, blogsville e.t.c Not just the church, but Christ would lose a lot of potential followers. She would have single handedly gone to hell for the loss of my soul and the thousands of people I would have told who would have decided that Christianity was too much of a hassle.

Now some of you are going to say "Did you not know you were going to church, why did you dress like that?" Imagine if I was a hooker and all my clothes were mini skirts and striper boots. Somehow suddenly I decide to give my life to Christ and your church is the closest to me. I wear my usual clothes that I feel good in after all, the bible or so says “It's what's in my heart that matters” and then I receive treatment like that. Raise your hand if you think I will try another church for a long ass time, if at all.

Anyhow who are you to turn “sinners” away? It’s like a hospitals turning people away for being too sick. If your Jesus, your Messiah, the one who you are supposed to be so much like didn’t turn “sinners” away but went and sought them, Who the Fuck are you?

Ok Also this is unrelated but since am talking about church. It can be argued that God hated sinners. And if God hates sinners and Jesus wants them, doesn’t that kinda trump your God & Jesus the same argument? Or did God have MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) and that’s why he created Jesus to be his alter ego? (waits for thunder to strike…. Ok we’re good)

Here are some examples:
Psalm 5:5 says “The boastful shall not stand before your eyes; you hate all evildoers.”
 Psalm 11:5 says “The LORD tests the righteous, but his soul hates the wicked and the one who loves violence.”
 Jeremiah 12:8 says “My heritage has become to me like a lion in the forest; she has lifted up her voice against me; therefore I hate her.”
Hosea 9:15 he says, “Every evil of theirs is in Gilgal; there I began to hate them.”
Psalm 119:119 All the wicked of the earth you discard like dross; therefore I love your statutes.

And of course there is the simple but powerful:
Romans 9:13  “As it is written, “Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated.”"

Yet we flinch from ascribing such an emotion to God? Why is this? Is it not enough to see the Scriptures clearly showing God hating sin and sinners to accept that this is true?

Ok, Am done.

Vanity XX

Monday, August 16, 2010


Ehem lol, this blog post might be self explanatory to some or it might need further explanation. Ok if you are somebody who uses facebook on the regular, you must have certain friends on there who you've never seen in real life. They might live in your state, city, country etc.

So a huge event is coming up right, or a huge party and one or two or three or even four of your friends you normally talk to on your facebook plan to be at that same event and you personally will be showing face. The day of the event comes and it goes well, you notice some of those friends on facebook and if you were like me in the old days you go front tire before going to approach them.

Am sure I am not the only person this has happened to, the people on your facebook are literally just there but you don't want to approach them first for one reason or the other. Sometimes it's because your feeling yourself tomuch, sometimes it might be because you perceive that the other person might have tomuch ego and you feel they should take the humble step of being the first to introduce themselves. Well I and my female friend were just talking about it and we realised it really does not matter. Life is not that serious, if you are cool ass friends with the person on facebook or if you just chat from time to time, why then is it hard for you to go meet them.

Then later when all of you get home, two of you or all of you will tweet each other or facebook chat each other saying "Oh I saw you @ this and this" then the other person will be like " how come you did not come say hi" and in your mind your like "how come your yeye self no come say hi to? Abi na only for my village them dey say hi" hissssss.

Anywayz sha, I know most of you get the gist of what am trying to say sha, why do some of us tend to do that though? What's the big deal? Why would you be friends on facebook but strangers in real life??


Sunday, August 15, 2010


Death. Some days I wake up and the fear of death is so paralysing, I am unable to get up from my bed. Then I realise, I could die just lieing there. I could've died in my sleep. So I get up and not think of the possible ways I could die today. I don't think of slipping in the bathtub, I don't think of getting electrocuted by my hair dryer. No. I don't think of all the ways my gas could explode. I don't think of getting hit by a car on my way to the bus stop.
I don't imagine the possible ways the bus could crash. I don't imagine that someone in my class could be a shooter or bomber. I don't imagine that the building could colapse. I don't imagine a stray bullet coming from nowhere. I don't imagine my asthma killing me. I just . . . live.

Someone said to me, "Omg you've gone sky diving or air gliding or car racing or any one of the other amazing shit I've done. Aren't you scared of dying?" My reply "Omg you drive a car everyday, aren't you scared of dying? Because there are more chances of you dying just walking than there is for me jumping out of a plane"
I'm scared of dying but I refuse to let the fear stop me from living my life exactly how I want. If I die, I want to die doing something. Something exciting. Preferably having sex (threesome? Orgy?)
Vanity xx

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Food for thought is basically this segment where I ask questions and then put the responsibility on answering the said question on you. :)

Well did he? Did our lord and savior have 'carnal knowledge' with a member of the opposite sex or did he not? Now it doesn't matter If he did afterall there isn't no rule that I know of that forbids the son of God/Messiah from having sexual intercourse. The question is if Jesus did have sex, who did he have it with? Possibly Mary Magdelene, possible Martha sister of lazarus. Afterall, she might have decided to repay Jesus with a lil something something for saving her brother lazarus. #finewomanthatshewas.

The problem with the Jesus having sex theory is that if indeed our lord and savior did have sex that would mean he committed pre-marital sex, and as you my fine readers know. Pre-marital sex is forbidden by Jesus's daddy. Unless of course, pre-marital sex is only accepted if one of the persons involved is divine in nature. Afterall, mary herself was sexed before she got married wasn't she? And who sexed her? A divine being. So truly, the exception to that decree could be 'as long as the person sexing you is spirit/angel

Some will argue and say that Mary never committed pre-marital sex. Well let me post the bible verse that says otherwise. Genesis 1:18 "This is how the birth of Jesus Christ came about: His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be with child through the Holy Spirit".... But he had no union with her until she gave birth to a son"
So in reality, Mary did commit the sin of pre-marital sex.

What if Jesus had been a woman? Would she have been taken seriously? 
Answer by Messiah - Imagine taking a woman seriously, who told you to make fishers of men? #nahashawobethat

Did Jesus ever get drunk? Was he an alcoholic? Given the chance to change water to wine, he could have changed it to milk, to cranberry juice, to apple juice or even to my favorite pomegranate but he chose to change it to wine? 

Hmm my people, I have a great testimony to share with you all. So just the other day, 19 people died in a building collapse in Nigeria. We thank God almighty for his mercies endureth forever. #Itcouldhavebeen20

Friday, August 13, 2010

Spider's Universe

Before I begin, big ups to Azazel for publicising our personal blogs in his last post. He had me singing, I dey feel like p-square oh , bcos u promote me. We all know dude got a talent for PR. And thanks to my fellow contributors for having such awesome blogs. I had fun reading them all of yesterday.
Anyhow, yall know that we have all kinds in this blog: atheists, deists, xtians, muslims, and people with all kinds of ideological leanings which makes it awesome bcos we're always advocating one view or another and making all kinds of sense. Well, today, Im sharing a story.
Ur an anthropologist, and one day, u happen upon a spider, chilling on its web. Think about that spider, its web attached to a corner of a tree. Its universe begins and end, on that web. Her senses do not extend beyond the lines and spokes of the great wheel she inhabits. Her claws could feel every vibration throughout that delicate structure. She knows the tug of wind, the fall of rain, the flutter of a trapped moth's wings. She knows what threads to follow when her web lands a prey.
Now, you take a pencil, and gently touch a strand of web. Immediately there is a response. The web, plucked by a menacing intruder, begins to vibrate rapidly until it is a blur. Anything that brushes wing or claw against that amazing snare would be trapped. As the vibrations slow, u can see the spider fingering her guidelines for signs of struggle. The pencil point was an intrusion into its universe for which no precedent existed. It could not be explained. It could not analyse it. The spider was circumscribed by spider ideas, its universe was spider universe. nothing in its make up, its build, its abilities equipped it for sensing stimuli that extend beyond the boundary of its little cosmos. All outside forces were irrational, extraneous, disobeying every law of spider universe. Do you know what that means? It means in the spider's universe, you dont exist.

This story is dedicated to all who at one time or another, have asked me why God wont show himself if He exists. It is an attempt (key word ATTEMPT) to explain to u how it is possible for God to exist and yet u wont know him. When the Bible says "the mind of flesh cannot see God" it may well be as much a scientific fact as it is a religious statement.
The above is a theory. Ur free to poke holes in it as u see fit, u have my permission. (like u guys werent going to do that anyway.)
Peace out


Thursday, August 12, 2010


So, quite a handful of people contribute to this blog, but even at that they still have their own private blogs. I thought I would go ahead and share the blogs of the contributors on this blog.

1. EL - Divine - Things I go through and the difference they make in me

2. Afrikim - Squirrels are rats with better PR

3. Enoch - You can't be serious

4. Vanity - Some People have Real Problems

So ehem if you were to put a gun to my head and ask me which of the blogs I preferred, I would honestly say all of them. The people who write for the above blogs are truly intelligent individuals, and I would know because I myself am intelligent. *grins*..

What do you guys think about the new layout btw? I absolutely love it and I just thought that the blog needed a breath of fresh air.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Deists 1, Christians 0

Hi my name is Vanity.  I have always admired this blog and I feel very honored to have been invited by Azazel to write here. I will post an actual write up as soon as I finish it but in the mean time, this is my introduction. It’s snapshots of a convo my friend had on his status.


blog 1 

blog 2


blog 4 Really? Comparing your religion to mcdonalds?

blog 5And the deists win.

Vanity xx

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Wassap blogsville?? Long time no post from me. The title of this blogpost is "Life Dikwa interesting" basically it means that Life is interesting. I am going to share stuff with you and after typing each sentence I will go twitter on you by putting #Lifedikwainteresting after every thought shared. 

1. When we were little succumbing to peer pressure from your friends was frowned upon, if all your friends in middle school were wearing those little sneakers that lit up and you were the only one left out, your parents would berate you for not being content. They would tell us not to care about peer pressure, now we are older, and if all our friends are doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers etc and we happen to be a librarian they'll tell us that we are failures. Succumbing to peer pressure as a kid was frowned upon, succumbing to it as an adult is praised. #Lifedikwainteresting.

2. A babe is in love with you, but you are in love with another babe. The babe who's in love with you does all she can to get your attention, to get you to see that the other babe your in love with does not love you as much as she does but by the time you realise it, the babe who you loved has left you, the one who loved you has moved on and now your left all alone and back to square one. #Lifedikwainteresting

3. When you were a christian, getting into a relationship with a girl was not hard. Even though both of you were terrible sinners who just went to church to fulfill all righteousness it was all good as long as you put up a good front of being an awesome christian. When you decided to stop living a lie, suddenly a babe will tell you that she can't be with you until you become a christian. Where they do that at I ask myself? If you live a lie, you are loved. You live a truth, you are shunned. #Lifedikwainteresting

4. When you first joined blogsville, a lot of veterans were retiring from blogging, you snickered privately to yourself by vowing to never stop blogging consistently or get tired of blogging. You wondered aloud what would make any sane human being stop blogging for whatever reason, now you understand what would make any human being stop blogging because you yourself have flirted with the idea. #Lifedikwainteresting.

5. When you first joined blogsville, you flirted with the idea of being anonymous or letting yourself be known. Seeing as you were a weak SOB and human, the fame of being Mr/Mrs controversial appealed to you, but you naively forgot that with fame comes a price. Now you can't blog about what you would wish to blog about anymore because everybody and their mother knows you have a blog. You can't strive to be anonymous anymore because it is practically impossible to step away from the limelight after you've tasted it so now you regret ever wanting to make your blog get more followers. You envy blogs that have zero followers because at least they can share their thoughts without it being repeated to them at a party function during the weekend.  #Lifedikwainteresting

6. A year ago if somebody had asked you what you wanted to be in future, you would have answered them straight up with no hesitation that you wished to be a lawyer, now you hesitate to answer that question because you have seen "Death" snatch away your closest friends, you have seen their dreams destroyed in an instant and you have wondered what the point of making goals for the future is, when death can destroy it in an instant. Why does it take a person dying to open one's eyes to not take life for granted. #Lifedikwainteresting

Some of you probably have a #lifedikwainteresting anecdote you would like to share, leave a comment about it. I would love to read it.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shortage of Good Men: The Solution

So all i hear from females around me, is that there are few good black men left. That is the conclusion that all relationship events i attend come to. There are a host of reasons why this is so but i will not bore you with something you have already heard. My people, i come to you with a solution. A REAL solution... Get excited

There is such a short supply of good black men. In order for the maximum fulfillment of black women it is essential that for the supply to meet the demand, good black men have to make an immense sacrifice and share their God given talents with at least 3 women. This selfless act is solely for the satisfaction of our women. Like the bible says, "It is better to give than to receive". Examples of this are in the bible. David was such a good man that God blessed him with over 8 wives and multiple concubines. Do you know why David was a man after God's heart? Because he was willing to make such a great sacrifice to the good women who could not find other good men. When Baatsheba was with a man beneath her caliber. What did David do? He mercifully killed him and rewarded Baatsheba with a crown. Dont you want to be like David? Lets not even talk about the most selfless man in the bible, Solomon. There is a reason why he is known to be the wisest man to ever live.

As a woman, It would be very selfish for a you to keep a good man to yourself when your sisters are spending the their lives searching for something that you have. Is it only you God created to be happy? Be your sisters keeper; look at the statistics, not even half of you will find happiness if you all decide to be selfish. If you pursue your selfish desires it will lead to these women who did not win the man lottery to come and try and still your prize. If you just agree to share your prize, you wont have to deal with the home wrecker headache. The bible says "Do unto others, as you want done to you". Dont you want to be happy? Then allow for your friend to be happy, stop being an enemy of happiness. If you allow this too happen, happiness will increase, and as we all know, happiness and Crime have an inverse relationship.

In this arrangement, everyone is happy. A woman can have the pleasure of the company of a good man, and the good man can stop hearing the nagging of the women talking about the shortage of men. Like i have always said, all of life's burning questions can be found in the bible, all you have to do is have an imaginative mind... i mean the holy spirit. Praise Jesus!!!

-This has been another REAL solutions, brought to you by THE REALIST through the divine inspiration of you know who.(will not say the name before thunder strike as i type).