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Saturday, August 14, 2010


Food for thought is basically this segment where I ask questions and then put the responsibility on answering the said question on you. :)

Well did he? Did our lord and savior have 'carnal knowledge' with a member of the opposite sex or did he not? Now it doesn't matter If he did afterall there isn't no rule that I know of that forbids the son of God/Messiah from having sexual intercourse. The question is if Jesus did have sex, who did he have it with? Possibly Mary Magdelene, possible Martha sister of lazarus. Afterall, she might have decided to repay Jesus with a lil something something for saving her brother lazarus. #finewomanthatshewas.

The problem with the Jesus having sex theory is that if indeed our lord and savior did have sex that would mean he committed pre-marital sex, and as you my fine readers know. Pre-marital sex is forbidden by Jesus's daddy. Unless of course, pre-marital sex is only accepted if one of the persons involved is divine in nature. Afterall, mary herself was sexed before she got married wasn't she? And who sexed her? A divine being. So truly, the exception to that decree could be 'as long as the person sexing you is spirit/angel

Some will argue and say that Mary never committed pre-marital sex. Well let me post the bible verse that says otherwise. Genesis 1:18 "This is how the birth of Jesus Christ came about: His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be with child through the Holy Spirit".... But he had no union with her until she gave birth to a son"
So in reality, Mary did commit the sin of pre-marital sex.

What if Jesus had been a woman? Would she have been taken seriously? 
Answer by Messiah - Imagine taking a woman seriously, who told you to make fishers of men? #nahashawobethat

Did Jesus ever get drunk? Was he an alcoholic? Given the chance to change water to wine, he could have changed it to milk, to cranberry juice, to apple juice or even to my favorite pomegranate but he chose to change it to wine? 

Hmm my people, I have a great testimony to share with you all. So just the other day, 19 people died in a building collapse in Nigeria. We thank God almighty for his mercies endureth forever. #Itcouldhavebeen20


El-Divine said...

these food for thoughts are all kinds of stupid!
bible dint mention jesus having sex, so it cant b proven or disproved. u took ur choice, that he did. i take mine, that he dint.
the whole story falls away.

he couldve turned water of course into all those things. but who drinks them at weddings in those days, n in our days. if u come weddin them serve u MILK u no go vomit?

And of course the assumption is that God made that building fall? sATAN could as well have done it..or FAULTY HUMAN CONSTRUCTION could have done it as well. we are all free agents, that means God doesnt hv to do nothing. all our actions come with their own consequences. im sorry for those losses, but no involve God matter for am.

Azazel said...

Lol but then Eke if nobody had died after the building collapsed, who would we thank? God

But when the building itself collapses, we look for somebody else to blame. #makesnodamnsense

Realist said...

there is no way the verse you quoted could have come from Genesis, i dont even need to check it to confirm.