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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I have been following this Mosque on Ground Zero debate for awhile now, and the way some of the pundits have been talking about this issue is pretty troublesome. To the point where somepeople have started to wonder aloud whether President Obama is a closet muslim. Funny thing they just found out that the same person that is funding the proposed mosque is also a part owner of Fox News. The same Fox News thats been against the proposed mosque. Anywayz back to the topic.

I then started to wonder, so what if Obama is a Muslim. How does that affect his presidency anymore than him being a Christian could affect his presidency. I asked some christian friends of mine whether Obama being a muslim would stop them from voting for him. They all said No, and I was pleased with their answer but I still pressed on. Why does Obama being a muslim not bother you? He doesn't have Christian values, his moral standards should naturally come into question. They all said that they would still vote for him because his religion should be different from his candidacy. Religion is a private thing according to them, it should be different from public office.

I then upgraded my question to "If Obama was an atheist, would you still vote for him" and that is when it got interesting. A lot of them naturally said NO. Now this begs the obvious question, if religion should not play a part in his candidacy why then would you refuse to vote for him if he's atheist? So you see subconsciously or even cosnsciously religion does play a huge role in the way we decide who to vote for as candidates.

Now lets look at this through another lense, the bible says something about not being unequally yoked with somebody else abi? Now that proves that being together with somebody from another religion/unbeliever etc is frowned upon. Now if God frowns upon you marrying somebody from another religion, why would he approve of voting for somebody from another religion to lead you?


El-Divine said...

lol @ the title. but it is quite of right now, a muslim cant be president and its not exactly bcos of malice. No matter what the constitution says, politics remains a game of mass appeal. in a predominantly christian culture, a muslim will find it hard to garner that appeal. Obama comes close, being that Americans dint mind his muslim background. but to really win any position that u need people's votes, the trick is to come across to them as 'one of them'..someone that they are familiar with and believes the things they do. so a muslim will have a hard time, an atheist an even harder time, hippies, rappers, overly liberal or conservative people, and overly academic people do not have a very realistic shot at presidency. in politics, difference is suspected and conformity is king.

Azazel said...

Yeah El Divine obviously all u said makes sense..
but that's not what the blogpost is about..
Am saying that does a person's religious affiliation affect whether u are willing to vote for them or not??

True @ conformity is king.

leggy said...

Jesus also said 'give to ceaser what belongs to ceaser' when someone asked him about paying task.he said do not marry, not do not vote for.
two very different things.america claims its a very progressive and tolerant country, now we know that they are extremely paranoid dont we?

leggy said...


Realist said...

It is what it is... Democracy is for the people by the people and dont remember the last one but the point is that in a country where the majority like to call themselves christian they wont vote for a non christian.

El-Divine said...

by pointing out that ppl vote for people like themselves, it goes without saying that in a predominantly christian america, being a christian certainly gives u more votes than if u were muslim. bottom line, religion, and any other thing ppl hold dear will matter in an election

The Messiah said...

Haha @ the "closet Muslim" remark, it kinda stoops Islam to the level of homosexuality when it comes to social acceptance. And btw I'm not so surprised 18% of Americans think Obama is a Muslim, I'm sure that same crowd believes he's also a "baby-killer" and an "Arab." Now it's bad enough that he is a Muslim, but to throw in an Atheist in office, expect more homegrown terrorism from both Christians and Muslims.

EDJ said...

Their religious affiliations don't affect my voting choices.

But you are right that at this moment a muslim probably can't be president. Neither could an atheist, buddhist, deist, devil-worshipper (that sort of goes without saying), etc.

The point is, parts of this country believe this is a christian country and it just so happens that those parts are needed to win an election.