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Saturday, August 28, 2010


I was going through some old videos that I favorited on youtube and Obama's videos stuck out to me. I went and re-listened to them and they are still very good, encouraging, uplifting songs. I scrolled down and read some of the latest comments and compared them to the older ones and WOW!

I am not a political person. I know as much about politics as I know about soccer, and all I know about soccer is that Posh's husband plays it and Nigeria sucks at it. So that should tell you something. Anyhow, I was one of the people who cheered for Obama the loudest. I organized rallies encouraging people to vote for him, I wore his face on my chest, ate on his face and if possible would have wiped my ass with his face. I will also admit that I did all this for three reasons: 1) He is black 2) All my friends supported him. 3) They served really good food at the rallies (Yummy barbecue).

Honestly, I have no idea what the Health reform is about or any of that good stuff he promised. So if you read this post expecting some long speech about any of that shit, you will be disappointed. I just want to know one thing;

Why have people given up on Obama? I mean sure I think he was a bit over reaching with his promises but y'all were also over reaching believing that he could really make all the bad and hurt go away just because he can speak eloquently and is black. I mean I understand that an eloquent black person is on it's own a miracle but still.

Remember Bush? Took him over eight years to fuck up America to the point it is now. EIGHT. YEARS. And Obama hasn't even been here for two years yet. Were you guys expecting some kind of Kenyan voodoo to be performed? Do you think a war that has been going on for years, at least 4 that I can count would end in months? Do you know the kind of planning that goes into ending a war and ensuring that when you bring back the soldiers Iraqis won't flood the country with explosives?

I mean seriously people y'all are disparaged so easily? Did you really expect that he would deliver all his promises at once? I hear he fixed the health thing and prop8 was overturned so he's doing something.

Some of you guys have believed in Jesus for like 20 years now and your lives still suck and Jesus is like half human, half spirit or something. He should be able to fix your lives a lot faster and if he still hasn't fixed shit by now, how much more can you expect from a mere mortal?

I saw a recent picture of him and OMG he has aged 10 years in two years. You guys are stressing him with your negativity and your lack of belief. His shine and energy is slowly ebbing away. I am starting to think this guy is like Tinkerbell. Maybe he needs us to start chanting "We believe in Obama" so that his youth can come back. He is slowly fading away.

Newer Comments:

This isn't anyone's America except for the corrupt politicians, gullible people, propaganda by a music artist doesn't mean anything you want will happen. Respect you Obama, but you haven't done shit when it comes to the corruption and bullshit laws in this country. CHANGE WHAT?

That's what many of these liberals can't seem to see; he has changed nothing! He didn't even try to end the wars; he kept the same defense secretary on from the very start! 
America got duped. Plain and simple

Older Comments
Our first president of color has to be an incredible thing for all people of color and minorities, but I think the greatest "fringe benefit" of his presidency will be the racial reality-check that he and his beautiful, strong smart TOGETHER family will provide to all the willfully and inadvertently ignorant people in this country. I am SO profoundly glad, indeed joyful, that our nation awoke to this opportunity and seized it !!!! 
Not only is America gonna change. No the WORLD is gonna change. thank your America, thank you everyone who voted for Obama, and thank you, who is now Mr. President.
 Fun Fact: The person who wrote the first new comment and first old comment are the same.

I mean he's a black guy cut him some slack, he's going to be late with delivering a lot of those promises,
Vanity xx

P.s. this is another great song by Will-I-am


leggy said...

oh shit.i feel like you just read my freaking mind!!

Myne Whitman said...

I like the new look BTW.

And your post is on point. Just look at that picture sha, they should give the guy a break.

Azazel said...

Mehn lol idk I don't think I ever had that much hope in obama, but lets just say of late he doesn't inspire me a lot.

jobsfornaija said...

una go say i don start. i used to like obama till i started hearing all his demonic and Free mason stuff. for some reason i just dont trust the guy. I dont

2cute4u said...

Everyone has enemies and there's no person that wouldn't criticise you.. If no one does, then something is wrong..

etoile Oye said...

word! man. Obama could do with a break. He's had to deal with a lot, including a global financial crisis. but truly, Naija doesnt suck at football. They are just having a really bad time now...

The Messiah said...

Hmm... You know what this reminds me of? haha of this:

Hahah niggas serious dick ride this nigga. Think of it, if it were any other president would you be defending him like this. He took on the world's toughest job, so of course he's gonna get the world's toughest critics on his neck. If he knew that, then maybe he would be more efficient at his job. Clinton did far better than Obama, after the first Bush fucked it all up, so there's no George Bush excuse here. It's been a half term for Obama and I'm sure he's not coming back in 2012.

Realist said...

All i know is that my friends who graduated this may all got Jobs. That was not the same last may. So in my eyes Obama is doing something. I dont need a news report to tell me shit. To begin with, i did not think Obama was going to end World poverty, and bring peace to mankind, like everyone seemed to think. I voted for him because he was a democrat.

@Jobsfornaija... @ "una go say i don start. i used to like obama till i started hearing all his demonic and Free mason stuff."

So you believe everything u hear?

Vanity said...

@jobsfornaija smh is there any person who is not famous that you guys don't think is Illuminati?

@2cute4u true but what happens when everyone is criticizing and none of it is really constructive?

@etoile oye lol Nigeria is sucking at football

@The messiah he might shock all of you guys next year and am only defending him because he's the first president I know anything off. I didn't start watching presidents till bush. so.

@Realist this is why we shall have many happy babies. I have divorced Azazel sinceee

Vanity said...

@Leggy great sexy minds think alike

@Myne yea they should

CerebrallyBusy said...

i don't know that much about politics, but i do believe in obama. i doubt he's coming back though.

Lol @ him being late to deliver because he's black hehe

Realist said... Kai!! @ many happy babies, can we just have three? lol

El Divine said...

i tot I left my comment before but it got lost in trransit..
anyhow, Obama is a likable sombori but hes too much of a compromiser to make a good president.
his charisma got him there.

abt his illuminati connections---it is truer than you guys think. Obama's actions betray the truth..if hes not Illuminati..hes certainly a fan.

blogoratti said...

Dude needs a break...he's aging fast woa*

Vanity said...

@El divine, I agree with you about the compromiser part, the illuminati part is unfounded.

@blogoratti I agree

Original Mgbeke said...

I definitely agree with this post. I think that a lot of people expected him to swoop into office and start performing that Kenyan voodoo...which is quite ridiculous!

ManCee said...

What da @#$% do you mean by 'he is a black guy, he'll be late on delivering on his promise'

That, my friend is BS if i've ever heard one.

Vanity said...

@Mancee by taking that statement seriously, I can correctly assume that
1. You did not read the tittle
2. You have no idea how unserious this post was

Also it's it's ok to use the word 'Fuck'. Symbols do not help prove your point