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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Death. Some days I wake up and the fear of death is so paralysing, I am unable to get up from my bed. Then I realise, I could die just lieing there. I could've died in my sleep. So I get up and not think of the possible ways I could die today. I don't think of slipping in the bathtub, I don't think of getting electrocuted by my hair dryer. No. I don't think of all the ways my gas could explode. I don't think of getting hit by a car on my way to the bus stop.
I don't imagine the possible ways the bus could crash. I don't imagine that someone in my class could be a shooter or bomber. I don't imagine that the building could colapse. I don't imagine a stray bullet coming from nowhere. I don't imagine my asthma killing me. I just . . . live.

Someone said to me, "Omg you've gone sky diving or air gliding or car racing or any one of the other amazing shit I've done. Aren't you scared of dying?" My reply "Omg you drive a car everyday, aren't you scared of dying? Because there are more chances of you dying just walking than there is for me jumping out of a plane"
I'm scared of dying but I refuse to let the fear stop me from living my life exactly how I want. If I die, I want to die doing something. Something exciting. Preferably having sex (threesome? Orgy?)
Vanity xx


leggy said...

awesome post.just plain awesome!!!
im scared of death too but im slowly getting over it.
so azazel stole my template, and people wonder why we are

Azazel said...

I sure did steal it leggy, and I have no complaints about it. Green is my favorite color, always has and always will be. Infact in some funny way I feel that u stole my template, just that I had not found it yet.

Anywayz, Vanity how about respect of death?? It lets one live their with their priorities carefully ironed out

Vanity said...

OMG that pic is so fucking gruesome.
Thanxx Leggy

@Azazel What if you iron all those priorities and die b4 you reach even one?

I dont respect death, I fear it. Big difference. Unless that's not what you mean?

Nutty J. said...

Nice post vanity...

Realist said...

lol@ dying during a threesome. What kind of dick would be that, that would give you instant heart attack. #forgivemyvulgarity.

I ignore death. it is something i cant control so i let it be.

The Messiah said...

Ah death, the epic topic. Just think of it as sleep. After a long day, you sleep; but after a short life you die. Put it in perspective in everything you do, and somehow you'll feel unstoppable.