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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Deists 1, Christians 0

Hi my name is Vanity.  I have always admired this blog and I feel very honored to have been invited by Azazel to write here. I will post an actual write up as soon as I finish it but in the mean time, this is my introduction. It’s snapshots of a convo my friend had on his status.


blog 1 

blog 2


blog 4 Really? Comparing your religion to mcdonalds?

blog 5And the deists win.

Vanity xx


Realist said...

lol... it sucks when the person you are talking with is no match for you... this is Deists 3, Christians -3

Azazel said...

Lol it sure does suck

El Divine said...

Well, a case is only as good as the lawyer making it. The Deist won, and infact, will win again and again when people, esp christians, continue to force an emo-psychological subject(religion) to obey the laws of rational argumentation. its like describing light to a man born blind. its not done.
Even Jesus said, "if u preach to people and they wont listen, dust ur sandals n leave." Truth convinces of itself, and until it does, in vain do preachers preach.

That said, welcome to the truth party,vanity. Nice first post.

Vanity said...

Thank you guys

EDJ said...

Yes lets boil this entire thing down to a match with winners and losers.

I was not going to get in the middle of the self-congratulatory fest that the 4 of you are having, but I would just like to say that everybody needs to leave everybody alone. Christians need to leave non-christians alone and vice versa.

You will never convince us and we will never convince you (mostly) so live and let live.

Vanity said...

Really EDJ? Isn't the whole to point of Christianity to not leave people alone but to get them to the 'winning' side?

EDJ said...

LOL @ Vanity.

I said "should" not that Christians "do".

Personally I too get annoyed when the "converters" try to talk to me. After all you are a deist. I am Catholic and they are STILL trying to convince me I am on the wrong side!

I say live and let live. I do not try to shove my religion down anybody's throat. Two of my closest friends are straight up atheists and we talk about religion and have lengthy discussions. I can see the "sides" and trust me I see valid points from your perspective. However it is hard to argue with "faith".

Vanity said...

But if you leave us alone, doesn't that kinda disobey the fisher's of men rule?? I mean I get your point and I applaud it and wish people would not knock on my door at 8am on Saturday morning trying to explain to me why my hangover is a sin but it's kinda what God or Jesus expects you to do.

But high five for your amazing perspective