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Sunday, September 20, 2009


Since today is Sunday, and I did not go to church. I have decided to deliver my own religious sermon today.But before I continue lol, we are looking for a female blogger who will bring a feminine perspective to our blog. Basically we have two guys here and a friend suggested that we get a female up in here to who has differing views, it would not hurt to get somebody who represents the other side of the argument. Anyone interested, can let me know.
Please my people open your bibles to JOB 1:1-13. The book of Job has always been used by Pastors/Reverends etc as an example of how God tests people who are faithful to him etc. It has been presented in such a view, that even when I was still living in that darkness called christianity I use to accept the story as very reasonable. So today, seeing as a brother has come into the light, I have decided to approach this book of Job from another aspect. I am not going to post the verses here as they are to long, hence I will summarise the verse for you and you can verify to see whether I have distorted facts or not.

1.Job was a father who had ten children. Seven sons and three daughters. He owned seven thousand sheep, three thousand camels.Basically, homeboy was the richest baller in the EAST.Did I mention that he was a righteous man, and a man after God's heart. The bible says that he was blameless, a man who feared God.

2.One day, the angels came to present themselves before God, Satan was taking a stroll that afternoon and decided to stop by to hail baba God. While baba God and Satan were discussing, Satan issued a challenge to God saying that Job would crack if God would let Satan have Job. Basically, Satan was saying that Job would forsake God, if Satan plagued him enough. Anywayz, baba God agreed to the bet and so Satan proceeded to strike all ten of Job's children dead, God sent down fire and it killed the sheep and servants, the camels and the servants again where also killed. At the end of everything sha, everything my homeboy Job had, was taken away from him. All his ten children and numerous servants had died, we shall approximate that all in all @ least 80 people died.(Please if you have a problem accepting that the number was 80 people I urge you to realise that 80 people isn't really that big for our God. He has killed a whole lot of more people than that, so please do not cringe at the thought of 80 people dying.)

Now this is where my sermon starts, so 80 people died that day for what purpose? I will summit to you that 80 people died that day because the lord gambled with their lives with Satan. I thought when people said that a game or bet was "high stakes" they meant in terms of money, now I have seen what our Lord God views as High stakes lmao. As in this one na serious high stakes poker, where you play for people's lives and not for money. Imagine, gambling with peoples lives like that, 80 people died that day just because of a bet? Please what was Job's crime? That he was blameless?That he feared God?That he was righteous?That he loved the lord with all his heart? And pray tell how was homeboy repaid? The lord wiped out his family except his wife, took everything he had simply because he had made a bet with Satan?
Now the question is, if God and Satan are able to gamble over the lives of people like that, what stops them from doing it over and over again? You guys know how gambling can be addictive, who knows maybe our good God might have gotten addicted to gambling. I mean if they were able to do it before, nothing stops them from doing it again and again and this might go to explain why we see so many good people suffering and dying in their prime.. Maybe God has placed a bet on them with the devil again, or maybe this time he's playing Russian Roulette with their lives.
MORAL OF THE STORY: Never ever in your life, be viewed as blameless, righteous, God-fearing, upright and somebody who shuns evil. Because if you become any of these things you immediately qualify to be used as the object of a bet between the Devil and God.



honey91 said... im dint seem very much like a sermon...interesting read tho..
buh i reserve my comments as to ur point...xx

Bubbles said...

this was just a tad bit unnecessary.
it's ok for YOU to reject Christianity
but it is not ok for you to make other people question their beliefs.!

Controversy said...

@ Honey91
Lol thanks. Umm it's ok, u can unreserve your comments to my point. Obviously u disagree with it, that's ok. That's what having a discourse is about

@ bubbles.
Hun i do not understand what you mean by it's not ok to make people question their beliefs. White people believed that keeping blacks as slaves was the right and good way. So u mean to tell me anybody who argued and made them question that belief was in the wrong? Lol it's not like am advocatin for anybody to cease believin in their religion, I simply question it and I let u reach conclusions for yourselves.

innuda said...

I LOVE your blog,i have always been one of those people who never just swallow things hook line and sinker.lai lai
Do i belive in God?YES I DO,i feel there is a greater force than we know it.BUT i also know that something just isn't quite 100% somewhere,and i always hope to get the opportunity to ask the questions when the time comes,because me,i am one of those annoying people who will ask the pastors and men and women of God squirm inducing questions.I always want to get to the bottom of things ,but as it is with these things,you ask the questions,YET the answers leave you even thirstier and with a bigger hole to be filled.

I wish i could invite you on a trip into my head/mind/thought process....SCARY SH*T MEN...Even me i fear the things i think up atimes.
But i LOVE it that way.

I cannot wait to


Controversy said...

@ Nnuda.
I am so proud of u hun, not many people can do what u've decided to do. Am not even going 2 tell u dat christianity is rubbish. Even though thtt might be my belief, all am saying is that people need to learn to ask questions. Question beliefs, do not just accept them and not strive to verify if it's true. And more importantly, think for YOURSELF.

Trybes said...

Buddy, thoughts like this only keep you ruffled cuz hard as you may try,there are only certain things a man should or will know..

I respect your beliefs but when one begin to question his maker,certainly there is cause for concern.You need to check yourself bro-your headin towards the cliff..

Controversy said...

@ Trybes.
Ahn ahn trybes am shocked o. My maker created me i do not doubt that. I simply doubt that this thing called the bible is his word. It is a legitimate doubt is it not? afterall, numerous other books/religions claim their own books as the word of God. Why would one maker have so many different books? This is what causes me concern.

Anonymous said...

As always you cannot let go of this christianity theme.

I am a christian, and i have always had a problem with the 'job story' but i will get answers someday, amen.

I am waiting for the arguments between africanqueen and enoch

Controversy said...

@ ttolla
U've always had questions about the job story lol. Where will u get ur answers from?
Who will tell u these answers lol? Please enlighten me? First of all, if there is a heaven, u first have to make sure u get to that heaven in the first place. 2nd of all, when u get to heaven, u'll probably to relieved to have gotten there in the first place that u wouldn't be bothered to ask any stupid questions. Moreover, if u are scared of asking questions while on earth, howmuch more scared will u be of asking questions when u enter heaven?

Anonymous said...

Never said i was afraid of asking questions, my blog will tell you that.

You asked questions of christianity in your previous post, who were you hoping to answer those questions?

I am getting my answers everyday, that i am asking questions of my faith means i am just not choosing to believe everything that one pastor tells me

like i said, faith is from within, one size does not fit all, thats why i am looking for answers that are best suited for .

Why do you feel the need, to mock people who have differing views from you or believe in jesus. You can dispute what they have to say without be-littling their own beliefs.

You should propbably ask africanqueen to be a member, it will make for interesting read

Anonymous said...

I don't have to get to heaven to get my answers, thats why i have the holyspirit and he does not speak in tongues, he's talior made for me but of course you don't understand that or just choosing not to understand.....

what if theres is heaven afterlife, i would much rather want to be in that heaven than hell anyways.
But you don't believe in the afterlife.

Each person to his own

NenyeN said...

Although I disagree with certain specific things that you said, I do agree with the general message. said...


My World said...

Pastor controversy in da!

Lady X said...

Me I want you to address what happens after the bad guys go to heaven and the good ones go to hell o! Then what...we just stay there long is forever sef!

Controversy said...

@ ttolla.
Am sorry if i seemed to belittle your belief, but where did i belittle anybody's belief though? I understand dat i am using humor to criticize christianity. Am not belittling it.

@ NenyeN
Thanks. Which specific things do u disagree with though? Do u agree with the part that I pray That God never gambles on your soul?

@ My world.
Lol thanks haha. That has a nice ring to it, pastor controversy

@ Lady X
Thanks for the suggestion, and yes I will address that lol. That's actually good, i've already seen how that post is going to work.

Myne Whitman said...

I say Amen! Other than that you're on your own. Nice post.

Controversy said...

@ Myne Whitman.
Lol ur going to leave a brother hanging like that? Why i gotta be OMO?

EDJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
EDJ said...

Please does anyone have cliff notes on the sermon? I can't read the whole thing.
(Don't you just hate when ppl comment only to say they never read the thing?)
I agree that I don't want the Lord to gamble with my life--thankfully I am stressed out enough as it is. Afterall, God usually only gambles with lives that are going very well. (e.g. Job)
If there is a threshold level of happiness to reach before I attract the notice of the Heavenly Gambling Commission--I sincerely hope I stay JUST below it until further notice.

Why am I not on here supporting the bible in this case? Because this is one of those stories I never UNDERSTOOD! Also, the story of Adam & Eve has baffled me for a while, but that's for another time.

Controversy said...

Hahahhahahahahaha wow. I am proud of u EDJ, u agreed with me for the first time.
Hahahah don't worry i shall tackle the story of adam and eve. Damn it brings joy to a deist heart when he is able to get a christian 2 agree with him. damn, i will sleep with a smile on my face tonight.

EDJ said...

Controversy, ala gbagbukwa gi ebe a. Don't I agree with you sometimes?

Anyway, I made you person of the week on my blog--despite your craziness.

Ms. 'dufa said...

U left me speechless

Controversy said...

I am tres honored o. Lol wow don't make me blush o hahaha. But damn this is good. I have dreamt of such a day, where christians and deists can come together and seek common ground in our debate. Good stuff.

@ Ms Dufa.
Is your speechlessness out of disappointment or out of shock?

Original Mgbeke said...

You have issues sha. lol

Enoch said...

LOL. Job is the gift that keeps on giving. Its like Christian Kryptonite. I use it as a thermonuclear weapon when I'm facing a hard nut to crack of a Christian. If I toss Job out there and the Christian embraces its radioactive message, I go just know say he/she don go far beyond redemption. Wonder what Moses was thinking when he Xeroxed it from Sumerian writings.

EDJ, jiri nwayo. Don't invoke madness on anyone just yet.

Controversy said...

@ Enoch.
Lmao @ the gift that keeps on giving. It honestly is, and if ur arguin with a christian who tries to explain this away then u know say dat dem don brainwash dat person finish. Untop of the washing, them rinse the brain to.

@ original mgbeke.
Lol i am honored lol. I am guessin u accept the story then?

nonny said...

Hmm, this is a tough one. Notice how long it took me to comment. I must confess i did read the post 4 times. Not because i don't get it. I mean, i grew up with the story of JOB. I read it because i actually began to question why God would gamble with the life of an innocent man

First of all, The old testament was a time of sacrifices to ask for forgiveness, girls on their periods were considered impure. The law then was an eye for an eye. Cities used to get buried for disobeying or not worshiping God.

God wanted to prove to satan that this follower was worthy. It was the old testament, before Christ, before his teachings of love. There was no other way.

Secondly, God wanted to teach JOB. This is what even fathers do to sons. The richest father who can afford to buy you a Lamborghini may make you work or leave you without some things to make you learn to strive and survive.

God uses suffering to instruct and when you read through the passage, you see that JOB did learn and end up with tenfold of what he had before.

Lastly, i want you to take the most important fact into consideration: this was the old testament. Christianity is based on Christ and his teachings. You cannot really judge Christianity based on the old testament.

Controversy said...

Lol so God wanted to teach job, why kill job's sons and daughters/servants? This is what is known as a very expensive lesson where u gamble with lives that have nothing to do with the person you are trying to teach. Untop of that, imagine the callousness of the writer @ the end to make it seem like everything is ok, God gave him back 10 more children, like that makes everything perfectly ok? Lmao. And u know that story is rubbish through and through.

Otas (DUH!) said...

I am sooo interested in blogging with ya'll!

p.s. lemme read dis den i'll leave a real comment

Otas (DUH!!) said...

Oh my this was soo good!

Eche u have to understand that God has his reasoonss...*hiss*

Pls case in point. God gave into temptation. He was soo sure that he would win he decided to risk everything! Apparently God needs to take his own advice and resist temptation.

Props to Job tho for standing thru all that. Maybe one of his ten children clda learned something from him and been like that but we'll never know since God killed them all! Well technically God didnt kill them he just gave the devil permission to kill them. Who's to say he woint do the same to u!

Controversy said...

Lol exactly my point Otas.
Exactly my point lol

Xavier said...

The God I serve used to be a strict one, just like Nonny sed, He took life and wealth which He gave at will. He did not personally inflict hardship on Job, He allowed the devil do so(not like it makes so much difference).
He once asked Abraham to slay his son, Issac...remember that?
He even allowed elisha to kill hundreds of ball priests who could have repented, He hardened the heart of pharoah when he considered freeing the isrealites cos He wanted to teach the Egyptians a bitter lesson.
But what now happened when Jesus came? The old law got wiped away and things became anew.
If you want to talk about christianity which is all about Jesus, then concentrate on the 2nd testament.
And one more thing, I knw for sure that u are troubled because of ur lack of belief...u knw u shld believe, but u are lookin for a reason not to. Wonder why u rnt questioning other religions...
Give it up, u either believe or stop wailing

Controversy said...

@ Xavier
All i understood from your post is that your God is human and has a tendency to change as humans do. Or if u disagree with that, then your God is suffering from multiple personality disorder. He's vengeful in one stance and merciful in th other one. He should pick a personality and stick to it.
@ why don't i pick on other religions, all of them are the same. They have bibles, and they all claim to speak to somebody above or they claim to know God's will

Xavier said...

U still don't get the point, do u? He never changed, rather we have a more gentle medium to access Him and that medium is Jesus Christ, whose new laws make up the christianity. No more do we have direct access to God, no more do we offer sacrifices nor burnt offerings, no more does He visit us with harsh punishments when we go astray...explains why u havent been struck dead though u ridicule Him.
Other religions have their own books which are not the bible, the bible is for christians and has totally different contents from other books (especially the new testament), so I want to see u challenge these other religions and their beliefs...or is their something about christianity that interests you? U once said u have great joy when a 'christian' agrees with you...u wld always feel that darkness until u believe

Controversy said...

Hahahahah @ God strikin me dead, that is a joke. Why would he strike me dead? Because I question that a book written by men and voted on by men could be from him? Surely, he would understand if I doubt that that is the case.
Haha i get joy when a christian agrees with me cus it's wonderful. I agree with christians from time to time, so they should also from time to time repay the favor. Honestly, Xavier the quran for example, i have not extensively read it hence I cannot critique it as effectively, and moreover my audience is predominantly christian. Hence u see my dilemma.

EDJ said...

@ Controversy
"I agree with Christians from time to time, so they should also from time to time repay the favor."


You know I have always viewed much of the old testament as a way to explain things that happen from time to time.

Like: Why do women have painful labor? Its not because another human being is compressing their abdominal and pelvic muscles (afterall how could the olden days ppl know that), its because Eve sinned and women are doomed to pain.

Or, why do we have rainbows after rain? Its not because sunlight passing through the raindrops suspended in the clouds gets separated into the light spectrum, its because God wants to remind us of his promise to never drown us all again (even though we all come dangerously close with all these hurricanes, tsunamis, etc).

As time goes by science gets answers to some of these problems (never all though) and the explanation of a God looking down on us all, gets a little less possible for many people. But as Sacred said, neither science nor religion will ever have all the answers!
(This is why I believe they can co-exist).

Like the David argument, its quite possible that the child that was born had a terrible fatal and unknown disease and died because of that, then the bible writers decided it was because of David's sin that this happened. I see the merits of both ideas but there is very little way to prove either since we can't do an autopsy. Plus super Christians will just say that its God that sent the disease so he is still responsible.

Enoch said...


Why then don't you take your theory of making stuff up in the Old Testament to its logical conclusion? This Christian God was entirely made up in the same way.

After you consider that, you also have to admit that you can't treat these things in isolation because the New Testament references the Old repeatedly. You have to start questioning the New too.

No one even knows for sure who wrote those NT books. We just have to take Papias' word for it. He was the Christian scholar who decided which apostle authored what book.

You would think the apostles who worshiped Jesus would know when the object of their worship was born yet they all give different accounts of the time of his birth in detail with as much as a 24yr difference between Luke and John's accounts. They're stumbling over themselves to tell us things to believe about God in heaven yet they can't even get their story straight about their friend they walked the earth with.

"But as Sacred said, neither science nor religion will ever have all the answers! " Those are the kind of statements I don't like. Speaking with certainty about what you can at best be uncertain of.

Controversy said...

if the baby died from a disease and the bible writers willfully lied about that. Then they outrightlyy lied.

@ Enoch
I agree with you and EDJ u should check out Enoch's response to you

NenyeN said...

I specifically disagree with certain parts where you stated that God did this or that to Job (specifically in reference to God sending down fire).

And Yes, I definitely agreement with you, regarding your prayer.

Controversy said...

What do u mean by u specifically disagree lmao? What i said, was in the bible true true. God did send down fire and I copied and pasted that VERBATIM. U can disagree with it, but it's right there in your bible. NenyeN

NenyeN said...

It does not say that God sent down fire. It says that one of the messengers stated (claimed) that the fire of God came down from Heaven. That doesn't necessarily mean that it was God who sent down the fire. What you read is nothing more than the messenger's interpretation/understanding of what happened.

Simple deduction: God is in Heaven. Fire came down from Heaven. So it must be God.

That is how the messenger would interpret it. We, on the other hand, know that's not the case, because we know that Satan is still an angel. He still possesses angelic powers, and he still has access to Heaven. So, he can also send down fire from Heaven, if he chose. We also know that God allowed Satan the opportunity to test Job. So, simple deduction will tell us that anything bad that happened to Job, was something that Satan caused, and not God.

Anonymous said...

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