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Sunday, January 3, 2010


Happy New Year to all of you.

Ok guys basically I do not have a 'coherent' blogpost to write. All I have is questions that I would really appreciate if people could answer them for me. but quick question before I go on guys, what color of 'Font' is better for you guys? Yellow? White? Green? Just wanted to know.
As you all know, am the guy who has or probably has an opinon about any issue/topic. But there's one topic that I cannot seem to form an opinion of and that topic is GLOBAL WARMING... I do not know what to believe when it comes to this issue. The two sides for and against the argument make very good points. One side says global warming is 'man-made' and that we need to cut down our emissions and go greener, the other side says global warming is not man-made and that the people promoting global warming just want to profit from it. Now awhile back, it was discovered that a group of scientists were forging data regarding this global warming ish. Does that mean that global warming isn't happening? Nope. Does the forgery prove that the people saying global warming wasn't man-made were right? Nope. It just proves that a couple of men thought that it would be better to mislead the whole world. If not because human beings have gotten smarter, these men would probably have gotten away with the whole forgery. Anywayz, me I think that global warming might be man-made but @ the same time I''m weary about the motives of those who harp on continually about it, Al gore said that in 2015 or so all the ice caps will melt. Now if there is one thing I've come to learn it is this, when people try to get you to do something by fear-mongering, it would be wise for one to take a 2nd and 3rd look on what the person is trying to 'sell' you. A lot of people profit by selling 'fear' and if there is another thing I've learnt it is this, in any major crisis there will always be people who benefit from it.
Oya back to the questions I have, they are all 'religion' related btw... So I would appreciate it if someone could provide me with some answers.

1. The bible says God is an 'unchanging' God.'
Is God an 'unchanging' God and if so, why is it that he 'changed' frm being a merciless God in the Old Testament to now being a merciful God in the New TestamentT?What happened?On the other hand just because he is an unchanging God does not mean that he does not have 'mood-swings' abi?And if so,why does it seem like God has human characteristics?Makes me wonder bout who created who in who's image.Did God create man in his own image?Or did man create God in his own image?

If you guys really think about it, you guys will realise that God seems to have a whole lot of 'human characteristics', am not saying he's not 'real' or he does not exist but the bible might have been 'cooked' a little. The same way these scientists tried to forge data, is the same way religious men will forge stuff also. Men lie all the time.

2.The bible says that the Jewish ppl are the 'chosen/favorite' ppl of God.If God were a man would he not be considered 'prejudicial' against other races?Did he not create all the humans on earth?Why play favoritism with one race?
Now I understand how prejudice/racism entered the world.At the end of the day,I draw the conclusion that people who are prejudicial/racist are not bad people,they are simply 'stunting like their maker'. Btw, there is a difference between being 'prejudicial' and being 'racist'. Just thought that I should point that out.

3. Why does it seem like the only people inspired to write the bible were either 'caucasian/Jewish men'? Why were no black men inspired? Or no asian men? or latino men? Or even women. Why weren't any women inspired by God to write the bible? Aren't women 'inspirable'?? Chai, women have suffered in this life. Blame Eve o.

4. Is the bible the only 'word' of God? Can the Koran be the word of God as well? Why can't there be two 'word' of God? Moreover, the bible is a holy book abi? Why is it a Holy book? Some say it is because it offers 'moral guidance' on how human beings should live their lives. Am I then to conclude that every book that offers 'moral guidance' is a holy book?
These are the questions I have guys, I would kindly appreciate it if anybody could provide solid answers to them.
P.S: Again I am grateful for all of you who follow this blog and read my 'writings'. Started out in September 2009 with my fellow contributors and it's been wonderful. I've met some very good people on here, and no I was not plannin on giving any shoutouts, before I forget somepeople's names like I did last time lol. But what I wanted to say is this, through blogger/blogging I have come to meet people with interesting ideas and people holla @ me on my facebook because they saw my writings on here. And they then share their own blogs with me, and I honestly enjoy reading other people's blogs and cherishing the fact that they've decided to share a lil part  of themselves with me. It's a good feeling. Please check out my friend's blog, the babe thinks like me in some ways and I was madly impressed lol. RAYO..


sunnyside said...

i prefer green...have i said happy new yeah yet... guess not.. so happy new year.

Azazel said...

Lol happy new year sunshine.

honey91 said...

i think white is fine for the font...

uhmm...dont fire me o...
but i dont think God changed between the new and the old testament. the difference was the coming of Jesus.
He wasnt merciless in the old testament, but for forgiveness of sins the people had to sacrifice a lamb...after Jesus came, there was eternal forgiveness...all we had to do was ask...

as for the rest of ur questions, if i find an answer ill let u know.

leggy said...

happy new year azazel.
my resolution this year is to stop

Myne Whitman said...

Leggy that is so funny. But seriously Azazel, do you think we're theologians? Abeg free me jo...LOL

Thanks for the lovely new year message on my FB page. I appreciate.

Azazel said...

Happy New Year guys..
Thanks leggy, thanks honey91.
Lol Myne no probs o, and ehn I forgot I thought we had theologicans here on blogsville..
I was grossly mistaken..

Neo said...

azazel reloaded!

abeg i have just come back from a fruitless sojourn at the library so i cannot give u any coherent answers right now, maybe later. all i can say is that people see God differently so they prolly wrote their accounts on that basis....

PS: white, clearer read!

Azazel said...

Lol then white it is.
Hmm Neo u see i have a problem with that, 'ppl seeing God differently' argument.
What if the ppl never saw God @ all?

Enoch said...

For the font, I say white! Because when they close their eyes that's the complexion God assumes.

other questions have2b4d faithful.

Anonymous said...

Azazel, God never changed b/w the old and new testament. He has and will always been a merciful God. There is always a punishmentpenalty from defaulting in anyway and that doesn't mean 'merciless'.

The Bible is inspired by God. HE could choose/use any person to make HIS plans/ways known. There is no sexism or gender discrimination in all that.
The Koran equally is inspired by Allah according to Islamic belief. Don't have details abt that.

Don't use all these questions to justify ur seeming faithlessness. Re-evaluate if it is the WEST that is affecting your thoughts and beliefs.(my genuine thoughts)

Azazel said...

Looooooooooooooooooool Enoch @ tht's the complexion God assumes..

Beauty Goodone
So if it's inspired by God why does it seem like it's only a certain group of ppl that were inspirable???
Out of 6 billion ppl on earth? Only a certain small percent of ppl were influenced? Come on now.

Sugarking said...

Chai! Another gbaski post from Azazel again! Yeah, about the global warming thing, I think you're right to say a group of men are behind it. I heard its the Free Masons sef. I also heard they orchestrated Katrina and some other disasters, their said aim being to "de-congest" the world. Na thunder go fire their papa left lap!

Azazel said...

Gbaski guy Sugarking.
Happy New year my broda, mehn idk what to think about global warming o.

Danielle said...

Hey, I hate that I don't have the time to really respond to this because I could probably clear quite a few things up for you given the time to have a lengthy conversation.

Here's what I will say, God did not choose a race, He chose a people. A people whose hearts were turned to Him. He chose to be their God, and now because of the convenant God made with Abraham we can live under the same blessing of being His people (regardless of race, or gender).

About the inspiration thing, who told you that all of the people writing the Bible were white? Were Jews as fair skinned as Adam Sandler in Biblical times? I think not! When Jesus is described in the Bible he doesn't seem to look anything like Woody Allen to me!

Lastly, the Bible is a Holy Book because men wrote it as they were inspired by the Holy Spirit 2 Peter 1:21 and because God choose to reveal Himself fully (His person, heart and attributes) through the Word. 1 John 1:1, 1 John 1:14-18

Out of time! Hope that helps?

Danielle said...

One more thing... 6 Billion people didn't exist in those times.

LucidLilith said...

Good questions. I can't help you. I am Catholic. I was told that all I needed to know about God is in the catechism book I was forcefed in Sunday School.