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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The probem with Islam is.....

What would you think if your professor, or your employer said to you: "Please be completely honest with me, but don't you dare disagree!" ?

Many Islamic scholars vow that Islam is a religion of logic, wisdom, moderation and peace. They vow that Islam invites people towards insight and knowledge and uplifts the position of women in society. This is far from the truth. Islam cannot stand what is logical and it does not invite people towards insight, but entraps humans.

Islam is about forcing women to wear the "hejab" the symbol of subjugation. Women are second class citizens in the Muslim world. The prophet Muhammad takes his 9 year old wife to bed. What kind of man, not to mention a prophet of God, would commit such horrible act of pedophilia? The Quran says women are to be beaten by their husbands, yet Muslim women apparently are fine with this violence, or they could not wait to divorce Islam and run away. Quran says four wives are allowed but Muhammad had at least 20 or even more. They say, in paradise, women are chained in different areas for men's pleasure.

Islam definitely is not compatible with logic and democracy. As a matter of fact, Islam is against liberty and freedom and peace.

On the slightest provocation - a journalist making a comment about Muhammad during the Miss Universe pageant – angry Muslims erupt into a campaign of arson, brutality and murder. Meanwhile, Western governments, journalism organizations and themselves continue to refer to Islam as a "religion of peace," virtually all terrorist acts worldwide – over 5,000 instances since 9-11 – have been committed by Muslims, against Jews, against Christians, against other non-Muslims, even against other types of Muslims. And then you tell me that a religion that considers changing your mind about what you believe in as reason to \kill you is a peaceful religion?

I almost didn't write this article because I was so scared that someone would find me and kill me as radicals are known to do and I'm supposed to believe that this is a peaceful religion? 
There's a saying among Islamic apologists that "Islam means peace." As nice as that sounds, "Islam" does not mean "peace." It means "submission." Submission to Allah, and all his laws.
I mean really, yes they are Muslims who are amazing, peaceful people with beautiful hearts and who just want to worship their God and I respect these people with all my heart and I say, preach to your Muslim brothers and sisters, show them abuse and murder is not the way of peace.

There was a time when if anyone ever said something sideways about my mother, I would fight and what not and one day my mum said "I love that you want to defend my honor but when people talk about me it does not reduce or increase my honor, fighting because of your pride is what reduces my honor." I f my mum, a mere mortal can be that reasonable, why do you believe your God isnt? Why do you believe you have to constantly prove and defend yourselves with acts of violence? And why is evolution such a bad thing for you? Sure don't let your women wear short skirts and bustiers but give them some sort of  respect.Give people the right to change their mind about your religion, give people the right to not be Muslims. You come into America, a christian country for the most part and you can wear your hejabs and whatever else you please but when we come into your country we have to wear what you want us to wear? Where is the freedom you talk about?

I have no problems with Muslims practicing their faith and I feel no great need to ban their religion.
But I do have problems with the expression of aspects of their faith as it infringes on others.
  • The requirement of two male Muslim witnesses to obtain a conviction of rape because a woman's word is not enough.
  • A Muslim man's word is given twice legal standing than a Muslim woman's -- and non-Muslims may be excluded entirely.
  • The complete and utter subjugation of women.
  • The death penalty for homosexuals.
  • The penalties -- up to and including death -- for things like apostasy and heresy and "insulting Islam."
"The fundamental problem with Islam -- in its purest form, it simply will not tolerate any challenges to its authority. It must be held above all other considerations, systems, authorities, governing bodies, institutions, or belief systems.To deny that supremacy is to insult Islam -- and that is a capital offense under Islam.
I consider myself an absolutist -- whatever one wishes to practice, fine, as long as it doesn't intrude on the rights of others. I believe that the First Amendment, which explicitly guarantees the freedom OF religion, also implies a freedom FROM religion."

a) Qur’an verse 9:29.
“Those who do not believe in Allah and the Last Day – even though they were given the scriptures, and who do not hold as unlawful that which Allah and His Messenger have declared to be unlawful, and who do not follow the true religion (Deen Al-Haque) – fight against them until they pay tribute (Al-Jizyah, protection tax or exemption tax) out of their hands and are utterly subdued.”  

b) Qur’an 2:256 There is no coercion or compulsion in the Deen (religion, way of life). The right way now stands clearly distinguished from the wrong. Hence he who rejects the evil ones (Taghut, non-god power acting as god) and believes in Allah has indeed taken hold of the firm, unbreakable handle, and Allah (Whom he has held for support) is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.

To argue that any religion is better than the other is just overreaching. Both religions subjugate women, both religions have had their rules almost disfigured by Teachers and students alike, and both religions have contradictions in their religious books but that is expected as it was written by humans and humans make mistakes.

I've been writing here long enough for people to know that I'm not Ra-Ra-Christianity. This article isnt a slam Islam and promote christianity, it's simply how I feel and I was just about to scrap this when I saw this video:

Vanity xx


Realist said...

I am in no way an expert in Islam. But i believe that most of the problem with it is "traditional". Especially the treating women as second class citizens mostly come from the traditions of the people that practice it, not the religion (explicitly). I know certain devout moslem women who dont wear an hijab.

Muhammed marrying a 9 yr old is often looked through the wrong lenses. The life span of that time was way shorter than now and marrying a female of 9 was not "frowned" upon. It wasnt long ago that people where marrying 14 year old brides so it is not hard to imagine that around 632 AD, they were marrying 9 yr olds. A lot of the intolerance in the Qu'uran can be found in the bible also. But i understand you are not comparing both religions, just stating how you feel about one.

I am happy you FINALLY posted this up, i know we have been steady dropping hints at you to hurry up and finish it lol

Realist said...

Also for those people that say we only scrutinize or "assault" christianity, this is for you. Now back to bible bashing lol j/k

The Messiah said...
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The Messiah said...

The problem with Islam's a religion. Realist claims it's "traditional" but keep in mind, that traditions are constructed through religious beliefs (like most traditions, contemporary and past). It's the reason the Aztecs committed human sacrifices; the reason their empire failed; the reason the Dark Ages was a time of bloodshed; the reason Pakistan and India had beef over Afghanistan etc; the fucking list goes on and on. The question is: Why?

Answer: Because religion is a form of political bullshit, whereby men falsely claim that some omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent entity (with man-like features)that created the vastness of the universe gives a shit about a minuscule piece of the big picture- you. And not only does he give a shit, he loves you and even made you with in his image (unless you're female, then you're just the by-product of the "self-portrait"), and he wants you to do what he wants or else.....

Now, one thing I've realized in my 21 years of existense, is that there are two emotions that can be used to manipulate humans to do virtually anything, as long as the emotional content in them is pretty strong. And those emotions are: love and fear. If I were a head figure and told a population with all seriousness, that if you wear a underwear, you WILL be brutally killed like a scapegoat. Just like that, you can already predict the accelerating reduction of people wearing underwear. Same thing with love, if I showed a die-hard Justin Bieber fan that I have the power to make he/she hang out with Justin exclusively for a day, if only they did my taxes, washed my toilets, walk my dog, cook breakfast, mow my lawn, pick up my dog's shit, vacuum the house and some other chores for a day, do you think he/she would say no to that?

However, religion posesses the same fear/love control, but on steroids. It gives a dichotomy were the victim choses between eternal suffering or eternal enjoyment. The combo of fear and love alters their behavior to do as they're told to get eternal bliss, and to stay the fuck away from behavior that'll get them into hell. Men realized this fear/love phenonemom way before I was born and used it to fuck minds with God's sacred dick. The almighty fear/love control of religion explains Muhammad fucking 9 year olds, explains terrorist attacks, women's inequality in society etc. And it doesn't matter what religion it is, as long as it has the basic fear/love control on its members, it will only have disastrous consequences. Nice post.

Anonymous said...

The truth is that Islam is a religion for the weak. They cannot handle any form of opposition. Their insecurity lies in the fact that their religion isn't genuine. Who remembers the Da Vinci Code and how much it slandered Christians. In the early 90s, a man, Salman Rushdie, wrote the book Satanic Verses. Though the book was completely fiction, the Muslims felt threatened by this and ordered a world wide command to kill the man. HOW CAN YOU ORDER TO KILL A MAN BECAUSE HE WROTE A BOOK THAT MADE YOUR RELIGION LOOK BAD, AND STILL THINK YOU ARE SANE!!!!
I'm not a Christian but in my opinion, if you are a Muslim, you are insane.

Spesh said...

My secondary school maths teacher (a catholic) said to me once, "religion & spirituality is like maths,using different formulas to solve your problem with God. Only HE can mark & award the answers"

I was born into islam & at seventeen,had questions & doubts until I read far & wide,then chose to stick to islam.
I'm not defending or opposing what you have typed above as these are your opinions & because really you seem to have always had your issues with spirituality, but I don't think all your "facts" are correct & objective.

Nice post all the same,may we all find the answers that we seek, amen!

Enigma said...

Like I'll always say, the problem with Nigeria and probably the world at large is Bad and Good people trying to cloak themselves with various Religions. The practices you made mention of are in my opinion traditional. There are a lot of Islamic women that don't wear the "hijab", some of the men don't marry more than one wife and what have we. Everyone has whatever they believe in and they stick to it. Sometimes they use this religious beliefs to justify their acts the same way a guilty man who committed murder can plead for temporary insanity. In my opinion,This post should be more or less targeted at Religion other than Islam. Nonetheless, I should state I have nothing against/for any religion as I am yet to find where I truly belong.

Anonymous said...

just wondering... what are your credentials? You have a lot of incorrect information. Please do further research before you spread false information. Thanks