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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Yo wat up blogsville? Long time no speak yo! Don’t worry, daddy’s back and he has something important to say to you. Yes daddy is about to have “the talk” with you, so sit down, relax and read because shit’s about to get real. Before we get into preventive measures and contraceptives, we gonna talk about abortion first. Of course this is assbackwards as fuck, but that’s just how daddy rolls so listen up kids.

I’m pro-life. And because of my stance on abortion, most of my liberal colleagues heavily criticize and argue against my philosophy, but most of their logic is flawed. One of my friends that I always meet at Starbucks once asked “Well I know you’re irreligious, so what moral ground do you have for being pro-life?” The question kinda made me smile. I guess we all need a religious authority/institution to give us a moral compass on life; we can’t just use common sense and logic to work that out for us. Anyways, where are some of the arguments I hear quite often from the pro-choosers.

• It’s not a human, yet: The argument is that after conception the baby becomes “human” and is now entitled to universal humanitarian rights but a fetus inside the womb of its mother isn’t simply because it hasn’t “developed.” So in other words, outside the womb = human, inside the womb = sub-human (simply because it has passed a certain “stage” in life), and somehow this is supposed to make sense. In order to show the absurdity of the argument, let’s apply the same logic to a different example: Killing a 24 year old should be considered as murder, whereas, killing a 24 week old shouldn’t, because the 24 year old has a personality, independent , has a state ID, and college degree and the 24 week old doesn’t even have pubes nor can he/she walk on his/her own so therefore, killing the baby shouldn’t be seen as murder for the baby isn’t much of a human anyway. You see how that sounds, well that’s how it sounds like when pro-choosers say shit like “the fetus isn’t fully developed yet to be considered a human.” For fuck sake, life is evolutionary, it goes through stages of development, reaches a prime, and from there goes through stages of decay. This is how the human evolutionary life chart looks like

Fetus- Baby- Toddler- Kid- Teen - Young Adult- Adult- Mid-Lifer- Senior

Every stage has its big moment before progress; Fetus become babies after they’re conceived, babies become toddlers after they gain limb strength and can walk, toddlers become kids after they pass the potty-training, kids become teens after puberty, teens become young adults after adolescence, young adults become adults after independence, adults become mid-lifers after a mid-life crisis (menopause etc.), mid-lifers become seniors when they go back to the stage of dependency. The abrupt end of the evolutionary process of life is death, and if the end is caused by another human being, it’s murder. Whether it’s stopping the kid from reaching the teenage, or a fetus from reaching the baby stage, it is all murder, plain and simple.

• If you’re pro-life, then you must be against capital punishment: Both are mutually exclusive. Are you really comparing killing innocent babies to killing guilty criminals? One deserves it and the other doesn’t. If you still can’t comprehend that then I can’t argue any further with you.

• A woman should be able to do what she wants with her body: True, but not so much when another life is at stake. Again, one only needs to apply the same logic to a different scenario to see how much sense it makes. If a woman is holding a baby and gently it with her arms and suddenly she decides to fling her arms upward, propelling the baby to be airborne and without an effort to catch the baby, allows the baby to fall on the hard concrete, shattering it’s fragile skull and causing it to die in mere seconds. Can this woman’s excuse for that heinous act be “a woman should be able to do what she wants with her body?” Think about that every time you hear that argument.

• Rape and Incest pregnancy: To be honest, this is a pretty tough one. When dealing with rape, instead of killing the baby, kill the rapist. Make rapist die the most horrid deaths imaginable, like crucifying them upside-down while unleashing a dozen ruthless, South-American bullet-ants on their scrotum. The baby is just as much of a victim as the raped woman; they both didn’t ask for what happened to them. Don’t make the baby more of a victim by killing it. If the baby is that much of a reminder of the wrong that was done to you, then send it to an adoption center. At least give the poor thing life, who knows, that rape baby may be future president of your country.

• If conceiving the baby can kill mother: This is where I’m 100% pro-choice. We are instinctual creatures, and we want to survive, so if another is trying to kill you, you have the right to self-defense at the cost the attempting murderer.

Most of all, I’m against abortion because it’s an irresponsible way of reacting to irresponsible sex. I mean we’ve all heard the phrase “Drink responsibly,” how bout “Fuck responsibly?” kids don’t hear that enough. It’s funny how parents don’t talk much about sex with their children, when that’s exactly how they got their children. Their kids ask them, “Where/how are babies made?” and instead of their parents to be responsible intellectuals, they tell their kids some bullshit fairy tale stories and then get disappointed when that kid at age 15 tells them she’s pregnant. And the sex ed in school is a fucking joke; all they do is put a condom on a cucumber and then tell you abstinence is the key. How enlightening! And this is where I come, to educate you poor young minds and prevent the dangers of irresponsible sex while giving you the best sex tips. So let’s begin Sex Ed 101 with Messiah.

First of all, sex is like driving; the one thing they’ll tell you in driving school is that driving is a privilege not a right, same rule applies for sex. But you are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of pussy. Sex, just like driving, is a skill which can be improved. Just like driving, sex is mainly about controlling the vehicle until reaching destination (cloud 9), however, unlike driving, sex is very physical (think of it as a sport) and requires a lot of muscular endurance/strength in the glutes, abs, lower back, and PC muscles (this is for both male and female btw). So when you’re at the gym, don’t be like those guys who work on their biceps and chest all day and forget the muscles that really count. Also just like driving, sex is a dangerous act that risks life-altering events. This is where protection and safe fucking come to play. In today’s world, there are so many ways to ensure safe fucking; birth patches, birth control pills, condoms, diaphragms, and if want extremes, there are vasectomies, penectomies, hysterectomies etc. You’re young, the point of sex is fun not to have kids, and using these methods of contraceptives will ensure just that. However, my favorite of all of them is a condom. Condoms do something other contraceptives don’t; kill two birds with one stone. Condoms not only prevent unwanted pregnancies, they prevent you from catching STDs as well. Of course, you might have heard some idiot rant about how condoms aren’t effective or that his shit busted and blah blah blah. When shit like that happens, there are three explanations; 1, he didn’t put in on correctly (this is why Sex Ed classes fail, cucumber and penises don’t have the same surface texture), 2, he bought a condom from 99cents store called Fantasy, and 3, all the above. If you wanna buy a condom, make sure you see a Trojan label on it or else go to a different store and buy it. Trojan condoms are lifesavers wrapped around your penis. I know this by personal experience, and because I know a couple who’ve been going out for 5 years and fuck like rabbits. He (the boyfriend) tells me he never fucks her unless he puts on his Mag (sounds almost like “swag” doesn’t it?) and till today they’ve been practicing fun, safe sex. Another thing to note is that, having a condom is mandatory for both sexes, don’t be that bitch who thinks it’s the man’s responsibility to have a condom, lemme tell you this kids, that’s how you get AIDS. Check this story out:

Chidinma, a beautiful Nigerian babe was at a club chillin’ at the bar trying to get a drink, when a handsome Hispanic man about 246 pounds, 6’ 2” dark masculine eyes, approaches with a warm and charming smile and asks “Can I buy you a drink?” Chidinma replied with a welcoming smile, “Sure.” “My name is Marco” he said “ what’s yours?” She told him, and then he said “Oh, you must be Nigerian, Ibo?” She replied enthusiastically surprised “Yes!” “Kedu” he said, “Odinma” she replied, almost smiling from ear-to-ear. And just like that a convo struck up, and Nigeria/Naija culture seemed to be the main topic. Then as the ice was completely broken, humor began to show up. They began interacting culturally and forming a new dialect/language called “Espanigbo” where phrases like “Nne, como estas?” were greetings. They danced, they laughed, they talked and one convo led to another and the topic of palmwine came up. Marco said “I’d love to go to your country and drink some of the palmwine, but since you’re in my territory why not taste my own version of palmwine?” He turned to the bartender and said “Two Jose Cuervos.” Little did Chidinma know she was falling right into his Mexican trap, although they ordered the same amount she ended up drinking more than twice of what Marco consumed and was getting a lil’ drunk. It was then Marco went for the kill “You’re too drunk to drive home, why don’t I drop you off?” at this point she didn’t care, she was head-over-heels for this Mexican guy, so off they went. Marco, being a seasoned veteran in the game, had everything planned out on how to get into a female’s panties, even how the ride home should be. Marco is the type of guy who listens to sombrero amigo type of music, but tonight he has Rihanna playing in high volume and a drunk chic singing to the lyrics. He picked the music in perfect order: What’s My Name, Rude boy, So Hard. So first it was “Oh na na what’s my name?” then “come here rude boy boy can you get it up?” then “I’m so hard!” This guy was sending more subliminal messages than the Illuminati and Disney Movies combined. The subliminal messages worked, cuz now they’re home and she’s horny. To the bedroom they go, and moments later Marco is hitting it from the back as she screams “Querido papi, harder. Mi culo es su culo!” Holy shit, since when did she start speaking Spanish? Since she started drinking Jose Cuervos, it’s been proving by science by a research lab of randomshitology that the more Jose Cuervos you drink the better your Spanish. Anyways, long story short, they fucked the night away, Marco was gone the next morning and Chidinma started feeling pain when urinating. She saw a doctor and found out she has both gonorrhea and full blown AIDS. Chidinma always thought it was the man’s responsibility to have a condom and not hers.
Well kids, the moral of the story is: Fuck responsibly. Sorry for the extra long post, but a long departure deserves a long return. Enlighten friends, kids, your kids about this post so together we can have an abortion-free world where people fuck responsibly. I’m Messiah and thanks for reading. Goodnight


LadyNgo said...

Hmmm...I can't say I agree with your pro-life/pro-choice. For one, pro-life means the respect for the protection of ALL human life not just "innocent embryos and fetuses". So no matter how you slice it, being against capital punishment is a qualifier for calling yourself "pro-life" Similarly, being Pro-Choice doesn't (necessarily) mean pro-abortion. I am pro-choice, meaning i believe in a woman's right to have a choice. That doesn't mean that i think every woman should run out and terminate every unwanted pregnancy she has- especially if it's due to her own carelessness. In my opinion, abortion is not and should not be used as regular birth control. What it essentially means is what you do is your business and that i have no right to tell you what to do with your body and you have no right to tell me what to do with mine.

As for the rest, i'm with you 100% about being educated and having responsible bedroom romps lol Especially about women carrying their own protection if they are sexually active. If you're too shamed/embarrassed/whatever to have your own protection AND have the discussion about your status, then you aren't mature enough to be having sex IMHO.

The Messiah said...

Actually, "pro-life" doesn't necessarily stand for ALL human life, it's just a term coined by the anti-abortionists to protect the lives of the unborn. So like I said capital punishment and protection of innocents aren't contradictory, because pro-life only covers the baby aspect not the criminals. Furthermore, we all know that giving women w/o great sex ed a choice to kill their unborn babies will definitely lead to more abortions (Look at the picture I posted on the thread). This is just gonna cause a genocide against innocent babies, because they didn't practice safe sex. We live in the 2011, there are dozens of contraceptives out there, yet unwanted pregnancies and barbaric murder of fetus is ever so present in our world today. No wonder Twain called man the lowest creature.

As for your argument about it's your body, that's fine. Do what you want with your body, as long as it doesn't affect innocent lives, simple.

And yeah, that's why I added the Sex Ed. I believe if folks were more proactive about safe fucking, this world would be less populated with less murder cases. Thanks for your 2 cents.

Madame Sting said...

I noticed u only talked about the baby conceived through rape, what about one conceived through incest? Fortunately, someone can't rape you and make u pregnant so u have mouth to talk about carrying a rape baby to term.

The Messiah said...

Well, incest falls under rape unless it was desired so I figured. Don't get me wrong, I can imagine carrying a rape baby is a painful experience, but my point is why victimize the innocent child simply because you have been victimized. Like I said, the baby didn't ask for it either, just like you didn't ask to be raped. It somehow continues the evil cycle; you were raped so therefore you killed your child. This is a scenario where doing the right thing is the most painful thing to do.

Rita said...

This is quite a sensitive topic, especially when you have to consider that there are other circumstances that can lead to unwanted pregnancy other than "irresponsible sex". However, I am with you on saying no to abortion except for health/medical reasons. From the moment of conception, a life (like all of us walking on earth) with a heartbeat is formed, and deserves a chance to live.

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

i really dont want to take a stand on this sha but i agree that people should have sex responsibly....glad to have u back

Realist said...

So is masturbation murder? I mean the sperm leads to the embryo. You have to draw the line somewhere. And what is the difference in drawing it at conception and drawing it after the first or second trimester?

But like Frank Ocean says "I believe a woman's dimples gives her the right to choose, but baby please dont abort" Idk what dimples has to do with anything but i agree with the sentiment in that line. But i understand your argument, but i feel hypocritical having an "opinion" on the issue because i will never be in that position. So i leave it up to the woman to choose.

Love the "more subliminal messages than the illuminatti and Disney" hahaha classic.

Nice way to come back man.

Anonymous said...

There's no heartbeat at conception. Gastrulation(the beginning of embryonic development) happens around week 2. The heart, among other organs, doesn't develop until the embryo goes into fetal stage which is around week 9. The fetus can't feel pain until the third trimester supposedly- how you would know that, i have no clue. Viability doesn't reach 30% until approximately week 23. Not putting emphasis one way or the other, just stating medical facts.

Hysterectomies are not a form of birth control and will not be performed unless there is a medical need.

The Messiah said...

@Realist, masturbation isn't murder because sperm isn't human. If I shelter sperm for 9 months, feed it and keep it in humane conditions it wouldn't grow and evolve all by itself to be a bouncing baby at the end of the period. However, that's not the case for fetus. Because a fetus is human (at it's earliest stage) and thus, killing it would be considered as murder. So in otherwords, think of sperm as oxygen and the egg as hydrogen, and an embryo as water. Whether it's a drop, or an ocean it's is still water. Thanks for the warm welcome bro.

@Anonymous, thanks for the correction about hysterectomies. And your show of statistics seems to be an effort to pseudospeciate embryo. If I'm correct in this assumption, then to counter this argument, I only have to reference you to my example of comparing a 24year old to a 24 week old- one has had way more developments than the other, yet they are both considered as human because human life is evolutionary and starts the moment sperm and egg unite to form embryo.

Anonymous said...

By Segun Durowaiye

‘My husband must not know!’

There was definitely no way Dapo Olumuyiwa could turn down the offer to travel to Abuja. The company he worked promised to elevate him to the executive level after he must have finished the seven-month Industrial Relations course in the Federal Capital Territory.
“Man must survive,” is a popular saying and makes much sense. He thought about his beloved wife, Caroline; and his lovely kid and knew he would surely miss them. It was a touching and painful emotion that eventful day Dapo parted with his family and flew to Abuja. The couple had been married for about five years and were together, come rain or shine. There was no reason for separation at all.
Then the count down began. One week gone, two weeks and gradually, one month rolled by. They kept in touch through phone calls on regular basis. Surprisingly, the weakness of the flesh sets in and Caroline was feeling really horny. Exactly three months later, Caroline met an old school mate of hers, Banji, who was a widower. And one thing led to another; before one could say ‘Carol’ she was pregnant for Banji.
Caroline knew she was in big trouble because her husband must not know! It was the fifth month already and Dapo would soon turn up and all hell’s fury would be let loose if he discovered that his loving wife was pregnant. Pregnant for whom?
Caroline decided to abort the pregnancy quickly. She reasoned that she must terminate the pregnancy in a hospital far from their neighbourhood, just to be on the safe side.
She finally located Springs Hospital and made up her mind to do the abortion there. Unfortunately, it happened that the doctor she met at Springs Hospital was the best man during her wedding ceremony many years back and a friend to her husband. Confused, forlorn, worried and deeply agitated, she confessed to the doctor and begged him in tears not to tell her husband the sordid secret. She went on her knees, with painful tears streaming down her face and pleaded that the devil actually took her for a ride, hence she found herself in this mess. She swore that she’d commit suicide if her husband should get to know. Doctor Donald promised not to divulge the secret but told her he wouldn’t do the abortion. Caroline had to do the abortion elsewhere at a great risk to her life. Till this day, the memory of her betrayal haunted her like a fearful ghost, as she couldn’t conceive again since her womb had been destroyed.

Anonymous said...

First time reading this blog and I am impressed by how openminded and refreshing this blog is, as for this post, i am dissapointed.
So easy for you to condemn (forgive me but thats what comes across)
Do you think people that do abortions dont know all this? do you think they enjoy it? do you know the emotional trauma that comes with it?
I will always be pro-choice, not because of all the facts you stated but because i believe everything falls down to circumstance.
You never know the situation the person is in, not everything is black and white and please there are situations in this life worse than rape.
I can give so many examples but that is not my intent today.
Ok fine, practice safe sex,blah blah blah, what of cases where the condom breaks and they have to use plan B but it doesnt work after all it is not 100% safe.
I know a girl in my school, she was on the birth control pill, she had a tooth infection and had to take antibiotics which decreased the effectiveness of her pills and she got pregnant, even smoking can reduce the effectiveness as well. is she to be judged.
The ONLY way of preventing pregnancy 100% is abstinence but we all know thats not going to happen.
I wont deny there are a few 'bad eggs' that go through abortion every other day due to selfishness, ignorance or they really just dnt care but always remember there are others are forced to.
A friend of mine (who just recently went through this ordeal) showed me this post, she has been torn apart for weeks and stumbled upon this through the blog awards link, obviously reading this was a major setback for her.
I hope i dnt come out as being harsh, just angry my friend had to read this. You are definitely allowed to have your own opinion and it is your blog but please please this is a very sensitive topic, it should be written with more sensitivity.

Anonymous said...

And yeah, that hogwash about 'the almighty' trojan condom. do you really want to back the claim that trojan is 100% safeproof or it would never break by using ONE couple you happen to know. POOR!!!!

The Messiah said...

@Anonymous, my claims are simple. Abortion is murder of an innocent human being. I've given my reasons, and I've also given a clear cut sex-ed to help prevent it. If you read the blog thouroughly, you'd notice I said "sex is a dangerous act" and compared it to driving. You can be a safe driver all your life and still get involved in an accident, same with sex: You can have safe sex all your life and still find yourself at an unfortunate situation (although it is highly unlikely, it is still possible).

It's the action after the accident that counts; do you kill an innocent life because you made an error? Or do you finally realize that it's not the baby's fault that it's alive, and have some fucking respect for human life by at least giving the baby a chance to be born? Of course, this is a sensitive topic, after all it's about whether or not to kill an innocent life and if you are disappointed at the fact that I stand for protecting the innocent, then you can kiss my ass.

And as for the "hogwash," about half a dozen friends and I use that brand and have found it to be very effective for making us single and baby-mama-drama free. I just decided to use that couple because they've probably fucked hundreds of times and no condoms have been leaked. In my book, they are the prime example of how safe-sex should be done.

Anonymous said...

Messiah, u are too much. Pls how can I get in contact with u? +2348060907647 is my number.