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Friday, December 11, 2009


Lmao I was studying for finals yesterday with my friends and we were just Wilding out with Jokes mehn.
So my friend J really brought up something interesting sha. As an African, when oyinbo people ask you if you want to go camping tell them NO! Because Oyinbo people have this tendency to experiement with suffering. Like if they've not suffered before they will want to suffer small by seeing how it is to live in the outdoors. My Friend J said that in Africa  people don't go camping because we love living in our houses. Ahn ahn, after living in Huts for all these years, you wan make person go dey pitch tent for outside. The only time you see africans pitching tents is when we land for refugee camps lmao.We don't pitch tents for FUN we pitch tents for SURVIVAL... (As per all the refugee tents in somalia, sudan, uganda) etc? Shey una get?
P.S - I added the survival part in that her statement o. Oyinbo people are to busybody sha, always going camping, hiking, skydiving. That is how most of them get lost, and now everybody starts to worry about where they are. Na who send this people to go hike? Or go camping? Can't u just sit in your house, and figure out how to finish paying off your mortgage. CHai

To my main topic, my friend H who is African American has a girl friend who is Eritrean. Seeing as he is akata, her family is adamantly opposed to them getting married. I think Scribbles did something about this earlier, but I sorta did not pay it tomuch attention. But now am FIRED UP and ready to tackle this issue to it's full extent. This dude and the girl are in love o, but they had to break up because of family pressure. Forget West African cultural pressure our own na small thing, trust me them East Africans do not play when it comes to marriages, you must marry from the clan or from the country.
My Friend H asked me this question @ like 3am in the morning saying "Azazel are we really that different? You and I? I mean africans and afro americans. im looking past the obvious"
I told him that apart from our cultures we were not really that different, and then his pain became my pain o. And that is how I role, once I feel an injustice is being done I own that injustice and make it my own. I remember Scribbles writing about this very same thing, and I laughed at it because I felt that Africans marrying Oyinbo was a serious NO NO.. But now that I know that I was wrong for having such a belief, and to be plain about the whole matter. I was RACIST and PREJUDICIAL!! And from now on, if you ever come across anybody who tells you that marrying an Oyinbo person or an akata person or a person from a different tribe or ethnic group is wrong. Feel Free to label such a baggar, be it your mother, your father, your Gpupsy, Gmomsy, feel free to label such a person a RACIST!! End of Matter. What Fuckerey? Black people be walking around complaining about Racism, yet we practice racism in our very homes everyday? Our parents instill prejudicial thoughts into our heads daily, and please nobody should come here and say that what I am saying is not true. Each one of us has had a prejudicial thought before and if we are being honest, God knows that prejudice usually leads to racism.
Ask yourselves this, when your parents or grandparents tell you not to marry from a certain country, tribe or ethnic group or religious group. What are they implying? Aren't they implying that the caliber of men and women from your area are far better than those in those other places? Aren't those the same ideals that Hitler had? He believed his Aryan race was the best, hence he sought to exterminate all others. That is how small by small, the views of your culture become very racial.

In conclusion, my people I hope I have succeeded in showing you the folly of our ways. We must seek to eradicate racisma and prejudice from our world, in order for it to be a better place. And before we can point fingers at other cultures for being racist and prejudicial, we must first remove racism/prejudice from our own culture. Thereby, people like my friend H and his Eritrean Boo can be in love and even get married without worrying about family tearing them apart.


Lady X said...

LOL I find the whole situation laughable! They are sha both black so what is up with the parents naw! Na wa o! For the guy to be black is not enough for them. I wonder what they would have said if the guy was white LMAO they would've probably brought out their *spears and arrows* and chased the man out of the house!

Azazel said...

They are all stupid mehn no be small.
It really is racism or tribalism or watever ism it is. it is prejudice and it is wrong.

Nita said...

Seriously? What so they want an inlaw who looks like charcoal, is't his blackness enough? Tribalistic idiocracy!!! (phew wat a word!)
See ooo, this one na mugurity to the highest level, yet we complain when whites are racist. Sooo wrong..

Neo said...

I dont get why people feel they need their parents consent/blessings to get married honestly, maybe its just me sha. Cos if i wake up tomorrow and say it is a squirrel i want to marry my parents cant stop me, what am i looking for? sponsors for the wedding- do a snap registry. Will they follow me to my matrimonial home. I mean i appreciate the fact that u brought me up and all and would like the best (which u think u know) for me but even if its a mistake let me make it, ahn ahn! Which is why i need to be independent in every way b4 i can even consider marriage.

Sorry for ranting abeg, my point is if ur frnd and the Eritrea babe really love themselves then they can like to tell the parents to dive bush. Please!

Azazel said...

@ Nita
My sister na so we see am o
Lol @ mugurity.. Hehehe but forreal mehn

@ Neo
lmao @ if i want to marry a squirrel. But ur right mehn, ur definitely right.Loooooool @ tell their parents to dive bush.Hahah

Myne Whitman said...

I feel for your friend oo and his girlfriend, isn't it in this same year we heard of some honor killing? They should chill sha and hope for a better tomorrow. But you're right, it's all tribalism and racism.

Azazel said...

Lol yeah and we can help people like them by berating ppl in our families who encourage prejudice

olaoluwatomi said...

Like you said you were once as prejudiced as those you now berate.
What made you change your mind? Calling them stupid wont make them change their minds, something more constructive might just do the trick!
I think everyone is in some way biased but the removal of that bias does not come in a day, its a series of events that makes you see that change is necessary!

Azazel said...

Ah lol maybe u have a point Oluwa..
But if talking to people softly and kindly could make them become better "creatures" the world would be a better place by now.
Why do I need to argue that prejudice is wrong? If one claims to be a moral human being, one should immediately SAY NO TO PREJUDICE.. Plain and Simple!!

EDJ said...

I have never understood African immigrants holding on to strange ideas about who their kids can marry. Honestly, if you bring your family to the US and your son falls in love with someone who is NOT from your country, that is part of the "risk" they took moving abroad.

I personally don't care where a person is from. I care about the person they are. If I had a child and they had to choose between a ghetto fabulous Nigerian, and a non-ghetto fabulous white person, I would advise my child to go with the white person. Being from the same country/state/hometown doesn't automatically make someone better. Parents need to learn these things the hard way.

Miss Natural said...

you are hundred percent right, i struggle with it myself a lot of times. for instance I want a better Nigeria and for there to be peace, but how can there be when all ethnic groups distrust each other. thats a pity about your friends, black is black, at least that's easier to accept than white is black lol. hope it works out even tho its looking bleak. if thats what he wants I say he should go for it, damn what his parents think.

sunnyside said...


Fragilelooks said...


Azazel said...

I was agreeing with u until u wrote this.
@If I had a child and they had to choose between a ghetto fabulous Nigerian, and a non-ghetto fabulous white person..
Wat part of say no to prejudice did u not get? U do not judge a book by it's cover o. Just becuse the guy is from the ghetto does not mean he is not worthy enough to marry ur daughter.

@ Fragile
Where in the bible does it say that?

@ Sunnyside
Na wa o.

@ Miss Natural
DO no worry hun, e go better one day. One day one day ppl will see the folly of their ways

blogoratti said...

Good points.

Azazel said...

thanks lol

wavemasta said...

Love your blog bro...I love God n am Xtian, but I ask myself the same questions you I am now a fan. more thing...please where in the Bible does it say we need our parents permission to get married?

Abeg o...honor your father n mum is not the same as choosing your spouse for you...God and any court will hold you, and not your parents.