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Sunday, December 6, 2009


My people how una dey? Hope the sermon in church was not to long today? Mark Twain said this about sermons lol. "A good sermon should be like a woman's skirt: short enough to arouse interest but long enough to cover the essentials.”

A lot of people accuse me of disrespecting their beliefs lol. When I criticise or make a sarcastic remark about ther faith, religion or belief they immediately berate me by saying that I should learn to "respect people's beliefs and faith". Omo I am LMAO everytime I hear that, can you imagine what kind of world we would have if everybody went around respecting each other's views? What if everybody had decided to respect "Hitler's beliefs" concerning the extermination of the Jews? There wuld be no Jews left. Or maybe if the slave abolitionists had respected the slave owners "beliefs" in owning slaves? There would surely be so many slaves around today. My point is this, everybody and everyone is entitled to his/her beliefs, but not every belief is entitled to my "respect". Capiche? You have a right to your beliefs, but your beliefs do not have a right to my respect. Respect the believer not the belief. I encourage all of you to always ask questions, "he/she who asks questions is a fool for five minutes, but he/she who never asks questions is a fool for eternity". I honestly do not get how people can get by in this world perfectly fine without knowing anything. People are scared to have opinions, they are scared to think, talkless of search for the truth no matter what it is. Only barbarians are not curious about where they come from, how they came to be, where they are, where they appear to be going, whether they wish to go there, and if so, why,a nd if not,why not. Ask yourselves these questions daily.

Mehn I remember asking one time why the world was the way it is, and somebody told me that it's because there is not enough love in the world. I laughed at that comment then but this days It really has gotten me thinking. Jesus preached love, and his life was all about compassion and love. Why can't people just follow his common sense teaching? Love might indeed change the world, but look around your environment and you'll notice people making wicked jokes at other people's expense, people being mean for no other reason than beause they want to. Where s the LOVE??? Even you religious people self, where is the love that yall are suppose to be exhibiting? Bubbles have you listened to Hero by Nickelback? That song just explains this love subject to me in clarity.

Anywayz, I prayed and asked God the other day to strike me dead in my sleep if my criticisms of christianity were offmark and deeply wrong. I am pleased to say that I am alive and well and hope to remain in my current condition for the foreseeable future. E be like say the almighty don give me serious "Seal of Approval". So I put this up on my facebook status and everybody was like "Wow" and even the christians couldn't even say anything because as far as they were concerned, God had not struck me dead hence, I must be right in my criticisms of the religion. Honestly, I was disappointed in the reaction of people. When I say that most religious people do not know how to reason, they will say that I am insulting their intelligence. Logic dictates that just because I did not die in my sleep does not necessarily mean that God approves of my criticism. If any of you have taken a logic class, you would have come across "informal fallacies", my statement would fall under Appeal to Ignorance. Trust me alot of religious people commit this sort of fallacy time and time again, it's becoming ridiculous.

Ask the average born again christian or muslim about how they came to trust somuch in their faith, they'll probably start by saying "If you know what God/Allah/Jesus has done for me ehn you would understand why I believe in him somuch", now this is all fair and all but try getting them to share what God did for them and they will narrate a story of how they were in desperate strides and a miracle happened and something good now happened to them, the something good that happened is now translated as coming from "God". First, this style of argument is an informal fallacy and it falls under False Cause Fallacy. Christians "illegitimately assume that one possible cause of a phenomenon is the cause although reasons are lacking for excluding other possible causes" and they do this time and time again, you get a new promotion at work, you get an A in your class, you get a new car you attribute all this good things to God when it could possibly be other things or even other "supernatural beings" like the devil doing all this good things to you. No christian was able to disagree with my status because they themselves always make the very same kind of argument. *sigh*. I hope you guys are getting my point? A whole lot of us commit informal fallacies almost everytime when trying to prove why something good has happened to us, we immediately assume that it must be God who's done the good thing for us, because we beliee that our God is such a "good God". But funny enough, we never attribute the bad things to God, we always dash the bad things to the devil, or we even go as far as blaming ourselves for the bad things. But God never gets any blame.
Now to be fair to both sides, when you meet an atheist who tries to say "God does not exist because he cannot be seen", then that also is a fallacy. Just because you cannot see God, does not mean that he does not exist. So for the christians or religious people, use this picture as a  reference next time an atheist tries to argue that way lol.


Sugarking said...

I don't know if it's because I was high or something, but damn! forget sense, this post made sentence!

Azazel said...

Lmao thanks sugarking..
Hahaha @ forget sense, this war made sentence.
Chai u've mad made my day bro, like am done for today.. Thanks bro.

leggy said...

lol..(i seriously dont know why i always start the comments on your blog with that).anyway, i attribute the good things in my life to a supernatural being who i believe which is God in my case because in most cases, i havent deserved most of the good things that ive got, waking up when many other healthy people my age have died is to me a miracle, leaving through many tribulations make me believe that there is a greater Being out there.
now about the bad things, when i experience the bad things in life, i try to understand it as God's will cos as far as im concerned, i dont thing anything bad could have happened ever without God's permission...i barely acknowledge devil in anything i do, i can count how many times ive used that word in a sentence and all the time that i have has been in prayer.
i just attribute the good things in life to God, try not to focus on the bible so much and just focus on the basic lessons he thought, the 10 commandments are basically what a good person would do or how a good person would i try to ignore the other parts and strive to be good.i might not be such a nice or good person but i strive to be the best that i can be.and basically i think thats all He really can ask of anybody.

long winded i know...just taking a study break.finals wan kill me.good luck on yours sha.

Azazel said...

Just because u haven't deserved good things and suddenly u get good things does not mean God is the one doing it.
We all know that God is capable of bad things, he wiped the world with a flood, he has time and time again committed genocide and on a more individual level look no farther than Mr Job...
Good Luck on your finals leggy.

Gee said...

So Azazel...
"Just because u haven't deserved good things and suddenly u get good things does not mean God is the one doing it. "
just outta curiousity ehn, hu is the one doing it??

miss.fab said...

You want to know something, Azazel. I'm not even going to lie. Your arguments about Christianity/religion in general completely blow me away because a lot of them make sense. And I have tried my best to refrain from sharing my opinions on this topic because aside from the fact that I'm not an expert, I honestly don't think there is anything logical that I or anybody can say that will beat your logic and thus convince you otherwise. You argue with hard facts and the observations that you've made with your own eyes and that other people have accurately documented, and the truth is that your reasoning makes sense.

That being said, I will say this: those people who are truly born again Christians/Muslims/whatever are that way for a reason, and until you really experience it for yourself, you will never be able to fully understand it. Someone made a comment on one of your earlier posts - I don't remember which one or exactly what she said, but it went something like that you've been given the criteria to become a member of this club (religion that is) - the only thing required of you is faith. Same way colleges require you to have a high school diploma before you can get in. All that Christianity asks of you is faith, to open your heart and believe and accept things you cannot see or control. Until you have this faith, you cannot experience what they have or understand what they do.

You can point out all the inconsistencies in the Bible and all the hypocrisy that Christians practice and the incongruity of the possibility of the existence of a "loving" God; it will not change the fact that everyday, millions of people are practicing a religion, content and happy in their faith. For these people, their lives have become much better and had more meaning and purpose since they chose this faith. It is not exactly the same for everyone obviously, but that is not the point. The point is that for those who have been truly converted, simple logical reasoning will not erase the experiences that they've had. Those experiences transcend all possible logical reasoning or factual evidence that has ever been dreamed up.

Now you can argue that this is the same criteria that traditional "cults" require of their followers or that this "faith" sounds awfully similar to insanity (as Enoch did in an earlier post); I'm not going to argue with that or with the genuineness/superiority of one religion's faith over another for that matter. All I'm saying is that there are some things that you will never be able to make sense of regardless of how much logic you try to apply. That's just the way they are!!!

By no means am I saying you should stop blogging because of this oh, lol. I definitely enjoy reading your posts, you argue intelligently, and you believe what you do for a reason, which makes a lot of sense to me actually. If anything, your posts make me think deeply about the reasons I practice the religion that I do and for that, merci beaucoup.

Please note that I wrote this from a "logical" perspective, not from a religious perspective. My purpose is not to convert you with this comment; I am not asking you to run out and start looking for this faith everywhere, although if you did, I wouldn't be unhappy lol. I am simply trying to help you understand why we lunatics believe in what we do. :)

Sorry for the mini-post. There should be a character limit for comments. Lmao

Azazel said...

@ Gee
See now ur talking..
It might very well be God who's doing it, but it's a serious serious fallacy to always conclude that it is God doing it. Comen now.

Azazel said...

@ Miss Fab
Lol miss fab I love your whole comment and let me say this..
@ it will not change the fact that everyday, millions of people are practicing a religion, content and happy in their faith. For these people, their lives have become much better and had more meaning and purpose since they chose this faith.

I know for a doubt that there are a lot of people out there who are extremely happy due to their new found faiths.
Faith can indeed change people to become new people and make them discover a new purpose.
But the problem is this, I myself have a flaw, I have no faith in anything... In that capacity I am extremely lackin and I can say that I honestly envy the true born again religious ppl who's faith makes them go through their day.
With that being said, most of those same religious people now claim their faith to be the "Universal Truth" and that is where my madness starts to show. Just because your faith has made you a new person does not mean that your faith automatically becomes the No. 1 Truth..
And it is because of this reason that a lot of people have killed themselves just to prove their faith is the one true faith. Feel me?

miss.fab said...

So you're faithless hmm? Don't worry I will pray to God to give you faith lol. Don't sleep on it o, and don't resist it when it hits you in the face! Ehehn lol

As for the Universal Truth argument, I agree with you that it doesn't automatically make one's faith the be-all and end-all. But there you go again with logic. To them, it may make total sense. To you, it doesn't. Nobody will ever really be able to know for sure who is right and who is wrong. Their faith may tell them, but another person's faith may also make the same argument, and your logic will call both of them liars. So what do we do about that??

Nice Anon said...

LOL@ Sugarking. U need help.

Azazel, I almost always haven't got anything to say in terms of your posts. I do read em though

Azazel said...

@ Miss Fab
Lol @ so what do we do bout that.
Wow Miss Fab we should talk more, very good question..
Well we keep on searching for truth on whch both sides can agree on.
I will leave u with this quote sha.
Believe those who seek truth, doubt those who find it.

@ Nice Anon.
Do not worry one day you will have something to say.

KurtGodel said...

I think you are right when you suggest that all the faithful are guilty on multiple counts of logical fallacies, but you have to understand that logical fallacies are the bedrock of their beliefs. They are drawn to the illogical so as to wield their faith and reaffirm imagined spiritual narratives.

They contact a disease? The devil is a liar! They respond to treatment? Jesus is alive! They don't need no logic to complicate things. Just laughable.

I wonder why their sugar-daddy in the sky would want to hang around them forever.

Neo said...

God would never strike u dead, He loves u too much and so do I. U've now been bumped up to No 1 on my prayer point list. Dont be surprised if one mornin u wake up burning with the fire of faith, jus hit my blog and say thanks...:-)

EDJ said...

Azazel, after reading what you wrote about God striking you dead, I had to laugh at your audacity.
You really think it is that easy? You can't MAKE God do anything.

Lady X said...

"I am pleased to say that I am alive and well and hope to remain in my current condition for the foreseeable future."

So I laughed my ass off at that part! I read somewhere that you can prove that anything exists if no one can prove that it doesn't.

So I can say that Unicorns exist and you can't say they don't just because you have never seen them and since you can't prove that they don't exist completely then you can't say I'm lying when I say they exist. You get? *wink*

Azazel said...

@ KurtGodel
Loooooooooooooooool @
I wonder why their sugar-daddy in the sky would want to hang around them forever

Lol I have the audacity afterall elijah did the same thing. He commanded God to send fire to consume his sacrifice so as to prove that God was the true God..
Xcuse me, if God knows that I am wrong, he would strike me dead..

@ Neo
Lol @ Neo do not worry heheheh @ burning with the fire of faith.. Hope the fire does not consume me o..

@ Lady X
Lmao na so we see am o..
I saw a unicorn to.

My World said...

Wow,Azazel comes again with the controversial posts....
Nice one thou!

Azazel said...

Thanks my world. It really is not about controversy everytime. It boils down to is it true?

Vera Ezimora said...

If it will make you feel better, Azazel, God can still strike you dead. The problem is that there'll be no one to update your blog and tell us of your demise. You think there'll be internet in hell? Hehe.

That said, I saw your comment on my post. I'm still contemplating how I'd like to respond to it. But I love the comment.

Azazel said...

Lmao hahahahahahahahaha VERA
Trust u to put everyhting is STARK perspective lol. Chai ur good..
My comment was not meant to offend, i was actually hot when I wrote that cus i had been arguing with somebody lol.
U don't need to reply the comment lol, it's ok. Just wanted to point out the fallacy.

rayo said...

'you could claim that anything's real if the only basis for believing in it is that nobody's proved it doesn't exist!
i cant let go of this J.K Rowling quote.
i bliv God is real, yea, but i dont bliv in religion and i'm tire of it, so tired of it. 'Hero' is one of my favorite songs and i think it says it all really...

Azazel said...

thank you Rayo..
That is the same mentality I have towards it.