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Sunday, November 22, 2009


This post is going to be about my thoughts lol, so I'll basically be rambling and ranting also.

1.So I was watching "Bridge to Terabitha" and if you've not watched the movie before, go and google it. I am to lazy to explain what the movie was about. But for those of us who have been privileged to watch the movie, I honestly felt that everybody wishes there was a magical world in which they could live in, in which everything would be AWESOME!!  And I honestly really really do miss my childhood, like everytime I see kids I hope and wish that they never grow up to experience this bad bad world. Why did that little girl die in this movie? Are they mad? I spend my saturday night watching this movie and this is what it amounts to? I thank God I never believed in happy endings anyway. Even when i read novels, I get thoroughly disgusted when they have happy endings. What fuckerey? Lmao.. Life is not about happy endings, it's definitely about sad endings.. (Pictures some people wondering what kind of bitter childhood I must have gone through.. Lmao). I had a perfect childhood btw.

2. I've come to the realisation that nobody judges me harder than myself, like I judge myself and critique myself everyday it's ridiculous.I try very hard to live by the saying 'To thine own self be true' and to live life for myself because, ultimately, no one else is going to get anything out of it but me.  And I think that because I am able to critique myself at every given moment, I feel entitled to judge others completely and totally without feeling bad with myself. So guys, if you ever feel that I have a mean-streak now you know why. I am entitled to be MEAN!

3. So I was reading parts of the Quran the other day, and I was just struck by the account of Genesis as recorded in the Quran and there was this one part of a chapter that struck me. It basically talks about people who have known much yet at the end have known nothing. I just felt that that particular quote was referring to me, I know that I am smart but at the same time I realise that I do not know everything. What disturbed me about that quote was the fact that after everything we learn, the numerous PHDs, or Bachelor degrees that we earn do not matter at the end of the day when we finally die. Death will not spare anybody just because one person has a PHD and because the other has a high school diploma because death is definitely no respecter of persons.

4. I am highly amused with the concept of "lying", why do people lie? What motivates people to lie. On the news channels, they bring people in to analyse stuff and people blatantly lie on T.V. Most of the people on T.V get paid to lie to people and they do it without remorse. Most of the time, the people doing the lying actually start to see the lie as truth. People lie, it is as simple as that. Some like to lie for the effect it has; others lie without knowing it, in other to protect themselves from scruitiny; still others lie to themselves.Personally, I lie a lot and am not ashamed to admit it. A lot of people are in the same boat, and I've actually taken to forgiving people who lie to me, seeing as I take almost everything people tell me as lies anyway. There is a reason why this blog is aptly named "Truth don die", because I honestly do believe that Truth is Dead in almost every aspect of our society. Females want you to lie to them, Males want you to stroke their ego, life is basically about stroking egos and lying to people so as to make people feel important with their useless selfs. Moreover, this days when I watch the news and listen to people talk I try to decipher the lies from the fragments of truth lying within their stories. If one person believes a story, it becomes a truth for him. It’s difficult to determine what happened as opposed to what people thought happened, wanted to happen, felt should have happened. And this is how truth is lost.

5. I am not trying to rag on females, but honestly a relationship based totally on "Truth" is doomed to failure. As a guy, if you are honest 100% of the time with your female partner the lifespan of your relationship is give or take 9 months. I already reached the conclusion a long time ago that females are allergic to truth, so I just lie and keep on lying most of the time. At the end of the day, I avoid wahala for myself and the babe in question remains happy innit? So nobody loses.

6. I laugh at these silly animal rights commercials on T.V. They play corny songs and expect people to feel compassion for the poor cats and dogs and proceed to donate money to such a cause. I for one feel that people who donate to animal rights organisations are STUPID!!. Person never finish donating to humans, na animals person wan donate to? So stupid. Did yall know that that whole animal rights ish is close to 1 billion dollars in donation? Can you imagine?

7. Anywayz, but I urge all of you readers never to misplace the trust people place in you. Value your good friends and value their friendship. And please please please, learn to forgive your friends no matter what they do to you. People die everyday mehn, trust me you do not want to be the loser who neglected to forgive a friend just because over some money, or some guy or some girl. Remember the good times you had with people and cherish them. No matter how good a friend is, they are going to hurt you once in a while so please FORGIVE O.

8. In this life, you are going to get misunderstood, people will say spiteful and mean things to you but never ever let those things get to you. Sometimes, the criticism made about you might actually be true, and if it is true try to work towards changing it. I found this quote about criticism "Don't mind criticism. If it is untrue, disregard it; if unfair, keep from irritation; if it is ignorant, smile; if it is justified it is not criticism, learn from it."

9. On the subject of crying, I use to consider crying a big PUSSY move, like a very very big PUSSY move. Infact, if you were a guy and you cried something was automatically wrong with you in my opinion. But this days, I've come to see that it takes a strong man and woman to cry. Crying is not weakness, rather it is strength. Even though I have not been able to bring myself to cry for anything,  I no longer judge people for crying. I just hope nobody or no baggar babe ever calls my fone again wanting to cry over something. I hate when babes do that, like seriously come on.... Who wants to spend a significant portion of their night allotted sleep time comforting your sorry ass. You should have had the wisdom to pick a better boyfriend, and if the dude is the reason that you are bugging me from enjoying my sleep then he is DEFINITELY not worth it.

Oya, am done Ranting lmao. Gosh, I need to improve on this ranting thing. Bubbles what letter grade would you give this rant of mine?


sunnyside said...

on what you read about not knowing anything after we feel like we ve known it all i couldnt help but say awwwwwww to u

i think people lie cos noboby likes hearing the truth. truth sucks atimes but i try to always tell d truth no matter what...*laughs*

i hate guys that cry..not cool at all.
babes call you and cry? ouch...i wouldnt do that

Azazel said...

@ Sunnyside..
U wouldn't call me to cry? Why not?
Am a very good listener lol...

So true @ nobody likes hearing the truth, it's surely and slowly becomin taboo to tell the truth.

Bubbles said...

I don't see crying as a weakness but I never cry in front of people.
I have been through so much that it's impossible for me to cry for like no damn reason.
I mean you pretty much have to cut my heart out before I cry lol

I LOVED that movie! I liked that the girl died sha lol

Azazel said...

Lol aww bubbles u didn't give me a grade for my ranting o?
Lol how could u possibly love that the girl died? She was what made that whole movie interesting.

Bubbles said...

sorry boo!
you did a good job
i'll give you a B-
just cuz when I rant I curse ALOT

i think that some relationships can last with truth telling
because I tell my b.f everything<--that's a lie> lol

Azazel said...

Lmao @ that's a lie..
Thank God u admitted it. before thunder sturck u there/

honey91 said...

lol azazel..nice try at ranting...
lol at loosing ur sleep over a crying chic..ish happens..

Azazel said...

lol i try honey91

Neo said...

the whole animal rights ish is absurd, i read abt a guy that was banned from breeding Dogs for a year cos he fed his dog crisps and chocolate till the dog became obese. I mean spending tax payers money to decide crap like that is beyond madness. so what, if the dog likes chocs let him have it, u dont see them banning people from having kids because they have obese kids do u? rubbish!

ok i just ranted a bit, sorry! i cry a lot mostly when i'm angry and its so annoying cos who takes a crying babe seriously when it comes to a fight?

leggy said...

i never cry infront of people, but i do cry, it makes me feel so much better.but i dont lie guys who cry, i dont care if the guy cries, just dont cry infront of me.
i love happy endings, i mean thats why you watch movies and read books you know?cos they give you refuge from what the world really is.
and i really dont think this world is that bad, i just try to take one day at a time, work hard, smile a lot and hope life would smile right back at me.

Lady X said...

Crying is ok but not when you do it all the time regardless of whether you're a guy or girl. It does make people uncomfortable and if you do it a lot people will be scared to say anything around you without thinking 'Oh dear is he or she going to cry?' I'm not ashamed to cry around people I'm very comfortable with. Huge emphasis on the VERY part.


this your rantings were more intellectual introspection, no?

Anyway, I am with you 100% that any relationship where its truth all the time - well e go get k leg. And yes, I've been married for over 5 years. I mean, imagine if I asked my husband what I looked like at 6 am in the morning, after being sick with the flu for days, with crust in my eyes, drool on my face, and the man told me the truth? lol! Depending on what side I woke up on, that would not be funny at all, at all. =)

Anyway, how body? Take it easy on yourself. We are always our own worst critic and like you soundly noted, at the end of the day it doesn't quite make a difference (assuming you were trying your best anyway) because we all die. All we can do is apply ourselves to the best of our abilities and hope for the best, IMO.

Nice post, as usual.

See you around, bros.

Anonymous said...

happy endings to me were invented by adults to make kids think the world is a better place, till the kid knows better then the kid is grown nd teach his own kid the same dry stuff..nothin ever has a happy ending, justt depends on where u stand..
nice rants..but ur rants make too much sense, unlike normal rants that dont mk why am i broke??? why dint she put out today??? lol

muyiwa said...

And you rants,ok nice try

Azazel said...

@ Neo.
Mehn tell me about it, and spendin tax payer's money on it is what pisses me off. How can somebody seriously justify spendin all that money on an animal, but waiver when asked to spend it on a fellow human being.

@ Leggy
True @ movies and books give u refuge from what the world really is.But personally I am that bitter a person that I prefer reality to follow me everywhere i go.

Azazel said...

@ Lady X
Lol yeah gosh I think I remember somebody who use to cry a lot, and ppl would be mad scared to say anything.

@ Solomon
Thanks hun, and yes it was more like intellectual introspection. Body dey well o, preparing for thanksgivin this week. Thanks for the advice.

@ Anon

Lol haha @ like why am I broke. Lmao hahaha do not worry I will improve on it .

@ muyiwa
Thanks a lot.

Myne Whitman said...

This is not rant now, nice thoughtful randoms I'll say. I like you ooo Azazel, is that a lie? Man to your own self be true. Hehehe.. Have a nice thanksgiving week.

Azazel said...

Lol fank u very much myneeee
Like u to lol.
Have a fabulous thanksgiving week.

juiceegal said...

My have spoken well...found myself nodding to everything esp the part about being your own worst critic. I keep telling people that i take as good as i dish when people go on about how i'm so mean and how i should put myself in the recipient's shoes i just laugh.

Azazel said...

@ juiceegal
Lol exactly gmoms, we are one and together..

TayneMent said...

LOL..haha I agree with you on 1, 2 and 3. I do believe there are happy endings but I am uncomfortable when there are happy endings in movies. i always feel like it's not realistic. I also agree with the crying bit too except, I have become a big pussy lol

P.S in case you didn't see this on my randoms, I had mentioned you and thot you would find this interesting -

Mogaji said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mogaji said...

People obsess too much about death and what happens after it. It's our desire to figure out that unknown that laid the foundation for the need to create a deity. Achievements do matter in life because this is life as we live it and life does respect persons. We need to focus on life and let the unknown be unknown .
It is my opinion that apart from death being the literal end of life as we know it, both states have nothing else to do with each other. Death does not render life and aspects of life useless or less valuable.
Next time you find yourself going down this philosophical path. Remind yourself to rejoice in the things that you know, things you have achieved and continue to seek to add to them even more.
Let yourself be at peace with the unknown, concede that you may never know, without letting your feelings about the unknown cloud the known et vice versa.

Azazel said...

Lol Aww taynement..
Lmao i found that blogpost hella funny, wow I should honestly think about doing that for ppl. It makes absolute sense.

@ Mogaji.
I find it hard to be @ peace with the unknown. I do not seek for peace that passeth understanding, i seek understanding that bringeth about peace

Mogaji said...

Azazel you already stated that the truth doesn't necessarily bring peace. Understanding/truth/ knowledge is not the harbinger of peace

Azazel said...

Yeah it doesn't necessarily bring peace, that is why I am searching for the truth that bringeth about peace. And honestly, mogaji believe me when I tell u that I've tried not wantin to know the unknown but it never works

RepressedOne said...

lol@ you have are entitled to be mean. No you don't jo. By all means critique yourself and judge yourself but to others?? You judge others based on YOUR standard. What if to their own self they are being true?? lol.

I like #8

lol@ 9...u're just a meanie, Azazel!!

Azazel said...

Lol repressed..
Wow hmm that's a good one @ What if to their own selves they've been true..
I admit I never thought it that way, well i have to go chew on that one o

HYAW said...

I am thinking this is your first rant, and i'd say rants look good on you. i understand you better when you are ranting. most of your points make sense.

as for the lies and r/ship, thats so true

Anonymous said...

Okay - seriously, where in goodness name do I start to comment? Animal rights? No comments there.. Lying ...he he he...u right about that. I lie all the time, else I wont have a boyfriend...he he he. Crying is kinda pussy so I do it in private...criticism - I welcome unles the criticiser is just being a bitch. Bridge to T was really sad btw.

Hoorah for rants!

Azazel said...

Thank u Hyaw

@ Lucidilith
Thank u hun..
Lol yes bride to T was fabulous

Fabulo-la said...

Crying is strength? hmmmm Def never heard that one before.
and ohhhhh i was supposed to see that movie this brk! Now uve spoilt it for me arghhhh!

Azazel said...

Crying is strength o, it takes courage 4 one 2 show their true emotions