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Friday, November 20, 2009



So I have honestly come to the conclusion that "Black People" are (Idk the word to use) but I will settle for "DENSE". Honestly, like black people find it so easy to HATE, and other people use our HATE for each other to manipulate us.
Anywayz, in my school the other day this Black pastor came for this educational seminar thing and after he finished talking I asked him whether he would marry a "gay couple" and this man said. "No, I would not marry a gay couple, because my "personal beliefs" will not allow me to marry them.
I swear to Allah I almost flipped, like I thought he would say something like "his religion" stops him from giving them marriage and then maybe we could discuss on that front, but this dude had the audacity to say his "personal beliefs" stop him from marrying gays. So, after the whole thing me and a group of students where now discussing about what he had said and we pointed out that it was the same "PERSONAL BELIEFS" that the justice of peace in lousiana had for not wanting to marry "interracial couples", it was also that very same "personal beliefs" that made it illegal for interracial couples to get married in this country. It was also those same "personal beliefs" that made it possible for the blacks in these country to be enslaved for close to 100 years.
Please I am here to remind you all, that just because you have a "personal belief" does not mean you have to act on it, because your personal belief might be stopping a group of people from being happy. In the 2008 elections in California, a proposition called Prop 8 was put on the ballot. This proposition would ban gay marriage from the state entirely. The proposition passed with a vote percentage of 51% to 49%. The vote was so close, and it passed because BLACKS in the state voted overwhelmingly to ban gay marriage. OVERWHELMINGLY!! Lmao blacks make me laugh, so the very same people who for years fought for equality and rights now turned around and denied equality and rights to another minority. Such Irony, my yoruba friend would say IRO NI!! So they asked one of those baggar black voters why he voted to ban gay marriage, this baggar said the exact same thing that black pastor said. ""I think it's mainly because of the way we were brought up in the church; we don't agree with it," said Jasmine Jones, 25, who is black. "I'm not really the type that I wanted to stop people's rights. But I still have my beliefs, and if I can vote my beliefs that's what I'm going to do." another black voter said this  " "God doesn't approve it, so I don't approve it. And I approve of Him." 

So the first commenter said he voted on his beliefs, and I've already tackled that line of reasoning, the second comment is what riled me up. "God does not approve of it"??? U have got to be shitting me, again I repeat blacks are dense. Wasn't it the same bible that "whites" used to justify slavery? Didn't whites also claim that God approved of slavery? NEWSFLASH!!! People have always declared human judgements as divine commandments. Even the same bible put down women in the old testament, but do we follow it? No. What is the obsession with "CHURCH" among the black community? I am not saying that we as "blacks" should not go to church or be christians etc, but we should have common sense nah. We should know by now that it is so easy to use the bible to deny people rights, so we as a people should never EVER use the bible to deny anybody rights, because we have seen firsthand where that leads to. Moreover, gay couples being married does not AFFECT anybody one bit. So I don't understand why this thing is taking so long? Are people really that hateful and spiteful?

In Nigeria, the gay church that was created in Lagos was BURNT down. Why? Can't gay people be christians as well? Am telling you, when it comes to religion, nigerians and africans in general like to OVERDO it. Blasphemy gave me this quote about "Religion" in Nigeria.
"In Nigeria, religion is an event for many persons, not a way of life even when they pretend that it is. There is a yawning gap between private and public morality that explains individual and group attitudes. It is a contradiction that outsiders may find puzzling but which means nothing to us at home."
You can't have every baggar out there acting upon their "PERSONAL BELIEFS". Ok, I have a personal belief that I myself am the best thing since slice bread, it's a BELIEF!!! and that's what it will always remain, a BELIEF!!..
In conclusion, if your "Personal Belief" brings misery and suffering and pain to anybody or any group, then your belief is not RIGHT! CAPICHE...

P.S: I wrote this in such a hurry, because my ass has to watch this show of mine. Forgive any mistakes o.


Nita said...

oh azazel ee say as u see am wella. Wetin be all dis yarn about homosexuals self? You're right, we blacks have fought for equality and should understnd where homosexuals are coming from...

Azazel said...

Nita u see me see wahala.. My point exactly, we should be more sympathetic to their plight..
I mean am not gay myself, so incase ur wonderin why I am in support of their rights..
Do not forget there were white ppl who fought for abolition..

Omosi T said...

First of all, there is really no need to generalize. Black people are not ONE, we do not all think as one.

Secondly, you obviously need to read up on that Prop 8 thing some more because you've obviously only skimmed the surface and you're regurgitating what people like Dan Savage said. The fact of the matter is that the gay rights movement in California is mostly white and they did not do enough outreach within minority not only black communities, they took the minority vote for granted and that came back to bite them in the ass. And the Catholic and Mormon (abi you know how strong they are, they've been playing politics FOREVER)churches were backers of Prop 8 and they're mostly made up of white people. Black people are like 10% of California's population, so why are they the only ones being blamed? There is more than enough blame to go around, if you're going to blame anyone, blame the Asians, the blacks, the latinos, the whites and the others.
By the by Maine that recently repealed a gay marriage law is mostly white, abi all white people are DENSE?

Yes there are similarities between the struggle for gay rights, african american rights, women's right and so forth but they are not the same thing and that is where the gay rights movement shoots themselves in the foot. They need to be more diplomatic and use their heads. First of all they need to stop with the marriage thing for now. Then they need to make sure civil unions have all the same rights as marriage (just like the UK), when people get comfortable with that, then they push for marriage. Then it will probably pass.

As for Naija, well anyone with half a brain will tell you that the church was a bad idea. We are not there yet. I am sad to say but civil rights in our dear country are a joke, know your environment and tailor your movement to it. Adopting ways to advance your cause (whatever it may be) from the west is just silly, we are not Westerners, use your head. Some thing that will fly in Ghana sef will not fly in Naija, things that will fly in Lag will not fly in the deep South or the deep North.

In conclusion (this thing long sha), all black people are not homophobic, read up on Prop 8, the gay rights movement in Yankee should learn how to play politics and the gay rights movement in Naija should be smart about how they advance their agenda.

Sha, at the end of the day I believe 'do you'.

Azazel said...

Don't get what am saying twisted o, i mean obviously white ppl voted to ban it to..
My point is this, no single black person especially african american person should have voted to ban it. Do u feel me?
The gay rights movement in the states fought in the courts and they won.
Now they fought in the legislature or in the ballot system and that is where they lost.

As long as they get "rights" that they want, i don't care if they call it civil union or marriage.. As long as they get their rights, as in the UK then I am cool with that.

Myne Whitman said...

OmosiT has said what I wanted on the whole Prop 8. I will only add that if gay people in California are not happy with the outcome, they can come to Seattle and get hitched.

Azazel said...

Lol @ come to Seattle and get hitched..
Myne is that all u have to say? Remember in the old states there were places that had free blacks, and in the south there were no free blacks.. Blacks had 2 run away to northern states in other to be free..
That is essentially what ur proposin for gays.. Why do they have to go to another state in other to be free to get married? Shame Shame!!

Original Mgbeke said...

I'm anti stereotyping people as a whole. I believe OmosiT just gave you the general gist of the koko. Uh uh, go ahead and blame it on black people.
You sha can't knock people for doing what they do or believing in what they believe in. Such is life, and we will learn to deal with it.

How you been dey naaa, Azy boy. LOL!

Original Mgbeke said...

My point is this, no single black person especially african american person should have voted to ban it. Do u feel me?

Ok this your comment to OmosiT caught my eye. And if I may ask, maka why? Because African Americans were sold into slavery and suffered discrimination and oppression does not mean that they automatically have to support gay people as a means of 'reaching out' or showing understanding. I mean, it's like ????

Neo said...

Please this topic is getting old, some people dont like gay people, some people dont like black people, some people dont like old people....nothing changes.

HYAW said...

I don't like gay people, and sometimes i feel happy that they are not accepted in Naija cuz i feel i can't stand to see two men hug, or kiss or fondle or whatever gay men do

Azazel said...

Mgbeks I been dey chill o..
Well obviously not all black ppl are dense mgbeks..
Am an example of a non dense black person...(I dey try to compliment myself as much as possible this days.. Shey u feel me?)

@ Neo
U don't have to like gay ppl, or black ppl, or white ppl..
Just give them their rights and make them equal to everybody

@ Hyaw
Lol see now u are allowed not to like gay ppl, there is no problem with that. But they are human beings aren't they? Human beings deserve their rights...

P.S: If u ever said what u just said while in yankee, there wud be problems.. But it's all good


well spoken!

blogoratti said...

Hmmmn nice post.

Azazel said...

Thanks blasphemy and Blogorrati

leggy said...

i try to think that im all pro-gay and everything and if i were in america id prolly vote for gay people to get married but i get so uncomfortable hearing about gay nigerians, im like seriously?gay nigerian?where did he or she grow up?.

leggy said...

and i did like omosi T's comment.
we nigerians, most of us, anyway are still very homophobic, gays are not going to be accepted there in a long time.
i dont have a concrete view on being gay, so i never discuss it, i dont know if its right or wrong and really noone when i meet one, i try to be nice to them and avoid the whole progay discussion that they try to draw me into.

Neo said...

why should i vote to promote smth i dont like? goes against my very human nature. thats all i'm sayin, if pple dont like smth they wont support it, whether its right or wrong is besides the matter.

Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings, hope you are well...

Homosexuality is a taboo subject in most cultures and its hatred can be found universally around the world hence Homophobia/homophobic behavior is not exclusive to "black" people. In fact homophobia can be found in every class and ethnicity. If you are interested there is a website dedicated to the subject...

Have a nice day and a grand week

Azazel said...

@ leggy..
I feel u @ the gay nigerians and where did they grow up ish.
Like forreal, i had those very same reactions but then again if they say they are gay, then they are gay. Their sexual orientation should not be used as an excuse to deny them rights.

Azazel said...

@ Neo
Wow @ whether it's right or wrong does not matter..
@ least ur honest hun.. If u were a slave 200 years ago am very sure u would still have the same mentality if a white woman/man had said the same thing u just said now. Have u no sense of decency? Or is your conscience that dense?

@ Rhapsody
Blessings to u as well.
I happen to know that homophobia exists in every culture. My focus however was among black ppl, as I myself am black.

Vera Ezimora said...

Azazel, you have to be careful of the words you choose. When you write things like "Black people are dense..." you really validate the non Black people who already think we are dense because:

1. You're Black ... and no one (esp. a fellow Black person) should generalize in that way.

2. Exactly how many Black people have you met?

Azazel said...

Hmm Vera granted you are right. I should choose my words very carefully, but I am having a hard time retracting my statement. I actually kinda sorta believe it, a lot of black people out there are dense.
I have not met all the black people in the world, so my generalisation is based on just my personal survey lol.

The Messiah said...

Haha IRO NI!!! Great post, just like my rapper Immortal Technique said, "That's the way I deal with enemies, like pro-lifers that support the death penalty." It's all ironic. Beautiful post my friend, beautiful.