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Friday, November 13, 2009


Yes o, I azazel am prematurely disappointed in Human Beings. Some people tell me am to negative, others tell me am to pessimistic but I myself am of the opinion that I am a realist. But lets say the people who say that I am a pessimist are right, what is wrong with being a pessimist? Afterall, the optimist builds the plane, the pessimist builds the parachute. In case plane pafuka, you need parachute in other to land. No be so?

Anywayz, in the US there is a massive debate going on about whether the government should provide Universal Health Coverage to all American citizens and a lot of people have taken to having debates/arguments on why Universal HealthCare is bad or good for the country. Personally, I never really take a stand on things, all I do is challenge both sides of the argument and try to poke holes in their theory on why they think Health Care is bad or good. (Somebody has to play devil's advocate, and I happen to be the only one wey chop liver).
Anyhoo, the other day while in class, my teacher who is a passionate and "moral" man was talking about why it is a shame that in this country we cannot provide universal health care to American citizens and that he does not understand why anybody would let people die and suffer without healthcare. Mind you, this teacher is one of those socalled "Mother Theresa"(Compassionate and Moral) types who wants to end "World Hunger", save people from "suffering" etc. 
 So I asked this teacher, if he believed "Healthcare" was a right or a responsibility. This man replied by saying, he believed it was a RIGHT!!..He said that Human Beings need 4 basic things to survive, Food, Cloth, Shelter and Healthcare. So he kept on trying to explain why it was a tragedy that somepeople did not believe in Universal Healthcare, and he could not understand how "heartless" people could be. I then asked him, "Should Universal Health Care be extended to non-US citizens/illegal immigrants as well"?

Omo come and see the look this teacher gave me, as in a sudden awkward silence came upon the whole class. Everybody was waiting to see what this guy would say, because whether he said yes or no people would challenge him on either one. At the end of the thing, this guy said "NO" he didn't believe it should extend to non US citizens. I almost LOL in the class, here was a man who had been trying to persuade us on why Healthcare should be extended to all. He had gone on for almost 20 mins on why Universal HealthCare should be made available to the 40 million people "uninsured" so that they would be able to partake of the 4 basic "things" human beings needed to survive. But his hypocrite ass just denied the very same "Health Care" to all the other humans living in the US who were not citizens. So at the end of the day it boiled down to If you are not a US citizen, your life is not that valuable. Universal Healthcare should be made available only to US citizens because they alone have a right to the 4 basic needs required for a Human Being to live. So the teacher who had called other people heartless for not wanting Healthcare to be Universal, had suddenly become "Heartless" himself.
And this is why I am prematurely disappointed in every Human Being I come across. My friend Simon believes that Human Beings are inherently good, I on the other hand believe that Human Beings are inherently evil/selfish. . I mean there are always exceptions to every "belief" once in a while a Mother Theresa like figure is born but the vast majority and by majority I mean 99% are on that "Selfish" level.

P.S - Check out my friend's blog. He writes poems, and he has a book out also. T.C


Bubbles said...

I swear!!
I would have asked the teacher the same thing!
I would have called him out on that!
what a dodo!

Azazel said...

Lol bubbles forreal @ What a dodo..
As in like wow, how can u preach love your neighbor as yourself and then at the same time, if your neigbor is not a citizen you shun him.. Such madness.

juiceegal said...

The guy is a typical American..they believe the world starts and ends in America...other people can go to hell..hisss. He's clearly a hypocrite. Basic human right my butt..hisss

Azazel said...

Exactly my point juiceegaal..
The sun rises and sets on this beautiful country alone.. Such madness..
So the baby of an illegal alien is of lesser value than that of an American citizen?

miss.fab said...

You know what, I completely agree with you, and this is my biggest problem with Americans. 99% of them think the world revolves around America; they don't care about anybody or anyone else. They are the first to cry foul when a terrorist bombs their country, but many of them see nothing wrong with championing meaningless wars and inhuman torture. So sickening.

I can't believe your professor had the guts to open his mouth and say NO. I can understand why they wouldn't want to include non-citizens and illegal immigrants in their health care plan (never mind that we all work and are taxed equally and are contributing to the economic growth of this country just as much as, if not more than their beloved "citizens") but not for the reasons he said. So we're less human and don't deserve those 4 basic rights because we're not Americans? So Americans are
the only blessed and fortunate inidividuals living in America? How despicable.

And you're also right that human nature is inherently selfish. It's every man for himself o. Few people would really put someone else before themselves in dire situations. Easy to say but hard to do. Sad really

Myne Whitman said...

The teacher is a double minded man. Bubbles and Juicegirl have described him well. There are plenty of MT types sha, don't lose hope.

Mogaji said...

People are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling - Dr. Kelso (scrubs).

However you all need to drop the Americans are selfish bit (they are the number one donor of private aid to causes in Africa). Your friend cannot ask for the same rights that you have in your father's house. If Americans will be be paying for Universal health care with their money then only Americans are entitled to it.

Original Mgbeke said...

LOL. Interesting stuff...well, it depends on who is paying for the healthcare. Will non-us citizens join hand?

EDJ said...

glad to see you are alive and well on blogsville

I am not sad that people are selfish. That is how human beings have survived for so long. DUH! If we went around helping each other all the time, how many of us would still be around? Mehn please. War is simply population control on a larger scale.

If they pass this bill and you want free healthcare, then find a way to become an American. Otherwise go back to where you came from.

I will have you know that despite all this talk I KNOW that people get free healthcare every day in the US. Do you know how many hospitals are facing problems because they have treated people who couldn't pay?

99% really? I was thinking the number was more around 40%? Still large but not THAT large.

"So the baby of an illegal alien is of lesser value than that of an American citizen?"
-Clearly this baby is not paying taxes. So...

On a serious note though, my plan is to become successful enough that whether or not Obama's plan becomes legal, I will be able to afford hospital visits. I dont know about the rest of you, but my main concern is my inner circle of friends and family. The rest of y'all, well...good luck.

Azazel said...

@ Original Mgbeke
If non citizens are going to be in it, they should make the same sacrifice as the citizens..
@ Miss Fab
Ur whole comment is on point hun... I am glad that we finally agree with something hun.. But it really is a shame.

@ Myne
Lol my new hitman.. Ur always on pooint hun.

@ Mogaji
U are right o, but my point is this.. If u want Universal Healtcare do not make it advocate for it based on MORALITY..
Dats why i asked if Health care a right or a responsibility..

lmao @ If they pass this bill and you want free healthcare, then find a way to become an American. Otherwise go back to where you came from.

Forreal better find a citizen and get married to them.

@ ppl get free healthcare in the US

Tht is only when they go to the ER and that is very expensive.. hence why they are tryin 2 pass health care reform..

Lady X said...

LOL BUSTED! That's all I have to say!

Lady X said...

No wait... So technically he was telling all the non US citizens in the class that their lives were not important. Hmm, How nice!

Anonymous said...

Take a peek at Christopher Hitchen's exposé of Mother Theresa (Real name: Agnes) The babe was a fraud and had a fetish for the misery of others. It's ironic that it is a common error to refer to that unconscionable slob as the archetypal moralist.

If you think highly of the free market, and have had a brush with Milton Friedman's related ideas, it'll be immediately obvious why universal healthcare for illegals is doubling down on a bad idea.

Your lecturer is a hypocrite but be warned, shanking the Prof is a bloodsport.

My World said...

I prefer to see the glass half-full all the time cos as you rightly said,humana are just a bunch of disappointment!

Azazel said...

@ Anon.
I totally get what ur saying @ why giving healthcare to illegals is a bad idea..
My problem with this professor was that he tried to make this healthcare issue a MORAL issue..
And @ the end of the dayhe turned out to be a serious fraud.

@ Lady X

@ My world.

Real big disappointments.

Temie said...

The right to health is a fundamental human right! The responsibility of protecting and procuring that right is with peoples' governments! Once someone breaks the law (illegal Immigration) then they are no longer protected by the said law of human rights. That is why people can be executed, thrown into jail. So if u are an illegal immigrant then u are no longer entitled to Health as provided by the country whose laws you just broke.
The baby of an illegal immigrant is an American hence, his life is of greater value to the American Government. Just the American Government. Just like the life of a Nigerian should be of GREATER value to the Nigerian Government than that of an American.
RIght to health is a fundamental human right and a moral issue.

Azazel said...

How will the government get the money if it does not tax people? There is a disagreement and conflict on where all that money will come from.

Something might be a moral issue, but the resources are not enough..
if an illegal immigrant gives birth to a child who is a citizen.. Dat illegal immigrant can still be deported.

muyiwa said...

But its not right not to make healthcare available for non us citizens,lol @ your teacher.

Azazel said...

Lol yep it's not right Muyiwa..
But the money has got to come from somewhere, if nigeria offered universal healthcare..
Would u want non nigerian citizens to partake of it also?

TayneMent said...

lol@your wahala looking self.

like everyone said, as long as non citizens dey chook hand dey contribute all is well.

to the anon that said to check out expose on Mother Teresa. I think that some human beings are so hell bent that every human is evil that there is an "expose" on everyone. sheesh, conspiracy theory everywhere.

p.s @Azazel - You are like an annoying little brother that I am fond of :)

Azazel said...

@ Taynement..
Lol thanks hun..
Ur like that bigger sis i never had..

SkinnyLegs said...

I'm prematurely disappointed in humans as well...I always expect the worst.
As such its very hard for me to enjoy certain stuff.

jus felt like sharing

Azazel said...

Lol skinnylegs..
U are funny lol