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Friday, November 27, 2009


So before I start, yall should forgive me for what I am about to type in the next few sentences.

I am thankful that God ignored the cries of all the poor starving people across the world who could not eat due to lack of food because by ignoring their cries God has made them able to stay trim and they would not need to exercise to lose any excess calories from all the food over thanksgiving. Damn my sense of humor is CRUDE!!. Lmao!!!  Yall should follow me and laugh o, cus it's funny. (Ok maybe it was not that funny, sheesh)
Anywayz, mehn this thanksgiving was fun, I have vowed not to use pepper to eat anything again. Come and see the pepper my aunt put in this her stew, like OMG my whole mouth was on fire like I could not eat it. Tears were streaming down my face, I had to drink a whole lot of water filled with Ice. I refused to die this thanksgiving.

Yesterday, I had to mediate between two of my female friends who had started hating on each other over this one guy and again it really does amaze me how females always find it easier to fight over a guy, when the guy is ultimately the one @ fault. The guy was playing both of them, and instead of them to focus on showing the guy pepper they are @ each other's throats. I weep for the female species, like sometimes the daftness which some females exhibit makes me wonder if yall really descended from a smart woman like Eve.

So, I resolved not to inform the partner of my friend that my friend is cheating on her, because @ the end of the day I am a coward, lol and I really do not have time for wahala right now. As you all know, when two or three Nigerians are gathered, there must be DRAMA in their midst.

Yall should gist me about the good black friday deals you got? What did those of you living in Yankee buy?

So on my ipod, I have a playlist for christian songs. Please can someone let me know if that makes me a hypocrite? Lol because some of them christian songs be slamming lol, just the other day at the club they were playing "STOMP" by Kirk Franklin. See people grinding to the music lol, might I add that they were grinding in the "lord".

Lol I saw this quote on Otunba's facebook status, what do you guys think "Behind every successful man is a surprised woman, a gold digger and a nymphomaniac"

Btw, I am grateful to all of you readers for the support all of you have given to me. I am a relative newbie to blogsville and I must say I've really felt welcomed here. Yall ROCK!!


mo'yosola. said...

Hmm, gold digger, nympho and surprised woman. Nympho not necessarily. Gold digger - in most cases, possible. And a surprised woman? what? Is that supposed to be his wife?

And about Christian jams, I think that's the whole point - the world is turning into kind of like a place where music you can dance anyhow to is available so yeah. And causee there's something about them that get you in the mood, them groovy ones. Kirk Franklin is a legend as well soo boy. I don't blame them grinding in the lord :)

Miss Natural said...

happy thanksgiving dude lol. lol your aunt wanted to kill you with pepper, i tried that before, but it wasnt my intention to saturate the meal with pepper. lol. you will not die. Plus your friends, well girls will usually do taht lol. you were smart on both counts haha (including the cheating issue). that status is hilarious, probably true at times lol and portrays women sooo badly, might be justified at times tho

Myne Whitman said...

Haappy thanksgiving dude...

miss.fab said...

Lol dude you crack me up. I look forward to your insane posts to tell you the truth. You're pushing the envelope with these your God jokes o. But it's all good sha.

Happy thanksgiving o. Black Friday... mehn I don't have time to be camping outside any razz mall and competing with 436749195273 other people for the 3 items on sale. I guess I could be at the mall right now but well, 101 Dalmatians seemed like a better deal to me.

Bubbles said...

i wish i had some Nigerian food with pepper so stop complaining dodo!

omgosh people were grinding to STOMP
wait why am i surprised
at parties they play 'I am blessed, I am blessed, everyday of my life i am blessed' and everyone is on the floor dry humping themselves
a mess i tell you

TayneMent said...

lol yeye boy, no it wasn't funny. hope you had a good thanksgiving.

I don't think it makes you a hypocrite well then again you subscribe to the thought that christians who listen to secular music are hypocrites so who knows, you just might be homie!

lol so sad but I think I agree with your 3+ naija = drama quote.

Lady X said...

LMAO @ Bubble's comment haha!!

Surprised woman? Why would she be surprised? Is the guy that much of a loser that she would be surprised he is actually successful? Gold digger yeah definately, behind him running after him trying to get his attention or behind him hiding cuz his wife just walked in? Just saying!

honey91 said...

uhm...i honestly dont get the successful man comment...pls break it down..surprised and nymphomaniac???...y?

ehen as for ur friends...lemme jus say this, some chics are silly like dat...

i admire the bond dat dudes have...they always stick together...
chics?...hell no..they jus dont roll like dat!

Azazel said...

@ Moyosola
Lol the surprised woman is supposed to be his wife yes.
Lol @ don't blame them grindin in the lord.

@ Miss Natural
Am tellin u that pepper wasn't small biz, as in am used 2 pepper but this pepper wanted to wipe my mouth off the face off the world.

Azazel said...

Thanks Myne
@ Miss fab.
THanks hun, lol forreal I just got back from shoppin and trust me it was serious business. There really that weren't many good deals. Nothing was dat special.

@ Bubbles
Lmao @ I am blessed hehee..
Bubbles am tellin u that this pepper was tomuch mehn..

@ Taynement.
Mayneee hehehe u don't want to know mehn.. Lol i guess that makes me a hypocrite lol.

Azazel said...

@ Lady X
Lol i guess it means the women never fully believe in their husbands.

@ Honey91
The surprised woman is the wife, the gold digger is the mistress and the nympho is the one I dont know o.

Repressed One said...

Lol! I saw your post title and was wondering just 'who' you were saying thanks too but then read the post and can only smh...LOL!! You have issues mehn

...heck sometimes even I weep for my species.

...surprised? that he got his money from jazz/voodoo?? lol

Azazel said...

Loooool @ surprised that he got his money from voodooo..
hahahah lmao u got mad jokes repressed.

Neo said...

the FB stat thing, i dont get so no comment.

i think pple jus like to dance jare, was at FOL yday and come and see the dancin to Olore olore, twas not a smth of easy proportions.

Azazel said...

@ Neo.
Lol @ it was not something of easy proportions.

muyiwa said...

lol,at your own theory for people starving,happy thanksgiving

Anonymous said...

@azezel is it true that u r buttercup brother or relatives?
happy thanksgiving in areers

Azazel said...

Lol thanks muyiwa.

Azazel said...

@ anonymous.
buttercup is my big sis not by bond.

Anonymous said...

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