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Sunday, November 29, 2009



Nobody should vex over the picture o, I thought it was funny so I thought I would share.
I was just thinking about this yesterday, but seriously can you imagine if one of the children of Nigerian Pastors like Adeboye of Redeemed, Chris Okotie, Oyedepo of Canaanland etc turned out to be gay? Lmao, water go get enemy that day. I can seriously envision them pastors holding deliverance sessions to deliver their children from the demon of homosexuality. Moreover, if the deliverance no work, then they will pata pata kill the child and send the child to his/her maker, because those pastors would rather salvage their reputation than to have one of their kids be homosexual. What do you guys think? I swear, if God had a sense of humor he would strike one of their children gay just to see what they would do. Lol my God is a comedian, playin too an audience to afraid to laugh.
For those of you living in yankee, do you remember the story of the evangelist in Yankee who was discovered with a gay male prostitute in bed? Mind you, this is the same hypocritical evangelist who had railed against homosexuals from his pulpit daily. Anywayz, when they found out his own ass was gay to, they kicked him out and now he lives in an apartment with his family. From Grace to serious Grass.

I finally watched 2012 and I watched New Moon on the same day, New Moon wasn't all that, but 2012 was off tha chain. Human Compassion again is a joke, it was @ the last minute that all of them suddenly developed a conscience and decided to take those people on board? After they had let all the other people on earth die, their consciences finally kicked into action. Double Hiss...Mind you, more than half of the people on board where people who had paid a billion euros to be able to live after everyone had died. Those people did not deserve any compassion whatsoever, but anywayz the movie sha was great. As i said, I thank God that they waited until I graduated in 2012 before the world would end. U never know, having a bachelor's degree might make the difference in whether I am a choir member in the heavenly choir or whether I am one of the boys who cleans drums in heaven. So for those of you who have not gotten your degree, go and get it now. Taynement sent me this link of an atheist guy who gets paid $5 by people, to go and comfort/preach to their relatives and friends about Jesus after rapture has taken the christians away. You know how christians preach to friends and family and they don't listen until it is to late, this guy is then paid to go tell those family members, "I told you so" on behalf of their ascended christian friends and relatives. Pretty cool huh? Well seeing as I myself will be staying here after rapture, you guys can contact me to be your contact for relatives and friends who might be left behind. :)

Guys I have a problem, I SUCK @ comforting people. Like I seriously suck, I am so infatuated with truth that I take it as far as possible. Lets say the father of a good friend of mine died, count on me to not be the person who would lie and say "Oh your dad is in a better place, or he is in heaven". I will be the person saying "Idk where your papa went to o, all I know is that he is dead and that is the end of the matter"And you know I am the type of person who thinks twice before puttin "God" in any statement of mine. Like today on facebook, one of my friends said God spoke to her on her status and revealed something to her. And me, being the pessimist that I am, I wanted to know if our almighty had a baritone voice or a high tenor voice, but then she disappointed me by telling me that God spoke to her through people. And the funny thing is, when people say they heard a voice in their head and it was God who spoke to them concerning a matter, how do they know that it is God speaking to them? I mean it could very well be the devil himself speaking to you, how does one know without a shadow of a doubt that it is God speaking to them? *Btw, wat in God's name is a "shadow" of a doubt? Why would "doubt" have a shadow? Sigh, the people that come up with these sayings self, need Jesus in their lives.*

Now to a more personal matter, I am definitely one of those people who tends to not "send" people. If you threaten to live my life, I will show you the door myself. Given the nature of my character and personality I happen to say or do stuff that makes my friends question the kind of person I am. And I don't blame them, sometimes I forgive people who say hurtful stuff to me based on my opinions or joke, it comes with the territory. Lotsa people want to hurt me, that is the price I pay for being a loud mouth. So I do not feel pity for myself, neither do I blame people who can't take the kind of person I am and decide to walk out of my life. it is better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for what you are not. That is my motto in life, and I stick to it. I have very good real friends, and sometimes I might do something that'll make them threaten to cut off our friendship, and I always find it funny when people do that. Like for example, one of my friends who might prolly read this, texted me the other day and said "Our friendship is over", me to I texted back "Ok". What I should have texted is, "Ok, and so what? Wetin come happen? I should go and die now because our friendship is over? My point is this, if people you call your close friends do not know the type of person you are and act surprised when you do/say something crazy, then please do not bother trying to hold unto them. If they do not know you by now, they will never know you.

I think I am suppose to end this post on a lighter note, and I will leave you guys with a quote my friend Rebecca told me. "There are a lot of fake people in this life and when you find somebody that is real and not fake, hold unto them as strong as you can and never let them go".


Bubbles said...

that picture is so NOT funny!
I literally went 'omgosh!'
and I showed my boyfriend and he said 'what the hell'
great job dude!

yeah you do seem like the kind of person who cannot comfort any-one for shit. it's ok we accept you hehe

it would be so funny
if the pastor of MFM
had gay children
they will fast for 70 days straight.

Azazel said...

Looooool bubbles come on now, it is a somewhat funny picture..
Lol i am learning to try to comfort ppl lol.
Lmaooo @ fast for 70 days..

Miss Natural said...

lol you pple shud chill oh. that film was fantastic sha. my only gripe was that what happened to africa? lol its only at the end they mentioned it, so when the world was falling into pieces africans nko? oh well we're always left to sort out our problems.
nice post but again im too tired to comment properly, only about the 2012. chill oh, they said the world wud end in 2000 and 10 years down the line? lol just make sure you're at peace with whomever/whatever you blive in when whatever will happens ever happens. will be back to comment properly. im

leggy said...

im also the kind of person who a friend will say that to and ill reply ok....but the difference between us is that i'd probably add a few choice words..hey, im not proud of it.
anyway, ive made peace with all these gay stuff, im igbo and my mum always says..'so mmadu na chi ya'..meaning..'only you and your God'.
so according to my mother, everything you do on this life is between you and your God, only God would judge you or not.
so since me i dont know if being gay is wrong or not, ill just leave that one for God to sort out and focus on obeying the 10 commandments which many seem to forget says..'love your neighbor as yourself'.
and yup, the picture, not funny.

Gee said...

wow what an imagination u have there----(1st paragraf)

Azazel said...

@ Miss natural.
Thanks lol, but u are so right why is it that they had to wait till evrybody had died before they mentioned africans..
This just goes to support the fact, God don't love africans lol.

@ Leggy
So true @ everything is between the person and God. That's how everything should honestly be.
Pele about the picture.
I have this other pic, u will love it lol. I promise.
@ Gee
Thanks lol.

Original Mgbeke said...

Your comfort tactics are funny. Hmmm yeah, might have to just offer them a hug and keep your mouth shut on that matter.
keep on living your sendless life o jare, nothing do you.

How was ya TG na, I hope say you chop enough turkey.

Nice Anon said...

I am sure there are pastors out there with gay kids. It won't be a shocking thing would it? Dem no get urges ni? albeit towards the same sex

Azazel said...

@ Nice Anon.
Are u serious? Lol e be like say u don't know that "CHURCH" is a big business in Naija. These pastors use those churches to ffeed their villages. U think they wud have any members if anybody found out they had gay chillun..

@ Mgbeks.
I chop turkey o, it was good. How was urs?
Loool @ sendless life. *takes a bow*

TayneMent said...

lol..I scrolled back up many times to see the picture. why was i not frazzled by it?

Ah, it would be awesome to be sendless. Have a lovely week!

Azazel said...

@ Taynement..
Idk u should have been frazzled by it o.Lol i can teach u to be sendless o

Neo said...

the pic is jus there jare, nothin strange to find on ur post.

not all Nigerian churches are "businesses" oh and believe me a lot of pastors kids are way out there and them never sell them yet, ties of consanguinity and affinity will not guarantee any1 a one way ticket to heaven.

Myne Whitman said...

Is it the same picture I'm seeing now or another one?

2012 was great, I really loved it special effects and all. Had sveral philosophical questions after that. New moon was OK too, and yeah I cried at Precious, shoot me. LOL

You be hard man oo but I'm like that a bit so I understand. But at the end of the day you can change. Not fakery ooo but become a real nice person that people can relate to and love.

Reine D'Afrique said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Azazel said...

Lol @ cried @ precious.
Myne it's ok. Lol @ no fakery, ur so right. It's all good sha.
Neo i feeleth thee..


"having a bachelor's degree might make the difference in whether I am a choir member in the heavenly choir or whether I am one of the boys who cleans drums in heaven."

oh my, I've got stitches from that one.

Per pastors having gay kids, forget all that because they do. The only issue is if the kids come out publicly. What would be a big shocker in naija is if a pastor was caught in a homosexual relationship. The guy in the States got off lightly in comparison to what would happen under similar circumstances in Naija. Not sure if Nigerian flock would be as forgiving, but what do I know.

Hope all is well.

Azazel said...

@ Solomon
All is well hun. Thanks for checking up.
The Bachelor's degree is very important.

Anonymous said...

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