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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Before you all jump on my case and attack me. Hear me out first please. Let me start by presenting a scenario to you all. Your two uncles or two aunties are fighting and then you try to settle the fight or quarrel between them. One would normally proceed by finding out the nature of the quarrel by asking both uncles/aunts what happened. First we go to the first aunt and ask her, "Aunty Amara what did Aunty Floe do to you that two of you started quarrelling? Aunty Amara would naturally give you her side of the story and after heard her side, naturally you would go to Aunty Floe and ask her about her own side of the story. Then after listening to both sides, you would come to a reasonable decision of what transpired between the two and hopefully settle the quarrel amicably.

Now let me apply this scenario to that of God and the Devil. It is said the devil was jealous of God and wanted to overthrow God, this might be the case. But I find it funny that the only account we have of what transpired is only from God's point of view. Where is the Devil's account of what happened? And if we indeed heard the story, would we be able to give the 'devil' a fair hearing? Would we be impartial enough to view the two sides of the story and come to a reasonable analysis of who is in the wrong and who is in the right? Have you really given thought to how the devil was able to persuade 1/3 of the angels in Heaven to side with him? 1/3 of the angels is a pretty significant number and I doubt the angels would follow the devil simply because he was charismatic and charming and the most beautiful angel in heaven as the Bible said. Now, I believe there must have been a better more reasonable reason why 1/3 of the angelic hosts would choose to side with a fellow angel over the Lord Almighty. One of the reasons could be, they were tired of serving a God who required them to constantly praise and worship him for eternity. I mean lets be honest, God does not believe in a democratic system of government and the devil in this case could be said to be the rebel leader who wanted to achieve democracy in Heaven. Please if you really sit down to think about these facts, you should be able to reach the conclusion that God is the leader of a government that the Devil is rebelling against. Every rebel has a cause for which they fight for. Are we as humans ready to listen and hear the devil's real reason for rebelling against God? I personally would love to hear it. I like being able to hear two sides of a story and then reach a reasonable conclusion as to who is in the right and who is in the wrong. I personally feel that the devil should get a right to tell his own side of the story.

Moreover, many of us have the habit of accusing the devil of being a "Liar" when you have no sufficient proof to prove that he is indeed a liar. How would you like it, if somebody accused you of being a liar, without allowing you to properly defend yourself? So from now on, the devil is not a liar, rather the devil is "allegedly" a liar. ALLEGEDLY!!!

BTW yall, we have a new author on the blog. His name is Otunba 'JesusFreak' Jb-M and yall should stay tuned for his new blogpost tomorrow. Omo it had me laughing because it was mad funny.


Myne Whitman said...

Moreover, many of us have the habit of accusing the devil of being a "Liar" when you have no sufficient proof to prove that he is indeed a liar. How would you like it, if somebody accused you of being a liar, without allowing you to properly defend yourself? So from now on, the devil is not a liar, rather the devil is "allegedly" a liar. ALLEGEDLY!!!


BTW, I tot all these things were fables and imaginations? Have you ever seen the devil?

Azazel said...

Lol nope @ Myne Whitman..
But if i ever do see him, i shall recommend myself to be his lawyer lol.. Hehe
Have u ever seen God?

Nice Anon said...

I really don't have anything to say to this kind of post. All I will say is that sometimes the devil isn't the one to blame in certain situations

Neo said...

got this strong sense of deja vu as i was readin dis, like i've read it b4...

of course the devil deserves a fair hearing, it always comes just before judgment, the outcome of which i cannot predict.

Azazel said...

Lol or he might not be to blame for "any" situation..
I mean u've got to have proof that somebody is responsible for a situation other than "HE IS A LIAR"? Nice Anon

@ Neo
Lol mmhm, and u know he'll be given a fair trial how?

Nice Anon said...

Devil is a liar! Azazel wetin you wan hear from my mouth na?

a hopelessly clueless teenage gurl.. said...

i think when people say "the devil is a liar" what they mean is that his plans wont come to pass. like the evil he plans wont happen cuz God is ther nd sure they dnt mean it literally...

btw wat exactly do u hope 2 achieve wiv all this?

just saying...

Azazel said...

I wan make u stop to dey accuse man pikin unfairly..
Devil is "allegedly" a liar..
Devil is "supposedly" a liar
Devil "might be" a liar..
All these statements need evidence to BACK THEM UP!! Madam Anon

Azazel said...

@ hopeless teenager..
Wat ounce of proof do u have that devil has evil plans? Just because ppl accuse him of being evil, does not mean he is evil..
If i accuse u of being a bitch, and then publish books about how "bitchy" you are.. Ppl who believe what I say about u, without botherin 2 verify if what I say is true or not will be considered FOOLS!!

Nice Anon said...

Dem send you? tell dem sey you no see me o. Evidence ko? Haven't you heard of faith before. No reply me o as i no get strength to argue about it o

Azazel said...

Lol madam anon ok make i just state this last statement. How e go make sense, lets say i accuse u of stealin 4rm me then i tell everybody u stole from me without tellin them wat proof that I have. Then I now tell anybody that it is through faith that I know u stole from me.
U remember this saying " A man is innocent until proven guilty. " Innocent until proven guilty..

N.I.M.M.O said...

Interesting post.

This is a question that some humans have been asking since the Dark Ages.

The last group who asked that question were labeled witches and burned at the stakes.

This will be an interesting discussion.

Let me take a ringside seat.

Mogaji said...

When I asked this question someone actually told me that the devil is sneaky and doesn't want people to know he/she exists so he'll never come out.

But that just contradicts the picture of the wise, attention loving, charming devil the bible says he/she is. Think about it if he could convince angels why can't he convince humans too? Me thinks there's some real propaganda against the devil.

Neo said...

how do i know he will get a fair trial?

well if we're talking by our standards then we will assume that it wld be by human judges. if so wat is the standard of fairness? subjective, objective? how do we strike a balance? we cant have a universal assumption of fairness. afterall serial killers kill hundreds, maybe get a death sentence and some ppl still campaign against the death sentence, so whether he gets a fair trial or not is not a question i can answer

PS: i noticed how u "conveniently" omitted some letters some comments ago...hmmmm!

Azazel said...

@ Nimmo.
Lol I like ur neutral stance, @ least u've chosen to be open minded about it.

@ Mogaji.
Wow thank u, i never even thought about that @ if he could convince angels, convincin humans must be a damn piece of cake.

@ Neo
Lol what did i omit?
I honestly think that our standard of fairness in this human world is Ok... He shall get a fair trial, @ least from my own perspective.

Enoch said...

Anyone that has followed this blog for a hot minute knows where I stand on this.

The devil does not exist.

But even if he does exist, the poor devil can never have a fair trial. Who would make up the jury? Who would compare with God's star witness?

On a more interesting note. It's easy to summon our human understanding of justice and the notion of being presumed innocent until proven guilty but why should it be applicable to the celestial?

After all,If Devil dey, then God dey. If God dey, then presumably, justice is whatever she says it is. You deserve what she says you deserve. Like it or not. Fair trial or not.

An omnipotent creator can set anyone up successfully without consequences. Either you accept things her way or she etches you out of existence. I guess it's one the perks of omnipotence.

Except of course she is just one huge ass liar and maybe na she be devil sef. Perhaps she successfully overthrew God and has lied her way into her current prominence and rebranded the true God as the devil. That would explain why the real God (AKA devil-serpent) tried to give us wisdom in the Garden of Eden.

Is the devil actually God?

LOL. Running wild & having fun as usual.

Azazel said...

Lol afterall it is said that teh devil is the king of this world..
SO enoch u might have something there, the devil might be OUR GOD..
The other God is busy playin with the other planets..

Danielle said...

Just out of curiosity, do you all read books? Do you believe that anything that has been proven by someone else's tests and experiences to be true? What is the basis of any of your beliefs?Are you a believer in something that works more like The Matrix and is all relative? Do you believe in air...or that water is comprised of H20 or would you have to be smart enough to dissect all of the components in the periodic table in order to believe that they are fact and that the scientists who discovered their matter were indeed, correct?

I really am just curious. Not arguing at all, just asking and trying to get a basis for understanding this blog. Thanks.

Azazel said...

@ Danielle
I read books, and I believe in science because experiments can be conducted over and over and over again to prove that something is indeed true and is indeed a FACT...
But to answer ur question, I do read books.

Mogaji said...

@ danielle the problem with you argument is that all those things you mentioned can be measured empirically. you can investigate a person's claims in a book you can separate water into it's constituents. you can know the truth of these things. what you can't do however is measure "God" or "Satan"
thus no one would ever know if they exist. all you can do is believe.

Azazel said...

Exactly mogaji @ all u can do is believe and have faith..

tankojjetty said...

Hmmm...I think you've written a really thought provoking article.

Could we actually look beyond faith and think about this rationally??? I doubt.

Mogaji said...

@ Azazel
But for a subject this important, this powerful that it makes the difference between life and death, oppression and liberty...
Belief is just not enough.

Azazel said...

@ tankjetty..
That is the issue, we are rational human beings so we should be able to make rational decisions when provided with all the evidence. I believe that we can..

@ Mogaji
Lol but human beings usually almost go with their beliefs..
I mean faith deals with "belief" not fact. Nobody knows fasho when it comes to matters of faith..