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Tuesday, October 27, 2009



Honestly, I know that I am a "NEWBIE" but what is up with bloggers who go on exile from blogsville? I don tire for this nonsense o, why are they leaving? And why is it that you other bloggers just take it as if you are used to it? Ehn? Even if you are used to it, why don't you guys berate them about it? I don't understand, why do they go on exile? I mean I understand that one cannot update a blog regularly, but nobody is saying you should. Just update from time to time when you can, why do you have to LEAVE the whole blog? Why bother starting a blog in the first place ehn? It's like creating a facebook account and then deleting it after 3 years claiming that you have finally gotten a life *shivers* Wat kind of fuckery is that? Lmao but seriously though all jokes aside, this is a serious matter.

I just read Shona Vixen's blog and she's apparently leaving blogsville also. I did not know Shona that well, but from the very little that I garnered from her blog, it was definitely a CORRECT blog.
The particular exile wey vex me pass na that Chari and Buttercup self imposed exile. Do you know that it was because of those "baggars" that I finally joined blogsville? Na after I come join, that they now decided to go on exile. *smh* (Btw, I can call them "baggars" because am close to them like that o thats why I chop liver, if you like you to go and call them "baggars" on your own various blogs, and see what will happen to you. Next thing you know, it is your obituary that we will be reading on Blogsville Gist.) Lmao

Ehen now back to a more pressing issue that has been bugging me about blogsville, why is there tomuch unnecessary *shining/smiling of teeth* here. In other words, there is tomuch unnecessary "niceness" that goes on in blogsville. As I dey like this, I no dey send person o, if I am not feeling your blog post on that particular day, I will let you know true true. Take for example, the other day my wonderful friend Myne Whitman wrote a poem, I let her know that I was lost because me I do not understand poems. I have never understood poems and I have come to the conclusion that me and poems are not meant to be. How do you know when a Poem is good or bad? I have never figured it out. Anywayz, so I let Myne know sharp sharp that I was not feeling the post that day. I feel like that is the kind of honesty we should be breeding here on blogsville. Honestly, there are just some blog posts that i've read on blogsville, that gives me pause... *thinks about whether he really needs to finish this statement, hmm If i finish this statement I might lose half of my commenters, but If I finish it I will have proved to the blogsverians that I fear nobody. Which route do I take? Hmm, afterall they say Pride comes before the fall.. To be or not to be? That is not the question o, haha my blogsville career is on the line here. Oya nobody ever choked swallowing their pride abi? *swallows his pride sharp sharp* I will finish this line some other day, let my liver regrow first lmao. My point is, yall can't seriously tell me that you all "feel" the blog posts you read everyday? I mean even on my own blog, I innately know when I feel my own stuff and when I don't. When I don't feel my own blog post, I do not expect anybody to feel it to o. That is when I am surprised when I see someppl commenting out of the goodness of their heart on the blogpost. Ehn, please I do not need Charity comments abeg. hehe lol.  That is why I am saying, if you are not feeling the post, don't comment o. Because it is out of guilty conco that I be commenting on some of yall's  blogs. I mean, what is a brova to do? If you comment on my suckass post, I am forced to comment on your own suckass blogpost as well. Stroke my ego, I stroke your ego kinda deal. lmao. I KID I KID!!

Btw, yesterday was Myne Whitman's Bday, scoot over to her blog and wish her Happy Birthday.

Now to another more important issue, who are the "Blogsville Celebrities" and how does one go about to become one? Is there a list or something? Blogsville Gist I urge you to publish a list of blogsville celebrities as soon as possible, because some of we "Newbies" unwittingly offend some of these "Celebrities" by the very content of our blogs. It is becoming a very serious matter, it was by the grace of God that my friend "Controversy" avoided meeting his maker the other day. I heard that he offended one of these "so-called" celebrities and she vowed to boycott this blog forever. It remained small and she would have had him banned from blogsville. Please "Blogsville Gist" as the premiere spot for Gist on Blogsville, can you kindly provide we wey no dey privileged a list of Blogsville Celebrities so that we to wey no be celebrities can aspire to become celebs as well?? Thank you very much..

I think this is the end of my observations, if I observe any other things that bug me I shall bring them to the attention of the blogsville nation. Fank you very mucho..

EDIT: Please I've been reading some of the comments and I feel that yall misunderstood my "MYNE WHITMAN" statement. I was not sayign that Myne's blog sucks, neither was i seeking to disparage her. I love Myne Whitman's blog and I hope she knows that as well. But Forreal tho, some of you really went to far in misinterpreting the purpose of this blogpost. I was trying to get us to have a frank discussion on the things that go on in blogsville. But I see that what some people told me about most of the bloggers on blogsville is true. There really is a lot of "fakeness" that goes on in here. But who am I ehn to point it out??


Neo said...

First time here. Honestly i expected some crap blog so i could say "oh no wonder" (followed ur link frm iphy's last blog) but i was disappointed. liked the one abt hair too.

in the spirit of honesty though i didnt "feel" ur comment on her blog.

CerebrallyBusy said...

noo no n ooooo neo i was furrrrssstttt :(((

Anonymous said...

Since you said if you dont feel a post don't put up a comment, why does azazel feel the need to put up vile comments when he obviously does not like the post? ......azazel am awaiting

Frankly, I really do not care who the celebrity bloggers are, cos the last time i checked you were not blogging because of them. And by the way i have seen the blogs of some of the 'celebrities' and its clear to the eye nd mind that they sure can't write and it baffles me that they became celebrities bloggers.

I've seen blogs whose comments boxes are so lame nd probably only her friends and sycophants comment because she has banned the type of comments she does not like nd threatened to delete the ones she does not like.....and if your comments then manage to get up there....the silly 30 sthn yr old then puts up a whole post about you

For those who want to boycott other peoples blogs because they think they have some influence.......*the cheek*

And if some people feel the need to leave , what is it to just wondering

Rose said...

If the post doesn't appeal to me, I simply close the page.

Kindness that doesn't stem from the heart isn't good. Neither is rudeness.

Lady X said...

Yeahhh I remember one blogger(though she doesn't blog that often anymore) talking about this.She was wondering why people that can actually write very good stuff aren't that popular in Bville.Like Trybes.I like his stuff but he doesn't get that many comments.I wonder why.If I don't see anything to comment about on a post I wont.

tunrayo said...

Im of the opinion that every blogger blogs for a reason. some just to let it all out, some cos they feel they can write, some to make friends, some for cyber popularity....and the list is endless. what ever the case, i doubt any blogger wants negative comments on a post(unless theres a notice on their page saying haters are welcome).

There is such a thing as constructive criticism and if you cant offer that in your comment i think its best to keep walking. i read somewhere...if you have nothing nice/good to say, be quiet.

Blogging is not by force, neither is following or commenting. The fact that it doesnt appeal to one person doesnt mean it wont appeal to someone else.

About bloggers leaving, maybe their blog have served its purpose...lets see how long you're here for ;)

...and i know nothing about these so called celebrity bloggers.

(hope you dont mind my minipost/comment)

My World said...

Blogsville celebrities??? since when?
Okay,it has been kinda funny to me too that peeps always agree to what peeps write all the tym!!!
As for the new MIA trend,I guess FB and Twitter are to blame.........

Bubbles said...

You know what I do?
If i think the blogpost is utter rubbish or the poem/story makes no sense... I don't leave a comment. that simple. It saves me the stress really. If I do leave a comment I will be honest.

I like this post
and I like you :)
please entertain me some more xx

Original Mgbeke said...

LOL. Interesting post.
Good bloggers leave because they might have lost their blog mojo or their favorite bloggers/people who kept them coming back to blogsville aint around no more.

It's not by force to leave a comment, if you are not feeling today's post, check back tomorrow. I doubt anyone will cry because you didn't comment on their posts 365 days a year.

Blogsville celebs? No idea. Let me know when you find out.

Azazel said...

Looooooooooooooooooooool WOWSERS!! Ok i think it's just me, but i feel yall totally misinterpreted this post. First of all I meant for this post to be funny and honest @ the same time. But idk am feeling that some ppl are madly takin it the wrong way lmao. But let me respond to una comments

muyiwa said...

i think my first time here,or am i lost, blogville celebreties,lol

Azazel said...

@ Neo
Sorry o, and I appreciate your honesty. Am guessin u did not like the God comment on her blog. It's all good.
@ Ttolla
Lol i thank u for ur honesty, but I leave comments so I can give people feedback nah. Myne Whitman on her latest post asked that ppl leave her feedback, good honest feedback. Azazel leaves good honest feedbackable comments. U feel me?

@ Cerebralbusy..

@ Rose.
Politeness usually does not stem from the heart, but ppl are still polite..

@ Tunrayo..
Actually I disagree with u @ the part of no blogger likes negative comments. PErsonally, i have no problem with negative comments, you guys on blogsville need to grow more thick skins. Like forreal, not everybody is going to like my stuff, and people will lambast my posts. I fully expect that and I embrace it o. If I go throughout and receive only positive comments, i will go mad.. I thrive on negativity lmao.

@ MyWorld
Lol like forreal, @ peeps always agreein to wat other peeps write everytime. Like seriously.

@ Bubblicious
I like u more bubblicious, and thanks for being with me from day 1.

@ Original Mgbeks
Lol well good bloggers should not put all their blosgville happiness in one basket. And nobody is sayin that they should blog everyday, if they want to, they can blog once a month...

Azazel said...

@ Muyiwa..
Please u've been here countless times lmao. Always tryin 2 act brand new everytime u arrive, see thats another thing i don't like lol..

Tisha said...

shona's leaving
i have begged enough
thats how nigerian drama queen went private...
i rest...
they'll be back

Azazel said...

@ Tisha hun
Has it ever occurred to u, that maybe it's because of u that she went private? Lol

Fabulo-la said...

I wonder, are u this brash and crude in real life?

Must be making up for sth.

No worries I will pray for u.

TRYBES said...

Bro,you stoop when you display this kind of attitude.Whats the point of callin Myne whitman out on your blog when you already showed your disaffection with what she wrote,on her blog..i dont get it or maybe its just me..

My thinkin is that if you dont like what anyone has written,the next thing is to x the page rather than bring it up as an issue..just my observation..

Azazel said...

@ Fabuola..
U would be surprised, I mean is it really brashness or is it truth? Hmm Crude raw truth..

@ trybes
Woahhhhhhh bro i was not callin Myne Whitman out on my blog. I was givin her as an example, are u friggin kidding me? I respect myne whitman.. After Chari and Buttercup left, her blog is the only one that I stay on 24/7. Wat u talking about? I was just givin myne as an example, please please do not even try to instigate anything mehn. WoW u all are really really to "soft" up in here, so person can't poke fun anymore? Gosh.. Get tough abeg.

myne i just used u as an example o, i in no way meant for it to offend u..

Anonymous said...

azazel wont dare insult his new hitman...

I dont understand poems too , i hardly comment when i see them.

Take it easy people and i think i agree with fabu lola. Azazel you must be making up for s'thn

Are u short?
Are you thin?
Are you fat?
What did your pastor do to you?
Are you ugly?

just kidding but seriously people like you usually have s'thng eating them up nt saying u do sha

Azazel said...

@ Ttolla. Thank God u know @ wouldn't dare insult his new hitman..

But please umm yeah i think something eats me up.
Maybe i was abused as a child..
Or i never got to have icecream as a child.
Or maybe I am a deprived human being.

Or maybe maybe, I just hate frivolities lol and there is a lot of yeye frivolity that goes on here in blogsville.

Enoch said...


I got your back like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
Forget all these dudes acting like kids.


You know my take now. "Judge me always." Whats up with loads of bloggers acting like they've all got their emotions on a tight rope needing patronizing comments to assert themselves. Nawao.

Its like the prevailing mantra in blogsville is "If the truth hurts, lie to me or sharrap!"

Anonymous said...'re funny as hell...and I get what you mean..but it's nice to be around nice people

Keep on revealing juicy thoughts about blogsville..hehe

Azazel said...

Lmao ENoch..
Thank u o, like see me see fuckerey in Hiigh Places.
lmao @ If the truth hurts, lie to me or sharrap!"
So true, so people can't poke humor now @ some of are frailities.. Na wa o.

@ Nwaniyi
Lol I will keep on, don't worry

juiceegal said...

People blog for different reasons..there's no hard and fast route about blogging. Personally i think blogsville has become more of a social networking site hence the need to be extra nice....just saying

Azazel said...

Lol fank u @ juiceegal..
But ppl aren't really that nice even on the main social networkin sites like facebook etc, a lot of meanppl there lol.

Sugarking said...

Gbaski blog here man!! celebrity wetin?! lol

Azazel said...

Lol too gbaski sugarking.
to gbaski

Myne Whitman said...

I don't bother about bloggers leaving blogsville. I've seen some comeback. Others may even come as newbies, it's all fun. I was reading blogs for almost a year before I started myne for the book.

The celebrity that brought me was Vera. I call them celebrity cos they have stood the test of time even with plenty commenters and followers. Some have moved beyond blog to facebook and tweeter. I want to be like them when I grow up. Like Solomon Sydelle, Sugabelly, Goodnaija girl, Tigeress, Afrobabe and Baroque.

Thanks for mentioning and linking me. I know you meant no offense, so none taken at all. I'm not just a blogger. I really want honest feedback and criticism for my writing and prefer the negatives so I can clean up my act. But when people enjoy it and say Kudos, I like that too.

This is a good write-up. I enjoyed it.

Neo said...

Not that i took the comment on iphy's post personally, but i jus think it crude to poke at other ppl's beliefs jus cos u dont share them.

still nice blog and i'll def be back, ur one to watch.

Neo said...

Btw, this Neo is a she!

Enoch said...

Myne has spoken

Res ipsa loquitur

Azazel said...

@ Myne
Thank u hun, u definitely covered all the bases..
Neo lol sorry hun, now I know ur a she.
madam hitman has definitely spoken lol.

cici said...

azazel...nice write up u really cover all what was on my mind....i think its nice to leave a nice comment on a someone else blog.but u can't always like or agree with someone else post .....blogsvilles are just too nice or maybe people don't just wanna say their mind so they use the reserve psychology but I have notice that anytime someone write a negative or not so nice comment the blogger always got offended and the other commenters start "ganging up" on that person...i mean common ...its not gonna be all roses and peaches...
and as for getting comment..i could care less if I got comment or not ..although it will be nice if someone comment on my blog but I don't blog for blogspot is just like an online journal( not that there anything to it anyway) so if I get comment or not its ok
blogsville celebrities? more power to them..again .i could care less

Azazel said...

Yeah it's like ppl are addicted to nice comments. That's not even how life is.
This blog also acts as an online journal for me.

BSNC said...

lol i am feeling your blog too much. honest and funny at the same time...

Azazel said...

Lol thanks BSNC

Repressed One said...

You know i've read a few posts on the supposed 'niceness' of commentators. And i've been wondering--Is it a sin to be nice?? Weren't we taught that if we do not have anything nice to say we not say anything at all?

How do you know [not you Azazel] the people that are commenting are JUST being nice? Just cos you don't feel the same way? Why is nice considered fake? Who made you judge over what is true or lame or fake?

Bloggers are people too and just becos you don't know them doesn't mean your words, albeit typed out, can't hurt the receiver.

Blog celebrities? What and who are they? People have become familiar with certain bloggers and frequent their blogs [regardless of their topic/subject]...does that make them celebrities?

Na wa mehn. Do you and let everyone else do them. If what you're reading doesn't appeal to you...X out! shikena!!

**Again this isn't directed at you Azazel...i just dey yarn on subjet matter. I guess i shoulda just put up a post on my own blog huh? lol. Ah well.

Repressed One said...

LOL@ "the silly 30 sthn yr old then puts up a whole post about you"

Enoch said...


Are you going to stay Repressed forever? OR would your moniker change to Liberated anytime soon? Just curious.

You make a sensible point when you say that bloggers might be genuinely nice folks. But check am now. Don't you find the number of mother Theresa comments a tad bit disproportionate? If the ratio of kindhearted polite persons was like this in real life, we would have had world peace eons ago. Just saying.

Azazel said...

Nah see Repressed look @ the comment u just left on the post. Some bloggers would take offense @ ur tone or feel defensive, but see i take it and i've received it and am not tripping..
As Enoch said, if there were that many "Mother Theresa" like ppl out there, this world would be a wonderful awesome place..
Where is the reality

Yinkuslolo said...

i was just gonna read but as usual, some comments have triggered me.

like jgal wrote: blogger seems to be a social network, bloggers wanna be nice and make cheesy acquaintances

like repressed said: some just want to be nice sha and decieve themselves. issue is some are genuinely but the 'amt of niceness' is sometimes unbelievable.

if we can't live to be ourselves in the real world, and we can't write for ourselves on blogger, where would we?