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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Please before I go on, I do not really intend this post to be one in which I find a problem with the bible or anything. I feel that this should be a "chill" post, just follow me and think and lets get through this "less controversial post" today. Please open your bibles to "Hosea 1:1-10..

God commanded Hosea, prophet of Israel to basically go and marry a prostitute, sleep with her, make her his wife and use her to deliver babies that the lord would use as an example to showcase how much he detested his chosen people "jews".

God commanded/gave the go ahead to Hosea to go and marry a prostitute. First the woman was a prostitute, and when she got married she committed adultery. Hosea threw her out, and God told him to go and take her back again after she had gone back to her "whoring" ways. Hosea was already unequally yoked with this "whore" but he got a "pass" because God gave him the "greenlight" to commit this sins in his name.

Now if another pastor in this our times was to do something that went against God's teachings, but told us that God gave him a "pass" or that God "commanded" him to do it. Would we believe him/her or would we throw such a pastor out of the church. Would we not leave that particular church saying that that man of God had gone rogue and was now a "false prophet". My point is this, Hosea  the prophet was able to marry a prostitute/adulterer and the people did not question his claim that "God" told him to do it. They took him at his word when he said God told him to do it.

I am not sure whether any of you have heard about the tale of Carlton Pearson. He was a black preacher who was very popular, had a megachurch until suddenly he had an awakening. He started preaching that there was no hell, and that God had told him gays where supposed to be loved. He even went as far as preaching a gospel of "inclusion", that nobody was going to hell and that everybody was saved.

My point is this, this man claimed that God told him all these things, he says that he has been told by God to say "these things". So why did the church kick him out, he was literally tossed out of the church. Naturally, he was branded a heretic, shunned by his fellow preachers and if it was in the olden days, homeboy would have been strung up to a stake and burnt at that lovely stake.. Why would a preacher who had everything going good for him, suddenly risk the "err" of his fellow preachers and church members by preaching such stuff if what he was saying wasn't "TRUE"? Why would he suddenly start saying stuff he knew would get him in trouble? So apparently, he now preaches in a small church, gays, sinners, etc are welcome in his church and he preaches a gospel of inclusion.

When Hosea did something that went against God's teachings, he got a pass because God commanded him to do what he did, even though it was a sin. Carlton Pearson does something that goes agaisnt the teaching of the bible, and he is branded a heretic. Why the double standard? Where is the "FAITH"? Why do christians limit "God"? I mean he works in mysterious ways, so we should clearly not hold him to the standards we ourselves judge to be true. As i've previously pointed out, God does not necessarily have to obey/follow his own "laws/commandments" concerning homosexuals. Who says that God could not have changed his mind concerning "gays"? I mean it's not as if he can create another "Post New" Testament portion of the bible and let everybody know he has changed his mind like he did in the New Testament. But lets be honest with ourselves, even if God has "inspired" a writer to write another testament of the bible, which one of us is going to believe such bull? Even christians themselves would toss such a person who claims to have written a "Newer Testament" out of the church and probably have him/her killed. In the Old Testament, a whole lot of laws where made that were later repealed/amended in the New Testament by Jesus. For example, there was the "eye" for an "eye" law that was repealed by Jesus and other hosts of laws that were repealed. So, if God could do repeal some of his laws in the OT and then provide brand new ones for the NT, why is it impossible to think that he could now very well approve of "homosexuality"?

In conclusion, GOD APPROVES OF HOMOSEXUALITY AND HOMOSEXUALS ARE NOT GOING TO HELL!! according to the "man of God" Carlton Pearson. If you want to learn more about this preacher, the link to his videos will be posted below.

Carlton Pearson Link 1
Carlton Pearson Link 2
Carlton Pearson Link 3


Timothy said...

DUde...first of all..marrying a whore is not a sin...the sin is in the persons lifestyle. God used this as an example to show that the jews had adopted this lifestlye and were like the whore....the marrying of her is not the sin...cuz then that would translate into God joing with the jewish people was a sin...and God does not sin. Homosexuality is a unatural that goes against all moral and biological laws. And a lifestyle that God clearly states that he does not condone.

you have to make sure you seperate the two

Controversy said...

Lol timothy...
First he went and married a "prostitute"..
Am sorry my bible says something about being "unequally" yoked. Now even if u overlook that, the woman left him and returned to her "whoring ways" meaning that she now became an adulterer/prostitute.
Lol @ God does not sin.. I disagreee..
Someppl say Homosexuality is a lifestyle, someppl say it's nature..
Doesn't mean that God can't approve of it.

Controversy said...

But u didn't even answer my question though Timothy..
There were a lot of things that were permitted in the OT that beecame sinful when Jesus came in the NT.. Jesus came and removed some old laws and brought in some new ones..
So why is it impossible to think that God might also do the same concernin gays?

Timothy said...

Being unequally yoked doesn't co notate 'sin'. Sin by definition is trangression of the law. Now one must base it on "what law"..if we're talking with respect to the bible...then its God's a sin is anything that goes against what God has set as a rule or a standard.
Now..marriage, or the relationship or companionship between a man and a woman has been instituted by God since creation (if you want to argue creation and evolution...thats something else). The tow people are to support each other and replicate God's awesome power of pro-creation.
WHen he says be ye not unequally yoked with non believers..its guidance so that the person you choose to 'yoke' to will supprt you...and you are there to supprt them..and the two of you arent going in opposite directions. However, if you love the person and choose to cling to are clinging to their lifestyle and just making life difficult for urself..but that in itself is not a you are not trangressing any laws.

And you cant tell me that homosexuality is nature...what is natural about it?

Timothy said...

tell me what was sinful in the old testament and became ok in the new testament...or vise versa?

Controversy said...

@ Timothy
The bible does say..Do not be unequally yoked does it not? Huh @ but that in itself is not a you are not trangressing any laws

Am sorry but when somebody says "DO NOT" or "Thou shalt not" it is usually a command meaning if you do that very thing your forbidden not to do. It will be regarded as a sin. don't try to misinterpret stuff though.

Ahn ahn Polygamy was definitely acceptable in the OT but in the NT it was reversed.
Revenge was acceptable in the OT but repealed in the NT.
More to the point, u've not addressed my point. Who says that God has not changed his mind concerning homosexuality?

Timothy said...

God says Himself in Malachi 3:6.."I am the Lord, I DO NOT change."

Those laws that you stated...were made by man...when Jesus came, he didnt repeal them..only gave them a 'God perspective'. In Moses' day they made laws to keep the peace among the people and to implement justice. So when it said an eye for an eye. That was man's way of dealing with someone wronging them. When Jesus came...he taught mercy and forgiveness...not saying that justice shouldnt be done to the worng doers..but that a spirit of love should be shown.

I cant talk to polygamy...but that was how children and families were built in those days. God didnt give adam more than one wife...but as humans developed and deteriation took place...people felt the need to expand their families or prove their wealth by bringing on more wives. I dont know where it was repealed in the new testament so i wont talk to that.

But God remains consitent. He doesnt change HIS makes laws and THEY amend or change them. If you take a close look at the Bible and study it...ANything that God made as a rule or law...or that he said was an abomination to him...he sticks with it all through history...up to this day.

This subject is one that will only be cleared up by individual study and personal conviction. It wont be the back and forth on a blog...even though that might be the seed.

No one is saying that Gay PEOPLE will go to hell...Sinful people who hvent accepted Gods free gift of salvation are the one's ggoing to hell. When a person chooses to have a relationship with God....and as a result of that relationship...sees that there are areas in their life that arent plesing to God and his will..they will decide for themselves if they want to hold on to them or not.
But God does not...and Will Not condone sin. He loves and accepts the person and will work closely with them to identify the areas in their life that he DOES NOT approve of...and that will determine where their life ends up.

you yourself asked the question "Who says that God has not changed his mind concerning homosexuality?"

which indicates that you already know that at some point God does not approve of it.

"God DOES NOT approve of homosexuality, But those individuals can choose not to go to hell"

Controversy said...

Whattttttttt? @ this laws where made by man.. Rofl
Timothy u are enterin blasphemous territory bro. U either accept the whole thing as being from God or u accept the whole thing as being from man.. No wishy washy stuff..
How do u decide which ones were from God and which ones were God's perspective? U can not just say that because u disagree with the evidence I provided, that they must be from man and not from God. Totally unfair.

Wait so is homosexuality a sin? Because I mean God can disprove of something as u clearly stated in my "Do not be unequally yoked" but it might not be a sin?
Timothy when next we meet bro, we gotta argue this thing out.
GOd has made laws, which he himself has failed to follow. Now if u want proof concernin that u can check out my post on

timothyolaore said...

If Jimmy's mom says Jimmy I need the house to be cleaned by 7. then Jimmy now says to his little sister go and wash the bathroom and if she doesnt he'll take her doll.

Now this is a very nuts and bolts example but just follow the little sisters washing of the bathroom and impending consecuence Mom's law or jimmy's law?

I'm discrediting anything or being wishy washy...God makes a law and man implements it. They are two seperate things. And dont misunderstand me in thinking that i'm the one picking and choosing. You will see in the bible what God's standards and guidlines are and in the same bible you will see the rules things that man set in place.

I'm not going to continue arguing the unequally yoked bit. God sets His standards and then gives you suggestion and ways to live your life so that you will easily be able to do them.

It hard to see you say the things you say about God's laws and how you think he doesnt follow them. But that is something that you will have open your mind to study for yourslef. But you have to open up your wont learn anything if you refuse to open it. Maybe i havent done a good job explaining it...but i also open my mind to other views...maybe it would be a good idea to sit down and have a real open bible deep dive...and you also bring your resources to back up your claims.

timothyolaore said...


"I'm NOT discrediting anything or being wishy washy"

StayinPrayer said...

Not to butt in, but the act of homosexuality is as much a sin as adultery or sexual promiscuity. Any of these without repentance are punishable by eternal damnation. Death.
Hosea was not sexually promiscuous, His wife Gomer was.

The verse of being yoked with unbelievers is used inaccurately.

First, some people have argued that this verse is referring to marriage. If this verse was referring to marriage, why didn't Paul mention marriage plainly? Paul mentions guidelines for married people in other passages. One of the key words in verse 14 is fellowship. Paul is asking the Corinthians a question, in order to make them think about who they are spending time with. "For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness?"

The word fellowship, in this passage, is "metoche" and it means "participation, intercourse, fellowship." It is derived from "metecho" which means, "to share or participate, to be a partaker."

The Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines fellowship as "companionship, company, the state of being a fellow associate, a company of equals or friends, association." Clearly, Paul is not referring to a marriage relationship. God is warning us, through the apostle Paul, that we are not to associate wit unbelievers.
That is....we should not become comfortable in the company of sin.

Controversy said...

I don't think ur own mind is open.. I gave u a link, please check it. I have evidence.

Anonymous said...


'homosexuality is punishable by death'

Madam how do you know?
You lie but u r a xtian, are you goin to die tooo ehn
Do you think it is by your works that you will enter heaven , dint God say your holiness is like filthy rags before him

Whether homosexuality is a sin, honestly I don't care because its not s'thn I deal with. Let me face my own struggles


How convenient to say things considered alright in OT dint change in the NT. It irritates me when xtians can't be honest, why can't you be honest , why don't you let God defend himself rather than you deluding yourself

Controversy said...

@ Staying Prayer
Your whole interpretation of the bible is what it is. UR OWN INTERPRETATION
Hella preachers have used that "unequally yoked" verse to discourage tons of christian men and women from gettin married to unbelievers..

@ Ttolla
U see what I have to put up with everytime? Insincere christians, it's like ppl are allergic to truth.Even when it comes to stuff that they see with their kokoro eyes in their own bible.

John said...


Anonymous said...


Who told you I was agreeiing with you? Lol am just not disagreeing with you cos what the point of breaking a sweat about who will be heaven or not

And I just saw the picture cos am using my phone . That pic does not look right. Lol

Myne Whitman said...

We agree halfway on this, God does not approve but yeah, if they pay their dues in life like everyone else then why not heaven?

Controversy said...

@ myne
What do u mean by "dues"??

@ Ttolla
Shurrup u were agreeing with me o..Lol this would have made it three times u had agreed with me on something.

Enoch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Enoch said...

First off. I used to be a flaming homophobe. Whenever I'm around a gay guy, especially those with feminine mannerisms, I always get this urge to give him a dirty slap.

I dunno why. I think its my subconscious telling me that a slap would snap him out of it.

But I've grown to be a whole lot more tolerant now. Besides, its mostly genetic. Homosexuality can be found in a lot of animal species. We are all just a couple of gene expressions away from being gender challenged/confused.

Anyways, I don't know what the bible says about this but I think controversy raises a nice point when he talks about new revelations to extend the bible canons. A newer Testament.

Anonymous said...


i just watched the carlton videos.
i dont know oo whether or not theres hell ooo

God help us

Harry-Rami Itie said... comment!

Controversy said...

@ Enoch
Lol @ ur subconscious sayin a slap would snap him out of it. That's hella funny lol

@ ttolla
Lol the video was good sha..

@ Harry
Lol u must have comment o..

Tisha said...

you are so going to hell
if you are gay.
That's the whole truth

read the bible if you don't believe me

Controversy, i hope this are not ur views, getting good blog ratings is so not worth it to be propagating rubbish.

Controversy said...

@ Tisha
Am guessing that you really do not have any gay friends?

Reine D'Afrique said...

So if God tells me that its okay to kill you, I should listen and kill you?
Keep in mind you are speaking of human beings. We all are failures when it comes to human nature.
Calton...yes, he might believe that He heard from God...but one of the principles of being a christian is that you have to measure every word spoken by man, ANY man, with care and wisdom.

And using Hosea to qualify homosexuality is weak and not even close. I can argue easily against your quantification. I will come up with Leviticus 18:20, 20:13, Deuteronomy 23:17, 1corinthians, 6:9-10, Romans 1:26-27.

Now if you were arguing for prostitution, that is a whole different case scenario

Tisha said...

wrong guess
i do have a gay friend, childhood friend.
don't hate him, just his lifestyle and i will not be doing him a favor if i tell him God is pleased with his lifestyle