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Sunday, October 25, 2009


So last night, I went to see "Good Hair" by Chris Rock. It  was a documentary about hair  and why black women are so obsessed with it. I've always known that black women spent outrageous sums of money on their hair but I never realised till after watching that movie how bad it really was. Here are all the things I learnt from that movie.

1. The hair industry in this country is a 9 billion dollar industry. Black women make up 80% of the consumers of hair product. 80 damn percent lmao.

2. Weaves are now the main thing, and 3 out of 4 black women have tried weave on their hair. The weave industry is run by Asians mostly koreans. Moreover, there are only 4 black owned hair companies in the US. Most of the companies are run by white people and asians. This fact was especially an embarassment. Black people can not even control the products that only they themselves use.

3. Perms are definitely bad for you. It was so sad to see that nawadays, girls as young as 1 and half are getting perms. Their moms are making them get perms, can you imagine? Destroying this little children's bifocals for life.

4. The famous "Indian Hair" comes from the hair of indian women. In india, there is this practice called "tonsure" where the women go and shave their hair as a sacrifice to this one God who's name starts with "V". (It was a long ass name lol). The women who shave their hair, have no idea that their hairs are being sold to black women in the US at such an outrageous price. I am literally serious, the indian hair some of you use come from the very backs of other humans who sacrifice it. The "middle man" literally go and gather up all the hair from the temple of the God, dress it really well, put it in a suitcase and fly to yankee. They then stop at various shops and sell it. The hair in that suitcase costs 20 000 dollars. In the movie, they showed the indian man arriving with all this hair in the suitcase, and they showed him stopping at one of his customer's shops and the customer was now talking about how Viviva Fox loves indian hair, then at the last moment he made a mistake and was like some other celebrity loves Malaysian hair. An awkward silence then ensued because the Indian was annoyed that any celebrity would prefer malaysian hair over indian hair.

5. Ignorance plays a huge factor in this industry. People where paying upto a thousand dollars for "weave" a thousand dollars? Women could pay upto 3500 dollars for weaves, and all these women who paid for such weaves were average women. They showed a school teacher, a restaurant lady and other examples of average women who would spend upto a thousand on "weave".

6. Apparently, you can't pull a black woman's hair during sex. Black women won't go swimming, or if they do the water never rises above the neck. You literally cannot touch a black woman's hair anyhow, especially when she just got her hair did. That is tantamount to "having your fingers chopped off".Men were complaining that "hair expenses" where biting into their household expenses. The average black woman spends not less than a thousand dollars on hair per year. Frigging thousand dollars?

7. Original black hair is not used in the Industry, Chris Rock tried selling "black african hair" to the hair dressers and they were like "get that nappy shit" out of here. It was so shameful to realise that black women are not proud of their own hair. Apparently, even employers would not employ a black woman if she had her natural hair on.

8. Black Women apparently are on a mission to get the straightest Hair as possible. If the hair isn't straight and "smooky smooth" black women aren't going near it.

In conclusion, from a male perspective, it felt like Black Women were not proud of their own natural Hair. Why are black women not rocking their own "hair". Black Women are literally rocking the hair off the heads of women in India who sacrificed their hair. The Indian Woman does not even value hair as being that serious. "IT'S JUST HAIR".
Almost 80% of women in that country will shave their hair at the temple of the God. The God apparently requires their hair as sacrifice, and it was quite obvious that these ignorant people were being exploited for their hair. After sacrificing their hair, that same hair which should be a sacrifice is now shipped to various places in the world and people are becoming millionaires simply from selling the hair. Can you imagine? Honestly, the ability of Religion to "delude" people never ceases to amaze me.

P.S: By divine command, I hereby state that this post will be the last post about Hair on Blogsville. Like forreal guys, all this hair topic is becoming boring. NO MORE HAIR POSTS @ least for a good year. *So it shall be written, and so it shall be done*


Anonymous said...

haha , i want to watch this documentary

let me just give u guys a history of my foreign hair use

when i came to london,i was advised to 'cover' my hair to prevent it from breaking; but i said no, i dnt like those things 'fake things' tbh, i was just a bit cocky cos my hair was long. Fast foward 12 mnths, my hair bcam half its length

then i started using tracks this year,which cost 30 pounds, i used it 4 times. Then i decided i dint like it,
i changed to braiding, which cost at least 30 pound to do but now i have made a conscious decision to stop relaxing my hair but i still need to cover it during winter, so a blogger introduced me to lacewigs, its synthetic nd my hair is growing underneath, its healthy considering the weather .

no excuses, some ppl use these 'hairs'they dont like their hair, its sad but in nig, ppl usualy wear their own hair because the weather suits the texture.

i think the 40 pounds i have spent on my hair is most i can ever spend....i am amazed at how ppl can spent $1000 on weave. ha!!!

Azazel said...

Lol ttolla maybe it's because ur in the UK.. But black women in the states are crazy when it comes to hair. I am telling u the black women hair industry is a 9 billion dollar industry here in the states.. Mad crazy lol. Please stick with lace wigs hun, and save money for we men who cannot afford u women's hair appetite.

Enoch said...

Let me get this straight.
You took a shower. Put on your clothes. Drove your car to the movie theater. Paid the clerk for a ticket and watched a movie about ladies hair?

I'm impressed.

I would have dropped dead at the shower part and not even Chris Rock with his comic genius can drag me through hours of female hair talk.

Anyways, thanks for letting me know the hair is not from mami wata.

But on the real though. If I had to choose between two girls similar in every aspect of character and appearance except for their hair, I would go for whoever has the better looking hair. I'm shallow like that.

Wouldn't care if its natural or the recycled sacrifice of Vishnu or if the business process that made it available had blacks making the most money. But that's just me.

Reine D'Afrique said...

I am sorry, but where is religion deluding people here?
The women have done their job...they have faithfully made that sacrifice. It is not religion that is deluding, it is the people. Get your facts correct.

As for hair being important...the men are to blame too. No need to expound on that

Azazel said...

Loooooooooooool Enoch i went with my friend, and I shall have u know that many men where in attendance. Moreover, it is very smart to watch the movie because this "weave" thing is going to affect ur wallet in the future o..

Lol the name of the God was vishnu but it was longer.

Azazel said...

U have come with this ur man hatin ways..
How much do u personally spend on hair reine?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Enoch said...

I'm a very visual person. I'll throw away my pet and channel its expenses towards the general upkeep of my boo's hair if I have to. But then again, I've never dated anyone that needed hair expenses from me.

And don't mind Sacred. I love the way you threw in religion at the end. Who cares if it's a loose connection? I'll take a page from that. I love taking cheap shots at religion. :)

Azazel said...

@ Ttolla

@ Enoch.
Lol definitely love takin cheap shots @ dogs.. Trust me enoch u shud try and watch that movie. It will open ur mind to the way in which ignorance can be used to subjugate people.

~B~ said...

Hence all d ruckus on blogsville bout natural hair.

Most black women's excuse is that it's hard to maintain their natural hair which I cannot, for the life of me, understand. Black hair is the easiest thin t take care of, pple jst dnt kno how and/or are not willing to learn.

Add that t d stigma of wantin t fit a certain criteria of 'beauty' and u hav this.

Reine D'Afrique said...

@ Azazel...
Men hating? oh please. Now if you were a
as for how much I spend on hair...not that it is any of your concerns, but I spend less than $300 a year. Hair is the crown of glory on a woman's hair, and there are other ways to take care of that crown, other than abusing it.
and I pay for it myself, I don't need a man's money to pay for my money. He can just take me to the theater and dinner.

@ Enoch...
that was more a that a cheap shot at religion. That was a pathetic shot

Azazel said...

@ B
So true, and that's what they were talkin about durin the movie. The women are tryin 2 fit the description of "beautiful hair".
The indian women were surprised that their hair cost that much.

@ Reine
Haha lol nice cheap shot @ now if u were a man.
I seriously seriously doubt that u spend less than 300$ on hair a year.. I really doubt that, how much do u spend on hair product as well?

Reine D'Afrique said...

That includes hair product.
I braid my hair once a year, that is three to four months of not having to do anything to my hair. and if you haven't noticed, hair products last for a long long time. and then I used heat to straighten it out. and the only time that I spend money is when I go to a hair spa.

at the cheap shot, one deserves another.

Azazel said...

Lol and how much do u spend in the Hair spa?
Reine i really do not believe ur statement @ 300 dollars a year lol. I find dat very very hard to believe..

Reine D'Afrique said...

$150, including tip, and I go home with some hair products.
my point is that, taking care of our hair is important, but not all the women spend a ridiculous amount to have fake hair on their heads.

Nice Anon said...

na wa o! Hair matter again?

Azazel said...

Lol Nice Anon..
You should go see the movie, you will be enlightened..
When u have time, go on a date to go see the movie lol. Thou shalt be enlightened.

Nice Anon said...

Azazel: Going to see this movie. I am sure it revolved around you going on a date abi?

Azazel said...

Yeah it did lol..
No way i wud go see a movie like that by myself. I have a reputation to keep up lmao.

Reine D'Afrique said...

you amuse me. Why do I first need to be on a date to see the movie and second, why am I going to see a movie about facts I already know. It is not only stupid, but a waste of money.

Enoch said...

@Nice anon
Greetings my ruff

You need to learn the art of negotiation. I dey negotiate for movies I go to see on a date o!

Azazel said...

Lol which facts did u know?
Well i did not know that u already knew the facts, moreover lol it is a funny movie..
Unless of cus, going to see movies is against ur religion? :)

@ Enoch
Lol honestly bro, in the scheme of things that was the only movie that was worth seeing lol.. I had seen the other interestin ones lol.

Nice Anon said...

Enoch: Greetings to you too my darlin'
so you won't go see that sort of movie with me? I think we should see the time travelers wife together *wink*

Reine D'Afrique said...

movies are a rare thing. I enjoy books much more.

EDJ said...

This coming weekend, I'm going on a date night to see Capitalism: A Love Story. See how much more awesome my date night is than yours? haha

Anyway, as a frequent weave user, I can clearly say I DO NOT spend $3000 a year on hair stuff. I have never understood this need to spend ridiculous amounts of money on hair.

I do understand ttlola's plight about covering your hair during winter. When I first moved here, my relaxed hair used to go past my shoulders. Then during my first winter it started breaking and by spring it was barely hitting my neck.

The people in the documentary are special cases meant to cause the "shocked" response that you are experiencing. It isn't THAT bad for normal ppl.

Also, I really dislike when people say that black women are ashamed of their hair that is why they try weaves and relaxers etc.

I'll have you know that when my hair is at its most "natural", I have actually BROKEN many combs while trying to comb my hair. I am not trying to be white when I get a weave or relax my hair, I am just trying to get manageable hair.

I sure as hell don't have time for all the crap that is required to take care of natural hair. Why not just slap on a lace-front and be done with your hair for that day?

Enoch said...

@Nice m
n e tin 4 u

Azazel said...

@ Reine
Lol books are good to, but imagery helps from time to time.

U've not watched the documentary so how can u wrongfully assume that the people there are special cases? Go watch it and u will realise that chris rock had no reason to be biased @ all. It was actually fair and balanced to teh core.

EDJ said...


I didn't say he isn't fair and balanced (like Fox News), I simply said that the people shown in the documentary ARE special cases.

I know LOTS of black women who DO NOT spend $1000+ on one weave. If Chris Rock had shown you those people would you be interested in the documentary?

I always take stuff like this with a grain of salt. Documentaries that premiere in movie theaters need to make money. They cannot make money if they do not over-emphasize, exclude, re-word, and manipulate statistics to suit their story line.

As a man you are on the outside looking in. I am telling you, its not THAT bad. I was a college student with a weave. Do you think I could afford to spend $1000 on ONE weave? Mehn please.

La Kunbita said...

Now thinking about it, I still spend about $400 a year on my hair even though its dreads.....glad i dnt have to worry about those stupid perms, i never liked weave though -did it only twice. ghana weaving was the best but my dreads is way better.....

Azazel said...

Yes of cus i would still be interested, moreover there were lots of black women in the movie who did not spend upto a thousand dollars on weave.. I never said that all the women there spent a thousand dollars on weave.
There is no way I would believe that everyday average day women could afford a thousand dollars on hair, but there are average day women who dole out a thousand dollars to spend on hair

Azazel said...

@ La Kunibita
Which one is ghana weaving? What hair is used in that one?

Nice Anon said...

Azazel: it is a style of hair braiding not a "hair".

Enoch:How we go take organize the movie kini? piam zite na ihe ozi emailum. Ka anyi kwu korita.

Original Mgbeke said...

LOL, mayne after my post on hair gathered about 104 comments, I realized that hair tori on blogsville no be a small marra.

@ Enoch: Define better looking hair.

Aniwoos, here is my 2 cents:- My hair is natural and it works for me but I don't look down on people who wear weaves/perms. Let them do what works for them. What I disagree with, is people who NEVER rock their own hair on the basis of 'it won't look good on me' or 'I feel less attractive', that one definitely gets an errrr from me. But it is what it is...
On my part, I enjoy having natural hair, it's fun and I feel just as hot and fly as the next woman with a weave/perm. Make I no too tok long tori for here o, I would love to see 'Good hair' though.

PS:- Don't know about spending all that money on weaves but I do know that in Naija, babes dey spend like N90k on brazilian hair.

Azazel said...

So what is the difference Nice Anon? Lol if it's a style of weaving?
Weave na weave na no be so?

@ Mgbeks
Lol are u serious @ brazilian hair? 90k are u serious? Wats the diff between brazilian hair and indian hair?

Original Mgbeke said...

Azazel: I believe Ghana weave is more like braids than weave but let them correct me if I am wrong.

Re: Brazilian vs. Indian hair. I have no idea, I'm the wrong person to ask. I just heard about this huge rage about Brazilian hair.

Enoch said...

@Nice anon
I'll hola.

"Define better looking hair"
You catch me for there. It's subjective.

But Like I said in your post about hair, If a girl wants to wear a weave she better make sure its not one of those ones that ashawoify. And If she wants short hair, she should know it doesn't go well with masculine cephalic features.

Smooth hair with a bit of a sheen does it for me.

Azazel said...

Original mgbeke
No yawa lol, i was of the assumption that u were an expert lol

@ Enoch
Lmao Enoch mgbeks catch u for that one o.. @ define better looking hair.

miss.fab said...

Lmfao!!! I love your commentary!! Straight to the point and unbiased hehehe.

Listen, the Indian woman thinks "it's just hair" because she has an abundance of it!!! Abeg free Black women jare. All this hair talk, documentaries, fasting and prayer etc will not make Beyonce (aka Beyaki) stop wearing Indian Remy lacefronts and as long as the Antichrist's wife herself is still wearing fake hair, it will never go out of style. Just my 2 cents.

And before you crucify me, I just chopped off all my hair today so clearly I think "it's just hair" too. Lmfao

Azazel said...

Miss Fab lol
I like ur comment, ur actually right..
But see @ the end of the day, it is literally just HAIR.. Not a big deal.
But what I do not appreciate is the fact that the hair of those women in india are being exploited.. Out of ignorance, they cut their hair believing that their shavedd hair is a worthy sacrifice to the God. Seriously, what is a God goin to do with ur hair? Then smarter indivduals now sell that very same hair and become rich off it. Wat a shame..
This is a form of Legal Fraud.

Enoch said...

@The chics
All this Brazilian, Ghana and lace front eave sturvs I'm hearing whatever happened to yaki, expressions, amigos and the likes?

Azazel said...

Lol which one na amigo?

TayneMent said...

From what I saw in the previews, Chris went to the extreme as per hair weave cuz I saw some woman with jacked up purple peacock looking hair talking about she puts her weave on layaway. It's not that serious for some people, my weave is 19.99 lol.

Anyways, I carry my hair, I wear weave, i wear a relaxer. If it bothers any man, I guess he won't be coming near me and that's fine. My main concern is to look presentable.

Enoch said...

Amigos? One mgbeke taught me about them o. They call it "attachments" in naija And I think there's one called lolita.

Azazel said...

@ Taynement..
Nah i don't think he did.
How much does it cost u?

TayneMent said...

Contro, you no see my price dia? 19.99

Azazel said...

Nah Taynement i know see am lol, but i just see am..
19:99 hmm tres impressive..
Lol the question is whether na the cheap one u dey rock or the quality one? U feel me? Lmao jk ..
Enoch hehe mehn the funny names they give to this hair can make a brother bust out with laughter.

Myne Whitman said...

Hair again? I tire for una sha. Azazel, I don dey go.

Azazel said...

Lol no Myne..
U know i would not talk about Hair, if it was not because of the movie..
Trust me, after this there shall be no more Hair talk on blogsville.. Infact amma edit the post and put this in lmao.

Anonymous said...

Black hair is the hardest thing in the wrld to take care off. My hair when in its natural sate goes into an lie. soon as i take put my conrows and comb it it forms an afro right away.

also d weather in the u.s is crappy and it breaks shit outta ur hair, but i dont spend no 1000 dollars on no hair.


Azazel said...

Lol otas i've seen ur hair..
It's AIGHT... jk lol