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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So I take a Death, Dying and Religion class in school and yesterday my Professor assigned a Funeral paper. We are suppose to plan our own death and write our own memorial service. Can you imagine? Honestly I loved the idea, but a lot of people in class especially the females were flipping out. One girl was crying and said I am only 19, I can't imagine dying in the next 6 months. I was laughing out loud throughout the whole class, because a whole lot of people seriously could deal with the reality of "death" I wanted to take her by her arm and shake her and let her know, "You are going to die, like die, like you will be deader than dead. You will cease to EXIST. Accept it and Believe it". But anyhoo I digress...
So in the olden days when I was still living in darkness I wanted to go to heaven just so I could avoid hell and it's extreme hotness but right now the boredom of heaven seems worse compared to the "hotness" in heaven. But miss ttolla reminded me about this topic yesterday, honestly yall what are we going to be doing in heaven for an eternity? Praising and Worshipping God for eternity? It's almost as ridiculous as the muslim one of 70 virgins, honestly yall lets think about this for a second. So as a good christian, you die, you go to heaven, judgement day comes and you pass blah blah blah. Then you go to sleep, you wake up then you go worshipping the almighty, maybe they'll assign ttolla since she's a newbie to be in charge of "cleaning the drums" and maybe they'll assign honey91 to be in the choir etc. My point is this, what kind of "afterlife" will this be? Can you imagine waking up everyday to "praise and worship"? Am even going to assume that we will be allowed to "sleep", but who knows we might not be allowed to sleep, the almighty might require his daily dose of "praise and worship" 24/7.
I've always had this theory about why Devil rebelled against God. Lucifer/Devil was known as the choir leader right? He had the most beautiful voice, so it would stand to reason that maybe he got tired of singing for the almighty everyday and managed to persuade 1/3 of the disgruntled angels in heaven to rebel with him. Because think about it, what kind of charisma/charm could lucifer have possessed that he managed to persuade a whole "1/3" of all angels in heaven? It stands to reason that there must have been something more that motivated the angels to follow Lucifer and I believe that it was probably the need to stop "praising and worshipping" a God for eternity. Honestly we need to think about this, if indeed there is a heaven and there is a hell. Then do we seriously want to spend an eternity praising and worshipping God? I mean even here on earth, a whole lot of us can't stand to be in church past 4 hours  or we begin to melt.
As for hell, how is it possible to burn for eternity? Am assuming that we wouldn't be getting any sleep while in hell so that would mean we would be walking around "burning"? Do you know how many people would be in hell by now? Almost 50 billion human beings since the creation of earth, and you mean to tell me 50 billion people will burn for eternity? So lets say we burn for the first 1000 years, don't you guys think that after 2000 years of burning a whole lotta people would become "numb" to the burning? And lets say we don't become numb, so we just burn for eternity? And for what purpose? We humans did not ask to be created, God being all knowing knew we would fail, so what is the point of all this like honestly? "I don't believe in an afterlife, so I don't have to spend my whole life fearing hell, or fearing heaven even more. For whatever the tortures of hell, I think the boredom of heaven would be even worse". In closing, I came across this quote and it made me laugh.
 "Jesus hardly made the greatest sacrifice. He knew he would be resurrected anyway." Meaning, how was Jesus death a sacrifice, if he knew that he would be resurrected three days later?? Merriam Webster's dictionary defines a sacrifice as a ": destruction or surrender of something for the sake of something else b : something given up or lost.
So my point is, Jesus hardly surrendered anything for the sake of something else, he knew fully well that he would be resurrected.


Lady X said...

Actually it's 72 virgins not 70 sweetie. And the women get only one. How nice. And I never knew the Devil convinced other angels to follow him, I wasn't told of that. How convenient.

Controversy said...

always thought it was 70 virgins..
72 virgins, and the women only get one?
I love ur religion, @ least it doesn't hide it's sexist ways behind any curtain lol
But yeah baba lucifer, took 1/3 of the angels in heaven can u imagine? Must have been a pretty persuasive guy.

Enoch said...
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Controversy said...

Lol @ will he shut down all carnal knowledge @ the pearly gates.
I doubt that God still shares his wisdom, i mean after the stunt lucifer pulled, he's definitely gotten off sharin "wisdom" enoch

Enoch said...

Will he snatch freewill in heaven? Will we still have our urges? If nonny and I bump uglies in heaven would it be a sin? Or will he shutdown all carnal pleasures at the pearly gates? Will anything be fun at all? Would Moses have his ten commandments? Will that party pooper keep it to himself or force all to obey it? Is God going to share all his wisdom? If so Can I rebel against God? Seize his throne banish him to hell and give everyone true freedom? Except Jay-z of course so I can keep Beyonce to myself.

Will he permit me to have my own ideas? OR would I have to choose from a bunch of preselected permissible thoughts? Will he kill the alpha dog in me?

EDJ said...

I've always thought of heaven in terms of all those cherubs u see in pics.

I guess the logic here would be that only people who are interested in "boring" stuff will get in. That means a lot of people destined for "option 2". lol.

Controversy said...

Lol like seriously EDJ..
Hell is going to be so overcrowded, it's going to be ridiculous. I hope they have enough fire to make it burn o.

Controversy said...

Lol @ seize his throne, banish him..
prolly banish him ot his own personal hell.

BSNC said...

lol are you for real. I think heaven will be cool. Like our fantasy paradise. It is what you make of it though..

Controversy said...

Lol come on? U know praise and worshippin for eternity doesn't seem enticin lol. But i guess u must love ur praise and worshipping hun

Anonymous said...

From what I know, heaven is a reality. The first heaven is the clouds..the second heaven is the sun, moon etc while the third heaven is where God, angels and others reside. Paul saw a vision of heaven, John saw heaven, he observed things then came down to write it, Ezekeiel saw the throne of God, Daniel also saw heaven etc.

In summary, heaven is a place of treasures, reward and activities....worship and service to God, Governmental authority and leadership, fellowship with one another, continiuos learning, a place of encounter and freedom. it's a place of our citizenship,a place we will meet again in our tranformed bodies not in this lustful flesh.

So a lot of activities are going to take place in heaven not just worshipping God from morning to night.Therefore i dont think it would be boring.
The only problem I have is that I dont know if we christians would go to heaven because its like Jesus has come and gone forever or may be we don't just understand the teachings of Jesus.

Can someone read Mathew 16, with empahsis on verse 28?



Enoch said...

You seem to know so much about heaven. Have you been there? Have you read from the one guy that went and wrote about it? Have you read the book of Enoch?

"From what I know, heaven is a reality."

Please tell us more about this thing you know.

Controversy said...

Hahahaha enoch..
Lmao i was going to ask anonymous the same thing.
What do u mean by "From what you know"..
Like this is FACT??? Wth?
Hahahahahahhhahhhahaha i can't stop laughin.. Like u've never been somewhere, and u talk with such confidence? What's the diff between what u just said and ppl in nigeria who talk about the US when they've never been there?

nonny said...


ttlolla said...

LOL@ from what i know.

Truth is ' WE DON'T KNOW'

Like i said, i asked my pastor and he was telling me, we would be praising God all day , am like, am sorry but that is not inspiring

Bottomline is, nobody knows, i sure hope there are activities like 'anon' said becuase, if all i will do is clean drums at 5 am ( cos of the amount of drums) and line up by 10 am to sing hyms everyday.......i can try take valium

Controversy said...

@ ttolla
Hahaha @ u can try to take valium.
But umm sweetie u would already be dead in heaven, so u can't "rekill" urself.. Unless of cus u want to come and join us in hell?

ttlolla said...


Ah! am not bold and numb like you , hell is not an option.

I will ask for sick leave; because we learnt from the bibble a day is 1000 years before God. I will ask for two weeks leave.

But seriously, i need a man? woman of God to answer my questions

Controversy said...

LWKMD @ ask for 2 weeks sick leave.. U are going on leave without Pay o.
But honestly, come on ttolla. U know deep down in your heart that no man or woman of God can give u an answer. They have never been there, the only thing they can tell u is that heaven is definitely better "climate wise" compared to hell.

ttlolla said...

You are right, i know no one can answer my question with insight
But isn't it better to be sfe than sorry, let me get there and see !

Controversy said...

Lol @ safe than sorry.
So is that all life has become? U are hedgin ur bets hopin against hope that u'll make it there and it would have beenworth it.
Ttolla honestly if u sit down to think about it very well. U will discover that there is really no afterlife. Maggots will inhabit ur body and u will be dead.

ttlolla said...

Gerrout jo!

Am going to heaven, I Dnt feel like am sacrificing anything on earth, cos this is the kind of life I would live anyway .

I will see in heaven , as our gateman.

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

and i mean CRAZY in every meaning of the word...LMAO!!!

Controversy said...

@ Ttolla
Keep on dreaming ahah i will be hell's gateman.

@ David
Lol mehn i try o

Tosin said...

You have issues Eche

Controversy said...


Olafusi Michael O. said...

I think (or better know) I like this blog, I get a chance to express the facts behind my belief with a responsive audience.
There are some mysteries of the Christian faith -
One is the mystery of Salvation
Another is the mystery of the Trinity
If we all fully understand them, they wouldn't be mysteries.
Eternity won't be true eternity if we can comprehend what it will be like. As for Christ's death, it was a real sacrifice because He truly gave up Himself. Besides, a true sacrifice is measured by the love behind it. That is why the bible says - even if I give up myself to burned up and have not love it is vanity. And nothing can separate us from the love of God, He loves us to the brink.
I read the post where you talked about your belief. I agree with all the qualities you expect a good God to have.

Controversy said...

Thank u bro for agreeing..
And ur right that it is a mystery lol a mystery that still bothers us.. U feeleth me?

Olafusi Michael O. said...

Me feeleth you.
But do you still read the bible, even if its just to get facts and figure for your disbelief?

Controversy said...

Yes I really read the bible ol..
and yes i have understood it and I have weighed it. it came out wanting

Olafusi Michael O. said...

lol Weighed it?
You said you worship truth, truth in this realm is just a virtue. The true truth transcends what our transient minds can comprehend.
For example, it was a truth some years ago that Pluto is a planet but now it's no longer truth. True truth is not time dependent.
You are holding on to a drifting reed.

Controversy said...

True Truth is time dependent o..
I believe that, afterall it was true that a couple of centuries ago ur own religion thought the earth was flat..
Now we know that the earth is round, because men decided to go in search of truth