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Saturday, October 17, 2009



I am sure you will find this refreshing. Something different from your normal religulous posts filled with utter narcissism and ignorance…fuck you controversy and blasphemy…hell awaits you muthafuckas. Now where was I? Yes refreshing! I hope you are not offended by the title of my blog, and if you are, fuck you too. See, I am a 20something year old Nigerian lesbian who takes pride in conforming to non conformism. Some of you might find my use of the word bitch offensive, and some perverts amongst you just want to masturbate to the sound of it; either way, I hope you all understand that this is not a display of sheer queerness (and I mean it literally).

The drive behind this post has nothing to do with the fact that perhaps I am struggling to shed every atom of cosmic hypocrisy in me, nor does it have anything to do with the fact that as an activist, I feel like women need to embrace the bitch in them. Rather, this blog was driven by a movie trailer I watched. The 2min 44sec movie trailer of “HEART OF MEN” due for release sometime next week captured a montage of lewd scenes filled with sex and murder. I swear at the end of this trailer, I pulled out the biggest masturbatory equipment I had and got to work. I mean it was a well thought out display of yansh, breast and toy guns with banger as bullets…everything you need in Nollywood.

This trailer has spurred a series of backlash especially from Nigerians and Ghanaians in the United States. Fucking hypocrites, why in the world would anyone who is obviously fucking their brains out complain about a bunch of exposed ass cracks on the big screen? Utter hypocrisy at its flyest is what I call it. On the most part, the fictional nature of movies serve as a similar or over exaggerated account and reenactment of real life events, so wetin be una problem? I commend the actresses who let their guards down despite the knowledge of possible outlandish actions of their fans.

These women owned the BITCH in them, call it what you will, but whether you are offended by the pictorial depiction of African women in that movie or not, we all do these things. We all fuck and we all enjoy the pleasure of orgasms, but that is another post for another day. For now, enjoy the movie trailer below and yeah, have a nice day. 

My name is Jezebel and I am a Bitch!


honey91 said...

woaw....guess who jus signed in...
i think ima wait and be sure bout wat ure on about...

Azazel said...

Lol @ the hypocrisy behind all the backlash against that movie.
Nigerians always trying to act holier than thou, but the ghanaian movie really showed us. Nollywood better step up

Bubbles said...

you are now my fave writer on this blog.!!
you just made my day!!!

EDJ said...

Lol when I saw that movie trailer I was laughing so hard!! I didn't see a problem with it. I didn't even think it was THAT bad. I mean I've seen much worse.
I actually can't wait to see it. Someone let me know when it comes out online! IF it isn't already out.

EDJ said...

Also, no insult intended, but I didn't know Ghana was capable of producing fine men and women, so good for them!

Anonymous said...

this attitude na wa oooo, too fiesty

however i get the point, but i really do not believe the west african sub continent has reached the level of this sort of show of nudity that wont be regareded as porn

i assume this is supposed to be mainstream rated 18 movie but it wont float, they are wehhhh ahead of their time on this one.

where have you been all this while?
controversy madness lives on , on this url sha

@ azazel
i agree, too much holi holi is rubbing nigerians of more fun than they already have but its step by step now, not from rollin on the bed to full on sex now! no?

burramint said...

i cant for the movie abeg!!! i like your post jo! lol

Azazel said...

Lol ttolla
they've been rollin on the bed for 15 years now..
Them peeps need to upgrade...
Naija should drop all it's Holy Holy attitude, it does not work.

@ EDj
i don't think all the people in that movie are ghanaian

Nice Anon said...

You started wanking over a trailer? Interesting o!

Lady X said...

Embrace the Bitch in you!
You should blog more jare.

Jezebel said...

I am a strong believer in sexual liberation. Whether it is depicted in a movie or in the comfort of my bedroom. Thanx guys for your comments. I will blog more and I really think we all should be able to express ourselves in whatever manner we deem fit. One life to live and as long as we are not hurting anyone in the process, oh fuckin well. THANK U ONCE AGAIN.

Azazel said...

So true @ one life to live..
Someppl will still judge u sha.

Enoch said...




And I thought only a sermon can make me consider giving my life to Christ.

I kid.

I don't watch 9ja films so I don't know whats mainstream, however, I hate "thought policing" in any form. So this is a very good thing.

Please feel free to elaborate on your sexual liberties. I want to hear that part.

@Nice Anon.
Welcome to the club. You'll come to realize its a lot of fun.

juiceegal said...

'My name is Jezebel and I am a Bitch!'
Where have u been all these years
ehn jezebel?? lol
I LOVED THIS...i don't understand the fuss, they all have sex and yet they are so hush hush aboout it. Abegi jare. You're my kind of person...pls blog more often.

bob-ij said...

For me, I just loved that nudity and sex was omitted in our entertainment just so parents and kids can always watch together.
My friend and I talked about his the other day.. she said some of what you said though. I'm just one of those that likes the falsity we cloak our African/Nigerian eyes with!
Nicely written though!

muyiwa said...

yeah the trailer is real and captivating,just stopping by,cheers

Azazel said...

@ Enoch
Bros u no dey watch 9ja films? Ahn ahn maka why?

Myne Whitman said...

Jezebel. New kid on the block eh? I'm watching you....

Question, Bitch or Diva?

Jezebel said...

@bob-ij, it would be nice to watch "family" programs with "kids," but dont forget, our idea of "family" programs in Nigeria for a long time has been watching movies filled with witchcraft, armed robbery and violence. I really have a hard time grasping what is so "family" about it. We might as well complete the cycle by incorporating the most realistic of them

@myne whitman, as convenient as labelin myself a "diva" seems, I wouldnt say i'm one. Trust me, it's not easy being a bitch, but someone's gotta do it. lol.

@ttlolla well put. West African sub continent is not ready, but when will we be ready to embrace sexuality? it is very easy to stone a woman to death when accused of infidelity, but the same people who enable these practices are quick to justify their liberty to wed up to four wives. All i'm saying is that it gives me joy to see women take back what they have been deprived of for years...


puritanism does lead to hypocrisy sometimes. I understand that people are uncomfortable with certain things they see, and also understand that far too often certain elements try to push boundaries to make a buck regardless of morals or consequences.

Oh well, I am beginning to ramble because I have been up for over 15 hours and it is only 5pm.

Nice blog, sha. I like the straightupness of it all over here. Will be back to learn more about your views.


Azazel said...

I like ur blog mehn.. It's on point..
I go there now for political news in naija

Enoch said...


Omo, as per 9ja movies, I don try tire I no fit. Except if they have changed radically they just can't gent a handle on my interest.

Too predictable, too exaggerated too cliched-up, too devoid of depth. It's like half a dozen scripts passed between directors and plugged with different faces every week.

Has it changed?

Most of the 9ja movies I watch, na in pursuit of woman o.