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Friday, October 2, 2009


First of all, It appears that we've lost our wonderful contributor Sacred. Details are still sketchy as to why/what made her make the decision to terminate her "contract" with us. She is a great person and she shall be sorely missed.
Now today, I have taken up Myne Whitman's challenge and I am going to let you guys know what my belief system is.
I believe in God, or for lack of a better word I believe in a Supreme Being. There is somebody out there who is more superior than any human being, and I credit that person for creating human beings but apart from that, this supreme being has been non-existent in our everday lives. For those who would beg to differ, I would give you examples of people in Sudan/Congo/Somalia/Uganda and all those improverished places who have cried for their "lord" to come to their rescue. Their cries have fallen on deaf ears.  I do not believe that humans evolved from "apes" or any evolution theory crap like that. Now this is where I differ from most religious people, I do not believe in "revealed religions".Revealed religions are religions in which people claim that God revealed to them his words/instructions/commands/guidelines etc. I do not believe in that. I worship truth and I strive to follow it everyday of my life. I believe that the hands that help are one million times better than the lips that pray. I draw inspiration from Michael Jackson's Heal the World song and Nickelback's If Everyone Cared song and I firmly believe that humans should strive to make the world a better place, I am usually cynical about displaying "mushy mushy" lovey dovey stuff but I honestly do believe that we humans should love one another and care for each other. But unfortunately, we humans are always distracted from the big picture through politics/religion etc. I am a deist who believes in the power of reason/evidence/proof/logic, anything that starts with "Faith" is immediately discarded because I ultimately believe that anything that can be "asserted" without proof can be "dismissed" without proof. I believe in the religion of reason the gospel of this world; in the development of the mind, in the accumulation of intellectual wealth, to the end that man may free himself from superstitious fear, to the end that he may take advantage of the forces of nature to feed and clothe the world."
Now before I go on, let me post the rules/commandments/principles every "God" should have/follow, these are principles I feel that every God who claims to be a good God should follow.
 - be a good/perfect and not dabble in "gambling" with human lives. *Job 1:1-14*
 -  believe in equality/fairness for all and love everybody equally. 2 Samuel
 - not play favoritism/cut slack for anybody.If you commit a crime, you pay for it.Nobody is above the law.
 - not cut kill/maim people for stupid reasons.
 - not display sadistic/psychopathic/genocidal behavior.
 - not see children in Somalia/Darfur/Uganda dying and not do anything to alleviate their suffering.
 - have serious compassion and mercy for all those who cry out for his help.
 - punish bad behavior and reward good behavior.
- lead by example, if you expect humans to follow your laws, a good God should follow the same laws also.

I believe that these points cover what we would expect from a fair and good God, and this principles are what I feel any God who claims to be a good God should follow. Now, if I pick up a book/bible which claims to be the "Word of God" and while reading that book I come across some questionable behavior that makes me "question' why my "good God" would fail to obey/follow the  points mentioned above. I would prefer to doubt the validity of that book, than to question that my God who is a good God could ever do some of those despicable things that "bible/book" credits him with doing.. So again I hope I have succeeded in letting you guys realise that I question the bible's "truth value" and whether every scripture/word/verse/chapter in it is truly God Breathed. I do not disrespect God by questioning/doubting that a book written by men/voted on by men could be his book. A book/bible that showcases my God as being a sexist, a psychopath/Sadist, a racist God, a God who believed in slavery, a mass murderer who had a PHD and Masters in Genocide(The only difference between God and Adolph Hitler is that God is more proficient at genocide. Nobody should blame hitler or even take fault with his actions? He was simply stunting like his maker? His maker killed as many more Jews than Hitler, enslaved them or let them be enslaved for 450 years so please let us not fault him for emulating his maker). If a man would follow, today, the teachings of the Old Testament, he would be a criminal. If he would follow strictly the teachings of the New, he would be insane.I dare say that if there is a God, he would reward me at the end of the day for defending him from all these lies being touted about him by these "religious institutions". I came across this quote and decided to share with you all "We are told in the Pentateuch, that god, the father of us all, gave thousands of maidens, after having killed their fathers, their mothers, and their brothers, to satisfy the brutal lusts of savage men. If there be a god, I pray him to write in his book, opposite my name, that I denied this lie for him."

So there you have it, I hope that I have succeeded in showing you what I believe? It is not my intention to convert anybody to my belief, nor do I intend to convince you that my own "belief system" is the True one. All Enoch,Blasphemy and I urge you all to do is to "Question your beliefs" the same way we question ours. And that we all might one day succeed in finding for truth.


Lady X said...

"I dare say that if there is a God, he would reward me at the end of the day for defending him from all these lies being touted about him by these "religious institutions"..."

My best part. But you sound kinda sad. I don't know why maybe it's my imagination.

EDJ said...

Lol Controversy why don't you believe in evolution? Now I'm mad at you. You don't like the Christian God and you don't believe in evolution. Tufia! How do you explain humanity then?

Controversy said...

Thanks Lady X
But umm i do not see this sadness u speak off lol

Come on, i said i do not subscribe to the bible's description of this supreme being I call God. The bible mocks that "God"

Gentian Sage said...

You've explained your position very well, and very clearly, however as a Christian I must say that God has revealed Himself to me in SO many ways throughout my life. Let me answer some points that are the most urgent-- and the most disturbing-- to me:

1. God (the Father of Jesus Christ)does NOT bring harm to his children. The Bible says that God is good. His goodness is THE goodness and because of that He cannot sin. That is why Hell was created. NOT because He wants to punish bad people, but because God is so perfect He cannot be around "badness." Hell was intended only for the devil, because he rebelled. It was never intended for human beings.

2. You compared Adolf Hitler to GOD??? I'm so shocked I'm shaking. Let me address the Holocaust as I see it. It brings me to tears everytime I think about it, and I sympathize with the MILLIONS of lives that were lost and destroyed. HOWEVER, the Bible CLEARLY says that God has given man free will, free will to live a godly life, or free will to be an instrument of evil. Adolf Hitler CHOSE (with his free will) to hurt others, and that is not a reflection on God. How can it be? Again, the Bible says God gives us a choice as to what direction we want to go in. He would be a hypocrite if He stepped in and tried to convert Hitler without Hitler himself falling on his knees and asking for forgiveness.

3. Follow-up to above point: People always wonder why bad things happen to good people. For me, the Jews lost in the Holocaust was a tragedy. But, plain and simple they were not under God's protection, because they were not under the new covenant of believing in Jesus Christ, God's son. Now, I know that some horrible things have happened to Christians as well, but the free will question comes up there too. You don't know what was going on on the inside of people. How do you know if God told them to go somewhere, or do something that would have helped them avoid their tragedy, and, like Jonah, they didn't listen? Also, in the words of my pastor, we cannot question every single thing that happens in this universe, because again we don't and never will, know the whole story. Think of Martin Luther King, Jr. His death was horrible, but if he hadn't died I don't think civil rights in America would have moved forward as quickly as it did after that.

Controversy, I challenge you and other critical people to open yourself up to the God I serve. I understand that you've seen a lot of things you don't like. But you can't possibly expect to get to know God when you have such an antagonistic attitude towards him.

Controversy said...

Gentian Sage

Nice comment and all but are u sure it's the same bible that am readin that your reading?

Adolf Hitler - Let me get this straight, have u totally forgotten about instances in which God ordered babies/ pregnant women, whole populations to be wiped out?
Have u forgotten the story of King Saul when God commanded him to go kill every amalekite? Pregnant women, babies and not let anybody/anything leave there alive? U mean to tell me u approve of killing babies? Gentian there are numerous instances in the bible hun, in which it shows God doing some truly despicable things.

Enoch said...

Very nice post. Let me point out a few things I find odd.

If there is a God/Supreme being, Why do you anthropomorphize such an entity? Must he/she/it have feelings? And if he does, why is he obliged to be a good God? If such a being exists with perhaps infinite wisdom, isn't it possible that the world as it is-- Uganda, Dafur, Somalia and all-- makes sense to him but escapes our limited intellects? If this supreme being created the world, why couldn't evolution have been his instrument of creation? If the bible was well written without the loopholes you have pointed would that make it anymore true? Would you believe then in a revealed religion?

Controversy. It is nice to have a God. It is nice to have that sense of a higher purpose that accompanies the belief in the existence of a God. But it is also nice to be on the Forbes 400 list.

@Gentian Sage
Can you tell me why you believe the bible? Can you do so without referencing the bible? I personally believe the bible is an interesting but poor work of fiction.

Controversy said...

Lol Enoch see indeed I am inclined to agree with your whole comment. I have no proof that there is a GOd, I have not seen him, not touched him. But i do admit it feels good to sort of know that there is somebody higher. On the basis of proof/evidence I have no proof that such a God exists.
The point that i was tryin to make is, if such a God exists and people claim that such a God is a good God. A good God would do good things. U are right to say that God is not obliged to be a good God, u are 100% correct. But chrsitians claim he is a good God, so i am arguin with them based on their premise that he is a Good GOd. A good God would not support genocide, he would not commit it, he would not be sexist, he would love everybody equally. A good God would do all these good things. Now if he was just a "GOD". U are damn right that he is not obliged to be nothing, he can do whatever he wants.

TRYBES said...

Hey bro,just thinkin to myself readin through your post and was wonderin to myself if you truly do believe in miracles and if yes, why?...

Also do you believe in prophesies?

Would be glad to hear u out..

Reine D'Afrique said...

so many things with your reasoning.
So God is like Adolf Hitler.
So while God runs around policing people...what are humans supposed to do? Take a vacation in Tahiti while God feeds the hungry?
If you believe in GOd, and that is a big IF...then you need to reconnect with Him a bit, and maybe just maybe you might understand the role of Man in creation. Or that God does not answer to anyone.
If you are not okay with that God...I suggest you find another one.
The Hindus have plenty, they would gladly share with you.

Today's ranting said...

Your beliefs are so interesting!

Controversy said...

@ Trybes
I do not believe in prophecies. Simple, because I do not believe that God can speak to anybody. When ppl prophecy and say God told them to say this or God told them to say that, I ask myself. If these ppl can heal these group of people, why can't they heal these other sets of people. I have no faith in miracles..

@ Reine
God created humans, we did not ask to be created. Apple created ipods, if ipods start misbehavin or malfunctioning, apple does not place the blame on the ipods, they recall the ddamn things and fix them.
Am assumin u have connected with this God, how does he speak to u? Do u guys go on picnics together?
@ Today's ranting.
Thanks o

Reine D'Afrique said...

@ Controversy
If I told you how I connect to God, would you believe me?

and you are welcome. I am upset yes, but as indicated in the blog...I learned from you guys

Enoch said...

If you say there is no evidence of a God, what exactly compels you to believe in one? The fact there is no explanation for our existence? Or is it because most people believe in some version of a God and your are feeling left out?

What is it specifically that makes you decide to believe in an idea that has no basis in testable evidence? And Whatever it is, why does it single out only God? why don't you believe in other things that have no merits in reason?

goodness said...

Confused should be your name, not controversy. You are a confused little fellow who feels the need to have everything fit into this little box he has somehow made 'the box of perfection'.

You believe there is a supreme God, The God that you have declared to be "more superior than any human being". Yet, you question this God. This is where I conclude that you are confused, and would rather be 'different' for the sake of just being different. You feel you Know so much, and you feel you should somehow question a God who once again, you have declared to be 'more superior than any human being'.

If as you said, This God is more superior than any human being, I believe it should be no shock to you that he is capable of doing anything however it pleases him. Oh hold on man, don't jump my bones yet, I am very sure, you have the "perfect controversial answer" for me right now, but before you say anything, I want to point out that from all of your posts, you seem to not know where you belong! I say this because, one day, you claim to be be speaking the truth, and other days, you say the truth is dead. Then some other days, you want to know the truth, but you are not willing to do what it takes to find the truth.

For you to find the truth about the "good God", you have to seek for him in truth and in spirit. You can't have doubt written all over you and expect a door of answers to be opened unto you.

How can you already have a made up mind about God, and expect him to show you his real self? You question him when you don't even KNOW him.

Now, back to this particular entry, I'd like to inform you, that despite whatever you might think you are, YOU DO NOT AND CANNOT EVER (i repeat EVER) dictate HOW you want GOD to be! Your list of what you expect God to be, makes me laugh because, you feel that it should be HOW YOU WANT IT, if it is not that way, then it is no other way.

I beg you to discard your 'sunday school' Idea of God. Forget that you grew up in church, and went there every sunday, and that the preachings you heard made you question the truth about God. Try with all of your heart and might to go to GOD himself... clear your heart of every doubt, and don't go to him with the intention of wanting to prove him wrong. Open up his word.. (yes, I said His word.. The BIBLE), Read it, ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. And I guarantee you that you will Find God.

If you only put half of the energy you put into 'disproving' GOD, to sit down and ask him to reveal himself to you.

cici said...

I'm loving this blog...and yes ur post are vey controversial...kinda make me question my believes....that aside pls can u explain ur take in ur next post on rapture and the end of the world as it is written in the book of revelation...

muyiwa said...

hey first time here,u are welcome to blogsville,cheers

Controversy said...

@ Goodness
I am going to respond to u first, because ur whole comment made no sense to me. Where did I say this is what I want god to be? I said and I repeat, if your God claims to be a good God, then he should do good things.. If he's not a good God, then no one has a right to dictate to him. Lol @ seek him in spirit and in truth, please abeg u dat u have sought him in spirit and in truth. Does he speak to u to? Do the two of u go on picnics? ehn.. Does he come down from heaven and the two of you share a cup of coffee? Oloshi, seek in spirit and in truth ko, seek in Juju and in babalawo ni. Nonsense

@ Cici
Thank u jare and I promise, we'll try to address the rapture bit also.

@ Muyiwa
Thanks for the compliment

@ See me see trouble reine.
I asked u simple question, how have u connected with God. DOes it matter if i believe u or not? Just let us know how u've connected with him

Controversy said...

@ Enoch
U have asked some very serious questions bro and I shall answer u with my own truth.
There is no proof to suggest that there is a God, there is not one ounce to proof that he exists. U are right. Now I already know this, and I do not have faith but yet I am not an atheist like yourself and I shall tell u why.
I was raised in a christian home, almost all my life includin now everyone around me is christian. U on the other hand acknowledged that your parents were not christian and u did not grow up with that "poison" being put in your head. Well i grew up with that poison, and i shall dare say that I hold out hope that maybe just maybe I am wrong and they are right that there is in fact a God. I know deep deep down that there is no God, but i hope that there is one, not for my sake but for the sake of all these people who place all their trust in him existing. I hold out hope because i know once I cross that threshold into atheism land, I become a nihilist like you. Now I do not want to become a full out nihilist, and I know for a fact that once i become atheist I will abandon any ounce of morality/integrity/principles that I have.

Anonymous said...

Son,you are going to destroy yourself with this false truth you claim to know.You are so full of yourself yet know nothing.How dare you insult and call people oloshi for speaking the truth which you are so short sighted and blind to see?God save your soul but you are sure headed for destruction if you dont change.God is never going to sit around and have you mock his name with the nonsense you spew out daily on this blog.Go get a life.

Controversy said...

@ Anonymous.
Am sorry if u think that for one sec, that I am scared @ "God will not seat around and watch me mock his name" U are sorely sorely mistaken lol. U know how long i've been doing this shit? For a long ass time, so please God has been watchin over me as I "mocked" his name. He has not struck me with thunder or lightening. Maybe he's to busy right now ehn?

Anonymous said...

Now you are calling people 'oloshi' controversy, i dnt know what to do about you anymore.

I give up!!!

Ok to the post, am not here to defend God

However i am surprised you are saying you believe a God exists when you said 'I am a deist who believes in the power of reason/evidence/proof/logic'

and you claim there's no proof but still you belive in his existence....


Enoch said...

I'm thinking you are mixing up Innuda's comment with mine. I was born a catholic and my folks are aggressive Catholics.

Interesting that you believe in a lie because you like it better than the truth. Don't you think that's cowardly?

goodness said...

Lol... See? You know, it is true what I said earlier, you are confused. I just read your reply to enoch's comment, and I must say... Wow! So, really? You claim you are believing that there's God for the sake of others who believe in him? Who made you savior? Who made you a well wisher?

Like Enoch said, a bunch of the things you spit out screams cowardice, and in my own opinion confusion.

I see how you decided that, since I do not believe in the same thing you believe in, I am being tagged as an "oloshi" (I Believe that's a curse from what the other posters have said).

On some days you claim everyone to his own, on other days you say my way or no way, yet on some other days, you believe in the GOD we all believe in, because you want US to be RIGHT.

I believe I should see the Positive in that. Believing there's God is the start. I pray he helps you to seek him once again. At least you believe he's supreme. Now go one more inch, or two, to get to know him.

To answer your questions, YES, He does speak to me. I Can feel him all around me. My God is definitely a good God. His definition of good doesn't have to fit Webster dictionary's definition of good.

Controversy said...

And as i explained to Enoch, u are right it doesn't make sense to believe in a God when u claim u worship reason/proof.
I have no proof that there is a God but for the sake of my loved ones who believe in him, I am perfectly willing to hold out hope that maybe he's out there. Just for their sake, honestly if u want to get down to the nitty gritty of it, i am indeed an atheist or maybe even agnostic.

@ ENoch
It is definitely cowardly without a shadow of a doubt.. I will definitely admit to that. I am atheist lol, just with strong reservations.

Controversy said...

Ohhhh wow @ his definition of Good does not have to fit the definition of the dictionary... True that goodness..
Sorry for calling you oloshi btw, now please what is ur own definition of Good? If God tells someone to rape ur sister or mother , and that's God definition of good are u perfectly ok with that?
There is no proof that there is a God, no one has seen him. Stop deludin urself and lying to urself that u talk to God one on one. U know dats a damn outright lie

goodness said...

Controversy, You remain a confused fellow. Now you are an atheist who believes in God because you want US (God believers) to be RIGHT. . *smh*.

Speak of foolishness.

I'll keep you in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

u seem to contradict urself in sheer oblivion: u believe there is a supreme being whom u can't explain his existence or proof of his creation thereof, yet u are quick to dismiss faith. what is ur belief called?
I respect your belief system and I have no reason to disregard your faith cos we are all thinking beings. But I wish u could halt castiagting other people's faiths and throwing every percieved loopholes in their holy book to their faces...being the judge and the Jury with some tints of 'impunity'.
The truth remains that not every word in the Bible is the word of God. Some were accounts of events not necessarily from God. I always tell christians to differentiate the words of God, words of Jesus from events or the words of other men who served God. The books of proverbs, Eccl, Songs of Solomon etc were not words of God..they were the words and wisdom of Solomon. The book of Psalm is not was the songs of David to God in every occasions and events in his life time.
..that events or words are in the Bible does not mean it's directly from God. This is where we christians get them all wrong and the men of God are to blame for this!
However, while i agree with u that following some of the rules of the old testament of the Bible is not different from being Hitler himself, could u throw more light on your assertion that doing same to the new testament would make one insane?


Controversy said...

Lol @ speak of foolishness..
If there is a God, I believe in reason and logic. Now my reasoning tells me that no "man" created the earth and this is what leads me to believe in a supreme being.
@ Anonymous
Any God who claims to be a perfect God shouldn't write books full of "loopholes".
In the NT, women are required not to do certain stuff.. basically relegated to "second class" citizens.. That belief in of itself is insange

Controversy said...

Faith is usually the excuse of a man who is to lazy to investigate.