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Friday, December 3, 2010


I am sure some of you at least once in your life have come across somebody who made the statement "Man should never play God."

For me, I came across that statement last night in class when we were talking about Stem Cell research and Cloning of other human beings etc. Some of the people in the class argued that they were against both stem cell research and clonings because they think that 'human beings' should not play God. We should not mess with what God has created or made natural.

Their argument struck me as completely absurd for these various reasons. Right now in the world, we have processed foods, foods that are made artificially for example fruits, tomatoes etc. They are able to be made without being grown and that's just one instance. Not to talk about the other instances where Doctors play God by saving human life through science and technology.

One of the other arguments some people in the class made was that if we cloned ourselves, it might lead to the over population of the world and disrupt the natural balance. Plus the science gained from stem cell research could figure out a way to stop people from aging and that would mean that people lived way longer than they should. Their argument again struck me as odd because they were arguing that supporting that kind of science would be nothing short of human beings playing God. I then asked them if they realised that human beings had  been 'playing God' way before any of us were born? In the natural world, if you get sick or you contact natural diseases those diseases are a way of nature to root out the weak and keep the strong. It's also a natural way to balance the earth population, but human beings decided to invent drugs and medicine which would cure us from those natural diseases in essence making us live longer.

If those drugs did not exist, the only respite we as human beings would have as  a cure is to pray to God and hope he answers us just like they did in the days of the bible. If God no answer your prayer, na to die be that. So when they say 'we human beings are playing God' then they should realise that in order to stop playing as God we need to get rid of all the scientific advances that have been made in order to enable we humans to be more effect.

The other aspect of this that I found bemusing was the fact that the very same people who say "Human Beings should not play God" are the very same people who credit God with the advances made by doctors, scientists etc. Sometimes when you ask people if you believe in God and not science why do you not only pray to God when your sick and let him heal you, why do you go to the doctor. Some people will respond with, how do you know it's not God working through the doctors?

My point is, if then it is God working through the doctors, scientists etc. Then the breakthroughs made in the medical and science profession are obviously of God's doing abi? So cloning and stem cell research are obviously approved by God.

I will define what stem cell research is for those who may not know what it is
Stem Cell Research - Stem cell research is a developing technology that focuses on using undifferentiated cells therapeutically to treat human disease and injury. Stem cells are primitive or unspecialized cells that can assist in tissue repair and rejuvenation. When they divide, stem cells have the potential to become any type of cell needed, such as brain, blood or muscle cells.

Basically the cells when separated can become any type of cell and they can be used to cure people with diseases such as cancer etc. The controversy behind it is that the cells are gotten from human embryos and so there is this whole argument as to whether a human embryo is a human being or not. That is the ethical issue lol


Realist said...

i am for Stem Cell Research 100%... I think it is retarded to say that human embryos are people. What will be next? They will soon start sentencing people who masturbate to life in prison for murder...

But i am against cloning... i have no scientific reasoning behind it, i just cant imagine something that is human but lacks a soul.

Azazel said...

Lol how will it be a human being with no soul?
That's a horrid assumption on ur part bro..
Afterall we have identical twins in the world right? Are they the same?
Does one have soul and the other soulless?
Come on Realist, remember what u don't understand you fear.

neefemi said...

Eche, the comparison between twins and clones is mute. There are no comparisons between the two. Come up with another comparison and we could talk.

Azazel said...

Lol saying something is mute without qualifying why it's mute does not make it mute.
Lol neefemi if the comparison is mute, explain why it is mute.

El-Divine said...

lol...i dont think there is anything wrong with stem cell research.
and pls realist, there is no such thing as being human and lacking a soul. i think yall misunderstand what a soul really means.
like my uncle jayz, i'll explain later.

EDJ said...

I believe, the best way to explain the difference between a clone and a twin is that a clone is a photocopy while a twin is half of a whole. Honestly, twins are not as genetically identical as people think. They are not exact replicas of each other while a clone would be.

I am all for stem cell research. Cloning, I don't know. I think I'm on the fence? Not because of God or anything, just because I worry about the complications that could arise from cloning. The way science works, it will take years to clone a person, if at all, and there are bound to be issues.

Realist said...

did you not read where i said i had no scientific reasoning behind it is just an irrational feeling i choose to not part with.

A twin is human fully human, still made by "God". A clone purely human... as i dont think the origins of the soul are in our DNA then i feel a clone doesnt have a soul. Like i said "no scientific reasoning behind it" lol

TriNi @ Make Money Online said...

I'm actually doing a paper on this right now, about the laws surrounding stem cell research etc, for my Laws class, and I am one of those people that are against embryonic stem cell research because I too feel that it is a life.

I am not here to argue with anyone that feels otherwise, because at the end of the day I believe it is a personal and individual belief. No one person can sway another person to think anything else. It is the same as if you believe in God or not. Each person is entitled to believe whatever he or she believes!

However, while doing this paper I learned a bit more about stem cell research and from what I understand it can also be done from adult cells, germatic cells, etc. So why the need to use embryos? Yes I read that it's more potent etc.. but still. If that's causing such a riot, couldn't we just do without it?

Hey I'm no expert, but it's just my thoughts on the whole thing.