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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just Another Rant

I actually wrote this on May 27th... I just never posted it. I didnt read through it but i am sure i still feel the same way just that now, i am more at peace with what i was ranting about... lol Here goes ...

This is just a rant, no hidden agenda, no me trying to act like i know better than anyone, this is what i feel most comfortable with. All i got is questions, few answers, and if we are real with ourselves that is all we have. One of My favorite books is The Count of Monte Cristo. At the end Edmond Dantes(the greatest man to ever says this quote "Until the day when God shall deign to reveal the future to man, all human wisdom is summed up in these two words, —'Wait and hope'." The author Alexandre Dumas writes exactly what i feel, we really do not know anything, all it is is a wait game to see if we were right, and some of our wisdom turns to folly, (the earth is flat, the earth is the center of the universe) and some of our wisdom is really hope (prime example is religion, all it is is hope that we chose the one). But where i deviate from Dumas is, what if there is no "god" to reveal it? What if there is really nothing to reveal, what if Life is just a random event based on no laws or design... on to the rant...

Mehn there has to be an afterlife... this short life can not be it. I REFUSE!!! There has to be something more. If you really look at it, life is soo short, i closed my eyes twice and i am 22, soon i will have a family and kids. Soon after that i will be old man and die. Thats if i dont just drop and die. I find it hard that this is just it. What about those kids that die at 1 yr, is that it for them? They dont get a chance to come back and try to live longer. I understand the body fading, but what about the essence, the soul, that just cant be a one and done, how can it just fade? We dont get to come back? Then i wonder what if this is not my first time here? Who was i in my past life? Did i have the same personality? Was i Nigerian? Or maybe i was Napoleon. That could explain why out of all the historical figures i like him the best, plus we have the same birthday. Was i a girl? or maybe i was a cow?
All these are just a few questions i have, and i think some of y'all might have the same questions. It seems like that is what life is... a bunch of questions few answers. I thought that when i was grown up, i would have all the answers. Now i realise that when adults used to answer me with "it just is", or "it is because i say so". It is because they like me had no idea why "it was so". Its so funny the more we know, the more we find out how little we know. All i know is that life is too short, and i wasted 20 yrs of it, i have only been enjoying it for 2 yrs, and it makes me regret all that time i wasted trying to be anything other than "Realist". I want a re-do.
If there is no after life then what is the meaning of our existence? Maybe the meaning of life is that there is no meaning, all we are are numbers in the population, nothing more, a lot less. Accepting this is harsh, but i can fool myself into believeing that this is not a possibility. What i could do is form some kind of meaning of life, which makes me feel good and useful...

I guess this is how religions start.


Enoch said...

Oh, how I miss my blogging days.

I love this post.

Acting like "you know better than anyone" is where the fun's at. Don't be shy. Try it some time. Take a drag of that drug. Provoke contempt. Traffic in ire. Live a lil.

O yes. The age old question: The meaning of life? If Douglas Adams of Hitchhiker's fame is to be believed, the answer to that question is 42. lol.

In my very flawed judgment, I believe that if the universe has some elegant, coherent, meaningful and inescapable purpose, we humans probably play no role in it. At least, our apparent insignificance on the cosmic scale suggests this much.

Some adherents of Biocentricism like to point at the big bang, cosmic inflation and specie evolution so as to claim that we humans are a consequence of the universe's intent to observe itself. How's that for meaning of existence?

As for the reincarnation thing, I guess it boils down to the question; what constitutes human identity? If by 'essence' or 'soul' you mean the sum total of your unique but broad spectrum of psychological instincts and values and nothing more, then you cant deny these are all abstract qualities that can be re-instantiated in another human. If, on the other-hand, you include your very specific memories....

And there you have it. My rant reply to your rant.

Again: Lovely post.

Happy holidays everyone.

Azazel said...

It may be true that we truly may know nothing.

Why must there be more to life though?
Lol if the bible is right and we simply came from dust, what givesus the right to 'hope' for more??
Lol selfish beings that we are.
We can't even make do with what we have here on earth.

Realist said...

lol... i wow@ ENoch's reply. very interesting reply especially the "we humans are a consequence of the universe's intent to observe itself. How's that for meaning of existence?"

@Azazel lol... @ "why must there be more to life?" that is one of those replies that piss people off when you tell them but in essence it is true.

Anonymous said...