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Thursday, December 9, 2010

I hate "Good Guys"

I hate "good guys"/"nice guys". You know the guys who always say "girls dont like good guys, they always want the bad ones". The ones that tell sob stories and want you to cry for them. It is like their goal to get a girl is to make them feel pity on them and date them. ANNOYING!!! like really so what that you are a guy that does the right thing or treats women respectfully or gets straight A's and other stuff good guys do? DO you want an award? You want us to organize trophy for you? You are doing what you are supposed to be doing, no one owes you any congratulations, you should be happy you are doing it for yourself.

Just because you are a "good guy" doesnt mean you should leave the house like you are color blind. At least have some style, take care of your appearance because if your appearance is not up to par, no girl will be interested long enough to see what a good guy you are. We are visual creatures, most of the time the first thing that catches our attention are visual. Have something other than being a "nice guy" going for you.

Get some confidence!!! the worst thing ever is seeing someone with no confidence, feeling all sorry for themselves. People like being around people that make them happy, and nothing is more saddening that someone with no self esteem. I mean you cant be a guy with no self esteem, it is a very bad combo. A girl with no self esteem will still get play, but not a guy.

Find something that is attractive about yourself... be funny, hit the gym,... or if all else fails get rich, that solves

I dont even know why this kind of guys piss me off. One of my favorite sayings is "We hate in others what we hate about ourselves". Lol i think it slightly applies here. I have always hated when people said "Realist is a 'good guy'" Or when parents told their children to be more like "Realist the good boy". I never wanted ot be one of those lame people. But in essence i am just that, but i refuse to be I ran accross one of these "good guys" today and inspired me to write this semi-rant.


Nutty J. said...

Actually there is a difference between the 'good' guyand the 'nice' guy

The nice guy is the one who pisses me off. he cant make his own decisions cos he is a crowd pleaser...and when he makes a decision he makes a poor one.

He cant get game becos he always strikes you as a pal, He cant get laid cos most women see him as a 'girlfriend'... he doesnt get play becos he is socially retarded... I mean I can go on and on...

Yet he'll be the first to say 'good girls like bad guys'


Mr Lonely said...

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2cute4u said...

Can't even begin to find the right words to say

Tisha said...

You are a loser...

Sorry but you said no sugar coating.

All you need to do in life is to please God and not other people...

oops, i forgot, you don't know Him
Or do you?

LucidLilith said...

I like good guys but I hate door mats. I don't like crowd pleasers either. I like someone who likes to do his own thing no matter what people say. That's Character, right there.

Realist said...

@Nutty J ... yeah i tend to lump both of them to gether because nice guys call themselves good but yea like you said in actuality there is a distinction

@2cute4u ... when u find the right words we will be patiently waiting to read it... lol

@Tisha hahaha OMG... lol yea i will be the first to tell you i am a loser. But dang!! i tried to make a post that had no religious connotations in it and someone just have to bring it. But the "all you need to do is please God and not other people" is something i dont subscribe to if you want o have a happy existence. If your main goal is to get to heaven yes, but if you are not trying to be a monk then no. We humans need companionship, no man is an island, and with that we need to once in a while please other humans. We need people to laugh at our jokes, to wipe our tears away and all that good ish.

@LucidLilith lol @ liking someone who does their own thing no matter what people say. Yea it is character but it could also be

Azazel said...

Lol Realist..
I think Tisha thought it was me that wrote this post..
Some people never seem to realise we have more than one contributor on this blog.
But I feel u on this post realist, and it's the solid truth.

Enoch said...

"Nice guys dont finish last, they finish in the bathroom." 2.5men.

Lovely post.

I went from good guy to beast to half man half beast. If I've learnt anything in my journey, its that striking the balance Is what counts.

As far as the goodguy/badguy _ success/failure debate goes, ive met all combinations; Successful nice guys, bad guys that are total failures, lousy nice guys , smooth criminals, uget ma drift.

I think The chief wahala is casting your thinking permanently in one category no mater what life throws at you. So yes, I guess I'm prescribing some split persona ish