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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This is a vision from Amadioha concerning events that are to be occurring soon. I, the Messiah was in my room meditating on several ideas in the spirit on the Lord‘s day - Thursday (the day of Thor, the white Amadioha). Suddenly, a thunderous noise came from behind me, I turned to see what it was, and what I saw next gripped me with so much fear, I almost used the bathroom (number 1 and 2). I saw perhaps the darkest cloud ever imagined and on top of it was a huge (and by huge I mean god-like huge) black man. His appearance was alien to me; his skin was darker than Wande Coal, yet his eyes were whiter than Wole Soyinka’s hair. The veins on his arms weren’t veins, they were lightning bolts. And on his neck was a huge native necklace made out of 32 beads, each the size of the moon. The site looked like something out of Kanye West’s “Power” music video but multiplied by 100 million. I got so scared I passed out, only to be awaken and brought forth to Amadioha in the arms of two beautiful and bodacious flying women wearing wrappers (I later on discovered that these women are Ogbanjes - angels in Amadioha’s heaven). As I was in His presence, Amadioha clenched his fist and placed it in front of his mouth as if He was going to cough on it, when suddenly a loud thunder clapped. The Ogbanje at my right explained to me that Amadioha is only clearing his throat, and every time thunder claps that’s what He’s doing. Right about now, I was reminded how similar my vision was to biblical visions, and as He cleared His throat, I was expecting Him to speak to me in Old English (thou art, thine be etc) but to my surprise He spoke in pidgin. He said “My pikin, make you no fear no be you I wan punish, but I get sometin I wan tell you.” His voice was so deep and loud that it had a bass to it, in fact so much bass that every time He spoke, the ground below me was shaken by a level 2.5 earthquake. He continued, “Everything wey I tell you for dis vision, write am down for your blog, and make them wey get eye, read; and them wey get ear, hear wetin I go yarn. My pikin, I don vex, your people your Nigerian people don abandon me. The other day, I stop by on the land wey I dey rule upon before, and you no go believe wetin I dey hear and see. The same land wey them dey use do shrine to worship me with, they don use am build church to worship another god.” As He was speaking, it was obvious He was getting angry talking about it, because the earthquake went from 2.5 to 4.0. “Na inside that church them dey sing ‘the God that answereth by fire He will be my God.’ Them dey craze? Them no know say, I dey answer with lightning their God dey answer with fire. Abeg tell me which one dey faster and more effective, lightning or fire?” I humbly answered “Lightning.” He replied, “Ehen nwa ‘m, why your people no get enough sense to recognize say I sabi pass the God them dey worship. In fact, that one no vex me, but the one I go tell you right now vex me to the max: I dey hear them singing, ‘Jesus na you be oga, every other god na so so yeye,’ na eem I come vex. Almost one century ago, every time they wan swear using my name fear go catch am, now them dey call me yeye with confidence. Chai!” To say He was disappointed was an understatement, he was furious. “But no worry,” he continued, “I done already curse them with bad government, and e be like say they don forget say I be the God of natural electricity, so it go make sense why I curse them with NEPA. But e be like say that one no do, them want more, so I go show you wetin I go do if they no start worshipping me again.”

Immediately, I was transferred to a different scene. There were five Ogbanjes with five calabashes (calabashes is the plural of calabash right?), and one extra Ogbanje that was to give the five the signal to beat their calabash. The extra Ogbanje sent the signal causing the first Ogbanje to beat her calabash. All the few Amadioha worshippers were raptured into heaven to enjoy eternal bliss, and those left behind were to suffer in the hands of an angry God. The second calabash was beaten , Amadioha spat into the Atlantic ocean, but unlike human spit, it wasn’t saliva that came out, it was a comet. As soon as the comet landed, a violent storm took hold of the ocean causing it to shoot out a weird creature into a Lagos beach. The creature was very strange in appearance, for it looked like a whale but somehow it also resembled an octopus. I asked one of the Ogbanjes what this creature was and she told me it was a seapork. The seapork landed onshore and seduced the people nearby to eat out of it. They did, and they enjoyed it, only to be struck with a disease months afterwards. And instead of seeking Amadioha’s mercy, they prayed to Jesus. The third Ogbanje beat her calabash, and Nigerians were struck with an ugly and unnatural accent, whereby they said “wars” instead of “was,” “Yelz” instead of “yes” etc. The fourth Ogbanje hit her calabash, and for the next 50 years Nigeria saw no progress in the government and the well-being of the citizens. As population skyrocketed in the country, so did malnutrition and poverty, and they rebuked the devil for something he didn’t do instead of ask for Amadioha’s mercy. The fifth and last Ogbanje beat her calabash, and there was silence in the heavens and on earth, suddenly a huge cloud resided over Nigeria, and this cloud blocked sunlight in the country for 16 years. The heavenly NEPA decided to take light in Nigeria. The inhabitants of Nigeria will search for light be will not find it, they will be isolated in total darkness and still out of ignorance, prayed to the wrong God. Amadioha then told me, “These and worse go happen to your people, unless them open up their eyes and worship the God of their forefathers, I now command you, Messiah, make you go warn your people about this wrath that will bestow upon them. If them get eyes make them read, if they get ears make them hear. I done talk my own.”

My people, you have read (hopefully you have) what will happen if we don’t g back to our roots, and believe in a god that our forefathers accepted as thee god. Let us stop the curse of bad government and NEPA in our people’s lives. Let us stop thinking that a Jewish or Arab god is better than our native god(s). If you’ve been touched by this vision, I want you to know that there is a solution. Give your heart back to your roots and accept Amadioha as your god, your Lord and your savior. If that’s your case, I want you to say this as a swear to Amadioha:

Amadioha, I have been deceived to think that foreign gods are better than you. I’ve been looking for the one true god in all the wrong places, when all I had to do was look home. Like the saying goes, “What you’re looking for in Sokoto is inside your shokoto.” I swear by you Amadioha to accept you as my personal lord and savior, and I will follow you and heed your warnings . I will spread the warning and the good news about you oh lord. In Amadioha’s name I swear. Amen.

Congratulations, you are now a follower of Amadioha. Embrace your new lifestyle with passion and share the good news with friends and family. Also, like many natives gods, Amadioha likes a little sacrifice, so part of your fellowship with Amadioha would include giving up 15% of your income to Him. Amadioha only takes cash, so please make sure all funds are paid in currency to me. Thank you and Amadioha bless.


Azazel said...

Guy u have killed me seriously, like seriouslyyy..
This ish funny toh bad..

Nigerians no dey fear o, a whole God of thunder na who dem wan mess with??
My hand no dey at all at all.

Realist said...

lol... OMG... i commend your imagination and writing style. I myself cant do it. It was so vivid as if it was me seeing the vision.

On the real tho, I always wonder how a God of our enemies has become the one true God. Should we by definition hate our enemies and their Gods?

Laydee said...

I don't even know what to make of this ... This is actually my 1st time of hearing about this dude, probably do some googling after, but you're creative sha, and lmao at "yelz" and "wars", you 4got "warra", "burrerr" and "daurrer"

Enoch said...

Apostle Messiah. You have done well.

Let the people know that Amadioha says "I dey come na na" and he'll judge the living and the dead.

Nice epistle.

Your fellow apostle.

Anonymous said...

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El-Divine said...

hahaha...all hail d Messiah!! dude, u just pulled an Ezekiel on us lol.
Nice funny post man, I think a showdown is in order Amadioha vs Judo-Arab God. #EpicBattle bring ur betting money

The Messiah said...

Well I'm glad you all were touched by my vision, I hope you will be touched by Amadioha the same way.

Anonymous said...

Thor is the god of thunder, even before the existence of Christianity and Islam he was called by many names. The Igbos here in Nigeria call him Amadioha while the Yorubas call him Sango. In China he was called Lie Kung. The Babylonians called him Marduk. One of the planets is named after him, yes; he is Jupiter according to the Romans. The red Indians called him the “Thunderbird.” His name is mentioned in the Bible as Rimmon, what he was called in Syria. II Kings 5:18 tells the story of how Naaman, a Syrian, and his master bowed before Rimmon in Damascus. So you see, do not be deceived my brothers, Thor is as old as history itself. He is the Thunder god and his strength could never be ignored. If all the numerous new religions which promise us life after death in heaven or punishment in hell if we don’t follow their teachings are true, then are they saying that our forefathers are all in hell? You see, with time and age the worship of deities died off with the advent of Christianity which preached love, forgiveness and grace. People cling to Christianity because of the grace it promised, which states that no matter your offence you can still repent provided you don’t die before confessing your sins or before Jesus returns. This grace granted people an express ticket to lawlessness and rationalization but we warriors don’t believe in grace, every crime has its price for command is command and anything that isn’t heroism is cowardice. - believe u my brother

The Black Moth said...

Wow. While doing research on the various African Orishas and gods. I stumbled upon your blog and this article. This vision is fascinating. I was born and bred christian, specifically born again pentecostal christian, but i have been drawn more and more to study the gods of our ancestors. I feel connected to water and the water spirits. and i have always had a fascination with Amadioha and Sango. I will be visiting this blog more and I hope to see more about such topics. Well done.

Anonymous said...

I have attained the highest level of happiness today, when i read through the blogs, i see our people are becoming conscious! the light is trickling in again like the legend bob Marley, said. our past was cleaned up and hidden from our sight! Christ was not even a christian, he was a member of the Essene (google this) it was deeper spiritual sect! so was john the baptist etc! they were not practicing 100% judaism! this made the pharisees Sadducee and Sanhedrin hate him but the more intelligent once came over for knowledge secretly! what has the church presented to us? the history of Paul and his journeys and letters! if we should ask questions, why is is that peter was not portrayed much in the bible, while jesus promised to "build his church upon this rock" paul stole the show! all was manipulated by the church, the same that killed william tyndale for publishing the first bible! pastors in Nigeria will fight against the reawakening because it will put them out of work and money! may the cosmic guide our thoughts aright as to comprehend that which we out to know for our developement! They have taken over the pyramids and claimed that the pharaos were europeans and even Mohammad was white! adam etc was white! all these are lies! there are facts, but where are indolent, we are lazy to search for our roots, we just wish to be rich, and that's all! while our house is on fire! If you play chase, you will understand the trick of invasion! the king queen, knight soldiers have interest to capture a kingdom, but the bishop! plays an important role!, They used the church to disarm our minds first, then they sold us into slavery! this is the result, a massive brain drain of our human resources, poverty and lack of development.