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Monday, November 29, 2010

Pastor Chris and Fraud

Disclaimer: This post does not reflect the views of every member of this blog. 

So apparently, Pastor Chris is under investigation by the EFCC unfortunately it's not because of his Jeri curls or horrible outfits which would be good enough reason to put him under investigation. He is being investigated because he has 35 million dollars in accounts that are un-accounted for.

"Chris Oyakhilome will be a guest of Nigeria’s anti-graft police, EFCC for using his church to launder funds which source could not be accounted for into foreign
bank accounts. The illicit funds so far traced by security agents stand at over $35 million."

Usually, I am all for busting bad pastors wide open, but the arguments against him have way too many loop holes for me to take them seriously. I have never really believed in his miracles especially since my mum made me stand in line for 3 hours 3 years in a row and my asthma is still here.

"Apart from this discovery of money laundering activity by the pastor, a couple of his church officials and members have also of recent featured in some major fraud issues. Not quite long a time, one of his pastors in Ogba area of Lagos was said to have stolen some millions of naira from the sheraton hotels ikeja where he worked as a manager before he was sacked when the fraud was discovered. He claimed in his statement to the police then that he donated the stolen money to Oyakhilome’s Christ embassy church to buy power generating sets and other church needs.

Also of recent, a young member of the church in Benin city, Edo state was arrested and prosecuted by the EFCC for engaging in internet marriage scam through which he defrauded a white lady. In his statement before he was convicted, he was said to have also confessed that he donated the bulk of the scam money to Oyakhilome’s church where he belongs as a strong member."

This is stupid, he cant be blamed for a few stupid members who steal to do 'good'. Just because criminals stole and donated money to his church does not make him a fraudster. It doesn't even apply to him, so either this reporter is genuinely stupid or really hates Pastor Chris.

Anyhow like I said, I'm all for busting bad pastor's and Christianity open but I cant take this seriously.

Read the full article here:

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Nutty J. said...

I do agree.
he cant be blamed for some mis-guided member of his congregation

Seshe James said...

lol... I agree with you. Never believed in him too. Too much going on there.

Realist said...

the reporter needs to sue the school that gave her his/her degree, the school has apparently failed him/her

El-Divine said...

lol..i dont know anything about his miracles..they seem genuine to me to some extent..and his preaching is off the hook.
As far as the money is concerned, that is just bollocks. hes an international pastor, what?? free am jor..
as for hooking him cos of the crimes of his members, yea, thats bollocks too.
my verdict, chris is a gud guy jor. u cnt hv jerry curls n wear white n b bad can you?

El-Divine said...

shit now I read the article!! nonsense journalism, who even allowd that thing to print?? i hope he sews jesus' beards outta them!

Sugabelly said...

Obviously he's not liable for the fraud of his congregation but that still doesn't stop me from thinking he's a total fake act.

But then again, I think that of ALL televangelists.


Sugabelly 2.0

Anonymous said...

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